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Are NFTs the future of event marketing?

Conferences that Work

The TLDR version: in my opinion, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not the future of event marketing. Read on to learn why. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Are NFTs the future of event marketing? appeared first on Conferences That Work. No related posts.

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How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package


Event Sponsorship Package Basics. Sponsors are a crucial source of revenue for events, so make sure that you are able to offer competitive and valuable event sponsorship package options.


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What Makes For A Great Virtual Networking Experience?

Endless Events

Networking at in-person events is seamless. It can happen serendipitously: when people bump into each other in the hallway or when they are in the middle of grabbing a cup of coffee.

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5 Post-Pandemic Conference Program Design Changes

Velvet Chainsaw

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” has become a popular adage in the business world over the past year, for good reason.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Resources for Event Planners: Your Events and Proof of Vaccination

Picatic by Eventbrite

As vaccination numbers rise and in-person events become more common again, many event creators are thinking about how they can best protect the health and safety of their communities.

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Key Takeaways From Episode 2 – Next Generation Virtual Events


GEVME yet again managed to successfully pull together another episode as part of the Next Generation Virtual Events series. From the very beginning of this journey that started with the Digital Event Series, event after event, GEVME has constantly been raising the bar time and again.

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Nine High-tech Solutions to Explore in the COVID-19 Era

Event Marketer

As event marketers plan for the return of in-person events, they’re budgeting for a fresh slate of technologies and tools designed to attract attendees back to events and keep them safe once there.

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Your Event Marketing Secret Weapon: The Sales Curve

Picatic by Eventbrite

What if you could strategize your event marketing? If you had an event marketing plan based on data from your event history (i.e., when people browse your event page vs. when people actually register for tickets), you could tailor your event marketing to your attendees’ activity.

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How Destinations like Cannes With Slow Vaccine Rollouts Prepare for Covid-Safe Events


The biggest convention center in Cannes recently announced that it is introducing a medical concierge service as an added measure of protection against Covid-19. Will destinations continue to focus on Covid safety with vaccine rollouts in full swing?

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

How to Host a Hybrid Event in 2021


Hybrid events can seem like an overwhelming topic. So we've taken this big idea and distilled it into meaningful insights and actionable takeaways. By now you’ve probably heard the term hybrid, it’s all the event industry has been talking about lately. And there’s a good reason for that.

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6 Morning Habits of Highly Successful Virtual Event Planners

Event Age by Swapcard

It’s been a tough year for everyone in the events industry. How can we find hope and resilience to keep going when things have been so tough? While many have felt unmotivated or uncertain, others have managed to keep a positive mindset and inspire those around them.

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10 Easy Steps to Planning a Charity Event

Picatic by Eventbrite

Planning a charity event or fundraiser is a high-pressure project. Here are 10 steps to getting there quicker and with less stress. May Resources and Tools Budgets and Pricing Charity Events Event Apps Fundraising Nonprofit Events Venues

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Will All Virtual Events Run on This New Zoom Platform in the Future?


Zoom just announced that it will be launching a new event platform, Zoom Events, over the summer in an already saturated event tech market. Will it be worth the wait? Here's our take.

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Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

The Essential Virtual Event RFP Guide: 2021 edition

SpotMe Blog

In a hurry with your RFP for virtual events? Jump directly to the RFP template for virtual events here: Download RFP Template now. Are you running an RFP for virtual events?

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8 Best Free Event Registration Software for 2021

Event Age by Swapcard

When it comes to free event registration software, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Event Experiences Event Tech Virtual Events Hybrid events

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The Ultimate Hotel Lobby Layout Guide

Social Tables

Not only does the layout of a hotel lobby create a first impression, but it also determines how the rest of the hotel’s design will look and feel to guests. A hotel lobby should serve as a place where everyone can feel welcome and secure while also providing an immediate sense of your brand.

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Our top 6 tips for hosting an in-person event right now.

Expo Pass

In-person events are back. Finally! The only problem is that there are quite a bit more safety regulations these days. Not only that, these guidelines can change from state to state and city to city — almost on a daily basis.

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Maximize Your Profit Margins

Speaker: Shawn Imbeault and Geoff Loukes, Sculpture Hospitality

In the past year, we've learned that maximizing margins can determine whether your restaurant stays afloat when times get hard. Join Shawn Limbeault and Geoff Loukes, in this master class that will take you through the best practices of maximizing your margins, From FOH to BOH.

