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How to Negotiate Hotel Blocks

Endless Events

Arranging a hotel block and finalizing the contract is one of the most important parts of planning an event. It can also be one of the most overwhelming and confusing processes. There’s hotel jargon, legal terms, and the idea of facing off against someone over the negotiating table.

Have I Met You Before? Three ways to minimize embarrassment when meeting people

Conferences that Work

An embarrassing incident I was hanging out at the Marlboro South Pond Regatta , a whimsical affair where local sailors of all stripes and abilities casually “race” around a few buoys in the lake, sometimes stopping to chat mid-race with each other or watch our beautiful loons.

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How to Organise a Workshop Event


You’ve more than likely attended a workshop before, although it may have been called something else. The meetings and events industry is buzzing with terms like symposium, conference, workshop, training…we could go on and on.

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How Adidas Rethought the Music Festival With a Fan-First Event


Summer music festivals are a great way for brands to forge a personal connection with an engaged audience—but with skyrocketing

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Event Proposal: Templates and Tactics to Win business in 2019


Event proposals. Two words guaranteed to make senior event planners, and anyone with a responsibility for business development, to groan. A good event proposal can make the difference between winning a lucrative new contract and being the star of the week.

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What is the Most Efficient B2B Networking Format?


B2B matchmaking

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Inside Revolve's Experiential Marketing Vacation for Influencers


Call it fashion summer camp. More than 75 influencers, models, and bloggers partied in a cave and on yachts on

How to Pick a Menu Everyone Can Enjoy


Events involve a lot of food and that’s not a secret. But how does juggling the menu properly play into the overall event experience? Food is crucial. It can make or break someone’s day, which is why it’s so important to make sure there are food options that everyone can eat.

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Ticketing Technology for Festivals

Event Industry News

Emerging festival ticketing technologies and new applications of existing technology are some of the biggest trends in the festival industry.

6 Easy Steps to Create a Memorable Event Experience


The challenge to keep attendees engaged at your events has never been greater. Decreasing attention spans, intensified vendor competition, and heightened attendee demands to be wowed are putting the pressure on event planners. In order to make sure your events are educational, meaningful, motivational, interesting, and above all, on budget. Which leads us to event experience design – the event planner’s new best friend.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

10 Best Ideas of the Week: A Lexus LED Installation, SpikedSeltzer's Free Bicycle Promotion, Revolve's Pink Lifeguard Tower and DJ Booth


This week's roundup includes a Lexus LED installation at the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival; SpikedSeltzer's free bicycle promotion

The Events Expert Interview Series #16: Elizabeth Glau

G2 Planet

We've been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, and sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences.

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How to Transform Your Attendees into Networking Butterflies

Smart Meetings

Thanks to social media—and a whole host of event marketing platforms—it’s never been easier to set up a networking event. The challenge is ensuring that the event is a genuine success for those in attendance.

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Short Lead Times?-?A Handbook for Event Planners

Hubilo Blog

Short lead times for event planners, is an opinionated topic. While some event planners and event professionals view this as an opportunity, others view it as a planning risk and a rushed task. . Every topic in the meetings industry have opinions, one contradicting the viewpoint of the other.

Would You Climb 7,000 Feet to a Pop-Up Shop?


During the North Face Mountain Festival, which took place from July 27 to 29 in the Italian Alps, the outdoor

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Experiential Marketing Best Practices

G2 Planet

While there is no “single quiver” to achieve the benefits of modern experiential marketing, the following tactics and practices are currently used by almost all the world’s leading brands

Small Meetings: F&B Insights from a Supplier

Smart Meetings

Food and beverage costs are increasingly taking a bigger slice of the meeting budget. Patrick Berwald, vice president of food and beverage for Benchmark Global Hospitality , offered some, ahem, food for thought about F&B for small meetings.

Event Venue Management Checklist for Event Planners

Hubilo Blog

Getting a chance to visit “The Old Truman Brewery” in London or the “Grand Hall of Olympia” is not an everyday thing for people. Venues play quite an important role while planning an event.

