Top Event Technology Tools for Social Media Engagement


Photo courtesy of rawpixel on Unsplash It’s time for your company’s next big event. Social media is an important tool to utilize not only for your event’s content but also for the content your attendees will create. Share photos of your booth squad or the event floor.

40 Social Media Influencers Every Hospitality Professional Should Follow

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In events and hospitality, knowledge is power. Thankfully these thought leaders are quick to share their tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the world of events and hospitality. Meetings & Events. Dahlia is an event technology evangelist, speaker and educator.

Event Technology: The 2019 Guide


Welcome to your 2019 event technology guide. Here you’ll find information and examples of popular event tech tools like event management software, event marketing software, and even event planning software. What is Event Technology?

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A Guide to Personalizing the Event Experience with Event Technology

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“With the overwhelming number of conferences, panels and happy hours taking place in a given event cycle, the personalization factor is a marketing must. Events are no longer a social gathering. lies in two words; event technology. Thus it’s their own event app.



As a guest blogger for , I shared my thoughts on the best new social media platforms for event planners. So, to help you out, here is a quick primer on a few social platforms you definitely should be trying for your events. Event Technology

The Essential Event Technology Dictionary


From ARS to chatbots, beacons, and heat maps, the event industry has a distinctive language of its own – especially when it comes to digital and event technology. Bookmark this page as your go-to guide for the most common event technology terms. Analytics: The process of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting all data associated with your event. Request a list of systems your event provider has developed APIs for.

A Beginner’s Guide to Event Technology


Technology innovations have made event planning easier by allowing for more automatic and seamless processes. Check out Event Management Technology for Dummies. Streamline Your Pre-Event Planning. Planning an event is often the most time-consuming phase.

Event Technology Upgrades You’ll Need in 2018


Recent technology trends have completely changed the face of the MICE industry. By adopting these latest event technology upgrades, event organizers can deliver exceptional events and stand out from the crowd. Smart Event Apps. Social Media Walls.

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Welcome to the Farm! Meet Ryan Speaker and Steph Shuff

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There have been a lot of exciting changes at the Farm recently, and we'd like to introduce two of the newest additions to our DC office: Ryan Speaker, Customer Support Specialist, and Steph Shuff, Sales Development Representative. RYAN SPEAKER 1) What drove you to Event Farm?

How To Decide on the Best Event Technology for You

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It seems like every day there is a shiny new piece of event technology touted as “the next best thing” for managing event details, increasing productivity, collecting registrations and RSVPs, connecting attendees, and so on. Outline the objectives of your event.

Top 7 Event Technology Trends Dominating 2018


The latest technology trends can enhance your event and assist you to attain a noticeable position from the crowd. Therefore, we are presenting you the list of seven event technology trends dominating 2018. These trends will give your event a competitive edge. Facial Recognition For Events. One event technology that we see proliferating this year is the facial recognition. This technology is adapted to target a wider set of audience.

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Top 7 Event Technology Trends Dominating 2018


The latest technology trends can enhance your event and assist you to attain a noticeable position from the crowd. Therefore, we are presenting you the list of seven event technology trends dominating 2018. These trends will give your event a competitive edge. Facial Recognition For Events. One event technology that we see proliferating this year is the facial recognition. This technology is adapted to target a wider set of audience.

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6 Ideas For Event Marketing on Budget


Hello, trade shows, exhibitions, and live events!) According to the report, most marketers (31%) believe that events are the single-most effective marketing channel. Most people are struggling to organize successful event planning on a budget without spending a lot of money.

Our Favorite Events From 2018 – #EventIcons Episode 137

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If you follow #EventIcons you know our hosts travel the world and see so many epic events. Today our hosts are sharing their favorite events from 2018 with us. They will discuss what makes a great event, and highlights from the many events they attended this year.

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6 Event Technologies to Disrupt the Future of Event Planning


Technology delivers, where humans fail. Whether it be retail, manufacturing or financial institution, adoption of technology helps in improving efficiency, automating processes and lesser cost. Talking about the event industry, the impact of technology can be seen largely. For instance, mobile event app has played a vital role in engaging attendees. of event organizers are aware of event apps with live interaction features but only 31.8%

How to Plan an Event: A 10-Step Guide

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Ah, the hectic—yet rewarding—world of event planning. Whether you’re forming an event planning team at work or opening your own event planning business, you need guidance on how a major event comes together, from event management software to selecting a caterer.

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Projection Mapping in Events: What You Need to Know

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With the help of projection mapping in events, guests are able to walk through an ordinary venue feeling as if they are in a completely different environment. Wondering how you can implement such an engaging effect at your next event? The benefits of using projection mapping in events.

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AI for Events: The Future is Here

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Notably, in the form of chatbots as well as integrated into fully-fledged event apps. Each has their perks for both event profs and event-goers, and we’ll be looking at how the functions you may already know them to have can be pushed further in future events.

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Planning an Unplugged Event: How to Allow for Mindfulness

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As an event planner, you’re probably well-versed in using mindfulness to help cope with the stress that often comes with the job. But, have you ever considered how mindfulness could be used to help event participants who often experience information overload?

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Tips for Choosing the Right Event Management System, Event Partners and More

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Whether it’s picking out the right event management system or marketing partners for promotion, we face a dozen important decisions about our events each day. So with that in mind, we set out to give you a few tips for making the right choices for your events.

Venue Marketing 101: How Improving Discoverability Generates More Event Leads

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Social channels. Once you understand how these factors are built over time, you can focus on the venue marketing and event lead generation strategies within each category that produce the best sales outcomes today, this month, this quarter and this year. Engage on Social.

