Guest Blog: Going Global

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Brand & Agencies Featured Guest Blogs NewsLouise Findlay-Wilson is MD of Energy PR which handles the international PR for events as wide-ranging as New York Toy Fair, StocExpo, Packaging Innovations, and ADF&PCD Shanghai. Building a global trade show’s international visitor base takes time and focused commitment – but it can be done. For instance, we’ve handled the international PR for New York Toy Fair for many years.

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Top 15 Event Blogging Tips


Although we do our best to provide up-to-date event management news, we also look for fresh event industry insights on other blogs and web services to improve our professional activity. You’re welcome to use our event blogging tutorial and benefit from the top blogging tips and blog examples for ultimate results. What is event blogging? Posting data via such resources is called event blogging. There are various aspects of corporate blogging.

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Guest Blog: Low wage does not mean low skilled

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The post Guest Blog: Low wage does not mean low skilled appeared first on Event Industry News. Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Juliet Price, Executive Director at HBAA. Many thousands of highly trained and skilled workers such as those in the hospitality and events sector are continually undervalued by being classified as low or unskilled in reports and discussions in the media.

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Guest blog: The Reality of Creativity

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The post Guest blog: The Reality of Creativity appeared first on Event Industry News. Featured Guest Blogs NewsIf a traditional creative agency’s Creative Director comes up with an incredible idea of a new TV ad, poster or digital campaign he or she has technology to ensure the idea is deliverable. However, in experiential marketing, everything changes. You may still need the technology but everything you physically build has to stand-up, literally.

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Guest Blog: How to create virtual experiences that don’t just answer a need for now

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Brand & Agencies Featured Guest Blogs News UK and Europe Avantgarde Experiential Guest Blog Virtual EventsOpinion piece from Thom Greybe, Digital Creative Director at Avantgarde.

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Guest blog: 5 event industry game changers

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Brand & Agencies Guest Blogs News Experiential Guest Blog inclusivity Private Drama Events SustainabilityBy Adam Blackwood, founder & creative director, Private Drama Events. For Event Industry News, the Private Drama team got around the table to share their top five trends that are changing the event industry game. Sustainability. The future is sustainable, and we are working towards the ideal circular economy – with everything reduced, reused, and recycled.

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Guest blog: How to evaluate exhibitions’ success?

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Exhibition News Guest Blogs Audience Engagement Event Tech Event Tech Exhibition Event Technology exhibition trade showsBy Lee Ali, MD, Expo Stars. For years, badge scanning has been a common way to measure success at trade events and exhibitions. It seems like a quick and efficient way for exhibitors to log and collect data on attendees.

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Guest blog: How technology is enhancing festivals

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Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Jenni Young, CMO, Tappit. For many music fans, festival season is one of the most exciting times of the year. It’s a tradition that has lasted decades and, in some respects, not much has changed. However, there are other elements of the overall festival experience that have been completely revolutionised thanks to advancements in technology.

Guest blog: Is post-event feedback dead?

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Guest Blogs NewsBy Jose Bort, CEO and co-founder, EventsCase. Feedback surveys have enjoyed something of an easy ride. In the face of much technical advancement, driven by the pursuit of big data (itself a bi-product of our growing interest in measurability), post-event feedback has been allowed to cement itself as the de-facto gauge of attendee opinion. Being easy to create, deliver and complete, most events use feedback surveys to glean insight on the very people that matter.

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Guest blog: 6 mobile hacks to improve the #eventprofs life

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Conference News Event Technology Exhibition News Featured Guest Blogs News #eventtech Eventprofs Guest Blog noba Event Wi-FiBy James Grant, technical director, Noba Event Wi-Fi (pictured). For most event professionals, the working week consists of hours out of the office, in the confines of an exhibition or conference venue or travelling on public transport to said venue.

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Guest blog: 4 ways wrong food choices can annoy attendees

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Conference News Featured Guest Blogs News event catering Guest Blog Seven EventsBy Sarah Hill, content writer, Seven Events Ltd. So, you’ve got your venue picked, your speakers lined up, and the invitations sent out. But although it may seem like that’s the lion’s share of work is completed, you can’t overlook a crucial part of any successful event that must be carefully considered if you don’t want to leave your guests disappointed.

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Guest blog: Ensure your events deliver for everyone

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Conference News Featured Guest Blogs News conferences Guest Blog Meet Cambridge meetingsBy Judith Sloane, deputy manager, Meet Cambridge. Events deliver on so many levels, people enjoy meeting face-to-face, they like and want experiences but, as an organiser, how can you ensure that your event is going to deliver for everyone involved? It might be tempting to pack your bags and head off to the nearest beach for some R&R (you can do that later!)

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Guest Blogging

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Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for Event Planning Blueprint. In order to keep continuity with the blog content, we encourage you to place at least one link to one of our event planning blog posts. We won’t heavily edit your post, but we will make sure it is in line with the blog content. The post Guest Blogging appeared first on Event Planning Blueprint To help you, we’ve created a system to guide you through the process. Our Audience.

