The Impact of TCS Tax Policy on Event Ticketing in India

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According to this taxation policy, the e-commerce platforms providing services to suppliers share equal responsibility as the supplier themselves in terms of the tax deduction. Another implication of this tax policy is the process of event registration.

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11 Event Tech Trends That Shaped 2018

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Yes, the event business has officially entered the realm of high-tech. Smart Meetings covered all the must-have tech advances this year to help you stay at the top of your game. Here are the 11 event tech trends you don’t want to miss.

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Top 10 Event-Tech Trends for 2019

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Events are now quite a tech-driven affair. Certain event-tech trends are bound to stay while some technologies will see major updates. Here are our predictions for event-tech trends in 2019 : 1. Facial recognition is definitely an aspect of event-tech that is on its way up.

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2019 Tech Conferences: The #1 Tech Events Guide


The most authoritative 2019 tech conferences directory on the web. This carefully curated conference directory features over 200 (and growing) 2019 tech conferences across multiple industries. Tech Events featured in in this list take place all throughout the year, all around the globe.

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The Ultimate Event-tech Trivia for Event Profs

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From basic event tech tools such as event website , event registrations and ticketing to Virtual Reality, Wearable Technology and Artificial Intelligence, planners have started to embrace event technology to optimize the planning process and the overall event experience in general.

PCMA Spark/s Conversation for Tech-Savvy Event Planners


The Apple App Store’s new policies regarding event apps caused some stir this summer—and the topic is still buzzing around the events industry. But regardless, Philipchuk concluded his statement by saying, “I’d like eventprofs to come away from the panel with a better understanding of how the event app process impacts their events process, and with some ways to find the information they need to make informed decisions about their tech.”. Register for PCMA Spark here.

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5 Tech Terms Event Planners Should Know


A list of tech fundamentals that will help you align event needs and goals. Since most event planners work with outsourced tech vendors, we put together this list of tech fundamentals that will help you align event needs and goals. Convene makes all your tech needs simple.

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How One Journalist Is Uniting the European Tech Scene


Spotify, Soundcloud, Fanduel, Zendesk—these are but a handful of the tech companies that were first launched into headlines by The Europas. Part-conference, part-awards show, The Europas is a gathering of over 500 key players and experts from the European tech scene and beyond.

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10 Things to Ask Your Event Tech Vendors post-GDPR

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In this case, event tech vendors are the data controllers and it’s your responsibility to ensure data safety and that it is being stored in a proper manner. Here are 10 questions you must ask your event tech vendor post GDPR for this. Have you updated your Privacy Policy yet?

Why A Popular Tech Gathering Might be Heading to Canada Soon

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Collision , an annual tech gathering that Forbes called “the best technology conference on the planet,” has welcomed tens of thousands of attendees to New Orleans for the past three years, but that audience may move north of the border in 2019. because of uncertainty over immigration policies.

How diversity will shape the future of tech events


As the world began to shift to make space for women's voices, many of us in the events community took notice of the lack of diversity within event speaker lineups, particularly in male-dominated industries like tech.

What Does the Net Neutrality Appeal Mean for Planners?

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Our in-house tech guru, aka digital producer, Alexandra Pusateri, offered some insight on the topic. Lawsuits from tech companies, states and others are in the works to counter and delay the decision. You’ve probably seen a lot of headlines today about the repeal of Net Neutrality.

Hotel Tech Trends: 5 Ideas Worth Exploring at Your Property

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Hotels occupy an exciting place in the tech world. While hoteliers cannot chase every shiny object or trend, there are some new hotel tech ideas worth exploring. These hotel tech trends can improve profitability, vacancy rates, and the overall guest experience.

Growth in technology exhibitors and hands-on tech opportunities to be highpoint of IMEX in Frankfurt 2017


Putting that policy into practice, at IMEX in Frankfurt this year, the range of opportunities […]. Event Industry Apps event tech IMEX Laura Welsh Tara Thomas tech The Meeting Pool“So many of the benefits that technology can bring to our industry are still untapped potential; we want to help event planners to see and understand what technology can do for them,” says Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group.

