Project Documentation: The Bad Little Email That Got Produced


Believe it or not, there are always a wealth of emails and other documents produced in litigation that help “make the case” for the other side. ” Best Practices advises that you should have a written document management policy in place. Non-critical documentation, such as personal emails, instant messages, text logs, blog trails, website traffic logs, etc. And, of course, a document retention policy (… don’t shred right after lawsuit is filed… ).

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User-Document- The Ultimate Event App Feature to Personalize Your App

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Our all-new event app feature i.e. the ‘User Document’ widget it the result of this process. What exactly is the ‘User Document’ widget? A part of our event app features, the user document widget helps organizers upload attendee specific documents to the app that can be accessed using the widget that can either be displayed in the side menu or within the bottom tab of the event app. What can count as user documents? What is the use of these documents?

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AEV announces NaCTSO document fraud workshop

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The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has announced it will be holding a document fraud workshop, delivered by officers from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), to help its members discover and detect fake identity documents. The post AEV announces NaCTSO document fraud workshop appeared first on Event Industry News.

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New BVEP policy document outlines industry roadmap following decision to leave EU

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The Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) has launched a major new policy document for the UK events industry: “Opportunities for Global Growth in Britain’s Events Sector”. The policy document outlines the issues, opportunities and challenges that will help Britain achieve a more competitive, more profitable and higher profile as it repositions itself following the […].

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Customizing Prints with Incredible Merge Formulas


Customizing Prints With Incredible Merge Formulas Caterease Version: 20 Category: Document Builder Date: 08/19/2019. Document Builder Tip of The WeekThe post Customizing Prints with Incredible Merge Formulas appeared first on Caterease.

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4 Ways to Use Collaboration Technology to Host More Effective Meetings


You need to scale that to dozens of people across various countries sharing documents or collaborating in a way that lets everyone easily see, understand and save the information or idea being shared. Today, we are using technology nearly every hour of our daily lives. Every time we use our smartphone, tablet—even car dashboard—we are getting an instant interactive touch screen experience.

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Skies Not as Friendly for Comfort Animals, Airlines Say


From March 1 onward, customers traveling with an emotional support animal “must provide a veterinary health form documenting the health and vaccination records for the animal, as well as confirming that the animal has appropriate behavioral training.” They call for “a signed document” confirming that the animal will behave on board. Remember how, in school, the whole class got punished because of one or two bad actors?

What is Asset Tracking Software? (and Why You Need to Use it in 2017)

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Document Management. Software enables you to record unlimited and all types of documents on the cloud and use them whenever you require, so why not record all these documents and not waste paper AT ALL? It’s time to embrace the future of digital document management. Event Management Software asset tracking software Cart management document management Event attendees New Years Eve New York City Olympic Games Statista Vendor management volunteer management

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How to Take Your Event to New Heights with Drones


Drones not only assist in documenting your event in real-time and making events memorable, they can also act as a security feature. Gadgets Technology aerial aircraft branding camera control cutting dji document drone edge equipment event exposure FAA familiarize filming fly goggles indoors information latest livestream marketing mavic memorable movement outdoors perspective pro regulate regulations restrictions safety Tech technology Tips update views Virtual Reality vr wireless

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“Pick up at the event” for event tickets or other event merchandise


Documentation“Pick up at the event” for event tickets or other event merchandise. Sometimes, when you sell an event ticket, registration, or another type of merchandise (like a t-shirt or event cap), you may want to have the purchaser pick up that item directly at the event rather than deliver it electronically (via PDF) or send it by regular mail. For this scenario, Grenadine Event Manager allows you to offer the Pick up at the event shipping option.

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Registration payment providers supported by Grenadine Event Manager


DocumentationIf you want to sell tickets to your event attendees with Grenadine Reg, you can use one of several payment providers that are supported by Grenadine. Some payment providers are supported out of the box, with an automated setup, while others require some setup from both you and Grenadine support staff. Here are the providers: Payment systems that are supported out of the box. payments – recommended. Supports multiple currencies and in multiple countries.

“Bill me later” for event registration


Documentation“Bill me later” (or send an invoice), and other forms of offline payments for event registration. At Grenadine Event Manager, we have many customers who regularly ask for an option to have attendees and prospective attendees to their events pay through offline means. This is because customers (attendees) are sometimes corporations or organizations that don’t have a credit card, or worse, don’t allow credit card expense accounts.

