November, 2019

4 Ways to Track Event Success Beyond Tickets Sold

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Event success can simply mean that your event runs a profit. After all the work that goes into them, this is something that every organiser should of course feel proud and excited about.

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How to Inspire User-Generated Content on Facebook and Instagram

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Studies show people trust user-generated content 50% more than content straight from brands. Is your event taking advantage? Event Planning & Promotion Facebook Instagram Social Media For Events

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Why Customer Success Should Be at Your Next Event


If an event attracts your target audience, you can bet your existing customers are there too. Learn why Customer Success should be at your next event, and how to make the most of their presence there. Best Practices Event Industry Insights

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7 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Hosting a Green Event

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With all the resources, options, and costs you can save by throwing an eco-friendly event, why wouldn’t you want to go all-in? Event Experiences

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Game-Changers 911™: How to Change the Event Game in 2020

Speaker: John Storm, President, BrainStorm Network

In this webinar, we’ll use a sampling of case studies, tools, techniques, and strategic stories to help you identify game-changing opportunities within your company and the world of events, and then brainstorm ways to capitalize on these ideas. Get ready to change your game in 2020!

11 Free Tactics to Promote Your Event Online

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Do You Really Have Them at Hello? Rethinking Your First-Timer Strategy

Velvet Chainsaw

One of my biggest pet peeves is the way some conferences approach first-time attendees. Being intentional and having a plan for how you welcome someone who is experiencing your conference for the first time is not only the right thing to do, it’s also a smart attendee acquisition strategy.

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How to Cultivate an Inclusive Event Brand

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You thought your check-in process was smooth as butter — until one of your friends told you that she and her friends feel intimidated coming through your doors. As a result, they frequent your venue less often. Today, diversity and inclusion are top-of-mind concerns for all kinds of event creators.

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Event Layouts 101 – Complete Guide for Amazing Event Design

Planning Pod

Every successful event professional knows that behind almost every successful event is a well-considered event layout plan that takes into account the purpose of the event itself and the characteristics of your event space while enhancing the overall attendee experience.

Will Emotion Recognition Change the Way We Measure Events?


One of the biggest problems that event planners face is figuring out how attendees feel during their event and how they engage with the sessions, activations, entertainment, etc. Emotional recognition is a powerful way to collect that data – and a controversial one.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

The 15 Best Podcasts For Event Planners


Event planners and professionals are turning to podcasts to keep a pulse on thought leadership, event technology, and best practices. Discover 15 amazing podcasts you'll want to listen to on your morning commute!

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Make your entire conference a braindate

Conferences that Work

Why not make your entire conference a braindate? One of Skift’s “ 10 event trends for 2020 ” is networking. The report predicts: “Activities such as braindates that deliver more meaningful connections will become mainstream at events.”

The Secret to Building an Iconic Fashion Event Series

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If you’re putting together a new fashion event, chances are, it’s because you’re passionate about style and culture. Your vision conjures up words like sophisticated, dazzling, cutting-edge, and vogue. But Technology? Marketing? Admin tasks? Maybe not so much.

5 Nonfiction Books That Every Event Professional Should Read

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Maybe you read to relax. Or to learn. To pass time. Or to look smart. All good reasons. Or maybe you don’t read at all, but have been meaning to start. Regardless of your motive, reading is no doubt good for you. It has been proven to boost intelligence in kids and make you more […].

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package


Running an event is a costly experience. Even for small events, costs can ramp up quickly and out of budget if you are not prepared for issues that might pop up. With event costs rising every year, you will want to bring in revenue from as many channels as possible.

So Teamwork Can Make the Dream Work!

Velvet Chainsaw

Hallelujah! The Washington Nationals won game seven of the World Series to become world champs. This is a huge deal for Washington sports fans and their story should resonate for all of us in the meetings industry as we are dependent on our teams to successfully execute our events.

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WeWork sells Meetup: Is it the end of an era?


WeWork has announced the sale of several assets including, one of the most cherished communities for self-made event planners. Should we be ready to say goodbye to Meetup for good?

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David Adler BizBash Live interview: the best formats for live experiences

Conferences that Work

At BizBash Live DC , BizBash CEO and Founder David Adler and I took the stage at the Ronald Reagan Building for a wide-reaching interview on the best formats for live experiences in front of an invited crowd of several hundred meeting professionals.

