Venue Ideas: Choosing the Best Event Location

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This is a guest post by Bobby Lin, the founder of Valoso, a global video production and digital marketing platform for event organizers. Valoso has partnered with events such as conferences, tradeshows, showcases and internal training events.

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15 Abandoned Event Venues


What happens to buildings and venues that are created for an event or purpose afterwards? Can an abandoned event venue be rejuvenated and what happens to them once everyone has left? The post 15 Abandoned Event Venues by Editorial Team appeared first on [link].

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10 Ways Event Planners Can Sniff Out a Bad Venue


This is a sponsored post written by Jeff Kear, co-founder of Planning Pod event management software. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. The events industry is […].

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The Rise of Virtual Event Venues


AV companies are joining the ranks of event tech suppliers supporting the pivot to virtual with studio and production venues that enhance virtual engagement through higher production value and consulting support. Event Management EventProfs eventindustry eventmanagement

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Ultimate Event Venue Checklist for Event Planners

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Planning an event is a long and arduous task that’s incredibly rewarding when finished. One of the main tasks that you need to prepare for is booking an event venue. It could be a conference, a meeting, or a corporate event.

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The Top 25 San Francisco Venues for Events in 2020


Discover the top 25 San Francisco venues for events in 2020. Consider the best options for corporate events, private parties, music venues, and more. The city is always changing, and with it, event venues are growing and adapting.

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Québec City Convention Centre [Venue Review]


The Québec City Convention Centre is expanding on traditional, formulaic event spaces by working with event planners in innovative ways and specializing in new event formats. The post Québec City Convention Centre [Venue Review] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

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Event Trend: Unique Outdoor Venues

Endless Events

If you are an event planner, you know that outdoor events and festivals have been, and continue to be increasingly popular venues choices. This is why we included unique outdoor venues in our 2018 event trends. But how do you pick the right venue?

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How Offsite Venues Can Take Your Event to the Next Level


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. The most fundamental rule of real estate can be just as important for events: location, location, location. An event’s host city can play a pivotal role in attracting attendees.

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Venue Fail

Gallus Events

If event planners want meetings to deliver value to their attendees, they have to stop using meeting rooms like this. If venues really want to run great meetings they have to give more thought to the spaces they create. Venue Fail. And all of this was down to the venue.

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10 Massively Cool Exhibition Venues


So which are the top 10 exhibition venues around the world? Not surprisingly, the biggest dedicated exhibition venues are located in the biggest trading nations – Germany, China and the US. However, a staggering 70% of the top 10 venues by square metre size are actually […].

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The 7 Steps Event Venue Checklist (2018 edition): A bulletproof guide to find the perfect venue for your event


The only checklist you need to source the perfect venue for your event. Trends, tactics, free templates and research to help you with your event venue selection. Venues rfp event venues checklist Venue template venue negotiation

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Venue Spotlight: Unique Venues Birmingham

Event Industry News

Born from a joint venture between the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and the Library of Birmingham on Centenary Square, Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB) is an inimitable conference and events venue, offering to both corporate and private clients. Brand Events. Event Tech.

9 Ways to Support Event Venues and Organizers through COVID-19

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With gatherings across the country canceled due to COVID-19, event venues and organizers have been some of the businesses hit hardest by this pandemic. As we miss out on our favorite annual events and […].

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7 Steps to Customizing Your Venue Selection


Select a venue that reflects your organization’s mission. Here’s what you need to consider to connect your mission to your venue selection. If you’re an event planner working with a specialized organization or brand with a dedicated mission, it can be very effective to […].

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20 Badass Vancouver Venues to Make Your Event Pop: 2018 Updated

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Updated: May 30th, 2018 A fluorescent-lit, ceiling stained, carpeted room… Is anyone else tired of the same old event venues? The venue is the first thing your event attendees will judge your event on.

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Event Venues Turned Hospitals: How the Industry Is Helping


Amid widespread coronavirus-related event cancellations, empty venues and hotels are stepping up to support health care efforts. The post Event Venues Turned Hospitals: How the Industry Is Helping by Victoria Copans appeared first on [link].

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Event Venues Washington DC: The Top 25 for 2019


Searching for an event venue in Washington DC? EventMB has you covered for the city’s best corporate and private event venues. Choose between cheap event spaces, party venues, mansions, and more. Event Venues event venues venues Washington DC venues

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The 25 Best Chicago Venues for Your Event in 2019


Find the best venue for your next event in Chicago. We’ve listed the top corporate venues in Chicago, small event venues in Chicago, warehouse party rentals, and more. With every year, event space in Chicago grows in magnitude and innovation.

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Alternative Event Venues – Think Outside The Ballroom – #EventIcons Episode 115

Endless Events

Alternative Event Venues are a huge and growing trend this year. In fact, we listed it as one of our emerging event trends for 2018. As an industry, we are pushing the boundaries and definition of where events can be held. Why venue walkthroughs are so important.

