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Choosing an Event Tech Vendor? Look for Transparency


True story: In the midst of my career as an event planner, I needed an event management solution that would satisfy the fanatical data security requirements of my employer at the time. But the tool also needed to be intuitive enough for non tech-focused types (i.e., me) to use. After a multi-month search, we signed with a software company that promised its application would check all the boxes. It didn’t.

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6 Budget-Saving Tips for 2019: Maximize Your Event Budget, Not Your Spend


Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, there’s no doubt that events offer a bounty of benefits. In fact, 77 percent of marketers use experiences and events as a core part of their marketing strategy. But, as any marketer will tell you, events come with a price tag.

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How To Promote Your Event To Increase Attendees


So, what are we doing tonight? If you’ve ever traveled somewhere new or even attempted to plan an evening that. The post How To Promote Your Event To Increase Attendees appeared first on Caterease.

Two free easy ways to create graphics for blog posts and presentations

Conferences that Work

Here are what I think are the two best free easy ways to create graphics for blog posts and presentations if you’re not a graphics wonk. Note: I am not a graphics wonk.) I’ve written over five hundred posts on this blog over the last ten years.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Lyft on What the Rise of Ridesharing Means for Your Events

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In their everyday lives, attendees have a new normal for getting places. They push a few buttons on their smartphone, and — voila! — a car arrives. The rise of ridesharing has made a profound impact on our collective car-driving habits.

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30 Ideas for Conference Bags People Won’t Throw Away


Conference bags must breed in the dark: everyone seems to have at least a dozen stuffed in the back of their closet. A conference event swag bag should be more than a hole with handles. Conference gifts and corporate goodie bags account for more than $20 billion worth of business worldwide.

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The Best Conferences and Trade Shows for Event Organizers

Event Age by Swapcard

You spend your days planning events—it only makes sense to check some out for yourself! Event Experiences Event Community

25 VIP Event Ideas That Will Really Impress Attendees

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Good news: Some of your attendees are willing to spend more than you charge for your event. Especially if you offer them an enhanced experience in return. VIP and tiered ticket programs let you offer attendees the exact experience they’re looking for — at the exact price they’re willing to pay.

7 Social Media Wall Platforms for Your Next Event


Creating and maintaining a high level of interest at your events can be challenging, maybe even daunting for some event marketers. Selecting the best social media tools to engage your attendees may not be easy, and can get a little frustrating. Wall platforms could help put your mind at ease.

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre: Reimagining Meeting Space [Venue Review]


Designing a great event experience starts with finding a venue that serves your event goals in a city that appeals to your attendees. For event planners, it’s a delicate balance between finding a functional space and finding a place that will excite their audience.

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Facial Recognition And Events

Endless Events

Knock knock – it’s facial recognition for events! You already know that the Event Tech Podcast is all about the latest and greatest technologies. And of course, the ones you can use to make your event go from good to outstanding!

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20 Ideas for Hosting a More Memorable Award Ceremony

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As Sally Fields famously said in her Oscar acceptance speech, “You like me, you really like me!” That sentiment is at the heart of all awards ceremonies: Receiving recognition for your hard work and contributions in a room full of your peers is not only emotional, but truly gratifying.

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Templates & Examples of Event Planning Timelines


The correct timing of events can play a vital role through the whole event organisation process. Without a properly considered timetable, you risk missing significant due dates that are critical to your event’s success.

Create, Capture, & Amplify with sharingbox (Sponsored)


sharingbox is the international leader in video, photo, and GIF activations. Our stunning hardware—backed by powerful proprietary software—can create any kind of output: 360-degree videos, green-screen setups, custom video stitching, beauty filters

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The AV Audit 2.0: Breaking Down AV Quotes

Endless Events

Welcome to the second edition of the AV Audi today we are back at it and breaking down AV quotest! As you know, analyzing AV quotes can be a pretty stressful job. So here at Endless, we want to help you make this task as seamless as possible.

