Planning a Maine Wedding

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We spoke with the team at Bar Harbor Catering Company to learn more about what it’s like to have a Maine wedding. Did you know that Maine is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the US? Maine is called Vacationland for a reason.

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Visit DCRS on stand No.64 – In the main exhibition hall at The Showman’s Show

Event Industry News

The post Visit DCRS on stand No.64 – In the main exhibition hall at The Showman’s Show appeared first on Event Industry News. Hire Two Way Radios to ensure your site remains in constant communication at the push of a button.

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Breckenridge, Colorado: A Main Street, Not a Mainstream Kinda Town


Main Street Breckenridge, Colorado , is known for its incredible shopping and dining scene, but it also serves as the central hub of everything Breckenridge, with fun events, festivals, music, and an abundance of activities for your attendees. Adventures on Main Street.

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Live from #GoWest19 – #EventIcons Episode 149

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Getting everyone connected and building relationships is one of the events main goals. And now for the main topic in the episode below, #EventIcons 2019 Sneak Peak! The Main Stage Floor Plan. On this episode of #EventIcons we are live from GO WEST!

12 Exciting Smart Meetings FAM Experiences in 2018

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Portland, Maine (April): Long renowned for its historic Victorian architecture, cobblestone streets, rough-hewn shops and excellent dining , Portland now boasts the most microbreweries of any city in the United States, with an emphasis on hoppy, complex brews.

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9 Breathtaking Beach Hotels from U.S. News’ Best Hotels List


Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Beach resorts are the perfect business getaway that doesn’t sacrifice any pleasure. After being indoors, it’s refreshing to head out for a reception and catch a breath of fresh, salty air.

The Planner’s Oscar-Nominee Travel Guide


It is also one of the main venues used for the Toronto International Film Festival; stop by for a captivating show. The Oscars are just around the corner, and for most people that means judging who wore it best.

Events Rated Mission-Critical in New Survey


Meeting Planning Events findings important in leadership main marketing meet meetings numbers overall person personable point points priority response ROI statement strategy survey team value

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122 Event Entertainment Ideas for 2019


From the main act to smaller elements and interactions, it is important to get it right. Main event entertainment is the grand show. The quality of your event entertainment can make or break your event.

Why This Gala Wasn't All About Raising Money


Typically, the main goal of a gala or benefit is to raise money. At the inaugural Medair New York gala

4 Tech Tools for Digital Fund-Raising


Fund-raising is a top priority for nonprofits and one of the main goals behind events that they host. Nowadays, planners

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How to Profile Your Attendee Personas for Better Results


Knowing your audience is the main prerequisite for a thriving business. Buyer personas, ideal customers, and target groups are only few of the frameworks a company uses to profile potential prospects.

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The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding Your Next Event

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Especially if your main revenue is ticket sales, it can be difficult to get money in time to pay vendor and venue contracts. There’s no getting around it — events can be expensive affairs to put on.

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Top 40 Event Designers 2017: Javier Velarde


Focusing mainly on corporate and After studying marketing, Velarde founded Miami-based event design and production agency Triton Productions in 2000.

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IMEX Frankfurt Preview: Taking the Pledge to be More Sustainable


It's less than three more weeks until IMEX Frankfurt 2019, and we're continuing our discussion of the conference's main Talking Point for this year: Imagination.

Ultimate Event Venue Checklist for Event Planners

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One of the main tasks that you need to prepare for is booking an event venue. Planning an event is a long and arduous task that’s incredibly rewarding when finished. It could be a conference, a meeting, or a corporate event. Finding the right venue for your event is a huge undertaking.

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What Beyonce and Jay-Z Can Teach You About Digital Strategy

PCMA Convene

To inspire attendees to take action, try giving them a small taste of the main entree — and then taking the plate away. ). Read More

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How to Design an Event App to Achieve Sponsorship Goals


Whatever goes on your home screen should go on your main menu. the main sections of the app that you think are the most important to highlight. The main menu is your full list of event app sections. With that being said, don’t treat your home screen design like your main menu.

131 Stage Design Ideas for 2019


Solid stage production design enhances guest experience and wows your audience even before they see the main entertainment or presenter. It sets the tone, it intensifies audience response, and it often doesn’t come cheap.

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01/15/2019 – 01/16/2019 : San Antonio, TX – Level 1


660 North Main Avenue Suite 100. VTR - Level 1 Class - Seats Available. San Antonio Meeting Center- San Antonio, TX. San Antonio, TX 78205. The post 01/15/2019 – 01/16/2019 : San Antonio, TX – Level 1 appeared first on Caterease. Regional Training

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4 Steps to Stretch Your F&B Budget


After all, what’s the main reason people go to meetings? Hungry for more from your food & beverage (or F&B) spend? Most planners are. To connect with others, of course. And where does a lot of the best networking happen? Over meals like catered breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

How to Run an Efficient Multilingual Conference


One of the main reasons why people attend events is to acquire fresh information. A successful knowledge transfer is the key to gratifying experiences. The whole point of running events is to spread insights, ideas, and compelling data that has are of hig

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Geena Davis to Speak at PCMA Convening Leaders

PCMA Convene

Academy Award-winning actor and advocate for women will be the closing main stage speaker Jan. 9 at PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. pcma ). Read More. News Junkie Places & Spaces

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3 Best Ways of Using Online Marketing to Attract Event-Goers

Meeting Application

There are many ways to spread the buzz about an upcoming event, but the choice mainly depends on the target group. #1 High attendance is considered an indicator of an event’s success but gathering an audience may pose a challenge.

