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The 20 Questions You Need to Ask at the Tech Demo for Your Virtual Event


The post The 20 Questions You Need to Ask at the Tech Demo for Your Virtual Event by Veronique Colombani appeared first on [link]. While some areas are reopening gradually, many others approach the future with trepidation. Virtual events remain the safest option, and planners must find reliable event tech for a format that is, for many, unfamiliar. Here are 20 questions to ask to your tech vendor to help you choose the most appropriate platform for your next […].

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Product demos: Tech excellence versus inspirational experience

Event Industry News

Guest blog on Product Demos and Photokina 2018 by. Here are my six tips towards better demo experiences: Surprise and delight. Product teams typically want detailed, lengthy, high-quality hands-on demo experiences that are rich in information and technically seamless, but marketing teams usually want a high volume of quick trials that have a simple takeaway and are rich with opportunities for social sharing. Andy Sexton, Partner & Creative Director, 2LK.

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Request A Demo

Big Tickets

The post Request A Demo appeared first on Xorbia Tickets. Event Marketing

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EventsCase to demo latest features at International Confex 2020

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Need more from your event management technology? After something that handles registration, check-in, marketing and attendee engagement, all in one hit? At EventsCase , we don’t deal in gimmicks. Our market-leading platform allows you to create better experiences, drive more revenue and audience satisfaction, while saving precious time in the running of your events. Better still – you can see it in action at International Confex 2020.

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Back Light: Virtual Events Call for Planful Approach, Nimble Execution


At Rockwell Automation, we are preparing to welcome more than 20,000 customers, partners and other industry experts to our largest annual event to learn, engage and demo the latest in automation.

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20 Questions to Ask at the Tech Demo for Your Virtual Event


Read the Complete Story On Skift. Meetings & Events coronavirus virtual events

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Elizabeth Bloodworth: No demos please! How I chose an event app


Most apps require you to sit through a demo. Only one of the four apps didn’t require a demo at all to figure out their pricing. With Attendify, you can start building your app before you spend a dime and without a demo. Instead of scheduling a demo I kicked back with a glass of wine on a Monday night (with the Bachelor, um, I mean PBS playing in the background) and got my hands dirty actually building an app. The post Elizabeth Bloodworth: No demos please!

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Good Event Tech…Gone Bad Event Tech

Endless Events

The problem is you look at it for a minute, you see a demo, you see it, and you see the back end a lot. You spend a lot of time in the back end, but you never see the front end” Brandt agrees: “And in those demos, it’s always got a test data set of like 15 people, so it looked great. It’s because most people are always looking at their texts” Bad Event Tech – Live Demos.

LASSO To Demo Their Innovative Labor Management Solution at the 2017 NAB Show


LASSO helps event service and staffing companies manage their contingent workforce from start to finish. March 31, 2017 (ATLANTA, Georgia): LASSO , a workforce management software and mobile app that pulls together labor management processes for event service and staffing companies, today announced they will be exhibiting at this year’s NAB show, April 24-27, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

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3 Unique Event Venues for Foodies in San Francisco

Smart Meetings

That is, if a historic organic ranch amid the oyster beds of West Marin, a Sausalito houseboat dinner event themed to Eastern European food and music and a tasty demonstration kitchen ready for hands-on cooking demos and team-building events in San Francisco’s North Beach will do. Planners looking for somewhere new to eat in the San Francisco Bay Area need look no further.

Attendease is Nominated in 5 Categories for the Event Tech Awards 2020


Contact our team to book a demo! We are pleased to announce that Attendease has been shortlisted for five categories under the Event Tech Awards 2020.

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Does the Perfect Virtual Event Platform Exist?

Velvet Chainsaw

Numerous association professionals have conducted demos with well over 20 providers! Several association leaders talked about the internal due diligence required in clarifying needs, wish lists and priorities before soliciting demos or proposals.

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Zoom Alternatives for Your Online Event


You can request a demo here. Next, book a demo with some tech providers that could be a good fit for you to find out what is the best option for your portfolio of events. Book a demo with our team to learn if Attendease could be a good solution for you!