BREAKING: CDC Issues New Guidelines for Events


We have looked at the document and here are the […]. The CDC has updated its guidelines for gatherings such as conferences, concerts, festivals and weddings. Here is what you need to know. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a new set of guidelines to take into consideration for those planning events. The post BREAKING: CDC Issues New Guidelines for Events by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. Coronavirus coronavirus covid-19 cdc

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Saudi Arabia takes stake in concert organizer Live Nation


This shows in documents that were sent to the American stock exchange committee on Monday Saudi Arabia has bought a 5.7 percent stake in the California concert promoter Live Nation, which is active all over the world.

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Making Event Tech More Accessible for Attendees with Disabilities

Planner WIre

There are well-documented but lesser-known standards for creating… Continue. While resources for planning accessible events exist, they often overlook one important area: technology. Event Planning

How To Find The Perfect Speaker for Your Event


One of the qualification requirements for CSP applicants is that they must have documentation of 250 paid presentations - minimum. Speakers can easily make or break an event. If you have a presenter who doesn’t understand who they’re talking to, or who can’t keep the audience’s attention, you’re wasting everyone’s time (and possibly their money).

Hotel sales software: How we solved data disarray for a Holiday Inn Express and saved them 80 hours/month

Planning Pod

And once the client is on board, there are additional documents like banquet event orders (BEOs) and/or hotel resumes that must be completed and provided to the client for sign-off. Challenge: Creating and sending out documents that lack visual “sizzle”.

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Where to start with online events

Gallus Events

I’ve decided to do that by creating this short document “online events where to start” which you can download now: Online events where to start! The short document lists the questions, that I think are crucial, for organisations to address when they think about the online events journey that lies ahead. I really hope the document is useful for those who are thinking about going online with their events. There is no getting away from it.

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How to Create an Engaging Virtual or Hybrid Event With The EventMobi Platform


The EventMobi solution will help you promote your event and register attendees, manage all content including documents, Livestream and Video on Demand, and keep speakers, attendees and sponsors engaged and informed from anywhere in the world. Explore content options including documents, info booth, notifications, homescreen, and iframed pages, and add content explaining “what to know before you go” if you are running a hybrid event.

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AEV publishes revised eGuide for 2020

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Recognised as the industry’s best practice document, the eGuide is continually reviewed by working industry professionals who represent the best advice currently available, and who themselves have to work within the guidelines in their own professional capacities.

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How to support a community online during covid-19

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Include it in a single online document, and create a descriptive URL shortened link (e.g. Here’s a sample of what you might want to include in your pre-meeting document for a 90-minute online meeting. Sample pre-meeting information document for community online meeting. How can you support a community online during covid-19? Over the last few weeks I’ve run numerous online Zoom meetings for support groups and local, social, and professional communities.

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Concert touring industry unites to launch covid-19 working guidance

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This responsive document is designed to add to existing guidance outlining practical measures that will inform tour-specific risk assessments and method statements. More than a document, this is intended to be a responsive set of protocols that efficiently move with a changing environment.”.

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How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package


You can include these testimonials on your website and event sponsorship document so potential sponsors can see why your event is worth sponsoring. Running an event is a costly experience. Even for small events, costs can ramp up quickly and out of budget if you are not prepared for issues that might pop up. With event costs rising every year, you will want to bring in revenue from as many channels as possible.

Create and Manage an Attendees List


This allows a planner to coordinate the work of the team by streamlining all related documentation in one place, more effectively monitoring the workflow, and so much more. An attendee list is a much needed event document if you want well-structured event management. To store all the documentation related to the event in one place, use the Documents tab on the page of the selected event. There are no events without attendees.

How Your Attendee Experience Can be Enhanced With the EventMobi Attendee Dashboard


Documents can be shared through various areas of the app including People profiles, Company profiles, and Document sections – recalling exactly where the attendee found certain resources can become a memory game. Using the Favorites option, attendees can ensure that this content is right at their fingertips when they need it by accessing the files directly from the Documents area of the Attendee Dashboard.

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Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Pouring Into Las Vegas Meeting-Space Projects

PCMA Convene

The Las Vegas Convention Center’s massive $935 million expansion has been well documented, but it’s not the only event-space renovation project happening around town. ( VEGAS INC. Las Vegas Sun ). Read More. News Junkie Places & Spaces

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Banquet Event Orders – How to Create and Use a BEO

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A BEO is a single-page document developed by an event venue or caterer that offers a detailed yet precise guideline of the key logistical, timing, catering, staffing and setup details involved in the production of an event. The layout of a banquet event order template or document should be simple to follow and easy to read. Some BEOs double as client contracts, and as such contain basic legal language of the binding nature of the document once it is signed.

