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Seeking a Hybrid Conference Steady State? Here’s a Framework

Velvet Chainsaw

With live conferences’ comeback, event organizers need to make complex decisions about how to incorporate digital product extensions into their business model.

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How to plan an event with a remote team.

Expo Pass

Planning an event while your team is remote sounds like a daunting task. While there is no substitute for chatting it up and having an impromptu brainstorming sesh with your coworker, there are some surefire ways to ensure your remote team is set up for success.

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10 ways to improve your conference with event technology 2022

Event Age by Swapcard

2022 has been a rollercoaster so far. With the events industry working to regain its footing after two years of being almost fully virtual, a lot of trial and error is happening in order to find the best way forward. Event Tech Monetizing Events Audience Engagement

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How to attract great consulting clients

Conferences that Work

These days I am blessed with clients who are a joy to work with. But that wasn’t always true. Here’s how I learned to attract great consulting clients. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post How to attract great consulting clients appeared first on Conferences That Work.

All You Need to Know to Retain, Engage, and Energize Your Workforce.

The Great Resignation and tight labor market make recruitment challenging and retention crucial. This eBook explains exactly how team building can improve employee onboarding and help you retain, engage, and optimize the performance of your teams.

Case Study: How Hanapin Marketing Used Attendee Feedback to Increase Engagement & Retention


Hero Conf: This two-and-half-day annual conference takes place in the US and UK. The event provides over 600 marketers with professional development and education related to paid search and advertising, and networking opportunities with the biggest and brightest in the industry. Hanapin Marketing.

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How to Execute Events on a Reduced Team

Endless Events

In April, we talked about a recession on the horizon. As the horizon approaches, Will and Nick find that many event professionals are running on fumes. Today, the discussion is all about executing events on a reduced team. .

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Creative Technology X HOLOPLOT Transforming Audio Experiences

Event Industry News

For years it has been a reality in many live event environments that the audio experience is often overshadowed by the high impact of the visual presentation.

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5 Event App Case Studies that Show the Power of Event Tech


Technology is the glue that holds a good event together. Whether you’re planning an in-person conference, a virtual summit, or a hybrid event that combines the best of both worlds, the event app you use will have a huge impact on your success.

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Inflation Impacts Meetings in New Ways


Skift Take: New research shows that meeting planning is impacted by inflation and rising costs in ways few anticipated. As a result, obstacles abound, from unfilled job openings to supply chain issues yet to be resolved. Andrea Doyle Read the Complete Story On Skift Meetings.

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Download 7 Exceptional Event Email Templates for Driving Attendee Engagement

Write winning event emails in minutes! Relying on decades of social science research and more recent behavioral data, we’ll show you the science-backed methods to creating a wildly successful event-marketing email campaign for almost any situation. Download the eBook today!

Inside Secrets for Planning Events at an All-inclusive Resort

Smart Meetings

Think you know everything about hosting meetings at all-inclusive resorts? A lot has changed for the better. At today’s package price resorts, the quality of the experience is higher and the logistics couldn’t be easier. Gone are the massive dining rooms with a sea of buffets.

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CTICC launches an all-inclusive sport and wellness exhibition, AllSport Expo

Event Industry News

The Cape Town International Convention Centre is delighted to announce the launch the much anticipated AllSport Expo in September 2022. This is a sport and wellness consumer exhibition for outdoor, indoor, and water sport, with a focus on health, nutrition, medical and wellness products.

Taco Bell Sashays into LGBTQ+ Hearts with a Drag Brunch Series

Event Marketer

The Cantinas were transformed into celebratory environments brimming with sequins and boas. Social monitoring has shown a major overlap between the drag community and Taco Bell’s fan community.

2022 89

Meeting Professionals Prepare for Economic Downturn


Skift Take: How are planners and other meeting professionals preparing for a potential recession? They are tightening contracts, establishing advance payments, exploring new skills, and keeping up with their networks. Paul Cook Read the Complete Story On Skift Meetings.

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A Master's Guide to B2B: How Listening to Your Customers Can Grow Your Business

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate

Improved marketing conversion, happy customers, and faster growth - that’s only three things that can be accomplished by just listening to your customers. Customer feedback is an extremely invaluable tool to keeping retention high, attracting new business, and improving the general operations of your business. The question is - how do you capture all this? Join Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate, for this essential discussion on the ins and outs of brokering the optimal customer interaction.

How AI-driven Wi-Fi Can Make Your Events Better

Smart Meetings

Wi-Fi is big business. What was once a “good to have” has become a necessity for most working individuals. And as with anything so widespread, it comes with its host of problems.

