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How the Trend of Festivalization Is Changing Events


This is a sponsored post by Maritz Global Events. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Conferences are undergoing a change brought on by the audience’s desire to be immersed in days of excitement.

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Top 11 Event Types for Achieving Business Goals


Learn about the most popular event types for achieving business goals. Featuring examples from leading brands like Apple, BizX, GlassDoor, Jetblue and more. All B2B event types are usually centered around a concerted effort to achieve common business goals.

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Automation—the Next Big Step for Meetings Management?

Smart Meetings

Meeting automation is potentially positioning itself as the next technology to shake up the planning game. While apps and meeting management systems have been grabbing headline and topping lists of “tech to watch,” more complete meeting automation could take those principles another step forward.

Today’s schoolrooms can teach adults the power of positive sharing

Conferences that Work

For years I’ve been reading to 3rd & 4th grade students at the Marlboro Elementary School , my amazing local public school. It’s a tiny school that currently serves around 100 pre-kindergarten – 8th grade children (4 – 13 years old).

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

131 Stage Design Ideas for 2019


Solid stage production design enhances guest experience and wows your audience even before they see the main entertainment or presenter. It sets the tone, it intensifies audience response, and it often doesn’t come cheap.

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A few thoughts about events for the event industry

Gallus Events

November is always a busy month for event organisers in the event industry.

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5 Simple Ways to Differentiate Your Next Conference

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Great conferences aren’t created overnight. Wildly successful events like SXSW or Wisdom 2.0 take a year or more to plan their remarkable experiences — and decades to build their reputation.

How One Small City Delivered an Event Global Success Story [Case Study]


This is a case study sponsored by The Hague Convention Bureau. More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. Finding a destination that suits your conference’s physical needs and supports your mission is essential.

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2019 Women In Tech Conferences: Empowering Events


Last Updated November 29, 2019. Ready for the most authoritative list of 2019 women in tech events on the internet? The number of women in tech events have been increasing year over year, further highlighting the importance of a more inclusive culture in tech.

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Best Hosting Platforms for Event Website


If you want to share your event organisation knowledge with a wide audience and monetise your efforts, the best way to do this is online.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

The Definitive List of KPIs for Event Management

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63% of event creators today base their decision to participate in future events on past performance. But if you’re only measuring total revenue or ticket sales, you don’t have clear visibility into your marketing and event performance.

10 Surefire Ways to Get Approval for Your Event Budget Increase [Webinar]


Join us for this free webinar for 10 Surefire Ways to Get Approval for Your Event Budget Increase. You know you could do so much more with just a little more money in the budget, right? But first you need to get your boss on board with your vision. In this webinar you’ll learn to: […].

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MICE industry’s top athletes revealed at first Calisthetics Games

Event Industry News

Event profs battled it out to be crowned the greatest athletes in the industry at the first-ever Calisthetics Games: The MICE Edition, hosted by micebook at Factory 45 in London last week.

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Smart Conference Rooms Push Meetings to the Cutting Edge

Smart Meetings

Fairmont, The Queen Elizabeth, Lobby Level Agora. With the announcement of The Ideation Studio at Park MGM, Senior Vice-President and Chief Sales Officer Mike Dominguez notably said, “We’re not just building space; we’re building the right space.”

Spontaneous Americans Are Happier — And That’s Good News for Your Event

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There’s nothing more stressful than a last-minute rush to sell out your tickets. Yet for many event creators, that’s the way it usually goes. You start off your early bird strong, watch as momentum dwindles, then see a spike in sales as interest ramps up right before the big day. So what gives?

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Creating an Event App Business Case to Improve Your Event Experience


As an event planner, you already know the benefits when it comes to incorporating event technology into your events*. Increasing attendee engagement, reducing printing costs, increasing event revenue through sponsorships, and collecting attendee feedback are just a few examples of how it can help your team achieve your goals. But there may be a number of key stakeholders in your company who still need to be convinced.

What Do the Top 100 Events of 2018 Tell Us? Plenty for Your Event Design

PCMA Convene

Don Neal. Each year, BizBash publishes a list of the Top 100 Events in the U.S., as determined by attendance, buzz, innovation, economic impact, and the event’s importance on the market it serves and represents.

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7 reasons why you should use a cashless payments solution for events


I am a huge fan of the cashless payments solution, there’s no secret here. Today I would like to list 7 of the most important benefits of using one for your events. The cashless payments solution increases your revenue.

