2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Chicago Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated Chicago restaurants, corporate event venues, hotels

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2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated San Francisco Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated San Francisco nightclubs, corporate event venues

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2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Las Vegas Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated Las Vegas nightclubs, corporate event venues

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2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Los Angeles Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated Los Angeles restaurants, corporate event venues

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2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Toronto Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated Toronto restaurants, corporate event venues, hotels

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2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Washington Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated Washington nightclubs, corporate event venues, hotels

2019 133

2019 Event Trends: Predictions from 23 Event Experts


Learn about the biggest event trends that will dominate the space in 2019 from experienced industry professionals. A recent report on 2019 event trends shows that events are more effective for achieving business goals than ever before. Values-based events.

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2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Orlando/Central Florida Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated Orlando/Central Florida restaurants, corporate event venues

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How to Make an Event More Fun


From team-building events and presentations to conferences and quarterly reports, you probably want to know one thing: how to make events more fun. What should be done to ensure that there is some fun at a serious event ? Best ideas to make your event more fun.

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Organizing Knowledge-Based Corporate Events: Learning from EO Mumbai’s Recent Event

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Events in the current scenario have far evolved from the simple social gatherings that they used to be. Currently, events are a great tool for corporate to market their brand as well as an effective medium of knowledge exchange and networking. Multi-event app.

2019 52


Event Industry News

Akommo is an international team of passionate, knowledgeable and hard-working event professionals with over 10 years’ experience in event accommodation and event planning in cities throughout Europe, such as Cannes and Barcelona. Are you ready to enjoy your next corporate event?

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25 Unforgettable Corporate Event Themes


Are you ready for a vast array of unique corporate event ideas ? In this guide you'll find 25 unforgettable themes for your next corporate event. In this article you’ll find tried-and-true themes, enterprise level events, and never-thought-of-before corporate events.

Three in One. The Ultimate Post on Data Capture Ideas.


Corporate events have been a vital marketing channel, particularly for B2B enterprises, for decades now. Live events, including conferences and trade shows, remain one of the top lead generation sources for B2B marketers

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Audience Engagement and Interaction – is technology always the right answer?

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So many times, we hear our clients say, “I want a mobile app at our next event” but when we try to find out what they are trying to achieve and why they want an app, the response is normally “because we had one at our last event” or “my manager wants one”.

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Top Event Tech Trends in 2019 – #EventIcons Episode 143

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We are bringing together arguably the best minds in the #eventtech and social spaces to talk all about the top event tech trends in 2019. And now for the main topic in the episode below, 2019 Event Tech Trends! Today’s episodes is one of our favorites of the year.

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4 Steps to Implementing a Balanced Security Plan

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Security was barely even an afterthought when planning an executive offsite or corporate event five years ago. rose above 300 in 2018, prompting event planners to reevaluate their physical security strategies.

2019 88

AllSeated Winter Webinars

All Seated

Why Event Coordination is Necessary Across All Event Markets. In this webinar with Daniela Grafman of Vision Event Company you will learn: The difference between traditional Event Planning and Event Coordination.

2019 66

Barcelona Event Venues- 5 Unique Spaces for Your Event

Event Industry News

Have you ever considered Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, and home of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, as a potential option for your next event? Today we’re letting the Barcelona corporate venue experts take the reins and share some of their favourite venues for events.

2019 71

POP Kollaborative Gets Top Execs Stuck. on Ducks

Canadian Special Events

Rather than take the marketing campaign to the streets, as one would typically do for a public awareness campaign, POP decided to flip the script and bring the event inside. During the event, guests exchanged their stilettos and Jimmy Choos for a pair of Kamiks. . By Stacy Wyatt.

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20 Kansas City Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love


Discover the 20 best event venues in Kansas City. Whether you're planning a corporate function or private party, the locations below will make your gathering incredible. So it's no surprise that the "City of Fountains" has a whole host of amazing event venues. Event Management

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Do You Know The Best Ways to Increase Event Attendance?

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Events are a time for individuals to come together and learn something new. They’re a time for event planners to provide guests with an experience they’ll remember. Here are five effective ways to increase event attendance. Make the City Part of the Event.

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20 Nashville Event Venues


Planning to host a Nashville area event? This list of 20 event venues represents the best locations Music City has to offer. Choosing the right event venue can be difficult. This list will help you hone in on the right venue for your next event. Event Management

2019 63

20 Impressive VIP Event Ideas


Learn how to impress customers, prospects and other stakeholders with these impressive VIP event ideas. Making people feel special is a great goal for all event types but especially for VIP events. What is a VIP event? Add a VIP lounge to any existing event.

2019 69

Live union increases team

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She has moved from Kia Motors where she worked across a wide range of corporate events, prior to that she was part of the Web Summit team. “We’re Leonor Nemésio Nobre has joined Live Union as a Senior Account Manager. We’re delighted to welcome Leonor, last year saw record growth for Live Union and her experience across the automotive and technology sectors further strengthens our client offering.” Steve Eakins, Managing Director, Live Union. News Recruitment & Jobs

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Why Team Building Is More Important After the Holidays. - What you can do to motivate your team in the new year.


Corporate team building should be a priority year-round, but January is a great time to help employees hit the ground running. Read on for our best tips when it comes to corporate team building. Although you don’t want to overload January with too many events, on top of meetings, there can be a middle ground. The most effective team building events tend to take staff out of the comforts of the office. Ready to plan your next team building event?