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Attendease Wins Best Attendee Management Tech at #ETL19


Contact our team to book a demo! We are pleased to announce that Attendease has been nominated for two categories under the Event Tech Awards 2019: Best Event Management Platform , and Best Attendee Management Technology, and we are taking a trophy home!

TWO Eventprofs Happy Hours on Friday on a new online social platform — Rally!

Conferences that Work

The first few minutes will include a brief demo of how to use Rally (it’s easy!), I’m holding TWO #Eventprofs Happy Hours next Friday, August 7, at 10:00 EDT/16:00 CEST and 15:00 EDT/21:00 CEST.

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Expos Don’t Work Well in a Virtual Environment

Velvet Chainsaw

Presence – virtual expo, demo room, branded feature area, lead capture, product showcase. Virtual Expo Truths. Nearly every conference and trade show professional is searching for that perfect virtual platform or pricing model for replacing lost expo revenue. I’ve got bad news for you.

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Leading Virtual Event Platform, Hubilo gets shortlisted for Event Tech Awards 2020

Event Industry News

The platform instantly sets up buy-in and demos, captures visitors’ analytics, and sets them up in cold, warm, and hot leads for marketers. For a free demo and more, visit [link].

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How To Find The Perfect Speaker for Your Event


Here are popular types of videos to look out for: Speaker/sizzle/demo reel: This is often a short, “best of” compilation video that captures a speaker’s key themes and shows what kind of energy they bring to their presentations. Speakers can easily make or break an event. If you have a presenter who doesn’t understand who they’re talking to, or who can’t keep the audience’s attention, you’re wasting everyone’s time (and possibly their money).

Guide: How to Plan a Successful Product Launch Event


Product Demo. Have product demo stations with staff to explain the product and for prospects to try it. Whether you have a physical product or an online one, you want to make sure you create enough buzz to generate interest and increase your sales.

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What a Feeling: 7 Ways to Create Emotional Experiences at Events

Event Age by Swapcard

They don’t walk around memorizing the ins and outs of technical demos. Ask any seasoned presenter and she’ll admit a simple truth. People don’t remember many details from a keynote, if at all. They barely keep in mind a figure or two a speaker mentioned, usually right and at the start or the end of a presentation. They might feel they gained some tips that open the door to new skills. All this is valuable.

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Promoting Events with Social Media in 2020


Book a demo to learn more. In order to increase awareness of your events and boost ticket sales, it’s important to invest time and effort into social media marketing. But with so many social media channels available (and new ones appearing), how should you take advantage of each of them while being relevant? Today we will cover how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to promote your events in the new year.

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How to Gather and Use Attendee Data


Get a personalized demo to go over the Attendease platform and see how you can manage your events more efficiently. Having a deep understanding of your target audience is the first step to successfully achieve your organization’s goals. Whether your event is targeting consumers from a specific demographic or professionals from specific fields, having the right data at your disposal can be crucial to the success of your event.

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What you need to know before building an app for your event


Request a demo today to see how Attendease makes event management easier than ever before. Event apps have become extremely popular: more and more organizations are investing in these apps because they create a better event experience by making it easier to manage event updates and communication for attendees. When promoted properly during the build-up to an event, the app can also be a powerful marketing tool.

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How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package


Find out how Attendease can help by requesting a demo. Running an event is a costly experience. Even for small events, costs can ramp up quickly and out of budget if you are not prepared for issues that might pop up. With event costs rising every year, you will want to bring in revenue from as many channels as possible. Luckily, sponsors are here to make event costs easier to manage and to help generate significant revenue for your event.

Getting the Most Out of Your Events Within Events


One highly effective tactic is creating an event within an event, which could be a pre-event breakfast, a cocktail hour, or a demo or breakout session at a conference. Savvy B2B organizations are always looking for ways to accelerate the sales pipeline. These smaller events within events provide your sales team with vital face time with target accounts and other high-value prospects.

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MeetingPlay Shortlisted for Best Pivot to Virtual and Best Event App

Event Industry News

Live Sponsor/Exhibitor Demos -Sponsors and Exhibitors can “go live” with product demos and host live office hours.

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Make More Sales with Pop-up Events


Find out how Attendease can help by requesting a demo. Pop-up retail events - commonly known as flash retailing - are an emerging marketing tool used by brands to boost their sales. At these pop-up events, a brand will set up their products and services at a temporary location, and through event marketing, will hype these events as the ultimate place to be at. These temporary spaces have the potential to become a major brand-boosting tool for weeks when planned and executed properly.