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What Attendees Look for On Your Event Website

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When a curious event-goer lands on your website, you’ve only got 10 seconds to capture their attention. Will your event website grab someone’s attention in such a short amount of time? If it’s not, that might be because event websites are very different from every other website.

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10 Social Media Wall Platforms for Your Next Event


Creating and maintaining a high level of interest at your events can be challenging, maybe even daunting for some event marketers. Selecting the best social media tools to engage your attendees may not be easy, and can get a little frustrating. Wall platforms could help put your mind at ease.

10 Publishers with Visionary Event Strategies


Here's an in-depth look at publishers who have grown beyond the newspaper, magazine, and digital article businesses they started with. They now host these top 10 must-attend live events and have a lot to teach planners about publisher event strategies.

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Is Event Gamification Dead? Reasons Why it May Still Be Alive


In this article, we look at whether the popular trend of gamification through mobile apps is dead or alive. Event Planning

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How Ariel Waldman’s Science Hack Day Grew to 7 Continents

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The best events don’t always start with a business plan. Often, they start with a spark. Someone has a passion they want to share, and a great idea about how to share it. They’re moved to bring people together around a vision, so they make it happen — even with no event planning experience.

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Does My Event REALLY Need Its Own Website? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!!)


The thought has probably crossed your mind a few times.“Does Does my event really need its own website, separate from my organization’s??”. The short answer is yes, absolutely! We get it, though: With everything else you’re managing, adding a website to that list can feel overwhelming.

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30 St. Louis Event Venues That Your Attendees Will Love


Planning your event in St. Louis? From a blues museum to waterfront views to 19th-century monuments, you’ll find it here in our top 30 event spots in St. The race to the frontier solidified St. Louis’ identity as the gateway to the west.

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How to Stay Sane When Dealing with Event Information Overload


Time is one of the most important assets for those who plan events. But it’s not nearly as important as energy and mental stamina. Even if you have plenty of work hours ahead to finish the planning or logistic assignments, if you’re too tired, you won’t do much. Event Planning

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Aventri Expert Q&A: Top Tips for Event Website Design


The event website is vital to an event's overall success. It's where attendees find all the information they need about your event and, most importantly, it helps drive them to actually register.

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Focus on footfall!

Event Industry News

The first modern public exhibition took place in London during 1756, when the recently established Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce held the first in a series of fine art exhibitions.

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Luxury Experiences & Events – #EventIcons Episode 168

Endless Events

Today we’re tackling luxury experiences and events all the way from…a luxury location! This week’s #EventIcons looks even better than usual, coming directly from The Resort at Pelican Hill. This wonderful place is the epitome of the word lavish.

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How to Use Your Event Mobile App to Create a Memorable Experience


A well-designed event mobile app will create an engaging and memorable experience for attendees. In this article we take a look at the ways you can further engage event attendees right in the palm of their hands. Event Planning

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12 Expert Tips on How to Throw an Epic Party


Whatever the occasion, some of the best in the business share their expertise on how to successfully throw an epic party. The post 12 Expert Tips on How to Throw an Epic Party appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

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The Unpopular Opinion Part 8: fake news and misinformation

Event Industry News

The final piece in our first series of Unpopular Opinion articles looks at the subject of fake news, and how industry ‘experts’ who speak at events may need to rethink how they create their content.

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Why Colleges & Universities Need Event Management Software


From creating a rich campus life for students to engaging alumni post-graduation, events are crucial to the world of higher ed.

4 Reasons Why Collecting Availability From Your Volunteers Is Crucial


Any organizer knows how important it is to keep volunteer availabilities updated. Because of the role the volunteer workforce plays in calculating a business's ROI, it's essential to keep up with schedules and other important volunteer information every step of the way.

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Passion to Project: How Women in the Food Industry Created a Culinary Community


When the UK’s restaurant industry experienced its #MeToo moment earlier this year, friends Mex Ibrahim and Janie Ash responded by launching an initiative aimed at supporting and celebrating women in food.

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