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What’s an Ideal Meeting? April 2018, Meetings and Conventions Magazine Do you incorporate participatory sessions into your events? Smart conference producers incorporate participatory sessions into their events.

Do More With Your Event Budget at Your Next Meeting

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This is a guest post by Marin Bright, the founder and CEO of Smart Meetings, a community of event professionals obsessed with inspiring brilliant experiences. Event professionals have a lot on their plate already, so budgeting for meetings is no easy feat.

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Virtual Meetings: 81 (Best) Tools, Ideas and Tips


Virtual meetings can be a cost-saving or revenue-generating option as an event planner. When it comes to virtual meeting event tech, there are several categories and types of tools you can use.

Leadership for meetings

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What might leadership for meetings look like? “ —Harold Jarche, work in 2018 Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Leadership for meetings appeared first on Conferences That Work.

Give meeting-goers many options!

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Today’s meetings need to give meeting-goers many options, not just a few. To be enjoyable and productive, meetings need white space : free time for attendees to do what they want and need to do. Predetermined meeting programs silence attendee voices in the same way.

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17 Meeting Ideas to Encourage Learning Retention


Meetings are a necessity in terms of everyday working life and also creating smaller gatherings or workshops as part of a larger business event can be fruitful if done right. The post 17 Meeting Ideas to Encourage Learning Retention by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

How The Hague Is Helping Event Professionals With Meeting Design


The average employee attends approximately 62 meetings per month. Multiply that by 12, and you already have an impressive yearly figure – yet this is only a tiny part of more than three billion annual meetings, worldwide. This is a sponsored post written by The Hague Convention Bureau.

Flipping the Script on Training Meetings


We hear a lot about increasing engagement and creating "wow" factor with event technology at large events, trade shows, and conferences, but rarely do we hear about it playing a role in internal meetings. Meetings Management featured

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The Advent Of Meeting Automation For Events

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Turn your mics on, it’s time to explore meeting automation for events! Particularly what it means to the world of events. On this week’s Event Tech Podcast, we’re tackling meeting automation for events. It could be all kinds of meetings.

Time Capsules, Time Machines And Evolution Of Traditional Meeting Planners

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Is your annual meeting more like a time capsule or a time machine? Events that are like time machines invest in preparing their audience for what’s coming around the corner. Meeting Planning Evolves. It requires more than the traditional meeting planning skills we’ve developed.

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How to Develop an Event Budget for Your Meeting


Developing an event budget is a crucial element when planning your meeting or event. It’s the next step after setting your overall event objectives. Determine What Financial Success Means For Your Meeting or Event. Review and Track Your Event Budget.

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The Secret to Having Great Onsite Meetings


When I attend an event, I want to make sure that I’m getting full value of the time I’m onsite. meetings management event management event planning Sales Meetings at Events Executive Meetings

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New Research: Navigating New Opportunities for Meetings and Events in 2020


Skift Take: Meeting and event planners need to constantly restrategize as the industry steps into a new age of rapid innovation and digitalization. Meetings & Events cwt cwt meetings and events gen z meetings and events millennials

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11 Meetings You Need for an Awesome Event


Meetings often have a bad reputation as a good way of wasting time but these eleven types of actions will ensure everyone’s on track and working towards a successful event. Meetings get a bad wrap: “A meeting is an event in which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost.”

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Three ways to create truly surprising meetings

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I’ll bet that even today, if you asked attendees what they remembered about the event, most would immediately recall the There Was No Coffee moment. Experienced meeting planners know that every meeting has its share of unexpected surprises. Minimizing surprises like CoffeeGate is default behavior for meeting planners. Surprising Meetings But not all meeting surprises are bad.

Events vs. Meetings

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It seems that nowadays the words meetings and events are thrown around interchangeably. First and foremost: All meetings are events but not all events are meetings. All meetings are events but not all events are meetings Click To Tweet.

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Handling a meeting question that isn’t

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We’ve all experienced the meeting question that isn’t. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Handling a meeting question that isn’t appeared first on Conferences That Work.

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The Evolution of Meeting Destinations


Cities are constantly changing, offering event planners new and exciting opportunities to host memorable events. Urban development is unlocking the potential of unique and alternative event venues in destinations worldwide.

5 reasons to measure business value of meetings

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Meeting and event professionals can no longer wholly rely on satisfaction measurements to justify spend, and as they seek to determine the true business value that their meetings drive, they are finding the added benefit of heightened roles within their organizations.

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Proving the Value of your Onsite Meetings


Meeting planners know events are valuable. And, as I’ve talked about before , face-to-face meetings are probably the most valuable part of events. meetings management event management event planning Sales Meetings at Events Executive Meetings

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Virtual Meetings Lower Costs … and Interaction

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“Intel’s annual meeting was entirely virtual. ” — Steven Davidoff Solomon , New York Times, Online Shareholders’ Meetings Lower Costs, but Also Interaction. A virtual meeting eliminates the potential for a public relations disaster.”

