4 Smart Tips for Driving Attendee Engagement Through Social Media


It might seem daunting with everything else you’re managing, but with social media, it’s a lot easier than you think. Driving engagement and buzz around your event will ultimately drive registrations, so let’s go through some best practices on how to use social media in your promotional marketing strategy. Consumers are now accustomed to going to social media to interact with a brand whenever they have a question.

Use social media to boost event engagement with Walls.io & Hubilo

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What if we told you that you can now engage attendees with a live social media feed during the event? If used correctly, your social channels can become an excellent source of user-generated content, which can be used in multiple ways even after the live event has ended.

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How to Create Buzz With Social Media Event Marketing

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Social media marketing has quickly become one the most affordable, accessible and effective ways to market products, services and (yup, you guessed it) upcoming events. Choosing a social media platform. Really it’s about finding your brand’s place in the social world.

The 7 Latest Social Media & Tech Updates You Might Have Missed

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We’ve compiled a round up of the top seven social media & tech updates to help you keep your finger on the pulse. The post The 7 Latest Social Media & Tech Updates You Might Have Missed appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Technology Event Trends Featured IT / Technology September Social Media Apps Social media tech Technology

How to Effectively Use Social Media at Every Stage of Your Event


Knowing how to best use and keep up with social media to amplify the reach of your event can be daunting for even the most experienced social media managers or event marketers. However, the right social media tools, can simplify content distribution and shine light on what actually works, so you can focus your efforts on a social media strategy that has the most impact for your event, conference or tradeshow. Social Media Dashboard.

Social Media Best Practices for Meeting Planners

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In 2019, organizations across the board, from non-profit to high-tech, will undoubtedly continue their focus on hosting meetings and conventions. Social media is a key aspect, and one of the most efficient and effective ways to elevate attendee experience at events of all sizes. Any meeting planner has the ability to develop a strategic social media plan to nurture audiences, while working to improve the attendee experience through digital conversation.

Social media ambassadors celebrate safely at Google Pixel phone launch event with BonaCaeli air purifiers

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Global brand experience agency, Amplify , produced a Google Pixel event in Shoreditch to launch its new tech. 200 guests, including Pixel social media ambassadors, came together to enjoy gourmet fish and chips, live music and to learn about the new Google Pixel 6 phone.

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How to Use Social Media Walls for Events

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Your guide to using social media walls for engaging people at your event, which encourages them to share even more, helping promote it to new audiences online. The post How to Use Social Media Walls for Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Promotion Event Technology Featured March Marketing Social Media Event promotion Event Tech FOMO Social media Technology

10 Tools to Automate Your Event’s Social Media

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Check out this clever tech to automate your social media, reducing the need to think about content while at the same time growing your audience. The post 10 Tools to Automate Your Event’s Social Media appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Promotion Featured January Marketing Social Media Apps automation communication Engagement Social media tech Tools

Social Media Walls and Buzz Centers for Your Events


Tech Event Planning Social Media social media wall TechnologyAs an event professional, you know how crucial it is to keep your attendees engaged, especially between sessions and speakers. Additionally, you want to make sure your sponsors and trade show vendors get the attention they deserve. Luckily, one solution can help you do both while simultaneously creating a “techie” atmosphere and effectively promoting your […].

40 Social Media Influencers Every Hospitality Professional Should Follow

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These 40, follow-worthy social media influencers are highly engaged, limitless resources that are quick to share helpful content to help you succeed and grow your business. She’s a stellar resource for the latest event tech news, and also shares her take on industry conferences. That’s why the Social Tables Twitter account serves up tweets to help you stay ahead of the competition, in 140 characters or less. Try Social Tables today. No time? No problem.

Social Media Tips for Event Professionals: LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

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Do you remember the time when all the social media platforms were just used for connecting with friends? Just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media platforms, LinkedIn has also now become something more than a platform for building a professional network. . The post Social Media Tips for Event Professionals: LinkedIn Influencer Marketing appeared first on Hubilo Blog.

Marketing Your Event on Social Media: 6 Design Tips for Non-Designers

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Even if you have graphic designers creating a registration page and beautiful invites for your event, they might not have the time to create design assets to help market your event to a wider audience on social media. But social media platforms are valuable tools for marketers , and you don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to attract your social followers to your event. Event pros, how do you market your events on social media?

Using Social Media to Win your Event

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Talk events, products, services or anything under the sun that needs marketing, social media has become the indispensable name that first comes up! Social media has actually proved to be one of the most successful tools for event marketing. Social media event marketing is a complex and multi-layered process. There isn’t one single pathway to be followed that will help you leverage a social media strategy for events.

