How RFID is making ‘waves’ at events today

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These tags are placed in badges, wristbands, apparel, and other wearable technology […]. A discrete form of wearable technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is commonly used for tracking and access control, without imposing on a guest’s event experience. RFID functions through the use of radio waves that create communication between an RFID-enabled tag and a reader. The post How RFID is making ‘waves’ at events today appeared first on Event Industry News.

Trending event swag


Cotton is making a comeback in apparel with items like polos. We’ve seen more requests for cotton apparel in the last six months trending over and above performance wicking shirts. Dress shirts and golf shirts are still popular but numbers show cotton apparel is still in the lead.

Deck the Halls with Free Holiday Cutout Characters


We even put a couple dogs in festive apparel, although they were much more agreeable about it. . We always go the extra mile for you here at eLearning Brothers.

3 Ways to Give Attendees a Taste of Your Host City


With its apparel and other unique motorcycle items, the pop-up gives people a sense of the actual store. Use pop-ups to show off your host city to your attendees. The idea of the pop-up is not new, but it allows consumers to get a taste of a new products and experiences.

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Top Tips on Marketing your Conferences and Events


He advises global clients in leading industries such as apparel and footwear, financial services and e-commerce, retailing, sports and transportation on marketing strategies to make them more consumer-centric. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. X-NONE. Traditional marketing techniques no longer work. Attendees change their identities faster than a chameleon changes color.

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5 Corporate Event Themes for Unforgettable Company Parties

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Maybe the best part is that everyone can be comfortable in their casual summertime apparel, so it’s a little less formal (or a lot, depending on your company). When choosing a party theme for company get-togethers, corporate planners need to make sure that the theme is relevant and fun.

5 New Hotel Amenities on the Rise

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Guests are offered in-room selections of couture clothing, shoes and accessories, where they can try-on and purchase the upscale apparel. Forget the mini bar.

Re Defining Disruption @ ILEA Live

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Blue Media, Interactive Apparel. by Stacy Wyatt. The buzzword disruption can be heard around the world in industries ranging from advertising to retail and the event industry is no exception.

10 Futuristic Travel Tech Products

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The apparel has a sensor and built-in filter that catches extremely fine bacteria, pollen and pollution particles. Meeting and event planners are all too familiar with travel. They know each step in the process and have memorized every airport hack out there.

Ask the Attendees: @TechWears_com #AmplifyNYC16


TechWears is a Colorado based eco-apparel accessory brand founded in 2014. AMPLIFY YOUR BRAND 2016 is a two-day learning event with a program filled with panels you won’t find anywhere else!

Data-driven Tips for Using Email Marketing to Promote Events

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As you know, Adidas has a men’s collection and a women’s collection of shoes and apparel. If you’re looking for a powerhouse way to engage your customers, generate leads, and build your brand, then hosting a series of killer events is the way to go. And, a majority of marketers agree.

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How To Hypercharge Your Events (and Personal Brand) With Experiential Marketing

PCMA Convene

How does this 30-something serial entrepreneur build hype for a brand that sells — well, cupcake-themed apparel?

25 Ingenious Offline Marketing Examples


To showcase the usefulness of their apparel, Globetrotters installed a weather room in one of their shops to simulate extreme weather conditions like -30C temperatures, harsh rain and storm-grade winds. Inspire your marketing strategy with this list of 25 creative offline marketing examples.

Daffodil Ball’s IMAGINE: The Beatles & Beyond

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Design highlights included: Costumed staff and volunteers in theme apparel such as peace sign tattoos, John Lennon glasses and black turtlenecks. John Lennon would have been proud to witness the spectacle created in his famous band’s name to celebrate the 24th annual Daffodil Ball.

Three Destinations Breaking the Mold

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Alex Carleton, creative director at Filson, a 100-year-old outdoor apparel company based in Seattle, welcomed organizers to the company’s flagship store for a session on the importance of storytelling in building a brand.

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Amplify Your E-Commerce Sales with Pop-up Shops


Not only could Salesforce customers experience the Demandware product live, but they could experience it both as a merchant and as a consumer by visiting the Vineyard Vines pop-store on the exhibition hall floor in the Commerce Cloud area and purchasing the latest in Edgartown-appropriate apparel.

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Seattle: Where Meetings Mingle with Vibrant City Center

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Trendy “athleisure” apparel is found at local Do the Extraordinary (DTE) and Canadian Kit & Ace. As a meetings professional, you know attendees love access to great food, drinks and shopping within easy walking distance to the convention venue and hotels.

7 Ways to Simplify Event Registration Process and Improve Attendee Experience


Other questions include shirt size if you’re handing out apparel for event swag. The event registration process seems like such a small part in the bigger scheme of things. However, it’s important that you get this part right because it has a bigger impact on attendee experience than you may realize. There are a few steps to implement to simplify the process and improve the experience for guests. Group Registration. Group registration is beneficial for two reasons.