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CompTIA’s Senior VP of Events on Planning Tech-Centric Conferences

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to learn about legislation and policy issues, equipping them to meet with their state senators and representatives for advocacy. Chicago-based Ricker shares her approach to the tech-heavy event, which took place in August in Hollywood, Florida, plus lessons she’s learned in her 22-year career.

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CompTIA’s Senior VP of Events on Planning Tech-Centric Conferences

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to learn about legislation and policy issues, equipping them to meet with their state senators and representatives for advocacy. Chicago-based Ricker shares her approach to the tech-heavy event, which took place in August in Hollywood, Florida, plus lessons she’s learned in her 22-year career.

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3 Tips for Encouraging Group Discussions Through an Event App


Changes to Apple’s App Store Policy. Association Tips Best Practices Corporate Tips Experience Design Strategy attendee engagement event tech strategy event technology group discussions

Win at Negotiating AV Services with Hotels

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By understanding some of the negotiating nuances associated with a hotel’s AV service policies, planners can make the right decisions, secure possible concessions and contain their event’s overall costs without compromising on its success. Related: New Audiovisual Tech Boosts Meetings.

First Look: All-New Event App Builder by Hubilo

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Custom Weblinks: A URL can be added in the sidebar or bottom screen like Feedback section, any organisation’s important information like Privacy Policy etc. * Event Tech Hubilo Updates Event App Event Technology Hubilo

GDPR Quiz – Test your knowledge about EU GDPR

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The GDPR has many policies which need to be complied by all the organisations which are or will be dealing with EU citizens. . Should the privacy policies of the organisations be updated? Event Industry Event Tech Event Updates Event Data GDPR

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7 Ways that Travel Changed in 2017

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On the other hand, critics complain that many other new policies—such as British Airways’ requirement for those who buy the cheapest seats to board last and Jet Blue Airways’ decision to reduce seat size in the main cabin—are increasing class disparity.

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TOP 15 technology events. Calendar for H2 2018 to satisfy ALL departments and make people want to work in your company


The tech industry changes constantly, so it is crucial to keep the teams, leaders and executives up-to-date. Employer branding goals that can be fulfilled through a proper tech events calendar. Tech events calendar for H2 2018. Upcoming tech events : Conferences.

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33 Best Practices for Boosting Online Event Registration [Infographic]

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23 Clearly display all policies, especially refund and cancellation policies. #24 Best Practices Event Marketing Event Registration Event Technology Infographics Stories Attendee Engagement Attendee Management Event Registration Software Event Tech

Too Little, Too Late? Add London to the Uber Ban List

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Austin, Texas (due to city policies). Technology Technology News allegation app background ban ceo conflict countries drive economy ethic facts International iphone lawsuit london lyft modern tech News options resign safety sharing Tech Travel trump Uber uk

GDPR Checklist for an Event Planner


From the Yahoo data breach scandal back in 2013 to the recent data misuse by Facebook, businesses across the world have long demonstrated the need for a strict data protection policy. Questions to ask event tech suppliers about the GDPR.

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The Top 6 Tips if You Are a Technical Event Partner at Government Events


Being a tech partner at international governmental meetings means you need to have every infinitesimal process thoroughly planned. Review recovery planning policies, and add the related scenarios you might need to address at a government event.

A Checklist for Handling Security Measures at Government Events


Over the past few years, there have been many updates made to event security policies both at the local and national levels. Based on the experience of, the official tech partner at the North Korea–U.S. 2) Cooperate with certified tech vendors.

Delta’s $4 Billion Construction Begins in New LaGuardia Airport

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The development itself is a beautiful, progressive, groundbreaking policy.”. Airlines News airport facilities airport news airport tech airtrain Andrew Cuomo construction delta Ed Bastian improvements laguardia laguardia airport new york news transit

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Common Misconceptions about GDPR in Event Planning


Example: You are organising an event in partnership with an event tech vendor. GEVME or any other tech vendor with which you will cooperate can be called a data processor. Check registration forms (privacy policy, disclaimer, opt-in).