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Engaging attendees with engaging event technology

Gallus Events

Engaging attendees is a trick that the most successful events are able to pull off. Event technology plays a major part!

Newport Folk Festival 2019 Was “The Most Gender-Balanced Ever” — Or Was It?

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Was this year’s Newport Folk Festival actually its most gender-balanced lineup ever? The answer is more complicated than yes or no. . Music Music Festivals Women in Music

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See How 'Game of Thrones' Inspired This Gala


Imaginative entertainment and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler helped raise $3 million for Make-A-Wish Southern Florida

2020 Event Trends – How Will the Industry Evolve?

Endless Events

Just like that, we blinked and it’s time to talk about the 2020 event trends. You might be asking yourself, what will be shaking up the industry this year? How will the industry evolve? We have some predictions!

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What Growing Bidder Interest in WeWork’s Meetup Means for the Event Industry


Sources tell EventMB that bidding is happening for What does that mean for the event industry? The recent departure of WeWork’s CEO and subsequent management reshuffle has made public the company’s intention to sell Meetup. News is that bidding is underway.

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Attendease Wins Best Attendee Management Tech at #ETL19


We are pleased to announce that Attendease has been nominated for two categories under the Event Tech Awards 2019: Best Event Management Platform , and Best Attendee Management Technology, and we are taking a trophy home!

Industry Night and Brand Reveal at Junction Craft Brewing


As a craft beer lover, I was thrilled to attend the Junction Craft Brewing industry night and brand reveal event. It was also an excellent opportunity to reacquaint myself with their incredible event space.

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7 Instagram Stories Ideas for Your Next Event

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As an event brand, if you don’t take advantage of Instagram Stories now, you’ll get left behind. Here are nine creative Instagram Stories ideas for your next event. Event Planning & Promotion Instagram Social media

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See These Glamorous Takes on Unglamorous Event Themes


Recent galas and brand activations have offered elegant twists on construction zones, gas stations, math class, and even the New York City subway

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GEVME Next Generation Experiential Apps. Smart lead retrieval 