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Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Food Truck


The food truck itself is one of the main physical investments a food truck business has. Food trucks are a rather new concept. They can be a fun business that many business professionals are looking to start. It's a very lucrative sector that has had revenue grow at an annual rate of 7.9%

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TOP 25 best marketing conferences in Europe to attend in 2019


Main attractions: During the MIE, you can be part of over 100 workshops, master classes and keynote sessions – 32 % of which will be prosecuted in English. Main attractions: At the MWC, you get the chance to experience a dozen conference sessions, partner programmes and seminars.

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The Unprecedented Power of Embedded Events and How You Can Harness It

CXApp Blog - Events

These types of embedded events are technically separate or external - yet directly connected to the main experience, also known as “events within events.” Embedded events — or events within events — are nothing more than additional experiences tacked on to the main driver.

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Tips for Customizing Your Mobile Charging Station


One of the main reasons to use a charging station at your event or place of business is to spread awareness of your brand. With custom wrap and HD display options, a customized charging station is a great way to promote your cause. That being said, you may find yourself. The post Tips for Customizing Your Mobile Charging Station appeared first on InCharged.

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Biggest Challenges Facing Event Industry In 2019


The main reasons for this growth are: cutting-edge technology, innovation in communication, and. The event industry has come a long way with exponential growth in the past couple of years. Read More. The post Biggest Challenges Facing Event Industry In 2019 appeared first on Townscript Blog. Event Industry Event Management Event Planning challenges in event industry event industry event industry challenges event industry trends global event industry

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How Design Thinking Camp organizers cope with event communication plan? [Interview]


The names sound similar, intentionality as DT Camp is part of the main event Design Thinking Week. Eventory: Very well, please tell us what was the main goal you set for the event? Communication is one of the pillar aspects of organizing an event.

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4 Steps to Developing Your Event Promotion Plan


Concert, fundraiser, conference, or 5k - no matter what type of event, your main goal is to get people to show up. That’s a LOT of pressure! Even if it’s an event you’ve been hosting for years, there’s a lot about event planning that makes attendance unpredictable.

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ConnexMe 8.1: Discover our event app’s new features


Easily access your event with a QR code With ConnexMe “Get Connected” widget, attendees can easily access your event by scanning with their smartphone or tablet and ConnexMe the QR code displayed on the main screen. While ConnexMe 8.0 focused on making the speaker more independent with the new remote control features allowing them to change slides and use the laser pointer, the new version of ConnexMe offers new, more intuitive features and give more power to event planners.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Email Responses


Emails are the main type of communication for many of us but if you’re having trouble getting people to respond to your emails, it might not be the recipient’s schedule.

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How to Attract Gen Z to Your Next Event


Between personal insight and some industry research, I’ve compiled three main tips that give you a little glance into the minds of Gen Z. What can stimulate an eight second attention span? That’s the question you’re really going to have to ask yourself if you want to bring Generation Z to your next event. Speaking as one myself, I know we are a tough crowd to please.

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7 Huge Event Planning Trends Spotted at MPI WEC 2018


For example, main keynotes were exchanged for twice-daily “pep rallies,” complete with cheering MPI members welcoming attendees to the main hall. Events at local landmarks (including a block party in the main downtown square).

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Event Survey Infographic


The main point of using surveys is to capture the details of how specific event experiences worked, should have worked, or haven’t worked for your audience. Analytics is a gold mine of valuable insights about an event.

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“My advice? Start small. Focus on what’s doable” – an interview with the organizer of the Big Data Day LA conference

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The main organizer of the event Subash D’Souza shared with us the story about the beginning, organizing matters, and plans for the nearest future connected with this great technological event.

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6 Tips for Increasing User Engagement on Your Event App


Putting news, announcements and the event’s main activities on push notifications can help in attracting new users. The success of an event when it comes to attendee satisfaction is mostly based on people’s opinion of it.

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My review of PCMA Convening Leaders 2019

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However, I stand by my main point: that our events, the ones FOR #eventprofs BY #eventprofs should be the absolute best in terms of delivery but also in innovation. I’d heard a lot about PCMA Convening Leaders. It is widely regarded as the best event in the event industry.

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Pay Attention to These Details on Your Event Confirmation Emails


While the main purpose of this email is to confirm that a registration has been received, it is also a perfect avenue for providing event participants with additional information and reminders. One advantage of using online event registration is getting the ability to automatically send event confirmation emails.

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