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Ever since my first encounter with the hybrid hub and spoke meeting topology at Event Camp Twin Cities in 2011, I’ve been a big fan of the format. Yesterday [see below], I realized that hub and spoke is a great format for purely online meetings too.

2021 288

Tech Meets the Future


From around the world, announcements of dates and places for bringing tech minds together F2F have started to trickle in. The Day the Meetings Stopped. We quickly pivoted to meet the needs of our customers and the company,” Horstman said. “We

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Virtually There: Tech Meetings


Tech companies tested virtual meetings before they were cool. Smart Meetings talked to the planners behind the alt-launch and a bevy of other experts in streaming meetings and found out the answer is: “A lot.”. Digital meetings yield some of these goals better than others.

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Tech Mergers Could Simplify Virtual Meeting Management


Cisco’s announcement in November that it was buying the virtual interaction company Slido may have been a foreshadowing of event tech mergers to come in 2021 according to event tech experts. The bottom line for meeting professionals and attendees?

2021 86

Event Tech


Q&A on Embracing Event Tech with Sandy Hammer. We asked Sandy Hammer, co-founder of Allseatedand exVo, about embracing event tech, from seat planning to robots to Fornite. MeetingPlay teamed up with Marriott to roll out their Connect with Confidence hybrid meeting program.

Tech 75

Event Management Tools: When Tech Meets Productivity

Endless Events

Today on Event Tech Podcast, we’re talking about event management tools. As you know, this is the number one podcast to go for ideas on everything event tech. And we simply couldn’t resist dedicating an episode to event management through the lenses of tech and tools.

Event Tech Awards 2021: Meet the Judges – Sophie Ahmed

Event Industry News

Favourite piece of tech for work and personal life? Work life: I spend most of my days on Google meet, or, to break it up … zoom! What’s your go-to piece of tech when working on an event and why? From your experience, what’s the best way to utilise tech at an event?

2021 70

Good Event Tech…Gone Bad Event Tech

Endless Events

You better make sure your phone is working, because it’s time to talk bad event tech! And more specifically, good event tech that ended up going bad. Our favorite nerdy and tech-savvy hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger will guide you through this rocky road. So, are you ready to talk about good event tech gone bad event tech? Bad Event Tech – The Apps. “You should never just buy the tech and implement it right away.

Event Tech Spotlight: Interactio

Event Industry News

Interactio is a leading remote solutions platform providing real-time multilingual interpretation services for remote or hybrid meetings. We offer the ultimate multilingual meetings solution.

Meet the Winner of Tech Watch 2016: Shoflo


Meet the winner of Tech Watch 2016. The post Meet the Winner of Tech Watch 2016: Shoflo by Julius Solaris appeared first on [link]. EventMB partnered with IBTM world to find the best in Event Technology. The Technology and Innovation Award 2016 was one of the toughest eventtech line ups I have ever had to judge at EventMB. Despite the incredible calibre and experience of the judges, headed by the amazing Corbin […].

2016 151

Looking into the Future of Event Tech

Velvet Chainsaw

As the event-tech space continues to evolve with a number of mergers and acquisitions, I see four changes coming for larger annual conferences. #1. Software solutions built on older platforms and smaller companies with fewer resources are going to have a harder time meeting event organizers’ more stringent data-security requirements. #2. Which of these event tech predictions surprises you? The post Looking into the Future of Event Tech appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

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Accessibility of Event Tech

Endless Events

It’s Monday, so you know it’s time to talk event tech! And today, we’re diving headfirst into the topic of accessibility of event tech. But what happens when we bring forth the issue of accessibility of event tech? Together, the three will walk you through everything you need to know about accessibility of event tech. Press play and join us on today’s tech journey! Web Standards For Event Tech Accessibility.

Event Tech Awards 2021: Meet the Judges – Mariska Kesteloo

Event Industry News

Entrepreneur, public speaker, author and current board member of the European Advisory Council of Meetings Professional International. Mariska has more than 20years working experience in tourism and the meetings and events industry. Favourite piece of tech for work and personal life?