2019 40

Road to SF’s Moscone Center Expansion

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This upgrade was accomplished in four phases over four years while events continued in the existing space behind a temporary wall and traffic flowed between the two buildings. Event planners taking the initial tours of the building had a lot to admire.

2019 60

Evolution of Corporate Events – Twitter Chat

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Evolution of Corporate Events is a wide topic of discussion which is why it was perfect for twitter chat. With our monthly twitter chat bringing this topic up with the event industry professionals, was a great way to know their insights and opinions. People nowadays are investing a lot of time and energy into corporate events. Corporate and business events have taken a big hit and upgraded with the event trends and event technology in the view now.

Event Strategy: The 2019 Guide


Event organizing ain’t easy. In this guide you’ll find what you need to know about event strategy in 2019—from planning an event, to promoting an event and more! Event professionals have a million and one things on their plate. Planning the Event.

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Science Museum strengthens corporate events team ahead of Illuminate opening

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The Science Museum in South Kensington has strengthened its corporate events team in advance of its new event space, Illuminate, opening in February 2019. The restructure sees Sales Manager Jodie Guilford (pictured left) take on the newly created role of Business Development and Marketing Manager, with Event Sales Executive Bryony Mitchison (pictured right) taking on the Sales Manager role.

2019 Event Trends That Will Change the Path of Events

Endless Events

The year 2019 is almost upon us. How will the events industry fare this year, and what trends will rule the roost when it comes to event planners’ priorities? 2019 Event Trends: Your Audience Craves Authenticity. Infusing Events With Hands-On Experiences.

2019 136

AMEX M&E: Meetings App Usage to Rise by Almost 3% in 2019

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Planners are going paperless in increasing numbers according to a new study by American Express Meetings & Events (M&E). The 2019 Global Meetings and Events Forecast found that North American planners predict an almost three percent increase in app usage in 2019.

2019 66

2019 Event Marketing Statistics, Trends and Data


Get ready for the most comprehensive list of event marketing statistics, event management statistics and event planning statistics on the internet for 2019 and beyond! There is no doubting the power of live events. Top Event Statistics. Event Technology.

2019 99

Top 10 Event-Tech Trends for 2019

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The events industry is stepping into the future with certain innovations already on their way to becoming mainstream. Events are now quite a tech-driven affair. Event technology has developed leaps and bounds in past years. Read up more on facial recognition for events.

2019 84

Event Technology: The 2019 Guide


Welcome to your 2019 event technology guide. Here you’ll find information and examples of popular event tech tools like event management software, event marketing software, and even event planning software. What is Event Technology? Event Agenda Tools.

2019 84

Top Event Agencies: The Ultimate Directory (2019)


Looking for an event or experiential marketing agency? We've compiled the most comprehensive list of US event agencies on the internet for 2019. According to the Event Marketing 2019 Report , events are the single-most effective marketing channel. LEO Events.

2019 93

25+ Must-Attend Events for Event Professionals in 2019

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With the year 2019 round the corner, event professionals must be already busy with the planning of the set of events to plan and visit in the next year. Want to make a list of places to visit in 2019? Attend the LTW 2019 from 10th to 16th June. Dreamforce 2019.

2019 112

Top UK Event Agencies: The Ultimate Directory (2019)


Looking for an event or experiential marketing agency? We've compiled the most comprehensive list of UK event agencies on the internet for 2019. From experiential to event marketing to event production to event planning, this agency list will have everything you're looking for.

2019 97

19 Event Trends That Will Shake Up Meetings & Group Business in 2019

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What does it mean to be a part of the events industry in 2019? For venues and planners, that means looking into the crystal ball to get ahead of event trends and expectations. With the development pipeline slowing and event demand growing, it promises a rise in group hotel rates.

2019 93

TOP 10 event trends in 2019 and how to measure which works best for you


What are the ten hottest event trends for 2019? To answer this questions I have examined trends in four event-related areas. My research covered trends in event management, current trends in event planning, corporate event trends and technology trends in event management.

2019 61

Sytner Elite Technician Challenge to return to NAEC Stoneleigh in 2019

Event Industry News

NAEC Stoneleigh hosted the Sytner Elite Technician Challenge, sponsored by Shell Helix Oil and Pirelli, for the first time in March 2018 and is delighted that Sytner have just confirmed that the Challenge will return to the venue in 2019.

2019 63

Top Events of 2018 – #9 Energy Disruptors Unite

Canadian Special Events

The team at e=mc 2 events landed a dream event when their client came to them with dreams of their own. ” Keri Miller, e=mc 2 events. The event held all the typical elements and did not overkill in technology to take away from the actual content.

2018 104

Chick-fil-A’s Annual Meeting — More Than Company Growth on Menu

PCMA Convene

When approximately 6,500 attendees come together for the 2019 edition of Chick-fil-A’s annual NEXT conference, they can expect to be served some content that isn’t part of traditional program fare. The event — which was called the Operator Seminar — had been running for nearly half a century.

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InEvent win ‘Best Event Technology Start-Up’ at the Event Technology Awards 2018

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is the current highest growth event technology integrated platform. We provide a white label event management platform and we have already improved more than 4,000 events with over 950,000 attendees. Event organisation takes a lot of time and effort with detailed processes.

2018 92