December, 2019

9 Ways to Make Absolutely Everyone Feel Welcome at Your Event

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From #metoo to white supremacy, the lens on diversity issues is bright these days. It’s a good time to be an advocate for equality and fairness for all people. Within the world of events, you can take a stand and cultivate a culture of inclusivity.

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Preparing for CCPA: What’s on the Horizon for Marketing Consent?


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) fast approaching. Here's what digital marketers need to know about this latest privacy law. Marketing Consent

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8 Event Website Tips to Increase Registrations


Event websites continue to be an extremely powerful marketing tool for promoting your upcoming events. They provide potential attendees with detailed information about the event, educating and entertaining them on the way. More importantly, they get attendees to sign up for events.

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30 Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

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Need fresh event promotion ideas? Here are 20 creative marketing strategies to boost awareness and build hype around your event. Resources and Tools Ambassadors Boostable Email Facebook Ideas Influencers Instagram Livestreaming Retargeting Ads SEO Social Ads ToneDen Youtube

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Game-Changers 911™: How to Change the Event Game in 2020

Speaker: John Storm, President, BrainStorm Network

In this webinar, we’ll use a sampling of case studies, tools, techniques, and strategic stories to help you identify game-changing opportunities within your company and the world of events, and then brainstorm ways to capitalize on these ideas. Get ready to change your game in 2020!

How to Turn Around Your Sponsorship Revenue

Velvet Chainsaw

If your conference is like most, sponsorship revenue is underperforming.

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How To Keep Your Attendees Waiting in Line Happy


Waiting in lines. We all know that if the line is moving at a slow pace, it’s probably a painful experience for your attendees. Sometimes, lines are just inevitable and therefore, not a thrilling experience. What if we said you could help make it an enjoyable one? conference event app event planner

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The 3 Attendee Questions: What They Want to Know About Each Other

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Everybody gather ’round because we’re talking attendee questions that matter! So, when you’re putting an event together, what is the most important thing on your mind? Who are you doing this for? And who will ultimately decide the success of your event?

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12 Imaginative Events from AdWeek


Learn how AdWeek, creator of one of the most popular advertising trade publications in the world, uses events to supercharge its content strategy. AdWeek is the second-largest advertising trade publication in existence.

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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Stuck in a Rut

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Have you ever felt totally motivated to do something then suddenly that motivation is gone? Or you feel like you’re falling behind because you haven’t achieved something that you told people in your life you’re going to accomplish by the end of the year (or month or quarter).

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

How to on-board a top-notch events team


To organize a successful event, you need to enlist a dream team of events experts who are willing to invest their time and expertise in helping manage an event. Whether you're planning a small meeting or large scale event, these experts can get the job done to create an excellent attendee experience.

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Why Managing Your Events Data Requires More Than Just a Spreadsheet


Events have been going on for a very long time, so long in fact that they completely eclipsed the software that has been built for them. This is why so many event planners and marketing departments as a whole continue to use an array of different tools to manage their events data.

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2020 Event Trends Shaping Attendee Experience


Every year, we see innovation and development within the events industry. In order to succeed in this exciting and dynamic industry, it’s important for organizers to keep their fingers on the pulse of attendees’ expectations and make adjustments to meet them. .

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12 Signs You’re a Born Event Planner

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You like your job. It’s fine. Really! But sometimes, you suspect that your true skills are being underutilized. Have you ever considered becoming an event planner? If the following list of twelve signs feels familiar, it might be your calling.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Why you should hire curious people

Conferences that Work

Why should you hire curious people? Because the future of work belongs to the neo-generalist. And neo-generalists are intensely curious. Here’s Harold Jarche, explaining the importance of generalists: Wicked problems need neo-generalists. Neo-generalists defy common understanding.

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Sponsorship Needs to Be More Than Banners and Clings

Velvet Chainsaw

Sponsorship is the most powerful form of marketing. When done well, it can change participants’ attitudes and behaviors about a brand. Banners, ads, signs and enhanced listings shouldn’t be lumped into the same category — they don’t make that emotional connection.

The First 5G Augmented Reality Event Just Happened. What do we need to know?


Verizon announced with great pomp the first augmented reality (AR) 5G live concert in collaboration with The Chainsmokers. Here is what you need to know about it and what it means for your event. I was checking my Twitter feed a few days ago when I stumbled into this tweet from Verizon.

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How sustainable was COP 25 Madrid

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The UN Climate Conference took place in Madrid in Dec 2019. I decided to travel down from Barcelona to find out how sustainable was COP 25? . It is no surprise that yet again, we have another climate gathering that we can list as a missed opportunity.

10 Blue Event Decor Ideas Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020


Here’s how to incorporate Classic Blue into your events in the new year

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5 Ways to Build a Diverse Event Team

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You want to create an event that no one will feel excluded from, so you actively market your event to all types of people. Your lineup is carefully curated to feature a diverse set of talents. And your venue is entirely ADA compliant.

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Give meeting-goers many options!

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Today’s meetings need to give meeting-goers many options, not just a few. But this doesn’t mean filling the conference program with every conceivable session topic. To be enjoyable and productive, meetings need white space : free time for attendees to do what they want and need to do.

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Swapcard 2019 Skyrocketing Year In Review

Event Age by Swapcard

It’s been an exciting year for our team at Swapcard. Event Tech

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Why Tech Giants Don’t Understand Events and How it Will Hurt them Deep


Younger generations love to use social networks at events. Social networks are in denial with subpar event products that do not gauge the power of live experiences. Are events and live interactions the future of social networks? Marketers are investing more than events in live experiences.

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Business Events Still Produce Lots of Paper Waste


Sustainability is a key trend at business events these days. We see venues, organisers and suppliers going at length to reduce the carbon footprint of events. . Venues are implementing adequate waste management policy and recycling different waste streams.

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Physical Education: See Inside Barry’s Bootcamp's College-Theme Party


The fitness brand’s event included a locker room, quad, library, beer pong, and fun surprises

Venue Ideas: Choosing the Best Event Location

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This is a guest post by Bobby Lin, the founder of Valoso, a global video production and digital marketing platform for event organizers. Valoso has partnered with events such as conferences, tradeshows, showcases and internal training events.

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How to facilitate a community discussion using fishbowl

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What’s the best way to facilitate a community discussion? Recently, I had to answer that question at short notice. My task: design and facilitate a two-hour community discussion in response to a bombshell announcement made by the largest employer in my tiny rural hometown of Marlboro, Vermont.

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What you need to know before building an app for your event


Event apps have become extremely popular: more and more organizations are investing in these apps because they create a better event experience by making it easier to manage event updates and communication for attendees.

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3 Ways Internal Events Reinforce Company Culture


This is a sponsored post from Cvent. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Internal events or meetings are organized at all companies in one form or another. These can be as small as a weekly team meeting or as big and complex as an annual field meeting.

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Top 9 Productivity Apps & Templates for Event Managers


As time goes by, event managers deal with more complex tasks. They need to finish everything on time, especially when working in teams. There’s so much to be done and organized and so little time to do it while the amount of pressure just keeps rising.

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Vanessa and Matthew’s Elegant Chateau Le Parc Wedding


When it comes to grand elegance mixed with moody organic vibes, the gorgeous wedding of Vanessa and Matthew definitely fits the bill. Set at the stunning Chateau Le Parc , everything about their special day was timeless and stunning, from the lush florals to the earthy glam palette.

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3 Proven Ways to Promote Your Community Event

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Organizing a community event takes tenacity and resourcefulness, especially when it comes time to promote it. But while a few random social media posts might sell you some tickets, this haphazard approach won’t do your community event any favors over time.

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