Best Practices for Event App Design


Documents. Including Documents in your app is one more way you can reduce paper at your event. You can either attach handouts, presentations or workbooks to an individual session, speaker, or sponsor profile or create a document module, where all event documents can be found in the app. The Document Library located under the General Settings can be used to manage documents for the app. A well-designed and intuitive event app is what every planner needs.

V Festival: ‘No police stationed’ at 2017 event

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The organisers, Festival Republic, refused to pay the cost of special police services at the 50,000-strong event, Chelmsford City Council documents show. No police were stationed inside the 2017 V Festival in Essex because of a dispute over money, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme understands. There were also concerns over the vetting of staff and […]. The post V Festival: ‘No police stationed’ at 2017 event appeared first on Event Industry News.

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5 Apps to Keep You Productive and Organized

Connect Your Meetings

Documents 6 . If trying to locate your files is like going on a scavenger hunt, download Documents 6. You can store documents and spreadsheets in the app, where everyone on your team can view and edit documents simultaneously, with real-time chat built in. If you need help staying productive at work and in life, don’t fret. There is an app for that (naturally). Here are five picks to proactively stay productive at work.

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Event Planner FAQ: App Content Management for Your Event


Generally speaking, content management is about organizing, sorting, and presenting content (ie text, image, or multimedia documents). It can get a bit complicated , but for an event planner, content management means making sure that attendees get access to the right documents and collateral, at the right time, whenever they need. Event content covers a whole range of collateral, from session slides to supporting documents, to last-minute updates.

8 Event Management Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

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Back up your documents either with a cloud service or by choosing an event management software that lets you work and store data online.

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How to implement participant-driven breakouts in Zoom — Part 3

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Any online shared document can be used for this. Be sure to make the document sharable and editable ! Give your scribes the link to the shared online document in advance. Part 1 of this series of posts gave an overview of what’s involved in implementing participant-driven breakouts in Zoom. Part 2 explains how to prepare for The Three Questions using Zoom breakout rooms. Read them before diving into this post!

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5 Ways to Make Meetings More Effective

Connect Your Meetings

Document and share meeting results. Documented meeting results are the fastest and easiest way to combat meeting FOMO. Before the meeting, document the meeting purpose and desired outcomes clearly. Every organization has to figure out how to make meetings more effective. It’s a complex challenge.

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Icon Presentations

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Secure registration, document links, full post event reporting and replay is included. Virtual events can work well, delivering the same content and message as a live event, but at ‘arm’s length’ with no one actually meeting face to face. Meet at your desk or from home globally.

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15 Best Collaboration Tools for Event Planning

Endless Events

It allows teams to share assets (fonts, images, colors) and collaborate on documents. Allows you to create beautiful documents with rich media right there in the app. Requires paid upgrade for more file storage and more than three trackable documents. Did you know it’s also a great way to gather feedback on documents and provide a centralized location for schedules, contracts, and marketing materials? Lets you attach links, checklists, and documents to notes.

FOMO festival goes into liquidation leaving creditors in $5 million hole

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Documents lodged with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission last week reveal Fomo Festival PTY LTD owes $148,540.43 The documents don’t reveal who the unsecured creditors are but it is understood the list includes artists, music promoters and venues. According to the documents, the company has less than $4,000 in cash at the bank and $5,000 in other assets.

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Creating A Run of Show – Important Components

Event Leadership Institute

As an event professional, you are often inundated with planning documents and schedules. However, one document that you should always consider using for events that have a show or presentation component is a Run of Show. This document is used to establish what the program or show is comprised of, how long each segment should be, and some other important details. Run of Show documents can also include additional items that provide more detail. Smarticle. READ TIME: 3.5

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15 Ways to Use Beacons to Support the Event Experience


Favorite documents launched by a beacon. Launch a venue guide (video or document) to give attendees the lay of the land upon arrival. After winning “ Best Use of Wireless Technology ” at the Event Tech Awards, we thought we would share some interesting use cases for beacons technology that we have seen at meetings and events.

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Business Events Still Produce Lots of Paper Waste


Organisers are eliminating the use of PVC banners, using digital signatures and cutting down on printing of documents for administrative purposes. . It’s a great reference document if you are looking for a list of practical and actionable items you could take on to make your events more sustainable. Sustainability is a key trend at business events these days. We see venues, organisers and suppliers going at length to reduce the carbon footprint of events. .

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