How to Create and Design Your Own Survey Forms


These can also be used to capture honest feedback and understand behaviours by connecting with guests through surveys. Building survey forms that don’t bore your guests to death, that have an appealing design, and that ask the right questions is not the easiest task.

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Survey: Satisfy Individual Attendee Needs For Success

Smart Meetings

The results of the survey informed meeting professionals what makes events successful and how to please their attendees. GCB created an online survey, running from September 2017 to June 2018, based on the question “What kind of attendee am I?” Tech-savvy, young and quiet.

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Latin American Planners Spice Up Experiences, Survey Says

Smart Meetings

That’s among the key findings of the first Latin American edition of IACC’s “Meeting Room of the Future” survey , which was done in concert with IBTM Americas. The post Latin American Planners Spice Up Experiences, Survey Says appeared first on Smart Meetings. Photo Credit: IACC.

Leverage Event Surveys to make Your Next Event a Big Hit

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One way to keep yourself at arm’s length from such adversities is to use event survey templates , which offers you practical insights into its different uses-. Types of event surveys: 1. But when you conduct pre-event surveys, the complications reduce to a great extent.

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2019’s Biggest Event Tech Trends

Endless Events

Event tech trends are evolving faster than ever before. The event tech trends we are listing today are being used everywhere at events and behind the scenes in planning. Below you can watch Will Curran of Endless Events , Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media talk all about their favorite 2019 Event Tech Trends at GOWEST. While we are on the topic of event tech, if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in event tech be sure to subscribe to. ,

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Breaking Down Convene’s Meetings Market Survey: What It Means for Venues

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. To get to the heart of how the needs of planners and organizers are changing, we dug into PCMA Convene’s recently released 28 th Annual Meetings Market Survey. The post Breaking Down Convene’s Meetings Market Survey: What It Means for Venues appeared first on AllSeated.

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Avoid 2 Common Event Planning Pitfalls With These Strategies


At the Event Event Management Event Planning and Management Event Staff Event Technology Eventbrite Events Growth How To Events IT / Technology Leadership / Management October Post Event Customer Retention event registration Event technology event ticketing eventbrite tech post-event surveys

Event Tech Tips for Corporate Event Planners


Event Tech Tips for Corporate Event Planners. That was the rallying cry from our power-packed panel of event insiders on our recent webinar, “Event Tech Tips for Corporate Planners.”. Menegus , Editor, Corporate Event News; Wayne Crawford, VP Sales, Core-apps; and Dahlia El Gazzar , Tech Evangelist + Idea Igniteur, DAHLIA+ Agency drew on their deep experience planning, producing, managing, consulting and running corporate events to share the benefits of a strategic event tech plan.

PSAV acquires Encore – Event Tech Podcast Episode 2

Endless Events

On this episode of Event Tech Podcast Will Curran of Endless Events and Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting take a deeper dive into what this could mean for the events industry and AV companies. Hello everyone Will Curran from Endless Events here ready to talk some tech.

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How to Assess the Tech Needs of Your Attendees

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How to Assess the Tech Needs of Your Attendees. Don’t worry, we’ve outlined a game plan to help you avoid common pitfalls when assessing the tech needs of your audience. Luckily some of these types of tech come with their own plug and play routers. Survey Says.

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7 Tech Tools to Help You Plan Better Events


Many of the common challenges that event planners face can be solved using tech. Here are seven ways event tech can help you keep things under control and minimize some of your stress: Catering platforms. Without any knowledge of coding, you can promote your sponsors’ products in an interactive way by including discounts, raffles, and surveys – all through a smartphone. The post 7 Tech Tools to Help You Plan Better Events appeared first on EventMobi.

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5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Event Speakers for an Interactive Session


Attendee Engagement Best Practices Event Tech Strategy attendee engagement audience participation interactive session interactive sessions live polling live polls q&a surveysYour Attendees Will Remember your Interactive Session.

“Our Survey Says!” These Are the Top Challenges Facing Event Planners

Social Tables

In Social Tables’ latest trend report, 35% of planners we surveyed told us that the arrival of event technology has made the most noticeable impact on the industry. Today’s meeting and event professionals have a more versatile skill set, and that’s made possible by event tech.

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Survey Fatigue: 4 Ways to Make the Most of Attendee Feedback

PCMA Convene

So why then, according to tech research company Gartner Inc., Even worse, how is it possible that only one in 20 tell their customers what changes were made as a result of the responses to a survey or research conducted? Part of the problem is the survey questions themselves.

The TechCrunch Disrupt London Brexit Sentiment Survey – Uncertainty sucks!

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What is going to be the impact of Brexit on UK startups and the wider European tech ecosystem as a whole? The survey has […]. The post The TechCrunch Disrupt London Brexit Sentiment Survey – Uncertainty sucks!

5 Tech-Focused Hotel Trends


Here are five major hotel tech trends we’re seeing in 2017. Interestingly, 74 percent of hoteliers surveyed by Zebra Technologies, a technology company that provides hospitality tech solutions, said they plan to use geolocation to assist with guest check-in by smartphone.

Using Event Tech The Right Way

Endless Events

How are you using event tech at your events? And for practical event tech, you need to know what AV to use. Review our free production guide infographic and level up your AV tech knowledge. Are You Falling Behind on the Newest Tech?

Why you Need to Test Your Event Management Software’s Tech Support Before Buying it

Capterra Event Management

This is what it is like buying event management software without checking into what kind of software tech support is offered by a vendor. Check out these three reasons why you need to test the tech support of your event management software before buying—and how to do it.

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Signs You Need Event Tech Support at Your Event


We call it an ‘onsite’: working event tech support for one of our client’s events. While the attendees generally were on good terms with the event tech, I was surprised to see the amount of support that myself and my colleague provided.

