Event Management Platforms: Technology and The Experience of Planning Events


Learn about the top event management platform that event planners are using to save time and effort when managing their meetings and events. I remember the state of the meeting and events industry when we first started EventMobi about 10 years ago.

Best Event Management Podcasts


Event management podcasts can certainly come in handy. Podcasts for event planners are easy to use. Top 10 event management podcasts. We’ve selected some useful event planning podcasts you should include in your planners’ content list to improve yourself and the work you do. This podcast for planning events has been around for quite some time. Event Tech Podcast. This is a podcast that is somewhat similar to the Event Tech Podcast.

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Corporate Event Management Best Practices

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Taken from a survey of over 800 event professionals, these three trends are shaping the competitive landscape of conferences and corporate events. The post Corporate Event Management Best Practices appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Business & Professional Corporate Event Ideas Event Ideas Event Trends

idloom-events Management and Registration Software [Review]


idloom-events is a cloud-based event management and registration software. idloom-events: What Is It? The post idloom-events Management and Registration Software [Review] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

Best Event Management Conferences 2019


When you’re in the events industry, you should know the main event management conferences for 2019 so you can visit them to improve your knowledge and share your own experiences of working long hours while trying to pull off amazing corporate events for your clients. Discover the current top event management conferences with GEVME. The top 13 event management conferences to attend in 2019. The Special Event 1/8–1/1,0 San Diego, CA.

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Death of Disparate Event Management Software for Event Planners


I remember the state of the meeting and events industry when we first started EventMobi about 10 years ago. Event apps were the new technology on the block for event planners. How many attendees would actually use an event app? Difficult event management integrations.

ClearEvent: A Different Event Management Platform [Review]


ClearEvent is an all-in-one, cloud-based event management platform for event planners and includes a mobile event app for your participants. The post ClearEvent: A Different Event Management Platform [Review] by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Automate Your Event Management Workflow with Zapier

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Ever found yourself wishing for an extra staff member to handle tedious event planning workflows? The post Automate Your Event Management Workflow with Zapier appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Eventbrite Event Tech ZapierTry turning to technology instead. Best-of-breed tech can help you and your team save time and money, delight your attendees — and most importantly, help you scale in an increasingly competitive landscape.

PheedLoop Virtual & Hybrid Event Management Platform [Review]


PheedLoop is an all-in-one event management software that offers solutions for live, hybrid, and virtual events. PheedLoop is a comprehensive event management platform that includes various features, such as an event app, exhibitor and speaker management, event website, and registration system as well as a virtual […]. Event Management Software Reviews #eventtech reviews EventProfs review ventapp

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Event Management Software: 8 Ways To Tell If Your Organization Needs It


Before you begin to evaluate whether your organization should use event management software, it’s important to know what this technology does. What is Event Management Software? Team management. Event marketing (including email and social media marketing).

Certain Platform for Event Management [Review]


Certain Platform provides automated capabilities for planners and marketers during all stages of the event planning process, including registration, room block management, check-in, and reporting. Event Management Software Reviews #eventtech reviews EventProfs review eventmanagement

How to Communicate Effectively in Event Management


Communication is one of the most important aspects of being an effective event planner. Being successful in event management is multifaceted, it is much more than just communicating with the people on your team as there are many pieces to the puzzle when pulling off an impeccable event. Knowing just how to speak and communicate with people well is a skill that takes time and practice, and it is one of the most useful traits in the realm of event management.

Speaker Engage Event Management Platform [Review]


Speaker Engage consolidates event planning tasks, speaker and sponsor curation, and communications in one place. Speaker Engage is a cloud-based event platform that aims to minimize manual tasks and automate workflows throughout the event planning process, particularly around engaging speakers and event talent. The post Speaker Engage Event Management Platform [Review] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

Branding Strategy: Build Yours With Personalized Event Management

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[…]. The post Branding Strategy: Build Yours With Personalized Event Management appeared first on Leading the Canadian Industry in Dynamic Event Staffing & Experiential Marketing. Blog Brand Building Branding Strategy Event Management

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Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Event Manager (Updated 2018)


Do you have what it takes to make it in the event industry? If you answered “yes” based solely on your event organizing skills, you might be surprised to know that our international group of experts didn’t rank that quality as number one in terms of importance. The post Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Event Manager (Updated 2018) by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link].