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The 10 Step Guide to Raising Money at Nonprofit Events

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The last two months of the year are hectic enough for most event creators. Add “nonprofit” to your title, and you’ve got an extra layer of stress. Now is the time for your organization to take stock of its fundraising goals and how best to meet them if falling short.

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How to create a must-share event

Event Industry News

Social media is now an intrinsic part of life, whether you’re a marketing manager, an online influencer or just a consumer of other people’s channels. In fact, when it comes to measuring the success of any event, online engagement has become a key metric.

Marriott Takes Steps to Help Guests Affected by Data Breach

PCMA Convene

The Marriott International hotel chain says it is taking steps to help the up to 500 million guests whose personal information may have been compromised when the chain’s Starwood reservation system was hacked.

The Value of Creativity for Live Events

G2 Planet

Creativity comes from a place deep within. It is the spark that ignites imaginations and drives innovation. Creative minds break boundaries, take the abstract or mundane and transform it into something new, something that can change the world and our experience of it

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How to Get Your Fitness Bootcamp in Shape

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As much as you know about helping people work up a sweat, marketing and growing your fitness bootcamp requires exercising a whole different type of muscle. Keep on reading for five moves that will help get your fitness bootcamp in shape.

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Spektrix and Artifax announce powerful new event management functionality

Event Industry News

Partnership gives local arts and entertainment organisations more flexibility to evolve revenue models and manage their venues as an asset.

2019’s Top U.S. Meetings Hotels, Venues and Attractions

Smart Meetings

From coast to coast, U.S. cities are doing makeovers to be more engaging for those who visit. From ballrooms with windows galore in Sin City to a sky-high observation deck in Manhattan, there are hotels and attractions around the country to scratch the new year’s traveling itch.

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How to Plan a B2B Event and Empower Brands to Achieve More


B2B meeting B2B matchmaking

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Don’t Ghost: 5 Best Practices for Canceling an Event

Brown Paper Tickets

Fall and winter events are all sorts of magical. There’s the lighting, the warmth, the comfort food. But the season also brings the chance of inclement weather, the flu, and frustrating travel delays. If you have to cancel your event, let your attendees down easy. Here’s how to do it right: 1.

Hawthorn support largest Xerocon EMEA event ever

Event Industry News

Billed as the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders, Xerocon London 2018 brought together accountants, bookkeepers, ecosystem partners and industry leaders.

20 Sales Acceleration Event Ideas


Nurture leads, generate pipeline and close deals with these sales acceleration event ideas. Featuring examples from leading brands like SAP, Radius, Slack, Content Marketing Institute and more.

The 4 Design Elements of Gamification [Free Cheat Sheet]


A hot topic right now is gamification and trade shows. It was inspired by a mobile video game app built by Hanley Wood for their annual conference and talk soon turned to what the key elements are of a successful trade show game.

Stuart Ruff-Lyon on His Evolution as an Event Professional

PCMA Convene

Roberta Kravitz (from left), Claire Smith, and Stuart Ruff-Lyon attend the Aug. 17 Deborah Sexton Education Scholarship Fund Reception at the Chicago Cultural Center. The events industry talks a lot about legacies — the imprint that meetings and conferences can leave behind in host destinations.

From Trolls to data holes… 7 questions to ensure your Polling and Q&A app is a force for good

Event Industry News

By Pete Eyre. It takes seconds to lose trust or interest in ANY app. If it asks for too much information, takes too long to load, doesn’t feel secure, or the experience simply isn’t what the user would expect.

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3 Reasons Why Park MGM is First IACC Member on Vegas Strip

Smart Meetings

Courtesy of MGM Resorts International. What’s the secret sauce to earning the esteemed distinction of being an IACC-certified meeting venue? Park MGM has all the ingredients, so it has become the newest member—and first on the Las Vegas Strip —to join the elite group of 300 venues.

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Event Planning Is One of the Most Stressful Jobs in the World. Let’s Change That.


For the sixth year running, event planning has been ranked as one of the most stressful jobs on Earth. Brought to you by: What would you guess are the five most stressful jobs in the world? I’d bet you can guess most of them: firefighter, military personnel, police officer, airline pilot.

Teaming of Business Events, Startups Hooks New Audiences

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The next wave of breakthrough innovations will bring startups and business events together. Illustration/Pui Yan Fong).