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It’s not you, it’s me: The psychology of breaking up with a vendor


Similarly to a romantic relationship, we tend to invest a lot of time into finding the perfect tech match of our dreams: from numerous dating demos to email exchanges and phone calls. Breaking up is never easy, no matter if we are talking about a romantic relationship or a business one.

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27 Swag and Giveaway Ideas for Virtual Events


Start conversations that can lead to demos or an exchange of information. True to our indelible human spirit, we look for ways to adapt and thrive when faced with adversity.

2020 67

Event Tech Awards 2018: Here We Go!


Contact our team to book a demo! We are pleased to announce that Attendease has been shortlisted for two categories under the Event Tech Awards 2018: Best Event Management Platform , and Best Hybrid Event or Live Streaming Solution. The awards are now in their sixth year and will once again recognize the achievements of companies delivering digital and technological solutions to the events industry. The event will happen on November 7th, in London, when the winners will be announced.

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Content Strategy for Virtual Events | 5 Lessons from Adobe Summit 2020

Marketo Events

If you can, sit in the demos, see the quality produced. We ran into issues with screenshots not being clear, as well as some glitches with switching between presentation and demos when recording our breakouts – this resulted in more post-production work than anticipated. We all have those moments that stand out in our careers.

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Shoutout – A Tool for Donor Outreach

Click & Pledge

Guidance for set-up will be provided in our upcoming demo’s and knowledgebase articles. Sign up for the live demo! Shoutout Demo – Oct. 1st Shoutout Demo – Oct.

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Socio event platform shortlisted for Event Technology Awards 2020

Event Industry News

Join one of our live demos. Socio’s event platform powers virtual, hybrid, and live events from a single, end-to-end solution. Built for events — not meetings, Socio pairs registration, streaming, engagement, and networking for a seamless event experience.

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CL19 Tech Spots – Nexus

PCMA Convene

PCMA is pleased to offer Tech Spot solution demos presented by various organizations during 2019 Convening Leaders in Pittsburgh. Each Tech Spot takes a deep dive into leading technology tools that help you stay cutting edge. The Nexus is a new data integration system that unlocks the value of data for large event organizers. Better Data will produce Better Results. Technology

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Make Your 2018 Events More Productive with One-to-One Appointment Scheduling


While most events feature numerous breakout sessions, speakers, and floor demos, ensuring attendees have the ability to connect with other professionals and suppliers for one-to-one meetings is becoming a must. People don’t come to events just to go from one session to the next without networking or meeting other business needs, and even those with […]. Tech Event Planning Meeting Planning Meetings scheduling Technology

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A Social Hologram

PCMA Convene

A demo at PCMA’s Convening Leaders Tech Central showcased technology developed by VNTANA , a Los Angeles-based augmented reality company. The demo was sponsored by Destination DC and Events DC. The technology, which the company calls Hollagram, combines holographic objects with gesture control — in this case, attendees could bat virtual cherry blossoms around a screen. Afterward, users received a video of the experience to share on social media.

Event Tech Live 2020 reveals still more content, still more reach

Event Industry News

Fully virtual for the first time, Event Tech Live 2020 (ETL20) will feature more than 100 sessions and 70 plus demos, from home and abroad, delivered by show partners First Sight Media, Glisser and Grip.

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How to Convince Your Boss That it’s Time to Upgrade Your Event Management System


If you would like to learn more about what Attendease can offer, download the platform overview or book a demo with our team. We know how hard it is to get budget approved for new software, but it’s equally difficult to get buy in to switch into a completely different platform. Whether you have outgrown your currently system, or feel like your current software is too clunky, considering a new solution may be the best path for you.

2019 69

Virtual Events Guide: How To Take Your Conference Online


Book your personal demo to learn more about the EventMobi Virtual Space and GoLive! Book Demo. Achieve Virtual Event Success. While many planners haven’t yet had the opportunity to run a virtual or hybrid event, pivoting from an in-person to virtual format offers new opportunities to engage your attendees and sponsors, while extending the reach of your event.

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