Lyft Presents Its Vision for the Self-Driving Car With Panel Event


It’s no secret that Lyft has been making strides to position itself as a serious contender in the self-driving car

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Do Your Management Systems Meet Your Standards?

G2 Planet

High expectations and corresponding investments of time and resources require management systems that are not currently being provided to address events as an integral part of the business. Event marketing professionals paradoxically find themselves awash in tools, yet lacking critical functionalit

Event sponsorship packages are you STILL offering gold/silver/bronze?

Gallus Events

I received an email invite to an event this morning. It was from a Summit in Singapore called FUTR Asia 2018. It was an announcement of their KEYNOTE speakers along with other details of the event.

Guest blog: Top tips on planning and delivering a successful event

Event Industry News

By Victoria Phillips – Event Co-ordinator at drp. When planning and delivering a successful event there are so many crucial elements that go into each stage.

How the National Parks Brought 'Rock Music' to Seattle


To celebrate the National Park Service’s 102nd birthday on August 25, the National Park Foundation, the official charity partner of

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Breaking: CreateSpace is requiring all customers to move to Kindle Direct Publishing!

Conferences that Work

I logged in to CreateSpace (CS) last night to check on my author royalties (always a pleasant task), only to see this stark message: Uh oh. I’ve been a happy customer of CreateSpace for three years, and this was, to say the least, unexpected.

Tips for Clients Wanting to Incorporate Their Pet into Their Wedding Day

All Seated

You’ve booked your ideal client. Only thing is, they want to have their dog at the wedding.

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Event Genius Pay fuels rise in RFID payments at UK festivals

Event Industry News

While RFID has been delivering invaluable changes across the event landscape in Europe and the United States over the last 10 years, the UK market has been slow to follow. There’s a fear about upsetting proven cash/credit card processes, and ticketholders, at events in this country.

Podcast: Essential Rules for Event Speakers (Episode 112)


Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik. Guest: Brett Lavender In this episode of GatherGeeks, David Adler, C.E.O. of BizBash, and Beth Kormanik

Take a Page Out of Jeff Bezos’ Meetings Book

Smart Meetings

Jeff Bezos of Amazon banned the PowerPoint. It’s a bold move, especially when it is the standard. But going through photos, graphs and data can be, well…boring. Meetings are difficult enough, let alone meetings that revolve around clicking slide after slide.

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How to pick the worst ways to promote an event?


There is a question that every event organizer need to ask at least once during the career. What are the ways to promote an event? To successfully give your event proper hype you need to think through various aspects and cover a lot of ways of promotion.

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Venues to Fall for This Autumn

Unique Venues

There’s a time and a season for these eight venues—and that’s without a doubt autumn. When summer comes to an end, these properties really come to life with many of the best attributes that are unique to this time of year.

See How This Hamptons Benefit Celebrated its 25th Anniversary


At once exclusive and bizarre, the Watermill Center summer benefit remained a tentpole event within the frenetic Hamptons party scene

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20 Creative Fundraising Event Ideas


Create a more engaging experience and generate more ROI from your fundraising events with these creative ideas. According to Rod Arnold, Founder of Leading Good, nonprofits need to focus on perfecting business fundamentals (like increasing your average event ROI ) to keep succeeding.

Cancun Safe for Visitors, Officials Say

Smart Meetings

The only bodies on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico, are bronzing in the sun. That’s the reassuring message from security experts and tourism officials in the wake of news that eight dead bodies were discovered within the confines of the international resort destination last week.

Troxy reborn as the world’s biggest mobile-only venue

Event Industry News

Troxy has joined forces with DICE to become the world’s biggest mobile-only, and now tout-proof venue.

Looney 'Tunes': Warner Bros. Brings its Cartoons to Life with Musical Pop-Up


Be it popularizing classical music through Looney Toons or creating mainstream R&B hits from Space Jam, Warner Bros. is no

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