Tech Tuesday: The Top 18 Social Media Tools to Help Promote Your Event


As the most effective marketing tool, social media holds the power to help planners promote their meetings and events. But curating graphics, posts, and engaging with your audience on all your different social channels can be very time-consuming. Luckily, there are several social media tools out there that can help create, schedule and enhance your posts, Tweets or whatever else you send out into the world to drum up excitement for your events.

How to Engage your Audience on Social Media and Other Event Tips

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But while you use those services a lot, do you really know how to engage your audience on social media? There are also metrics related to email, social media, and others that can guide you to creating a praiseworthy event. Are You Tech-Stressed? As an event planner, you’re exposed to different types of tech every day. What does it really take to engage social media audiences? We all use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

7 Ways to Reach Attendees on Social Media


One aspect of planning that requires a prominent place on your to-do list is social media marketing. It’s important to cross-pollinate across all social media platforms, but the content may vary slightly for each outlet. Unless your demographic is solely catering to millennials, some attendees may not use the latest social media. The post 7 Ways to Reach Attendees on Social Media appeared first on Smart Meetings.

Mastodon: Social media for people

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All the cool kids jump ship from a social media platform once it gets too mainstream or too corporatized. This new social platform, which is already being cited as a potential “Twitter killer,” may appear at first glance to be nothing new, nothing special. Tech , Mastodon’s twenty-something creator, Eugen Rochko, explains it using tech analogies: There are different ways in which something can be decentralized; in this case, Mastodon is the ‘federated’ kind.

6 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Help Grow Your Following


Social media continues to be one of the greatest marketing tools. From your company to yourself, social media allows not only for promotional materials, but the ability to track how well that promo is performing. If you want a better ROI on your posts, follow these six social media marketing strategies. Social media can be used to entertain, inform, and publicize, but most importantly it’s meant to allow people and brands to be social.

3 Musts for Attracting Your Millennial Niche on Social Media


Millennials are known to be social media -obsessed, but social media marketing strategies need to be more sophisticated when catering to this very large and diverse group of people. So before diving into the fast-changing world of social media marketing, what should planners know about interacting with them? Different social media platforms serve different functions. Different social media platforms should be considered separate entities.

Airlines Tap Social Media to Address Passengers’ Issues


Meeting and event planners and other flyers have increasingly looked to social media in hopes of having their questions answered quickly and effectively. Airlines, in turn, have met this surge in social media communication with varying degrees of success. The firm’s Airline Benchmark Report 2018 examines the current state of airline carriers’ social media strategies, analyzing data for 20 U.S.,

10 Social Media Management Tools for Events

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To help you achieve these two goals, we’ve researched the best tools for social media management at events. Buffer is a unique social media tool that focuses mostly on publishing. The advantage of this social media management tool lies in the fact that it can facilitate interacting with people at your events. Use the listening and engagement tools to respond to comments or any other social media post.

ETL Replay: Social Media Q&A session

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Event Tech Live is Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology. From the Expo and Engage Stage at Event Tech Live, 9th November 2017. This footage has been kindly captured by our friends at First Sight Media – firstsight.media. Due to popular demand, the fifth edition of Event Tech Live will take place over two days 7th & 8th November 2018 at The Old Truman Brewery, London.

Tech Tuesday: How to Promote Your Next Event on Social Media


Social media may be your answer. According to EventMB, event planners listed social media in 2018 as the most effective marketing tool. With 3.196 billion people on social media, you can expand your event’s influence and audience through platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Here are some tips on how to do just that on social media platforms most used by event planners.

Advanced Social Media Strategies for Event Planners (to Grow Your Business)


If you’re new to event planning and social media marketing, this is the article for you to read. We’ll break down some advanced social media tactics for event planners, even if you have no experience ! Other Social Media Networks.

Mastodon: Social media as you need it

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All the cool kids jump ship from a social media platform once it gets too mainstream or too corporatized. This new social platform, which is already being cited as a potential “Twitter killer,” may appear at first glance to be nothing new, nothing special. Tech , Mastodon’s 24-year-old creator, Eugen Rochko, explains it using tech analogies: There are different ways in which something can be decentralized; in this case, Mastodon is the ‘federated’ kind.

Top Event Technology Tools for Social Media Engagement


Social media is an important tool to utilize not only for your event’s content but also for the content your attendees will create. PREPARATION FOR THE EVENT In the months leading up to your event, remember to prepare your social media team. In addition to event-specific materials, think about the following: Setting up your social stream An ounce in prevention is worth a pound in cure.

