Automate Your Event Management Workflow with Zapier

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Ever found yourself wishing for an extra staff member to handle tedious event planning workflows? Best-of-breed tech can help you and your team save time and money, delight your attendees — and most importantly, help you scale in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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Best Event Management Conferences 2019


When you’re in the events industry, you should know the main event management conferences for 2019 so you can visit them to improve your knowledge and share your own experiences of working long hours while trying to pull off amazing corporate events for your clients.

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Avoid 2 Common Event Planning Pitfalls With These Strategies


You have a vision for what your event will look like in five or ten years. However, with insight gathered by your event technology, unexpected surprises can be minimised or avoided altogether. […].

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Planning


As Peter Drucker once said, “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” When organising a successful party or a business meeting for one of the most demanding category of event-goers, corporate staff, you need a well-laid-out plan.

How to Choose Event Management Software for Corporate Events


Tight deadlines and endless checklists no longer cause experienced corporate event managers to panic. In other words, event management software is something that helps you do more with less effort. The question “ How do I choose an event management software? ”

Common Misconceptions about GDPR in Event Planning


If you’re in the events industry, you’ve likely heard many myths and facts surrounding one of the buzziest data protection regulations, GDPR. This gave birth to a huge variety of misconceptions about GDPR compliance in the events industry. Some of event invitees are EU citizens.

Event Management Software Checklist

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Browsing the event industry news articles, I recently came across numerous technological trends being followed in the industry. A lot has changed in the recent past with the inception of tech in the events industry. Why is a checklist required for Event Management Software?

11 Tips to Choose the Best Event Management Software

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For a time it has been realized that tech is not just limited to social media presence and Microsoft office but it is a collection of innovative systematic ideas. Event Industry is not left behind in incorporating all the latest technoventions to increase the event ROI.

How Custom App Platforms can Streamline Enterprise-Level Event Management

Enterprise-grade events may have an array of objectives ranging from building connections to announcing an organizational achievement. The challenge is to cope with the hassles of managing the attendees, exhibitors, and the event as a whole. What is a custom event app platform?

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How Much Does Event Management Software Cost?

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You’re ready to trade in the excel spreadsheets, scribbled to-do lists, and room reservation Tetris for event management software. You want this: And definitely not this: Event Management Software Cost. Most event management software follows the pay-per-registrant model.

Five New Event Planning Trends to Watch in 2019


The new year is well under way, and all of us in the event space are watching out for the new trends that’ll continue to influence our work throughout 2019. Event Personalization. Events as Experiences. As an example, Event shares the emerging idea of “Emotional ‘Un-Themes.’”

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How Custom App Platforms can Streamline Enterprise-Level Event Management

Enterprise-grade events may have an array of objectives ranging from building connections to announcing an organizational achievement. The challenge is to cope with the hassles of managing the attendees, exhibitors, and the event as a whole. What is a custom event app platform?

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Top Tech Trends for Event Planning in 2019


The event planning industry is no exception. Technology is progressively changing the way events are planned and executed, what guests can do on-site, and even how events are evaluated. For event planning, AR can positively impact attendee engagement.

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Free Event Planning Tools To Make Work Easier

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Who doesn’t love a free event planning tool? One of the best free event planning tools an #eventprof can use are templates. You can avoid missing crucial event details, reduce the stress of recreating something from scratch, and hit the ground running from day one.

The biggest challenges in event management, per eleven awesome women in event tech

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In what’s now become a widely shared statistic in the industry, “event coordinator” ranks as the fifth-most stressful job in America, right up there with police and firefighters. Shirley Craven, SMMP Consultant and Managing Director, Curvebox Ltd.

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Summary of Twitter Chat on Sustainable Event Planning

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As we near the end to this year, event planners and event professionals across the globe pledge to make events more sustainable and adhere to the concept of Green Events. What comes to your mind on the first thought of planning sustainable events? .

Top Expert Tips on Government Event Management: DPRK-USA Summit Perspective


“Business, labor, and political organisations are the top three industries with a demand for event planning,” states Brandon Gaille in his article on event planning statistics. In general, we had at least two contingency plans for each scenario.”.

The Guide on Government Event Management from the Official Partner of the DPRK-USA Summit 2018


Organising a government event that is not only the talk of the town but the talk of the world could be either your worst nightmare or a knee-trembling opportunity that you can’t miss. s journey as an official tech partner of the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

The Ultimate Event Planning Guide: 9 Actionable Steps

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[link] 2019 is going to be an interesting year for event planning. New tech is driving more and more interest in announcements, trade shows are picking up pace outside of China for once, and the world of event management is getting easier and easier.

