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Venue Risk Assessment for Events During (And After) COVID-19

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As we slowly return to live events, it’s important to determine if your pre-pandemic, tried-and-true venues can still meet safety requirements for your area. Taking the time to do your own event risk assessment during every stage of event planning can help you choose a venue and mitigate risk before your tickets even go on sale.

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How to Use Eventbrite’s Venue Map Feature for Seated, Socially Distanced Events

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For event creators planning in-person events, health and safety is top-of-mind during COVID-19. Whether you’re building your own social-distance-friendly event space or modifying a traditional venue for healthy practices, Eventbrite’s customizable venue map is perfect for creating a ticketed floor plan for COVID-era events.

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Venue ventilation for COVID-19

Conferences that Work

Safe meeting venue ventilation for COVID-19 is critical. As we start thinking about returning to in-person events, it’s crucial to check that venues are upgrading their HVAC systems to handle potentially virus-infused air. Next, I’ve outlined what current research indicates venues and properties should be doing.

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Athena Events Venue celebrates 18th birthday

Prestige Events Magazine

Athena, the Art Deco Grade II-listed events venue located in Leicester’s cultural quarter, is celebrating its 18 th birthday this year with a major event to mark 18 years of trading in the events space.

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The Best Unique Phoenix Event Venues For Corporate Events

Endless Events

In-person events are back and they’re smaller and more local than ever. In 2022, they will keep moving out of impersonal hotel ballrooms to more unique venues. One of the biggest event trends in 2022 is sourcing venues with character. The Van Buren team can also help with event production.

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The Rise of Virtual Event Venues


AV companies are joining the ranks of event tech suppliers supporting the pivot to virtual with studio and production venues that enhance virtual engagement through higher production value and consulting support. The post The Rise of Virtual Event Venues by Victoria Copans appeared first on [link].

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Turning Restaurants Into Event Venues: 6 Top Tips From Event Organisers

Eventbrite UK

From ticket-pricing to providing added value, and from building a community to identifying collaborations, we meet three creators who host their events at F&B (food and beverage) venues and ask for their best practice advice.

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