2021 52

Meet MeetingPlay at Booth 22 at Event Tech Live 2021

Event Industry News

Exhibitors can meet with attendees face-to-face, hold live office hours and conduct product demos, right from their virtual booth. Event Technology Featured News UK and Europe US and Canada ETL21 Event Tech Live MeetingPlay

2021 70

What Meeting Profs Get Wrong about Hybrid


If meeting planners don’t strike the right balance between the two experiences, then one set of attendees (most likely the virtual audience) will have to endure a bad event experience. Step one for meeting planners is to master providing superior experiences for purely virtual events.

2021 82

Tech Tuesday: The Top 13 Online Meeting Platforms


Online meetings not only decrease travel expenses by 30 percent , but it has also allowed employees from different regions to connect better with each other, as well as increase collaboration and profitability.

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Event Tech Live 2019 Preview


Event Tech Brief is a proud media sponsor of Event Tech Live. These spaces include the 1-2-1 Meeting Zone, the Networking Lounge, the Chill & Charge Zone, the Festival Bar and the Coffee Experience. Its highly praised roundtable sessions offer visitors an engaging setting to connect with tech providers. eventtech 2019 conference etl Event Tech Live

2019 100

Event Tech: Survive and Thrive Guide

Smart Meetings

But meeting professionals are different: They know what they have, know that it’s liable to change and when (not if!) If further proof was needed, the latest Smart Meetings webinar, “ Event Tech Survival Guide ,” should be next on your to-do list.

2021 70

6 tech-savvy solutions to meeting obstacles

Plan Your Meetings

Meetings are necessary. But what is not a given is an effective meeting. But often, we are faced with meetings that are either poorly managed, unnecessary or a huge time suck. How much time do you spend in meetings? I average about four or five planned meetings per week, about an hour each. For half of those meetings I am the lead, so I spend an additional hour per meeting preparing each week. Taking Back Control of Your Meetings.

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Organically Grown Event Tech Live Challenged The Critics and Won


A little more than six years ago, Adam Parry, a self-proclaimed “tech guy,” noticed a void in his industry. He also noticed that the flashiest of tools were getting attention while other less shiny, but hugely effective (bottom-line changing) tech was left lurking in the shadows. They solicited content from a number of tech providers, some of which were Event Technology Awards participants, and launched an event featuring educational presentations on three stages.

2018 179

Virtual Meetings: 81 (Best) Tools, Ideas and Tips


Virtual meetings can be a cost-saving or revenue-generating option as an event planner. When it comes to virtual meeting event tech, there are several categories and types of tools you can use. The post Virtual Meetings: 81 (Best) Tools, Ideas and Tips by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. But only if you have the right tools and know-how. We’ve looked at a lot of them (correction TONS of them) in this […].

2018 151

How Will Hybrid Meetings Hit 2021 Budgets?


Who could have predicted a year ago that Zoom would be a major disruptive influence in the meetings industry? Now, conventional wisdom suggests that hybrid groups, which combine teleconferencing with person-to-person meetings, will be prevalent for the foreseeable future.

2021 93

Event Tech Awards 2021: Meet the Judges – Brandt Krueger

Event Industry News

Brandt is a technical producer and consultant based in Minneapolis, MN, and is the highly acclaimed instructor for the Event Leadership Institute’s Virtual Event and Meeting Management certificate course. Favourite piece of tech for work and personal life?

2021 56

Event Tech Awards 2021: Meet the Judges – Heidi Legein

Event Industry News

As Chief Executive Guru at The MICE Guru, I have in the past year taken a deep dive into event tech; taken virtual certification, learned, tested, demoed, tried, implemented event tech all around, attended all major virtual events and discussed findings within our communities.

2021 80

The CCD – A Tech Friendly Venue

Event Industry News

The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) is located in the heart of Dublin’s Docklands, otherwise known as ‘Silicon Docks’, as the area comprises of many of the world’s top tech multinationals including Facebook, Google, HubSpot, LinkedIn and Twitter.

2021 65

Meet Accelevents, The All-In-One Event Management Platform!

Endless Events

What better way to learn more about the exciting world of event technology than listening to an awesome product spotlight episode of the Event Tech Podcast? But before the Event Tech Podcast squad analyzes the platform itself, they explain what a simulive is.