7 Tips to Supercharge Your Venue Management Processes in 2020

Planning Pod

This year has been extremely difficult for any industry, but the looming pandemic and ongoing social distancing continues to be particularly challenging for the event management industry and the event venues whose business is all about getting people together.

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The 25 Best Venues for Events in Japan for 2019


Find the best event venues in Japan, including 5 star hotels, traditional event venues, and special event locations. We’ve covered the top event venues in Tokyo and beyond. Event Venues event venues venues EventProfs eventmanagement

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10 Venues that Put Event Planners First


Are you tired of all the battles you fight on an event planning stage? The venue you select can decrease your stresses in the same way a good team can. Here’s a list of venues that assist the work you’re doing. Venues event planners event venues venues venue requirements

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Venues positively adopt new hygiene standards

Event Industry News

Venues are keen to demonstrate their commitment to offering a safe environment when business meetings and events return, says the Meetings Industry Association (mia). The mia will shortly be revealing a further benefit for securing AIM Secure that helps ensure venues remain compliant.

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How to Find Amazing Event Venues


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Event planners are constantly on the look out for the hottest new event venues that can make a big impact on their guests. The post How to Find Amazing Event Venues by Peerspace appeared first on [link].

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Calgary TELUS Convention Centre: Reimagining Meeting Space [Venue Review]


Designing a great event experience starts with finding a venue that serves your event goals in a city that appeals to your attendees. For event planners, it’s a delicate balance between finding a functional space and finding a place that will excite their audience.

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Event Venues Singapore: The Best for 2019


This is the only list you need for the top venues for events Singapore. Find the best choices for conference spaces, corporate venues, affordable rooms, large function halls, and party venues in Singapore. Event Venues venues #eventprof eventmanagement eventvenues

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Confessions From a Venue Event Manager


In this new series we present real-life confessions from people working in the event industry. I am a manager at a popular event venue, here is […]. The post Confessions From a Venue Event Manager by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

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New (Free) Report Unveils Venues’ Lack of Transparency


We are pleased to share the most comprehensive look at innovative venues to date, featuring a review of 400 venues and the 22 most impactful innovations in sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity, and experience design.

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Convene at 237 Park Avenue – Is it The Venue of The Future? [Venue Review]


We are very excited to launch our latest section, Venue Reviews. The first up is a very innovative venue, Convene at 237 Park Avenue – New York. When we published The Venue of the Future, we presented the results of extensive research about what event professionals want in venues.

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The 25 Best Las Vegas Venues for 2019


All the best options for Las Vegas venues in one list. Choose between the top banquet halls, concert venues, clubhouses, party rooms, and more. But the impact of your next event shouldn’t have to. By choosing one of these top 25 Las Vegas venues, you’ll ensure your […].

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Top Industrial Venues Across Canada

Tigris Events

[…]. The post Top Industrial Venues Across Canada appeared first on Leading the Canadian Industry in Dynamic Event Staffing & Experiential Marketing. Blog Canada Venues Event Planning Events Industrial Industrial Venues Venues

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A Deeper Look into the Nontraditional Event Venue


These days, more event pros are turning to nontraditional venues when it comes to hosting soirees. So, what are the options when it comes to nontraditional events, and what makes them stand out from their competition or more traditional venues?

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How to Promote an Event Venue


Do you have a space that you’d like to rent out as an event venue? The rise of non-traditional venues means all sorts of […]. The post How to Promote an Event Venue appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

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Pioneering a technological future of hybrid events at IET Venues

Event Industry News

IET Venues have released a comprehensive series of hybrid event packages to break down the borders of events in London and Birmingham to far-reaching audiences. For more information on IET Venues, visit [link].

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How to make event venues safe with Cashless Payments?


There is no doubt that the world of events and hospitality has been seriously hit by COVID-19 and the imposed lockdowns. The post How to make event venues safe with Cashless Payments?

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Event Venues Milan: The Top 25 for 2019


Find the best event venues in Milan; the fashion and design capital of the world. Consider these top choices for conference venues, private parties, versatile event spaces, and more. The post Event Venues Milan: The Top 25 for 2019 by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Westminster Venue Collection appoints three new board members

Event Industry News

Westminster Venue Collection, featuring 33 venues in the iconic borough of Westminster, has appointed three new board members to its panel of industry experts. Her role will involve supporting the collection’s events and annual showcase which takes place in October.

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How Much Do Event Venues Cost?


If you’re new to event planning, you might be wondering how much it costs to hire a venue? While it sounds like a big expense, different types of venues come at different price points. The post How Much Do Event Venues Cost?

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15 Things Venues Have to Do to Attract Event Planners


Do you want to attract more event planners to your space? Competition is fierce for venues, particularly for traditional ones as more and more event planners are looking for unique options to thrill their audience. Venues event venues venues venue marketing Venue

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