100+ Event Industry Resources to Help Event Professionals Step Up Their Game

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The ever-changing technological innovations along with major policy changes in the past few years have changed the face of event and event planning as we know it. Event-Tech at Winter Olympics 2018: Part-2. Event-Tech at the Winter Olympic Games 2018: Part-1.

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New research puts event venue Wi-Fi strategy under the spotlight

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Event Tech Live and the Event Tech Awards have partnered with hotel booking agency trade association the HBAA to research the disparity in Wi-Fi cost and quality at event venues. . Adam Parry , Co-founder of Event Tech Live and the Event Tech Awards, says: “It’s a free market but venues looking for repeat event business should be absolutely clear about what they’re offering in terms of W-Fi provision.

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New HBAA research puts event venue Wi-Fi strategy under the spotlight

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Event Tech Live (ETL) and the Event Technology Awards (ETA) have partnered with hotel booking agency trade association the HBAA to research the disparity in Wi-Fi cost and quality at event venues. Caleb Parker, HBAA Tech & Innovation Chair comments: “Wi-Fi is like oxygen today.

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Real Results, Real Impact: EventMobi Celebrates GMID 2018


The association supports many areas of aviation activity and helps formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. Together, they are building an LGBTQA+ tech and entrepreneurship community, with the goal of creating a more diverse & inclusive future. If you’re interested in using event app technology to make a more significant impact to your attendee’s event experience, contact an EventMobi tech consultant today to learn more.

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Hubilo’s First Live Twitter Chat – Productivity and Creativity in Event Planning

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Adaption of event technology was a process started long ago but now the event planners are witnessing upgradations in the tech arena of the event sector. Discussions range from the tech trends to the policy changes that are been observed in the event industry.

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Teaming of Business Events, Startups Hooks New Audiences

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Hello Tomorrow’s deep-tech entrepreneurs find connections as well as funding at the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge. And on a panel that asked the question, “What Can Tech Do For Restaurants?” Conference swag includes live herbs at the Food Loves Tech conference in Brooklyn. ‘A

Mobile Event and Conference Apps: The 2019 Guide


By publicly promoting the mobile conference app, you are positioning your event brand as one that is embracing tech solutions that enhance the experience. Send a Detailed Email Summarizing Your Policy. Mobile event and conference apps have now become a pillar of the event experience.

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2018 Education Conferences: The #1 Education Events Guide


This conference directory features over 60 must-attend education conferences located all around the world in a wide range of fields including higher education, education administration, education management and education tech. New Tech Network Conference. Women in Tech Events Directory.

Which of MIT’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies Are Event-Industry Game Changers?

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For the past 18 years, the editors have selected 10 tech advances they think “will shape the way we work and live now and for years to come.” MIT Technology Review has just published its “10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018” list.

GDPR: What is it and how will it affect the industry? EIN special feature

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5 questions to ask event tech suppliers about GDPR. And part of that responsibility is making sure that the tech vendors that process data on their behalf (ex. Ask your tech suppliers how they themselves comply with GDPR. Watch video: Is Your Event Tech Ready for GDPR?

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2019 Media & Publishing Conferences: The #1 Publisher’s Events Guide


Publishers are now at the intersection of multiple industries including marketing, tech, and advertising. Join 120+ health policy leaders, academics and other experts across the industry for a frank discussion to catalyze progress in bringing AMR under control, before it is too late.

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Regional Leadership Summits Tune-up for Cvent CONNECT


A session during the summit addressed best practices for integrating risk management policies for meetings and events. Summit attendees gained a glimpse into the future of event tech, what’s up next, and how to bridge physical events and integrated marketing.

Alcohol at events & Duty of Care

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Wired magazine’s article about the “alcohol soaked” cultures in many tech firms which shared the results of a Cornell University study, concluded that there is a: “…close connection between permissive workplace drinking cultures and sexual harassment.

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21 Factors For Evaluating Event Management Software


It may also be important to have the ability to display a privacy policy and terms of use so attendees can understand how their data is being used before completing registration or joining an event app. Many software providers offer Professional Services that build and manage your event tech for you—meaning you could avoid learning/training altogether. According to 2018 research , there are now over 245 event technologies for event planners— a 70%+ jump since 2014.