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As Tourists Flock to Thailand, the Country’s Meetings and Events Sector Will Benefit


Skift Take: As meeting planners worldwide look for unique venues and programming that will wow attendees, Thailand is stepping up its meetings and incentives efforts.

5 Ways the Meetings Industry is Changing the Face of Events

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Change is imminent — and in the meetings industry, it’s upon us. From more engaging, holistic experiences to the the bold new expectations of “bleisure,” event planners and suppliers are racing to adapt in an industry that’s as dynamic as it’s ever been.

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Are Hotels Missing Out as Instant Booking for Meetings Grows?


Meetings & Events meetings meetingsiq simple meetings20 December 2019: Eighth session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Abu Dhabi.

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How Abu Dhabi is Approaching Meetings and Events in 2020


Skift Take: As event planners transition to experience designers, destination selection will be an asset to delivering better meetings and events in 2020. Meetings & Events abu dhabi abu dhabi convention bureau meetings and events megatrends megatrends 2020

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20 Ways to Modernize an Annual Meeting – Part 1

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Most annual meetings have used the same template agenda for decades. Annual Business Meeting. Meet bylaw requirements by having a 30-minute session (max) that can be attended by those interested. Annual Meeting Brand. Invitation-Only Events.

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When Good Meetings Go Bad


Chilling tales from the front and how meeting profs saved the day. Do you ever feel like an icy snowball the size of a ballroom has fallen on your perfectly planned event, forcing you to scramble to protect everyone while making everything look perfectly natural?

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Event Management Tools: When Tech Meets Productivity

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Today on Event Tech Podcast, we’re talking about event management tools. As you know, this is the number one podcast to go for ideas on everything event tech. And we simply couldn’t resist dedicating an episode to event management through the lenses of tech and tools.

Create Powerful Meetings Instead of Power-over Meetings

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All meetings incorporate power relationships that fundamentally affect their dynamics and potential. Event design allies partnership power power-over power-with Tom Atlee

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These Entrepreneurs Are Energizing Downtown Phoenix — and Capturing the Attention of Meeting Planners


Skift Take: Entrepreneurs are opening dynamic businesses across Phoenix, generating additional momentum for the meeting-friendly destination.

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The Making of a Meetings and Events Destination: Why Thailand’s Future Looks Bright


Skift Take: Thailand is becoming one of Asia's premier business events destination as efforts to improve the cities meetings and events infrastructure begin to pay off.

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Coronavirus Impact Mounts on Meetings Sector


Mark Schiefelbein / Associated Press Skift Take: Event cancellations related to the spread of coronavirus will linger well into this year as planners have to make important decisions in the near future. Meetings & Events meetings meetingsiq

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5 Meeting Industry Trends That Are Changing the Face of Events

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Meetings don’t look how they used to. Today, planners are racing to adapt to trends that make conferences and events more engaging and dynamic than ever before. But when it comes to trends, where should meeting industry professionals put their focus? And more events.)

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How Airbnb is Moving into the Meeting Space


Considering that it has dramatically affected the worlds of transportation and travel, the shared economy is something today's meeting and event planners should be paying attention to, especially with Airbnb's recent push into the meeting space. Meetings Management featured

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The meeting industry’s biggest dirty secret

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There are some things that the meeting industry doesn’t like to talk about in public. Event design a letter to myself change evaluation event outcomes long-term outcomes ROI secrets The Reminder

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Do Not Be Seduced By Meeting Fads Or Conference Trends

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Most conference and meeting professionals want the coolest, hippest, latest ideas and trends for their events. We are on the hunt for the next meeting, seating, session format, technology, and food and beverage fad. Avoid The Faddish Trendy Event Bandwagon.

Instant Booking for Simple Meetings Goes Mainstream


Meeting to bring participants from various country programmes of Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) & WSSCC. Meetings & Events hilton instant booking meetings meetingsiq

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Meeting Planners See Beyond Just Optics on Environment and Overtourism


Attendees sit outside during an event at a former agricultural college in Devon, England. Increasingly, meeting planners are choosing sustainable locations and organizing activities focused on the environment. Meetings & Events global dmc partners meetings meetingsiq sustainabilit

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How The New Travel Ban Will Affect Meetings And Events


We take a look at the new travel ban, what’s changed, what hasn’t and how it will affect meetings and events. The post How The New Travel Ban Will Affect Meetings And Events by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

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Hybrid Meetings Doomed to Failure? Not So Fast

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At the time, a mere six years ago, the fledgling for-profit entity that wagered its future on the potential of virtual meetings staged sessions that were too heavily weighted toward the online audience in the verbal communication and moderation by the speakers. In my opinion, the perfect hybrid meeting. The post Hybrid Meetings Doomed to Failure? Event Technology engagement hyrbrid meetings virtual meetings

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