How to Use Tech to Win Social Events

Smart Meetings

More: New Management Systems Lead the Charge for Industry Tech . Cvent recently partnered with communications marketing firm Edelman to survey more than 1,000 event attendees to find the why behind event attendance. Everyone knows this scenario.

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One in Four Women Report Sexual Harassment at Tech Conferences

PCMA Convene

The startling statistic was borne from a survey of 500 women across the U.S. and UK who have attended a tech conference in their careers. Fast Company. Fast Company ). Read More. Industry Trends News Junkie

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5 Ways Tech Will Save Your Event

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Polling – Whether it’s a simple Facebook or Twitter poll, or a more in-depth, branching electronic survey, planners can quickly gather insights and feedback on a variety of topics. And of course, surveys have long been key for gathering feedback. What are your MUST-HAVE tech tools?

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The Most Influential Event Tech Trends for 2019 & Beyond- Part 1

A survey report published by ARtillry has claimed that by 2022, it is expected that the global augmented reality ad revenues will top 2 billion USD. In less than ten years, the event tech market will nearly double. AI is the event tech of the moment. Events Tech

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4 New Year’s Resolutions Meeting Planners Should Make—and Keep

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As a meeting planner, it’s important to follow what’s trendy on the tech front. Post-event, send out surveys to attendees about every aspect, from cleanliness to food, to technology. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

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3 Steps to Strategic Planning

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The worksheet points out that two abilities are very important for any planner to possess: storytelling and tech knowledge. Use post-event surveys and polls to learn how to make the next event better.

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Event Planners on Tech: Melvin Byres, Hong Kong Rugby Union


This is an area that is relatively new to us; for the Hong Kong Sevens 2016 we worked with Accenture to develop a Hong Kong Sevens mobile app ; this received about 20,000 downloads in the first month and in our event survey rated highly as one of the best new features at the event.

Capture Important Event Attendee Info With Custom Questions

Picatic by Eventbrite

After all, you could send a follow-up email or a survey each time someone registers, but there’s no guarantee they’ll respond. Event Tech Event Management Event PlanningEvery event is unique — and so is the way you sign up attendees.

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Cyber Privacy One of Top 10 Hospitality Trends of 2019

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What they have found, according to the report is that from high-tech to down-time, groups are now demanding that organizers plan based on how they live their lives. Privacy has become the top necessity for event planners, according to a new report from Benchmark Resorts & Hotels.

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Tech Companies Suggest Solution to Gender Pay Gap

PCMA Convene

But tech companies suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) may provide a solution. We forget that there’s a programmer behind every machine that has told it how to prioritize,” said Swedish journalist Andreas Ekström, who spoke on NPR’s TED Radio Hour on the topic of bias in tech.

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Event Planners on Tech: Lara Maric, Events Ambassador at IVY


Last but not least, we also ask our members to fill out a feedback survey on their thoughts for the event they just attended. The post Event Planners on Tech: Lara Maric, Events Ambassador at IVY appeared first on. Uncategorized Event Planners on Tech

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Certain Survey Reveals Insights Into Event Lead Follow Up


We’re heading into that time of the year again, the Fall tech event season, when people from all over the world descend upon the Bay Area for the biggest tech conferences in the world. The post Certain Survey Reveals Insights Into Event Lead Follow Up appeared first on Certain, Inc.

Time for Real Behavioral Understanding


The key to getting meaningful insights is that surveys be timely and contextual. The badge can alert the event app to send a survey just a minute or two later asking, “Did the session deliver what you wanted, or did you not get what you expected?” Now that is meaningful surveying.

Event Tech of the Week: @EventGeek


Personally I love that we can integrate literally any data source to measure event ROI, including but not limited to crm, ecommerce, surveys, social media and web analytics. This weekly series spotlights a new tech tool that is designed to help make planning events much more seamless.

Is Your Event Tech Ready for GDPR?


collect personal data only as part of a marketing survey. The post Is Your Event Tech Ready for GDPR? Written by CadmiumCD Contributor, Pamela Shigeoka.

Half of Gen Z Wants to Work in Hospitality

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The importance social media platforms play for Gen Z is made evident in the study, as 49 percent of those surveyed say they get their information from Facebook and 39 percent from official news sites.

Event Planners on Tech: Ross Easton, Head of Commercial & Hospitality, The SSE Hydro


We send an annual customer satisfaction survey to our club members which helps form the strategy for future developments. Finally, what piece of event tech can’t you live without? If you don’t live in Scotland, you probably don’t know the SSE Hydro arena.

How Not to Be That Person Who Wastes Attendee Time

Smart Meetings

According to a Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resorts survey of 2,000 employees, some people will go to great lengths to avoid attending unproductive meetings. More than a third of respondents (34 percent) say when meetings last too long they tend to shut-off, and almost a quarter of those surveyed (23 percent) say they’ve witnessed another person falling asleep. Make it a tech-free zone. Test your tech. Are your meetings making the most of you guests’ valuable time?

The Top 3 Reasons Event Management Software Users Switch

Capterra Event Management

My latest event management software survey found that a massive 41% of respondents have switched software. According to 43% of survey respondents, the initial software that they chose didn’t have the right features, therefore they had to make a switch.

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Personalize Events for Better Attendee Experiences


Using surveys to gauge session satisfaction is huge. It all comes down to a personalized email and post-event survey. As soon as you can, send out that post-event survey. Survey Results. Want to know more about how to get more attendees to participate in surveys?

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Why You Should Use Your Event App for Content Management


Use your event app to create content such as surveys , polls, or session feedback forms—no need for separate audience response technology or those awkward paper handouts. Subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on event tech trends and best practices.