Rethinking Certification at Medical Meetings

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Physicians don’t stop learning about the human body after medical school. Okay, if you’re a meeting professional who works for a medical or health-care organization, it’s not actually a problem for you to imagine any of this. How is it different from standard continuing medical education (CME)? Board certification in the United States dates back to 1917 and the country’s first medical-specialty board, the American Board of Ophthalmology. MEETINGS AS MEDIATORS.

How — and Why — You Should Include Patients at Medical Meetings

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When Dr. Leslie Kernisan, a geriatrician who practices in San Francisco, first attended the Stanford Medicine X conference at Stanford University in 2013, the most remarkable innovations she encountered, she later recalled, weren’t in tech advances or brilliant breakthroughs in research. rst draft of a “Patients Included” charter, now used to set standards for patient involvement at meetings. based 360 Live Media, whose clients include medical associations.


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American Institute of Architects Convention Becomes Better by Design

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The reinvented meeting included trips to the New School, Radio City Music Hall, and St. By all accounts, the 17,000 or so annual attendees were enjoying it just fine — as they had for more than 150 years, when the then newly formed association wrote annual meetings right into its bylaws. Although that group didn’t end up taking the leap, 360 Live Media had made an impression on her, and when AIA began considering serious change in 2013, she reached out to Neal.

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Design Thinking: An Event Strategists’ Toolkit

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The ITA, formerly called Travel + SocialGood, was founded in 2013 as a partner to the United Nations Development Programme, and now operates as an independent network, although the UN connection remains: The 2017 summit kicked off at United Nations headquarters. “My The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) is a registered trademark of the Events Industry Council. Allie Mahler, founder of Community by Design, leading a workshop in New York City.

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Convene Celebrates Our 30th Anniversary

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I n a real sense, Convene , which was launched in 1986, grew up alongside the meetings profession. As late as 1980, there was no textbook on meeting or exposition management and only one accredited college program devoted to its practice, former Convene editor Peter Shure pointed out in a 2003 story in the magazine. For decades, membership in PCMA had been a closed circle, limited to medical-meeting professionals. A Meeting Runs on Its Stomach. “As

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5 Midsize Cities Using Their Local Knowledge Economies to Bring In Meetings

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Walkability, value, and friendliness can be strong drivers for why planners choose certain destinations over others for meetings. If a city can hit on all of those cylinders, it can emerge as a meetings-business champion. Below, Convene profiles five modestly sized cities — three in the United States, one in Australia, and one in Europe — that are harnessing their local knowledge economies to lure some surprising meetings.

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