Hopin partners with LinkedIn in bid to transform the way we connect


Virtual Event Technology Event Tech Social Media for EventsLinkedIn is investing in Hopin, both in cash and through an undisclosed platform-level partnership that also contemplates Streamyard.

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Top Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020 and 6 Other Tech Stories Event Planners Should Read


Want the lowdown on all things event tech? In this month’s round up of top tech stories, we look at the latest trends in social media and what event professionals can do to boost their marketing activities in 2020. Humans are after all, social animals.

12 steps to build your event’s social media strategy


Before your event is even announced, you should be planning a social media strategy for promoting your event and engaging attendees before, during and after your event. Live events have a strong digital presence through mobile event apps and social media content—your attendees experience does not just begin and end on the conference floor. Make the most of these experiences through meaningful social content. How are you collecting social analytics?

IMEX America Session Preview: Events & Social Media with Mike Burns & Alex Plaxen


This year, the annual session talking points will center on a variety of themes: imagination , experiential, CSR, sustainability , wellness, and event tech. IMEX America has released its show themes for the upcoming exhibition in September 2019, which allow attendees to explore more deeply a particularly important industry trend. Event Marketing featured

Ticketbud Tidbits Ep 19 – SHOW NOTES… Speaker Tours and Building a Social Media Profile


With Gerry Brooks from Celebrate Educators Overview In this episode we talk to social media star, event speaker and elementary school principal Gerry Brooks. His most popular viral video this year was viewed by over 10 million, and received national media coverage. While Gerry’s core audience is educators, his videos often have a significantly wider audience when he hits on a current topic in the media. It’s important to encourage social engagement.


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As a guest blogger for Elitemeetings.com , I shared my thoughts on the best new social media platforms for event planners. It seems that every time we get caught up with the “latest and greatest”, the masses have moved to a new social network and we are left confused and feeling behind again. We are all busy so we don’t necessarily have tons of time to start a new account on every social network that pops up or even to stay up-to-date on the latest tech news.

10 Audience Engagement Tools You Need to Know About

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At the Event Event Technology July Operations / Logistics Social Media audience engagement Event Apps Event TechDiscover these 12 need-to-know audience engagement tools that can bring your event to life with debate, opinion, sharing and fun.

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Event Tech: The Ultimate Overview Of A Decade Of Technology

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So, here are at the Event Tech Podcast, we dedicate ourselves to exploring all things related to technology in our industry. So, considering that the core of the podcast is event tech, it’s only fitting that we look back. The Future of 5G at Events – Event Tech Podcast.

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Tag Digital supports Event Tech Live US & Canada

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Paid media agency Tag Digital is sponsoring Event Tech Live (ETL) USA & Canada, which takes place in June. Tag Digital director, Laura Davidson, comments: “A show like Event Tech Live lets you network, engage and share valuable knowledge with other experts in the industry.

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How Online Donations Can Shape Your Fundraising Event Strategy

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When a hurricane strikes a coastal community, images of the destruction spread rapidly through social media. Event Planning & Promotion Event Tech Crowdfunding Fundraisers Nonprofit Events Social Media MarketingSeeing the painful images, the sympathetic public acts fast to set up online fundraising campaigns and raise funds for the relief effort — all before the storm victims can register their shock. The ability to fundraise online and leverage […].

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Social Graces: What To Share (And Not Share) On Social Media

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PROBLEM  Social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn give you more ways than ever to express yourself. Assume that everything you post online can be seen by others, as even major social networks have suffered privacy breaches. Log out of all your social networks when finished using them, and when you are using a computer or mobile device that isn’t yours.

How to Use QR Codes for Your Event

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Event Planning & Promotion Event Promotion Event Tech QR Codes Social Media Event MarketingBarcodes have been around for decades. We take them for granted on our cereal boxes and soup cans. But now, a related type of code — the quick-response (QR) code — has made its way beyond our groceries and consumer goods. Suddenly, we’re seeing little black-and-white boxes of pixels pop up in magazines, brochures, and even […].

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etouches LOOPD starts selling Smart Tags and apps through social media

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The etouches online sales initiative marks a sharp departure from the conventional approach to event tech sales. etouches model for online and social selling counts on word of mouth to build market share. LOOPD pricing on etouches’ online store and social channels is transparent with no hidden fees. I haven’t seen anything comparable to this in the event tech industry,” said Oni Chukwu, CEO, etouches.