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5 Event Management Hacks That Are Perfect for School Fundraisers

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But since most school fundraiser events are put together by people who already have full-time jobs and responsibilities — namely teachers, school administrators, and parent volunteers — they require extra strategic planning and lots of juggling. The post 5 Event Management Hacks That Are Perfect for School Fundraisers appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Management School Events School Fundraising Events

Best Event Management Software for Non-Profits


They provide many events as well. That is why event planners are searching for effective non-profit event management tools more often. What is event management software? Interestingly, there are not so many applications available for creating and storing event lists for non-profits. Reasons to use event management software and its benefits. The top 10 best event management software for non-profits for 2019.

How to Choose Event Management Software for Corporate Events


Tight deadlines and endless checklists no longer cause experienced corporate event managers to panic. Still, it’s important to understand that by reducing your workload with a strong online system for event management, you have the opportunity to make a corporate meeting even more brilliant. In other words, event management software is something that helps you do more with less effort. The question “ How do I choose an event management software? ”

8 Event Management Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

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While planning killer events is becoming increasingly more difficult and complicated, plenty of new tools are constantly arriving in the event management market that can keep you on track and make your working life less chaotic. By starting with some of the most common frustrations of the event planning profession that we have heard from planners, we’ve paired real-life problems with real event management solutions. Project management software.

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Top 10 Places for Event Management Certification


When you work in the event industry, sooner or later you will need qualification and certification of your skills to stand out from the bulk of planners and to provide proof of your expertise. Nowadays, you can find many event management professional certification programs and courses. About event management certification. You may also research and apply for many other event management certification courses in Asia or elsewhere.

5 Ways Event Managers Can Increase Event Registration

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Of all your responsibilities as an Event Manager, ensuring your event is well attended is top priority. Low registration rates can affect other facets of your event, including sponsors, revenue, and speakers, so we’ve put together these five tips to help you get your registration rates up and your stress level down. The post 5 Ways Event Managers Can Increase Event Registration appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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Event Management Tools: When Tech Meets Productivity

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Today on Event Tech Podcast, we’re talking about event management tools. As you know, this is the number one podcast to go for ideas on everything event tech. And we simply couldn’t resist dedicating an episode to event management through the lenses of tech and tools. Michael is the CEO of Event Hub. And so, he works with more than 300 large live annual events through his event management software company.



We have a lot of expectations when it comes to our events. We tend to envision about an upcoming event. However, one must always be prepared for the unexpected, since uncertainty plays a huge role in the management of any event. Events don’t happen in isolation.

5 Non-Work Events That Event Managers Get Stuck Planning

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Event planning never seems to go away — even on your days off. Which of these events […]. The post 5 Non-Work Events That Event Managers Get Stuck Planning appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event planner Event Professional LifestyleYou might shut off your work email, but somehow you always get roped into planning in your free time.

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Best Event Management Software of 2019

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Summary: Learn about what event management software tools to look for. Evaluate features and read reviews of the top event planning apps. Before we take an in-depth look at some of the best event management software on the market today, let’s look at the basics of what event management software is, its benefits and how you would go about choosing from the many options available. What is event management software? Event Booking.

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6 Event Management Shortcuts Every Corporate Event Planner Should Know


A corporate event marketer’s purview often includes a wide spectrum of events across the enterprise, with assorted attendee profiles, scale and objectives. But don’t worry—there are some tricks of the trade to help the full spectrum of your corporate events run smoothly.

The Top Event Management Tools Used by Event Planners in 2019


EventMobi conducted a survey this year to understand the current state of event management software technology for small and mid-size organizations. The results provide you with benchmarking insights to help compare your adoption and usage of event management software tools against industry peers. . This article shares some of the data that was discovered related to the types of event management software planners are currently using. .

