4 Smart Tips for Driving Attendee Engagement Through Social Media


Your event might not be for months, and you’re probably going through a chaotic time with arranging logistics and designing your event space. It might seem daunting with everything else you’re managing, but with social media, it’s a lot easier than you think.

10 Social Media Management Tools for Events

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Nowadays, events are much more than mere gatherings. However, you need to have a viable promotion plan, as well as a way for people to network at the event itself. To help you achieve these two goals, we’ve researched the best tools for social media management at events.

Social Media Tips for Event Professionals: LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

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Do you remember the time when all the social media platforms were just used for connecting with friends? Just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media platforms, LinkedIn has also now become something more than a platform for building a professional network. .

Using Social Media to Win your Event

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Talk events, products, services or anything under the sun that needs marketing, social media has become the indispensable name that first comes up! Social media has actually proved to be one of the most successful tools for event marketing. Before the event!

40 Social Media Influencers Every Hospitality Professional Should Follow

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In events and hospitality, knowledge is power. Thankfully these thought leaders are quick to share their tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the world of events and hospitality. Meetings & Events. Dahlia is an event technology evangelist, speaker and educator.

Marketing Your Event on Social Media: 6 Design Tips for Non-Designers

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At Event Farm we’re constantly in contact with event marketers, and we understand that event pros are busier than the average busy person. If you’re creating something relatively small, like an image for social media, it’s best to keep your color scheme simple.

ETL Replay: Social Media Q&A session

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Event Tech Live is Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology. Boasting a packed educational programme across five sector-specific stages, here you can catch up with content that you may have missed from last year’s event.

The Evolution of Event Tech – #EventIcons Episode 102

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The evolution of event tech and the evolution of event planners go hand in hand. Technology has completely changed the role of an event planner. In today’s world, you need to be a great event planner. Will Curran of Endless Events ( @itswillcurran ).

10 Event Tech Trends for 2018

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Though event technology has now been around for a while, newer and newer advancements in the field keep fascinating event profs across the world. Every year, we are finding event technology that is way more immersive and profitable. Event gamification. Social Media Walls.

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12 steps to build your event’s social media strategy


Before your event is even announced, you should be planning a social media strategy for promoting your event and engaging attendees before, during and after your event. Make the most of these experiences through meaningful social content. Before your event 1.

Event Tech Spotlight: Visualizer

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About: Visualizer provides a customisable virtual sales tour for meeting hotels and event venues. It is primarily a sales tool designed to improve conversion while attached to outgoing offers and used when meeting spaces are unavailable for viewing, but can just as well be used for marketing hotel spaces and in social media. Type of events served: Conferences Meetings Weddings Hotels and venues. Brand Events. Event Tech. Sporting Events.

How Online Donations Can Shape Your Fundraising Event Strategy

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When a hurricane strikes a coastal community, images of the destruction spread rapidly through social media. The post How Online Donations Can Shape Your Fundraising Event Strategy appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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Using Event Tech The Right Way

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How are you using event tech at your events? Automation and real-time tools can help you a lot, letting you save between 13-25% on your event. And for practical event tech, you need to know what AV to use. Are You Falling Behind on the Newest Tech?

Event Tech at IMEX America 2019

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In this edition, we bring you event tech from IMEX America! If you’ve been following Endless for a while, then you know this the one event we never miss. Press play and don’t miss a beat, it’s time to talk event tech! Facial Recognition And Events.

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IMEX America Session Preview: Events & Social Media with Mike Burns & Alex Plaxen


This year, the annual session talking points will center on a variety of themes: imagination , experiential, CSR, sustainability , wellness, and event tech. Event Marketing featuredIMEX America has released its show themes for the upcoming exhibition in September 2019, which allow attendees to explore more deeply a particularly important industry trend.

How to Use QR Codes for Your Event

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The post How to Use QR Codes for Your Event appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Promotion Event Tech QR Codes Social Media Event MarketingBarcodes have been around for decades.

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Event Tech Spotlight: EventBank

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About: EventBank is a leading cloud-based engagement management technology company that provides event organisers, agencies, marketers, businesses, chambers of commerce, associations and NGOs with solutions designed to streamline operations, modernise processes, and eliminate engagement challenges. EventBank’s innovative all-in-one management solutions consist of the best event management, membership management, email marketing, CRM, and mobile apps. Brand Events. Event Tech.

2019’s Biggest Event Tech Trends

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Event tech trends are evolving faster than ever before. These giant leaps forward impact and shape the way we execute and plan events. The event tech trends we are listing today are being used everywhere at events and behind the scenes in planning. Below you can watch Will Curran of Endless Events , Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media talk all about their favorite 2019 Event Tech Trends at GOWEST. Event Automation.

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Event Tech Spotlight: 2Heads

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As a market leader in B2B event marketing, 2heads currently powers more than 200 brand experiences in over 25 countries worldwide and operates from footholds in four international markets. Bolstered by more than 30 years of event production experience, 2heads’ proprietary event technology, EventHive®, enables brands to fully optimise the allocation of meeting rooms regardless of location, time zone and date, eliminating manual tracking. Brand Events. Event Tech.

etouches LOOPD starts selling Smart Tags and apps through social media

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etouches, a leading global provider of event management software solutions, announced today it is selling LOOPD Smart Tags and mobile event apps on the new etouches online store and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Event Technology News

Event Tech Spotlight: Embly Events

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Company name: Embly Events Web address: www.embly.events Founded: 2 nd January 2014. About: Embly Events is an all-in-one event planning platform that aims to ease the life of event planners. Embly operates in the sector of website and mobile app development, registration, on-site tech and analytics. Type of events served: Brand activations Conferences Exhibitions Festivals Incentive programmes Meetings Outdoor. Brand Events. Event Tech.

