[Webinar] Everyday Meeting Disasters: Creative Work Arounds—and Smart Planning Strategies to Save Your Event


While it’s critical to prepare for once-a-career issues like hurricanes or terrorism, it’s the “everyday disasters” that meeting professionals have to manage wisely onsite that can make or break a meeting. Attend this webinar to learn: Smart, think-on-your-feet tactics when problems arise at your meetings. Tested strategies to avoid common meeting disasters. Webinar live date: September 25, 2018 at 2pm ET / 11am PT.

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Convene Celebrates Our 30th Anniversary

PCMA Convene

I n a real sense, Convene , which was launched in 1986, grew up alongside the meetings profession. As late as 1980, there was no textbook on meeting or exposition management and only one accredited college program devoted to its practice, former Convene editor Peter Shure pointed out in a 2003 story in the magazine. For decades, membership in PCMA had been a closed circle, limited to medical-meeting professionals. A Meeting Runs on Its Stomach. “As

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