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Event Planning Guide 2019


What is event planning? Event Planning Guide. In this guide, we talk through a basic event planning template, what it means to be a planner, and how event management software can simplify your processes. What is Event Planning?

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Marketing Your Tech Conference: 5 Methods to Draw a Crowd


guest post Event Technology Event Content event planning skills event manager event marketing event tech integration

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EventBank: The Best Event Management Software for Events in China

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Entrepreneurs, organizations, and associations host events for that exact reason. Which event management software for events in China is the most equipped to serve both Western and Chinese clientele?

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6 Event Management Tips for Every Event Planner

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This is a guest post from Sarah Hill, a professional blogger and creative content writer at Group Se7en Events , a leading event management and event planning agency in London. Keep reading for top event management tactics for every event planner out there.

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Free Event Planning Template: A Step by Step Guide


Having a clear event plan will help you not only draw the path to event success, but will also give you the information and metrics you need to track in order to demonstrate your event ROI. This is a brief outline of the fundamental elements of your event.

55+ Event Planning Resources From Event Experts


If you're responsible for event organizing or marketing, you are probably over-stressed, constantly busy and lacking the resources you need to learn and grow as a professional. We have a solution for you — this guide to awesome and free event planning resources. Event roadshows.

Tips for Choosing the Right Event Management System, Event Partners and More

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Whether it’s picking out the right event management system or marketing partners for promotion, we face a dozen important decisions about our events each day. So with that in mind, we set out to give you a few tips for making the right choices for your events.

What Is The Best Event Management Software?


Event organizers now have the luxury of choosing form a variety of event software solutions. Whether you just Googled this exact question or were emailed this article as part of our blog newsletter , event organizers are asking this question more and more. Event Management

Capture Important Event Attendee Info With Custom Questions

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Every event is unique — and so is the way you sign up attendees. The post Capture Important Event Attendee Info With Custom Questions appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Tech Event Management Event Planning

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Hubilo’s All-in-One Event Management Software

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Events are no longer simple social gatherings but are now a medium of growth and development. Events have long evolved ever since their inception, the event management industry evolved with it. From registrations to networking, it was time for events to go online.

The Top 25 Event Management Twitter Users You Should Be Following

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In my time blogging about event management software and the industry as a whole, I have come across many influencers with tons of useful ideas to share. These are the top 25 event management Twitter users you ought to be following. special_events.

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What is Event Management?


However, when it comes to event management, the definition is easy. At its core, event management is the process of planning an event. It’s synonymous with event planning and meeting planning. So, what is event management?

Tips for Successful Corporate Event Planning- Learning from VOT 2018

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Events are a great way to facilitate a lot of corporate benefits. Major corporate, no matter the industry they operate in from plastics to wealth management leverage events for various purposes. THE RSVP micro-site was then integrated with their main event website.

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The Top 10 Questions to Ask When Buying Event Management Software

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Welcome to the golden age of event technology! Back in the dark ages, event marketers had a slim handful of solutions to choose from. The result was that it was difficult to find event management software that fits like a glove. What types of events am I running?

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10 Essential Music Festival Tech Gadgets


Here we look at 10 essential music festival tech gadgets festival goers are relying on to create a better experience and highlight the benefits for events. However, not all of that responsibility lies with the event manager.

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Event Planning Checklist?—?The Concise Version

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Event planners are generally in a major rush to plan and organize an event in a proper way minimizing errors. They have to face many event management challenges and overcome the hurdles to make an event a boon! When is the event? What type of event?

7 Easy Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning

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Thanks to video streaming services , companies can achieve virtual event planning without geographical constraints. Virtual events can be a standalone venture or accompany a live event. Are they more inclined to partake in virtual event planning?

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Pros and Cons: Online and On-Campus Event Management Courses

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Are you an event manager in search for event management courses? With so many options (both online and on-campus) event managers often feel overwhelmed and unsure about which route to take. Have you taken any event management courses? Hey there!

[NEW EBOOK] Event Management Technology for Dummies


Over the years, it’s become more and more apparent that the meeting and events industry is changing. Technology is vital when it comes to automating processes, increasing attendee engagement, and proving event ROI.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Your Event Planning Business

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Nearly two years ago, I worked in political journalism, writing about current events and lending my views to editorial columns. So after a period of searching, I discovered Capterra, and subsequently, an enjoyment in writing about event management software. Event Logistics.

What You’re Spending Your Event Tech Budget On This Year


We break down the event tech budgets of different planners and see where they're spending their money, from cash-strapped charities to big buck businesses. The post What You’re Spending Your Event Tech Budget On This Year appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. All At the Event Event Management Event Planning Event Trends May Event Tech Event technology