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LET’S GO GREEN…or red, or blue or whichever colour you want.

Event Industry News

We are JR Centrepieces , a hire company that aims to illuminate events with our stunning table centrepiece. We aim to offer an outstanding hire service to the events industry, we produce a great look, are eco-friendly and cost effective all at the same time.

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Prescribing a Hub-and-Spoke Approach

Convene by PCMA

Re-Think MS, a multi-hub, one-day medical conference organized by AIM Group International, was broadcast from a main studio to 13 sites across Italy. Courtesy of AIM Group International).

2022 83

Trade Show Recovery Picks Up Pace: New Research


Skift Take: New data predicts a steady recovery for trade shows globally with almost all markets reaching two-thirds of 2019 revenue by the first half of 2023. Face-to-face meetings remain a priority as we overcome the direct impact of the Covid pandemic.

Negative Reviews & Online Feedback Happens - But Where Do You Go From Here?

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation and Jeremy Shubitz, Director of Marketing at Bosley

Responding to online negative feedback can be challenging. What should you say? What should you not say? Should you even respond? In today's, your customers will be not only your biggest advocates but also your biggest critics. However, negative feedback can offer actionable insights to build a stronger product and customer experience.

Headed South? Here’s Where to Meet

Smart Meetings

We’ve all heard of southern charm. The friendliness and welcoming nature that exists in the South doesn’t go unnoticed, especially by outsiders.

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Zoom Events: A Year of Enhancing Your Virtual and Hybrid Events

Event Industry News

By Robin Bunevich, Zoom’s Integrated Marketing Manager for Zoom Events and Zoom Video Webinars. They say time flies when you’re having fun, so it’s hard to believe our virtual events management solution, Zoom Events , just turned 1!

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Wyboston Lakes Resort reports record results with strong outlook for 2023 

Prestige Events Magazine

Wyboston Lakes Resorts has delivered a record six months of Meetings and Events business for the first half of 2022, despite restrictions around events in January and February following the Omicron outbreak.

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Exploring the Future of Associations


Skift Take: In this episode of the Event Manager Podcast, we discuss the future of associations with Rob Eveleigh, managing director of Brightelm. — Skift Meetings Studio Team Read the Complete Story On Skift Meetings. Podcast

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Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

TWT: Airlines Get Blowback from Politicos; Cancellations, Consolidations and Delays Spark a New Bill

Smart Meetings

Editor’s note : This Week in Travel (TWT) is your essential guide to smoothing the road from here to there for your attendees and yourself.

Meetings and Your Brain: Drawing a Joy Connection

Convene by PCMA

Participants of an Emory University Hospital workshop drew these images in response to the question, “What does well-being mean to you?” using the Piccles platform. The drawings are great,” Piccles founder Chris Bent has said, “but the stories are gold.”.

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What’s the Difference Between Operational and Marketing Emails?


Our event ticketing system makes it convenient to send messages to lists of customers from your events. When conducting mass email campaigns like this, there are typically two major categories: operational and marketing emails. What makes these two types of emails distinct?

2022 82

Plant-based JUST Egg Invites Consumers to Taste the Future of Food at Music Festivals

Event Marketer

JUST Egg is planting a stake in the ground at music festivals, where vegan options are limited.

Maximize Your Profit Margins

Speaker: Shawn Imbeault and Geoff Loukes, Sculpture Hospitality

In the past year, we've learned that maximizing margins can determine whether your restaurant stays afloat when times get hard. Join Shawn Limbeault and Geoff Loukes, in this master class that will take you through the best practices of maximizing your margins, From FOH to BOH.

Smart Moves in Rancho Mirage, Atlantic City and More

Smart Meetings

Lauren Bruggemans. Visit Greater Palm Springs in Rancho Mirage, California, appointed Bruggemans director of sustainability and community engagement. Over the last 17 years, she has garnered experience in hospitality, event, food and beverage, and business management.

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Essential List: Top International Travel Apps of 2022


Handy tools for the whole trip. Events venues are seeing bookings return like it’s 2018 on a global scale. The skies seem a little bit wider as countries around the world continue to drop Covid restrictions for international travelers.

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Will Event Planners Reconsider States Where Abortion Rights Are in Limbo?

Skift Meetings

Skift Take: How will President Joe Biden's executive order to ensure access to abortion impact groups that have vowed not to meet in states where it is illegal? Andrea Doyle Read the Complete Story On Skift Meetings. Event Management abortion gen con indianapolis salt lake city virtual

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