How to Use Social Media and Event Technology to Grow your Event Community [Webinar]


Join us for this webinar that will explore social media and eventtech tools, tips and advice for event professionals to master the art of growing their event communities online. Social media and event technology are great […].

Top Event Technology Tools for Social Media Engagement


Photo courtesy of rawpixel on Unsplash It’s time for your company’s next big event. Social media is an important tool to utilize not only for your event’s content but also for the content your attendees will create. Share photos of your booth squad or the event floor.

Snapchat Spectacles Boost Social Media Coverage of Golden Globes


These days, it’s not the broadcasters that are in control of what you see at televised events but the advocates of Snapchat. Thanks to social media and the rise of the second (or more) screen, viewers can now get up-close and personal and live the experience in more ways than ever.

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event


That’s a lot of social media use. Now some people tend to curse technology for disturbing face to face interactions, but I say don’t curse it. Social media is a miraculous tool that as an event planner you can and should use to your fullest advantage.

Successful Social Media Campaigns for Events

Endless Events

Do you know the saying that at the back of successful social media campaigns is an exhausted marketer? But to be honest, with all the work and heart we already pour into our events, adding social media to the mix can be a bit too much.

ETL Replay: Social Media Q&A session

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live is Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology. Boasting a packed educational programme across five sector-specific stages, here you can catch up with content that you may have missed from last year’s event.

How You Can Make Your Events Awesome By Taking Advantage of Social Media by @dancarthy2


Events are there to let people hear about what you have to say. Events serve as a great way to reach out to your current customer/client base, they can be used to pitch a new idea to the world and of course, to close deals. And it’s safe to say that events can be quite useful.

10 lessons for creating social media videos

Plan Your Meetings

Ever since LinkedIn and Facebook introduced their native apps, social media experts have been encouraging people to upload videos. The post 10 lessons for creating social media videos appeared first on Plan Your Meetings @ Meeting Professionals International.

Essential Guide: Social Media for Events


25% of traffic to ticketing and registration pages comes from social media so it's essential your strategy is on point to convert traffic into ticket sales. The post Essential Guide: Social Media for Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

The Best Social Media Tools for Event Marketers


Having a presence on social media is no longer enough! You need to up your game constantly and you can do this with the help of the best social media tools. The post The Best Social Media Tools for Event Marketers appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

An Illustrated Guide to Social Media for Events


Social media is integral to successful events. In this infographic, we give a quick run-down of the 8 biggest social networks and how to best use them. The post An Illustrated Guide to Social Media for Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

40 Social Media Influencers Every Hospitality Professional Should Follow

Social Tables

In events and hospitality, knowledge is power. Thankfully these thought leaders are quick to share their tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the world of events and hospitality. Meetings & Events. Dahlia is an event technology evangelist, speaker and educator.

5 Social Media Event Marketing Reads to Uplevel Your Strategy


Staying on top of your social media game can be overwhelming! Let us help you with these 5 event marketing reads to make your life a little easier. The post 5 Social Media Event Marketing Reads to Uplevel Your Strategy appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. At the Event Event Promotion Event Technology Event Trends Marketing September Social Media Event Marketing Social media

Clareville and Miguel Neves of Social Media Chefs form partnership

Event Industry News

Two of the leading names in the meetings and incentive travel media worldwide have formed a partnership. Clareville, the London based PR and media relations consultancy, and the Social Media Chefs, led by Miguel Neves, (pictured left), the well-known social media expert, have joined together to offer a comprehensive and coordinated worldwide service to destinations, venues, hotels and event technology specialists.

Event technology how things haven’t really changed

Gallus Events

(This post and the slides are taken from my session at the UK Association Congress which took place in London in December and covered event technology. I’ve amended it to make it more general and this post relates to every type of events business). event apps.

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How to Use Social Media Walls for Events


Your guide to using social media walls for engaging people at your event, which encourages them to share even more, helping promote it to new audiences online. The post How to Use Social Media Walls for Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Promotion Event Technology Featured March Marketing Social Media Event promotion Event Tech FOMO Social media Technology

The 7 Latest Social Media & Tech Updates You Might Have Missed


We’ve compiled a round up of the top seven social media & tech updates to help you keep your finger on the pulse. The post The 7 Latest Social Media & Tech Updates You Might Have Missed appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Event Technology Event Trends Featured IT / Technology September Social Media Apps Social media tech Technology

Connect Weekly: Prepping for WorldPride, Social Media Stats and More


Welcome to another edition of our newest column, Connect Weekly, where we share the top five news stories from the week that today's meeting and events planners should know. We aim to cover everything from the worlds of events, technology, business, marketing, social media, travel, hospitality and beyond. Event Technology featured

4 Ways the Right Social Media Tools Save You Time and Money


With so many social media channels to manage, the right tools can help you immensely when it comes to implementing your digital strategy. The post 4 Ways the Right Social Media Tools Save You Time and Money appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. At the Event Event Promotion Event Technology Marketing September Social Media digital marketing Social media Social media tools

What’s Trending in Business Event Technology

PCMA Convene

Convene editors used a hight tech process to ask tach experts at Convening Leaders what is trending in business events technology. What are the top technology trends in the business events industry in the coming year? AI chatbots for events are going to go mainstream.

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Check out this article about social media networks that I shared on earlier this year. It seems like every time we turn around, there is a new social media tool to use and everything we knew about the current tools seems to change on a daily basis.