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Guest blog: Equipping your event team for success

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Event Technology Featured Guest Blogs News Digital Asset Management Digital Overload Event planning event software Guest BlogBy Cory Schmidt, head of marketing, Canto. There’s one thing that unites everyone in the events industry: digital overload! No matter whether you’re in-house, agency or freelance, the volume of files we create, save and share on a monthly basis is vast.

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Two free easy ways to create graphics for blog posts and presentations

Conferences that Work

Here are what I think are the two best free easy ways to create graphics for blog posts and presentations if you’re not a graphics wonk. I’ve written over five hundred posts on this blog over the last ten years. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Two free easy ways to create graphics for blog posts and presentations appeared first on Conferences That Work.

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40 Outstanding Event Industry Blogs to Follow

Endless Events

That’s right – by reading insights shared by industry experts on their blogs, of course! After all, event industry blogs are accessible, provide information about events from around the globe and cover every aspect of event planning. We’re bringing you 40 of the best event industry blogs from across the globe. But, please keep in mind that no blog is restricted solely to that category – it just represents one of the main focuses. The MICE Blog.

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Guest Blog: Reflections and Predictions

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The post Guest Blog: Reflections and Predictions appeared first on Event Industry News. Featured Festival & Outdoors Guest Blogs NewsSteve Shaw is Arena’s director responsible for delivering three of the company’s key capabilities: mass participation, scaffolding and event solutions. Steve joined Arena with the acquisition of Mass Participation in April, 2017, delivering infrastructure and now fully managed events to charities.

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Guest blog: The event industry gets serious about sustainability

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Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Chris Farrell, MD, Impact Reporting. Social value is an umbrella term used to describe any initiative that makes a positive contribution to society and the environment such as smart resource usage, working with suppliers that are social enterprises, providing good working conditions and environmental sustainability. Demonstrating a commitment to social value, welfare and sustainability is now an integral part of succeeding in the UK event sector.

Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of 2017


A drum roll please…From improving closing rates to greater confidence and presence in your presentations, here are the Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of 2017. The post Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of 2017 appeared first on Julie Hansen | Performance Sales and Training

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Guest Blog: Panels & Exhibition Season

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Exhibition News Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Nick Gold, MD at Speakers Corner. The busy exhibition seasons is upon us, and alongside the excitement and anticipation of showcasing your company, might be a more unwelcome feeling: dread. Perhaps you’re expected to speak on a panel, but the idea of speaking up terrifies you. Maybe your main worry is being able to answer questions correctly when put on the spot.

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Top Blog Posts of 2019


Staying up to date on event industry trends is vital to your success, but there are so many industry resources to keep track of and even if you are signed up to receive updates from them all, there's still a good chance you've missed a few. Tips Case Studies Industry Updates

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Guest Blog: Wristband debate, part three

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If there are still any switchboard operators or milkmen alive, I’m pretty sure they can relate to the agony the UK Head of Business Development at PlayPass, Steve Jenner, must have struggled with when writing a response to my guest blog ‘Event industry cashless wristbands are becoming yesterday’s news’ I feel for the guy. Previous entries on this topic: Guest Blog: Event industry cashless wristbands are becoming yesterday’s news.

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Guest blog: Using technology to create more sustainable events

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Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Toby Heelis, CEO, Eventopedia. With the rise of the climate protection movement, the event industry is forced to take a look at certain practices and become more sustainable. Not only is climate change an urgent global issue, but also increased consumer awareness means that events just have to step up and do better. . Planning a sustainable event covers many aspects such as venue choice, waste reduction & management, resource use, transport and more.

Guest blog: How to promote your event on Facebook

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Guest Blogs News Event Marketing Facebook Facebook Advertising Guest Blog Guest blogs TendeeBy Asya Chirkova, Tendee. Step 1. Preparing a Facebook e vent. Fill in all the information, making clear the descriptions and add ticket links. Mind other important fields – venue, date, time, event category and keywords. Cover. Cover size: 1920×1080 pixels. Event name. Shorts and clear, recommended size – 45 symbols. . Description.

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Guest blog: Insuring against festival fears

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Festival & Outdoors Guest Blogs News Event Insurance festivals Music eventBy Eyal Gluska, Co-CEO, Setoo. Demand for Glastonbury Festival 2020 exploded the moment tickets became available and all were sold out in 34 minutes. It points to an ever-increasing demand for live music experiences across the UK. At the same time, ticket prices have reached an all-time high, which is driving a growing expectation of festival organisers to provide a truly premium experience in return. .

Guest blog: Using gamification as a component in live events

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Event Technology Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Neil Coombes, senior account manager, UKSV. Gamification is a relatively new feature of live events. Like anything new, gamification is still developing, and new and exciting strategies are always being created. But, why is this? Introducing gamification to an event has a range of effects and influences on delegates. One of these main effects is driving information. You may struggle to engage delegates with the material of your event.

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Guest blog: The cost-effective solution to exhibiting

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Exhibition News Featured Guest Blogs News Exhibition & Event Stands exhibition marketing Exhibition Stand Design Quadrant2Design Trade Show StandsBy Natalka Antoniuk, Quadrant2Design. Exhibiting is considered an essential tool in the B2B marketing mix. A trade show floor is a fantastic place to network, grow your business and increase brand awareness. At an exhibition, you are given a unique opportunity to position yourself in front of a niche target audience.