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The Good Event Management Software Guide is Out [Free Report]


A new report with unpublished research and analysis to select event management software is out. Choosing a solid event management software platform has proven one of the most difficult tasks for event professionals.

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Top 10 Event Management Companies in Singapore


The post Top 10 Event Management Companies in Singapore appeared first on Townscript Blog. Event Management Event Planning event management event management companies singapore. event management singapore Singapore eventsSingapore is a melting pot of global cultures. Right from the beginning, the country has been a major port for all the trade routes. According to an article published in. Read More.

Biometric Technology for Event Management & Ticketing


Does the inconvenience of managing a long queue at events for identification purposes bother you? Then welcome to the ultra-modern realm of biometrics, which will redesign the ticketing process at all kinds of events.

MeetingHand: 365 Degree Event Management Software [Review]


MeetingHand is an all-in-one event management platform. Increasingly online registration platforms are offering more features and evolving into 365 degree event management tools which offer much more than just selling event tickets. Event management is often about juggling complex expectations of multiple event sponsors, partners, participants and […]. Here is our review. MeetingHand: What Is It?

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Event Management Software Checklist

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Browsing the event industry news articles, I recently came across numerous technological trends being followed in the industry. A lot has changed in the recent past with the inception of tech in the events industry. Why is a checklist required for Event Management Software?

New MD to spearhead event management firm’s UK expansion

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A Midlands-based event management specialist has appointed a new managing director to spearhead the firm’s UK expansion. The firm supports events ranging from Olympic Games, to Premier League football matches, sell-out concerts and high-profile conferences.

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21 Factors For Evaluating Event Management Software


According to 2018 research , there are now over 245 event technologies for event planners— a 70%+ jump since 2014. And w hile all of this choice is good, it also (unfortunately) makes it harder for event planners to wade through all the options and select the right event management software needed for their business. In this blog, we’ll outline the top features you should look for, and share other advice for evaluating event management platform providers.

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Integra Planner launches new event management system for organisers

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Two former event organisers, with over 40 years of event planning experience between them, have launched an event management system which takes the stress out of planning, organising and delivering successful events and “organises the organisers”.

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The Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing Event Management Software


To help event planners and industry professionals better understand the path to purchase for event management software, we conducted a survey this year asking about the common challenges faced during this process. Below are some of the highlighted results that will help you as you explore purchasing event management software or if you’re interested in knowing how you compare against your industry peers. .

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Innovative Ideas for an Event Management Company


Corporate events are among the best ways to efficiently present not only the focused product but your business as a whole. Creative ideas for an event or at least small novelties you prepare beforehand can give you some good, cost-efficient yet long-standing promotion. How is The Event Industry Changing? That’s why the current event technology trends should be considered when preparing event scenarios and concepts. Traditional Events vs Innovative Events.

The Top 11 Free Event Management Software

Capterra Event Management

Free things brighten anyone’s day, whether it’s the snacks stocked in the Capterra fridge or event management software. Finding the latter for free, when it works well and meets your event planning needs, can save you precious dollars and from using a few other four-letter words. Here’s our list of the top free event management software out there: Free/Freemium Options. In its free version, this platform creates event registration forms. Data management.

Chatbot-First Event Management Software for Time- and IT-Starved Conference Organizers


Event management software (EMS), which automates the tasks associated with planning a conference, has been available for at least a quarter century. In the beginning, developers focused on core logistical tasks, such as agenda building, project management, speaker and content management and (for meetings with a trade show component) floorplan and booth sales. It developed Sava Events , a chatbot-first event management software platform.

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2019 Event Management Software Trends for Small & Mid Size Organizations


EventMobi’s Event Management Software Survey 2018/2019 Edition explores the current state of event management software technology for small and mid-size organizations. The goal of the research is to provide you with insight into how your adoption and usage of event management software tools compares against your event industry peers. The biggest differentiator on the type of events being executed depends on the type of industry.

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