Event Tech Spotlight: Sava Events

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Company name: Sava Events Founded: 1 st December 2017 Web address: [link]. About: Sava Events is a SaaS tool created to cater to events of all sizes, types and industries. Its intuitive and simple UI will make it a breeze to set up the event, as it integrates seamlessly with the conference website, and Sava bot is one of the best chat experiences audiences can have during a conference. Brand Events. Event Tech. Sporting Events.

Using Event Tech to Create Impactful and Engaging Attendee Experiences

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The role of technology in meetings and events has moved beyond its initial purpose of simply providing convenience. While convenience is important, there’s more room now to get creative with tech offerings that will leave lasting impressions and engage audiences.

The Future of Event Tech, According to Jim Spellos

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As technology continues to push the envelope of what is capable in the meetings and events industry (hello, chatbots ) it is important that planners stay in the loop, being innovators or early adopters as Spellos calls them, to new technology developments. Though conference apps are not technically “old school,” they are an older technology format that you should already be using at your events. To say mobile is not important in the events industry is an understatement.

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Top 10 Event-Tech Trends for 2019

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The events industry is stepping into the future with certain innovations already on their way to becoming mainstream. Events are now quite a tech-driven affair. Event technology has developed leaps and bounds in past years. Read up more on facial recognition for events.

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5 Key Ways to Improve Onsite Experience with Event Tech


One of the fundamental shifts that is happening in the events industry today is a shift from passive to engaged experiences. This is largely due to the increased use of high-tech tools that enable attendance tracking, personalised check-in, and live interaction at events.

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Must-Have Event Tech: Event Registration App, Indoor Mapping and More

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Not only do you need an event registration app, you also need a pre-event marketing app and event management software. Not to mention integration with social media tools, data collection systems and analytics. By creating exciting events!

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Live Streaming Your Event 101

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We’re nerding out on how to live stream your event today! And an exceptionally exciting one for the event industry. Nowadays, there are countless options to choose from if you want to take your event to the next level. Event Live Streaming: The Audience.

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Event Tech Spotlight: One Dead Pixel

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Type of events served: Awards Brand Activations Concerts Conferences Exhibitions Experiential Festivals Galas Dinners Meetings Outdoor Sporting Events Tours. Tech provided: Apps for attendees Apps for organisers Audio visual Augmented reality Digital & creative Filming Interactive technology Live streaming Marketing New technology Projection mapping Social media Virtual reality. Brand Events. Event Tech. Sporting Events.

Top Event Tech Trends in 2019 – #EventIcons Episode 143

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We are bringing together arguably the best minds in the #eventtech and social spaces to talk all about the top event tech trends in 2019. And now for the main topic in the episode below, 2019 Event Tech Trends! Today’s episodes is one of our favorites of the year.

2019 103

The Ultimate Event-tech Trivia for Event Profs

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Event technology is on the rise. What marked the beginning of virtual events? Here’s a fun way to brush up on that event tech general knowledge. Get started with this event-tech trivia! Tech at Events. Event Tech Hub.

Event Tech in the Talks: August Edition

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Technology has become an integral part of events. Event technology adoption rates have been increasing at a tremendous rate with a lot of amazing solutions coming up in the market. Event tech companies compete in SISO innovation awards. Event technology is the future.

11 Event Tech Trends That Shaped 2018

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Yes, the event business has officially entered the realm of high-tech. From smart apps to the Internet of Things (IoT), event professionals must either master programming along with spreadsheets and CRM database building—or hire someone who does.

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Event Tech Trends 2019


The new year has begun, which can only mean one thing – time to round up the biggest event tech trends of 2019! As event technology continues to develop and be refined, it becomes easier to implement, making accessibility better than ever. Virtual Events.

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Guest Blog: What is Event Tech?

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Have you caught on to the buzz surrounding event technology but not sure what all it entails? We can’t deny that our century is a digital one, and the event industry can’t be excused from entering the era of technology. Why Event Technology Matters. Event Apps, with examples.

Boost Event Engagement Through AV Design, and Event Tech

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Event AV design isn’t just about adding color and music to your events. That’s what one Grammy pre-event party just did using event AV design, as you can read below. Remember how we’re always telling you about attendee engagement during your events?

Event Tech Success Series: Engage the Internet


In the first installment of this ongoing blog series, we are going to cover some extraordinary ideas that you can use in your events for low cost and with your existing event tech. They are based on the events we have seen over the years, and these ideas will work with any type of event whether it is not-for-profits, associations, tradeshows or corporate events. This social tactic essentially provides the added bonus of free marketing for the event.”

Event Tech Live’s ‘Launchpad’ initiative returns for another year!

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Returning for yet another year at Event Tech Live is the much sought-after Launchpad initiative, sponsored by long-term supporter, Visit by GES. A public vote prior to Event Tech Live ranks the top three entrants which are then unveiled on day one of the show. Joe Atkinson, co-founder of Lineup Ninja, commented: “Being involved in Event Tech Live’s Launchpad programme has been transformational for us. Event Technology Exhibition News Featured News

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The Most Influential Event Tech Trends for 2019 & Beyond- Part 1


The global event management software market was valued at $6.4 In less than ten years, the event tech market will nearly double. Both AR and AI have long passed the technological event horizon and are now an integral part of our lives, even if we may not always recognize it.

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Event-Tech at Winter Olympics 2018: Part-2

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In our first edition of the Event Tech at Winter Olympics 2018 series, we walked you through the tech behind the scenes. The event website , event ticketing, event app , cashless payments and more, the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games are at the top of their event tech game.

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