10 Event Tech Trends for 2018

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Though event technology has now been around for a while, newer and newer advancements in the field keep fascinating event profs across the world. Every year, we are finding event technology that is way more immersive and profitable. Event gamification.

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2018 Event Marketing Trends

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2018 event marketing trends point to video becoming this year’s content marketing juggernaut. Speaking of traction, Facebook’s revamp of their newsfeed has got many event marketers reeling (including us here). Three Event Trends to Boom This 2018.

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3 Major Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology for Event Planners

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What astounds me today is just how many of the gadgets and technological advances in those science fiction stories are now a reality today. Now, there’s facial recognition technology, which was once only featured in science fiction movies like Total Recall and Resident Evil.

5 Tasks to Maximize the Use of Your Event Planning Interns

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Your event planning internship program should leave a lasting impression on your participants, play to the strengths of those involved, and maximize productivity in your workplace. Why did they take this particular internship with your event planning team or business? Manning the event.

More Love for Virtual Attendance at Events

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Tech continues to play a more significant role in events, from both a planning and experiential perspective. Excitingly, virtual attendance at events is not only possible but is now becoming a serious contender in the event world. The benefits of hybrid events.

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The invisible minorities of the meeting and event industry

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It is no secret that while the meeting and event industry is a female-dominated profession, senior positions still tend to go to males. Keynote speakers, judges and panelists also tend to be male…white male. She regularly gives event and wedding planning tips on E!

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SXSW – Everything You Need To Know – #EventIcons Episode 108

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SXSW is one of the most iconic events around. The iconic event is so successful because there are a boatload of experiences that create lasting memories for attendees, such as HBO’s Westworld experiential event. Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media ( @APlaxen ).

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Start Driving Engagement Before Your Event


And that means opening up your event to include participation during, post, and pre-event. Technologies such as the mobile event app are now an integral part of the events scene, and a vital part of reaching out to your audience pre-event.

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The Ultimate Event-tech Trivia for Event Profs

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Event technology is on the rise. What marked the beginning of virtual events? Here’s a fun way to brush up on that event tech general knowledge. Get started with this event-tech trivia! It is the 'Internet of Things' era in the events industry.

How to Design an Event Experience Using Technology


Are you trying to figure out how to design an event experience? Technology is many event planners’ secret weapon and has the power to be massively impactful to achieving your event goals. Goal #1: Event Website and Online Registration.

Inside a ‘Social Tech Cabana’

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In addition to red-carpet awards ceremonies, the eight-day program — held annually at the Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in southern France in June — includes workshops, speakers, hosted networking events, entertainment, and parties. Data Social Media Tips

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Interactive Training Ideas You Can Use with an Event App


At a corporate training or education event, that’s just too high of a margin. There are plenty of interactive training seminars and tools that can be purchased to help with your next training event. However, it’s also possible to put your existing conference technology to good use!

The Complete Post Event Checklist: Technology


Subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on event tech trends and best practices, or contact us to see how an event app can help clear off your post event checklist. Back in the day it was easy to plan an event, let it run its course, pack up, and move on to the next one. Nowadays there’s a lot more to take care of post event , including cleanup, final invoicing, returning rental equipment, and payments. Send post-event survey. Event Specific Content.

First Look: All-New Event App Builder by Hubilo

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Event apps have become an integrated part of maximum business events being held across the globe. Technological advancement in the events industry is encouraging the event vendors to keep on building new products and implement their ideas practically.

An Insight into Face Recognition for Events

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Technology is a fast-developing field with a few inventions bordering on mind-blowing. The influence of technology is all around us, from the most basic daily tasks to trade and commerce, technology has transformed every possible aspect of life.

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40 Outstanding Event Industry Blogs to Follow

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After all, event industry blogs are accessible, provide information about events from around the globe and cover every aspect of event planning. But, most of all, you can find the answers to your burning questions, so that your life as an event prof becomes easier.

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Time for Real Behavioral Understanding

Smart Meetings

Luckily, both event apps and smart badge technology has evolved to the point that when combined with advanced analytics, they can track attendee movement throughout an event. This technology also allows attendees to know if an attendee leaves a session early.

7 Easy Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning

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Thanks to video streaming services , companies can achieve virtual event planning without geographical constraints. Virtual events can be a standalone venture or accompany a live event. Here’s a few tips to help you kick start your first virtual event with a remote audience.

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3 Reasons Why Your Next Event Video Won’t Engage


Video is a huge component of any great event so many event planners are becoming video producers. We collect various forms of video at our events. From conference sessions to behind-the-scenes interviews, the videos we collect at our events have great potential. Not every speaker should be recorded and not every person can be a good interviewer. You want to focus on the larger trends and conversations happening so that the content lives on long after the event.

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10 Tips for Attendee Engagement, Part Two: During Your Event

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This is the second part of a three-part blog series with tips for engaging attendees before, during and after events. If you missed the first post with 10 tips for engaging attendees before events, you can read it here. Use a social wall. Create an event app.

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33 Best Practices for Boosting Online Event Registration [Infographic]

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Most revenue-generating events rely on registration and ticket sales to generate anywhere from 50% to 100% of total event revenues. And online event registration is an already large and still growing source of sales for most events.

Event Data Collection: 6 Technologies and Tools to Help You Out


The importance of data cannot be ignored in the present era, especially when it comes to events. It is the gauge for event planners to determine the level of engagement, attendance, and feedback. For instance, the event manager can use it to devise strategies and activities that would help in improving the upcoming events. Though, event data is one of the most challenging issues that event industry is facing today. Post Event Surveys.