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Venue Risk Assessment for Events During (And After) COVID-19

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As we slowly return to live events, it’s important to determine if your pre-pandemic, tried-and-true venues can still meet safety requirements for your area. Taking the time to do your own event risk assessment during every stage of event planning can help you choose a venue and mitigate risk before your tickets even go on sale.

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The Best Association Software: From AMS Tools to Event Planning Solutions


Over the past 12 years, we’ve served over 30,000 global events with virtual, hybrid, and in person event solutions. From event planning to execution, our association event software puts all the AMS tools you need in one place. Its software supports delegation, team collaboration, and live updates.


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Hybrid event planning: an executive guide and 6-month practical plan

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New to hybrid event planning? A hybrid event can be a great investment for your company – in fact, 86% of B2B organizations that host one see a positive ROI within 7 months. But, to get to that ROI, you first have to know how to plan a hybrid event – and that’s where it gets tricky. What is a hybrid event?

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Introducing the 2021 Event Planning Playbook

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As pandemic conditions continue to change, do you feel that you must wade through wave after wave of information to seek answers and solutions to plan safe live events? The Playbook provides three valuable tools for venue scouting. . Event risk assessment planning tool. 90-day global event tracker.

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Event planning terms glossary: 150+ event terms to know

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Event planning terms are nothing new. But throw in event tech terms like ‘breakout rooms’, ‘RTMP’, and ‘VOD’ that are crucial to know for hybrid and virtual event planning. Feeling unsure about common hybrid and virtual event terms? Event planning terms: A. Event planning terms: B.

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21 Tips for More Sustainable Event Planning

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With environmental concerns becoming increasingly urgent, the event planning industry has the unique opportunity to shift how we think of events and lead the way toward sustainable practices. How do you plan a sustainable event? The four principles of event sustainability On average, events create nearly 2.5

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17 Common Event Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Event planning consistently ranks as one of most stressful jobs in the U.S. Whether planners find themselves forced to work with difficult personalities, try to juggle juxtaposing requests, fix event planning mistakes, or balance dozens of last-minute event changes, event planners have plenty of reasons to feel stressed.