Why Air Quality Must Be Part of Venues’ Hygiene Protocol

PCMA Convene

Armies of cleaners have been deployed to disinfect surfaces at venues, yet the risk of surface transmission of COVID-19 is low. Seventyfour/Adobe Stock). At the start of the pandemic, fears around the spread of COVID-19 spawned a cleaning frenzy among consumers and venues.

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10 Key Considerations for Planning Hybrid Events


Hybrid event considerations are top of mind for event professionals in 2021. Here are some key areas to review when planning your event. As the world begins to open up again, event professionals are looking at hybrid solutions for planning their next events. What is a hybrid event?

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EU Approves Tourism for Vaxed Travelers

Smart Meetings

European Union officials have agreed to reopen to nonessential travel for fully vaccinated visitors. According to the Associated Press , ambassadors of the 27-nation bloc have given a preliminary green light to letting tourists from outside the EU enter their territories.

New ownership for Venues of Excellence as hospitality industry reopens for business

Prestige Events Magazine

Venues of Excellence, the leading UK consortium for conferences, training, meetings and events, have taken a strategic decision to sell the business to Mandy Jennings, Director of Paje Consultancy Ltd.

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Restaurant Management Masterclass

Speaker: Harlan Scott, Founder of Harlan Scott Hospitality and Industry Restaurant

Due first to necessary staffing cuts, extreme safety protocols, and now the need to rehire against outsized government stimulus, unemployment benefits and wage requirements, managing and staffing have become the most urgent conversation in restaurants today. This, adding on to the lynch-pin management style restaurants often have, has made restaurant cultures more vulnerable and volatile than ever. If your restaurant is suffering from cut staff, low morale, or ineffective training, you've come to the right place. Join Harlan Scott of Harlan Scott Hospitality, learn how to get back in control of your restaurant and your operation back on autopilot.

A Compendium of Curiosities: HBO Activates a Premium Unboxing Experience to Promote ‘The Nevers’

Event Marketer

In the absence of in-person series premiere events during the pandemic, experiential marketers have turned to elaborate mailer kits as a tactic to engage viewers, spread awareness and build buzz on social media. But not all kits are created equal.

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Facebook Ads: A Guide for Event Planners 2021

Event Certificate

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are one of the fastest ways to bring leads into your business these days. They are easy to create, low in cost, and can be a fast method for doubling your business income. Here’s the truth… Facebook ads are great and are a tremendously simple […].

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Hybrid Event Tips With Kelly Knowlen

Endless Events

Hybrid events are the perfect synergy between virtual and in-person events, but it can be quite challenging for event planners to put them together.

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How to Produce a Stand-Out Experience

Smart Meetings

Few industries were more impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic than the events industry. Event planners, speakers and attendees all saw their calendars cleared out last March, returning slowly with virtual events and only now showing a glimmer of hope for the return of live conferences.

2021 72

A Masterclass in Restaurant Digital Transformation

Speaker: Jay Coldren, Alex Barrow, and Greer Kimsey, Street Sense Team

Behaviorists say it takes 21 days to solidify a habit. 365 days of quarantine later, it's safe to say that our customers will be keeping some quarantine habits. At the center of these habits is the digital world: online ordering, advertising, booking, reviewing, etc. It will become essential for restaurants to create omni-channel experiences for customers, and to market them effectively. Join Jay Coldren and his team in this masterclass to learn the tactics for dominating the digital restaurant sphere.

Cheryl and Chris’ Romantic Summer Wedding at Archeo


Featuring a blend of neutrals and bold colours, plus an elegant setting, Cheryl and Chris’ wedding was as priceless as their love. The couple, who met playing on the same rec softball team, added traditional chic to modern industrial at the stylish Archeo , and the results were simply stunning.

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Photo Tour: Inside HBO Max’s Elaborate Influencer Kit for its Fantasy-Genre Series ‘The Nevers’

Event Marketer

Experiential marketers have stepped up their swag game during the pandemic as a way to engage consumers in their homes and increase awareness of brands’ products and services.

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How much time do you need to produce a virtual and/or hybrid event? (Additional Content)


Editor's Note: This is a guest post contribution from Jeff Starr, a Senior Producer at TRADEMARK. Author bylines and information are found at the end of the post. When we last posted about virtual event planning timelines , we were at the 16-20 week milestone.

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