Our team has been working hard within the past few months developing experiential tech solutions, and now we’re proud to announce that the new GEVME event lead retrieval app s for trade show and conference organisers have been launched at the World’s largest fintech event – Singapore FinTech Festival and SWITCH 2019 (SFF x SWITCH). It is a well-known fact that the main reason for exhibitors to participate in exhibiting is the potential for generating business growth. On top of building brand awareness and finding networking opportunities, lead retrieval remains the crucial factor to present a company at trade shows again and again. In this regard, we’re pleased to present the next generation lead retrieval tools to empower exhibitors at your trade shows and conferences: Leads Scan App and Digital Showcase App. . Let’s have an overview of the new GEVME lead retrieval apps where the Leads Scan service and Digital Showcase service are parts of one GEVME lead generation solution. . Leads Scan App Overview. GEVME Leads Scan App is a newly-launched lead retrieval service which empowers exhibitors to increase exhibition booth ROI and find new event revenue streams. The application allows for the collection and qualification of leads via exhibitors’ own mobile devices within seconds by scanning the QR code on attendees’ badges at the event booth. This lead retrieval system consists of two components: Leads Scan App Manager Portal – a web browser portal for an exhibitor/booth owner to manage exhibition booth staff and track their performance within individual and team results. Leads Scan Mobile App – a mobile app for booth staffers which they use on their own mobile devices for scanning attendee name badges and adding notes as well as other customisable data points. GEVME Leads Scan App works on both platforms: Android and iOS. How Leads Scan App works. Thinking first of all about convenience for exhibitors, as we mentioned, GEVME lead retrieval software involves two levels of users: a leads scan manager and a leads scan user. That’s why we developed two solutions with different features for both users’ roles. Let us examine the difference between those user roles and tools we provide. Leads Scan Manager Portal: . Leads Scan Manager is a web portal for managing Leads Scan App service. Only the manager has access to the web portal which allows: setting up access to the booth team by sending individual invites to Leads Scan App to sales reps; . tracking the booth’s performance; . downloading all captured leads. . Leads Scan Manager Portal: log in process. After purchasing the GEVME lead generation service, an exhibitor receives an invite email to the login link. After submitting the security code, the exhibitor gets access to the home page. Leads Scan Manager Portal: setting up the booth team. Depending on how many booth staffers an exhibitor has in his/her team and how many users he/she has subscribed for, he/she can invite more than one user to the Leads Scan App to make the lead scanning process more efficient: . What is needed for setting up a team? Just send an individual email or SMS invitation to each team member: Leads Scan Mobile App. . The GEVME Leads Scan App is an easy-to-use exhibition lead retrieval tool for the booth staffers to collect leads. It’s a simple solution and does not require additional time or training to get started. Leads Scan App: log in process. . The Leads Scan App user will receive the invitation email with a login button. All he/she needs to do is to click the login button and enter a security code, which could be sent in an email or an SMS, and that’s all. Leads Scan App: lead scanning process. Let’s review the leads scanning process in more detail in order to appreciate the seamlessness of the user experience. Step 1. Tap on the scan button at the bottom of your mobile screen and scan the QR code found on the attendee’s badge: Step 2. View and edit the captured details: attendee name, job title, phone number, company, email, country, topics of interest. The lead’s details are automatically saved. You can add additional valuable sales information in the notes section attributed to the lead’s profile and record an indicative measure of the lead’s prospect. Step 3. Monitor and track individual and team results. Digital Showcase Overview. The Digital Showcase solution is a complimentary app which works together with the Leads Scan App. The Digital Showcase was designed to help exhibitors be paperless and pass information to attendees in the most convenient way for them – via mobile devices. The app allows exhibitors to display and send rich content directly to the attendees’ phones, simply by having them scan a unique QR code. It therefore reduces paper wastage like printed brochures and flyers. More importantly, this solution is an additional leads generation channel, on top of the Leads Scan Service, which captures attendees’ interests. . How Digital Showcase works. Step 1. An exhibitor uploads the content he wants to display to attendees at the trade show: digital brochures, presentations, media content, including 90-second videos. Step 2. An exhibitor generates a unique QR code, which later should be placed at the event booth and scanned by attendees. Step 3. By scanning the QR code, attendees get access to exhibitors’ digital brochures, product information and rich content. Benefits for exhibitors. Real-time reports and tracking. All data is captured and displayed in the reports in real-time. Exhibitors have a clear picture of their booth’s performance encompassing lead generation channels, individual team members results, total event ROI. . Leads retrieval. GEVME trade show lead retrieval apps allow an exhibitor to monitor and track an exhibition booth’s performance centrally. It doesn’t matter how a lead was captured: via the Leads Scan App or Digital Showcase as all captured leads will be displayed in one report. An exhibitor can download all captured leads in one click. Suitability and cost-efficiently. Exhibitors can lower their environmental impact and reduce their overall costs by distributing flyers, information brochures, leaflets and video rapidly via QR code scanning. Connectivity and reliability. Don’t let unreliable connectivity get in the way. Data associated with leads may be captured by booth staffers regardless of an internet connection. Anything captured whilst offline will be stored locally and will automatically synchronise once connectivity is reestablished. Ready to empower your exhibitors? Contact us and get a demo session. The post GEVME Next Generation Experiential Apps. Smart lead retrieval appeared first on GEVME Blog. Event Technology Updates event technology gevme leads gevme updates leads generation leads retrieval leads scanning

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4 Benefits of Hiring an Event Technologist and How to Find One


This is a sponsored post from Cvent. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Event technology has given event planners more opportunities and more to contend with than ever before, and a new role is emerging to help them take advantage: the event technologist.

2019 191

How to Create Social Buzz for Your Next Event


There is no doubt how important it is to use social media to promote your events and create buzz. Whether using paid or organic reach, you should be able to keep top of mind with your desired audience while boosting registrations.

2019 109

Women In the Events Industry: The Ultimate Guide For Raving Success

Endless Events

Gather around, it’s time for an empowering chat about women in the events industry! As you already know, our partnership with MPI during IMEX America 2019 brought us some amazing pieces of content. We’ve covered everything from leadership to sustainability , strategy and consulting.

2019 108

10 Emails Every Event Planner Has Sent — For Better or Worse

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Most event planners send about four or five emails per event. But those are only the official event campaign emails. In between, you probably send hundreds (if not thousands) more as you hustle to get your events planned and executed.

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