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The Evolution of Event Tech – #EventIcons Episode 102

Endless Events

The evolution of event tech and the evolution of event planners go hand in hand. Technology has completely changed the role of an event planner. In today’s world, you need to be a great event planner. Will Curran of Endless Events ( @itswillcurran ).

Keeping Up With Social Media: Sustainable Marketing in the Age of Ever-Changing Algorithms

Event Industry News

Headlines like to lament the death of organic reach on Facebook and, in the same breath, recommend tips to “hack” algorithms to beat social media systems. The key to successful social media marketing isn’t to make strategies that work despite algorithms. Let’s take a look at some key algorithm changes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and what they mean for event marketers. Event Technology NewsThis is a sponsored post.

etouches LOOPD starts selling Smart Tags and apps through social media

Event Industry News

etouches, a leading global provider of event management software solutions, announced today it is selling LOOPD Smart Tags and mobile event apps on the new etouches online store and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Event Technology News

EventsAIR – Finalist Event Technology Awards

Event Industry News

When you are looking for a partner who can offer one of the most comprehensive event management platforms in the world and is trusted by professionals around the globe, EventsAIR ticks all the right boxes. Event Technology Featured News

Event Technology: The 2019 Guide


Welcome to your 2019 event technology guide. Here you’ll find information and examples of popular event tech tools like event management software, event marketing software, and even event planning software. What is Event Technology?

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As a guest blogger for , I shared my thoughts on the best new social media platforms for event planners. So, to help you out, here is a quick primer on a few social platforms you definitely should be trying for your events. Event Technology

A Guide to Personalizing the Event Experience with Event Technology

Hubilo Blog

“With the overwhelming number of conferences, panels and happy hours taking place in a given event cycle, the personalization factor is a marketing must. Events are no longer a social gathering. lies in two words; event technology. Thus it’s their own event app.

Gleanin: Tapping into the power of social media to increase event registrations

Event Industry News

The registration process is a vital part of an event’s ecosystem, and plays a crucial role in shaping the decisions made by organisers relating to many different elements of their events. Editor's Choice Event Technology Exhibition News News

How to Evaluate Event Technology


Are you using the right tools to achieve event success? In this blog post we’ll review how you can evaluate your event technology stack. Odd as it may seem, there was a time when event technology didn’t exist. Evaluating Event Technology.

How can technology & social media help you brand your organization better @EventsUncovered


I recently did an interview for Silvia Pellegrini @EventsUncovered about how technology and social media can help you better brand your organization. The interview is also available on YouTube and Podbean , and on iTunes at Events Uncovered TV. The post How can technology & social media help you brand your organization better @EventsUncovered appeared first on techsytalk. Event Technology Social Media

Event Technology Awards Judges’ Spotlight: James Morgan

Event Industry News

Returning as a judge for the 2018 Event Technology Awards is James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab. Company: Event Tech Lab. James Morgan is the founder of Event Tech Lab; a marketing and communications incubator for Event Tech Start Ups.

Crowd Surf: Snapchat’s New Weapon In Event FOMO


How Snapchat is helping events capitalize on event FOMO with user generated content and new features like Crowd Surf. Creating event FOMO (fear of missing out) is a great way to extend event reach beyond the localized audience.

Facebook Stories Bad News For Snapchat Good News For Eventprofs


We take a brief look at the new Facebook Stories and find out what it means for event professionals. Social Media event management #eventtech event planning event technology facebook social media snapchat

The Essential Event Technology Dictionary


From ARS to chatbots, beacons, and heat maps, the event industry has a distinctive language of its own – especially when it comes to digital and event technology. Bookmark this page as your go-to guide for the most common event technology terms. Analytics: The process of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting all data associated with your event. Request a list of systems your event provider has developed APIs for.

Five new Event Technology Awards’ categories

Event Industry News

Organiser Event Industry News (EIN) has announced five new categories for the fifth edition of the Event Technology Awards (ETA), which opens for entries on Monday 3rd April. The post Five new Event Technology Awards’ categories appeared first on Event Industry News.

Watch Out! Face Recognition Coming to an Event Near You


Even your event. Face Recognition Coming to an Event Near You by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Social Media event management #eventtech event planning event apps event technology social media event security terrorism face recognition facial recognition software

Stories: The New Battleground For Event Engagement


Stories are becoming increasingly popular amongst social media users as a quick and easy way to share important moments as they happen. Where events are concerned, stories are the perfect tool for creating FOMO (fear of missing out).

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Twitter Explore Puts Focus On Live Video But Dismisses Social Commerce


The post Twitter Explore Puts Focus On Live Video But Dismisses Social Commerce by EventMB Team appeared first on [link]. Social Media event management #eventtech event planning event technology social media live streaming at events live video video streaming

Twitter Live Streaming – Too Little Too Late


Twitter is making a push for live event coverage with a focus on live video streaming. Twitter is stepping up its game in terms of how the platform facilitates event coverage. Better Twitter live streaming is good news for eventprofs but is it too little too late?

10 Event Trends for 2018 [Free Report]


The most anticipated report for the event industry is finally out. Get free access to the most significant trends impacting event technology, event marketing, event experience, event styling, venues, destinations and DMCs.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Event Technology


Technology innovations have made event planning easier by allowing for more automatic and seamless processes. Check out Event Management Technology for Dummies. Streamline Your Pre-Event Planning. Planning an event is often the most time-consuming phase.

Event Technology Upgrades You’ll Need in 2018


Recent technology trends have completely changed the face of the MICE industry. By adopting these latest event technology upgrades, event organizers can deliver exceptional events and stand out from the crowd. Smart Event Apps. Social Media Walls.

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