2021 68

IET London: Savoy Place, Your tech-friendly venue solution

Event Industry News

To facilitate online meetings and hybrid packages, the structure of the networks has been renovated. Event Tech Spotlights Featured Features News Spotlights UK and Europe Venue Spotlights Event Industry News IET London IET London: Savoy Place Tech Friendly Venue

2021 70

Event Tech Poised to Take Center Stage Amid Virus Impact on Meetings Biz


The meetings and events industry is feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. All eyes are now turning to event tech to connect audiences and help companies track the status of their own meetings.

The Future of Event Tech, According to Jim Spellos

Connect Your Meetings

Jim Spellos, president of Meeting U. , As technology continues to push the envelope of what is capable in the meetings and events industry (hello, chatbots ) it is important that planners stay in the loop, being innovators or early adopters as Spellos calls them, to new technology developments. The post The Future of Event Tech, According to Jim Spellos appeared first on Connect Association. Feature Tech

2018 200

Event Tech Live launches dedicated US and Canada show

Event Industry News

Buoyed by its success in physical and virtual incarnations, Event Tech Live (ETL) will make its digital debut in the States and Canada late spring, ahead of a return to the Old Truman Brewery in November for the hybrid UK & Europe exhibition.

2021 108

Eventboost @ Event Tech Live 2020

Event Industry News

Meet Eventboost. Regardless of your event size, Eventboost helps you manage large conferences, conventions, congresses, keynotes, small meetings, seminars, and exhibitions, smoothly. Event Technology Featured Features News UK and Europe US and Canada ETL20 Event Tech Live Eventboost

2020 102

Top 10 Resources Every Meeting & Event Planner Needs in 2021


This list was part of a larger guide that we launched: 10 Survival Skills for Corporate Meeting & Event Planners in 2021. The Virtual Event Tech Playbook , by Event Manager Blog. Meeting Minds Podcast. Virtual Event & Meeting Management Certificate Program, by MPI.

2021 309

10 Things to Look for in Your Virtual/Hybrid Event Tech Partner in 2021


Engagement Virtual Engagement Virtual Events Virtual Meetings event tech Hybrid EventsThe COVID era prompted an industry-wide pivot to virtual and hybrid events. Now, virtual and hybrid are here to stay — and that’s a great thing.

2021 79

Event Tech Awards 2021: Meet the Judges – Abi Cannons

Event Industry News

Having been an organiser, an event tech vendor, an exhibitor and now working in digital innovation for exhibitions, I’ve enjoyed many aspects of the event tech ecosystem! Favourite piece of tech for work and personal life? What’s the best way to utilise tech at an event?

2021 56

TECH TALK: After COVID-19, Meetings Technology Becomes More Important

All Seated

The post TECH TALK: After COVID-19, Meetings Technology Becomes More Important appeared first on AllSeated. A big part of planning starts with a floor plan.

2021 36

How to Pivot Back to Virtual: Tips from an Event Tech Provider


Taking a live event virtual isn’t as daunting as it sounds – if you have the correct protocols and event tech partner in place! Meetings and Events Hybrid Events Event Technology Live Event Technology Hybrid Event Technology MeetingPlay Core

2021 67

The Ultimate Guide To The History Of Event Tech

Endless Events

We’re taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the history of event tech! And what better place to do it than the Event Tech Podcast? Over the course of several episodes, we’ve covered everything event tech-related.

Tech 71

Event Tech Awards 2021: Meet the Judges – Craig Mathie

Event Industry News

Favourite piece of tech for work and personal life? What’s your go-to piece of tech when working on an event and why? From your experience, what’s the best way to utilise tech at an event? Hopefully we will be able to meet up in person!

2021 52

ExpoPlatform at Event Tech Live 2020

Event Industry News

Other Features and Benefits: Modular solutions customised for event requirements Easy integration facilities with third-party tech providers No need for additional downloads, installs or permissions 24×7 technical support and consulting services.

2020 91

A Masterclass in Making Meeting History Beachside

Smart Meetings

The most recent stop on the Great Meetings Restart tour was Smart Meetings National West, which hit the beach at Hotel del Coronado this week for three days of business, connecting and community. The gathering of meeting professionals was a testament to the resiliency of the industry.

2021 83