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Guest blog: A culinary conundrum

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Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Lisa Hatswell, managing director, Unique Venues of London. Recently, our members gathered at Trinity House to discuss the various catering options available across the association. The meat of the matter was to uncover which models work best for a specific venue, their advantages and how they influence the location’s offering to event organisers.

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Guest blog: Collaborative partnerships – the gateway to engaging events

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Concert & Touring Featured Festival & Outdoors Guest Blogs NewsBy Universal Live. The who, what, where, how and when. In autumn 2019 Universal Live and The Event House collaborated to produce two events on the coast of Singapore delivering a full production service for the Singapore Grand Prix hosted by Martin Brundle and Mark Gallagher, and the John Farnham concerts which featured as a part of Imagine Cruising’s cruise package attended by over 500 cruise-goers, per event.

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Guest blog: How video can influence an event

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Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Neil Coombes, senior account manager, UKSV. Video content is used across all live events nowadays and is a feature UKSV utilise in almost all of our ceremonies, conferences and events. We create video for a range of uses, but it is especially successful at influencing attendees and getting the message of a live event across to the audience.

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Guest Blog: Exhibiting and the Sustainability Myth

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Exhibition News Featured Guest Blogs NewsAccording to a recent article in Exhibition World, it remains difficult to show clients that sustainable exhibition stands can be flashy, beautiful, and draw in leads from admiring show-goers. This may be true for many designers, but at its heart this statement reflects three fundamental misconceptions about sustainable exhibition stands: They have to be made from cardboard, or better still, organically grown hemp panelling.

Guest blog: How to revitalise brands using live events

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Brand & Agencies Featured Guest Blogs News brand experience Guest Blog UKSVBy Neil Coombes, senior account manager, UKSV. There comes a point when every established product reaches its peak, plateaus out, and starts losing customer interest resulting in falling profits. There are many reasons why this happens: increased competition, changes in popular culture and tastes, companies undergoing a major change, or the product’s lifespan reaches a natural end.

2019 58

Guest Blog: The beginners guide to Facebook advertising for events

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Guest Blogs NewsBy Lewis Lindsay , Co founder & Managing Director at SA Agency. You’ve spent countless hours, money and energy planning and creating the perfect event, and now it’s time to promote it. But what’s the most effective approach? Relying on organic social media posts, word of mouth promotion, or even hand-written invites, will only take you so far.

Guest blog: How great insights create great experiences

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Brand & Agencies Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Aaron Raybe, UK director of live events, Momentum Worldwide. When delivering an event for the first-time fear inevitably creeps in. Primarily it’s fear of whether the audience is going to turn up. We’ve all been there. Some people say build the experience and they will come. I say ensure they’re coming, then build based on your insights.

2019 71

Guest blog: How #eventprofs can coach for success

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Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Sam North, founder, Inflection Point. Picture this: you’re onsite in two weeks and the request for your three-year plan (numbers and narrative) comes in – due by Friday…. You absolutely have to meet the deadline, and you will, just as long as your team do what you’ve told them to do, and then leave you alone to get your head down. You start to panic as inspiration doesn’t come to you as quickly as it needs to.

2019 75

Guest blog: How to make the best experience possible

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Guest Blogs NewsBy Aaron Raybe, UK director of live events, Momentum Worldwide. The experience economy has continued to grow in recent years despite the current economic turmoil, with recent research suggesting that a third of chief marketing officers plan to devote up to 50% of their budget to experiential marketing. This is with good reason as consumers prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than products.

2019 74

Guest blog: Why do cyber criminals target our events?

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Event Technology Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Jose Bort, CEO and co-founder, EventsCase. EventsCase has spent the last year delivering workshops, presentations, roundtables and resources on the event industry’s growing problems with cyber-crime. The upshot is that while many of us feel like there are bigger things to worry about, we are dealing with a very real and pressing issue. The global damage bill of cyber-attacks will hit $6 trillion by 2021, according to CyberSecurity Ventures.

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Guest Blog: Influencers, can they improve the brand experience?

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Brand & Agencies Featured Guest Blogs NewsBy Scott Cullather, CEO, INVNT. In a world where attention spans are short and consumers are more critical of brands than ever , traditional marketers are increasingly embracing our craft. They recognise the value live events can bring to the table from an engagement and authenticity perspective, and of late, the same can be said for social media influencers.

2019 82

Guest blog: 5 major music event fails

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Featured Festival & Outdoors Guest Blogs NewsBy Mike James, writer & cybersecurity professional. Organising a music event can be an incredibly arduous process. After all, just think of the number of people that attend them – we’re talking hundreds, if not thousands, of fans. Coupled with that are a ton of other things to consider as well.

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Event Farm's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

Event Farm

Keep reading to peruse the list of our top 10 blog posts of 2016 and to learn more about what might drive the event marketing industry in the coming year. As 2016 comes to a close, we at Event Farm are excited about the coming year and the opportunity to continue helping you—the event and marketing pros—drive business results through offline, in-person experiences.

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