Focus on learning, not education

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For better meetings, we need to focus on learning, not education. Yes, sometimes, cultural or professional “requirements” mean we have to provide education. That’s so we can “certify” that we’ve educated attendees to some prescribed standard.

2021 Event Design Trends With Nick Borelli!

Endless Events

That’s right, Endless Events is back at it with the best content to help you navigate the 2021 landscape. Now that the new year has rolled in, event profs are eager to know the trends that will shape the months to come. Defining Event Design. New year, new trends!

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The top educational meeting format

Conferences that Work

April 2018, Meetings and Conventions Magazine Do you incorporate participatory sessions into your events? I’ve been designing and facilitating workshop-style, participatory sessions since 1992, and participants love them ! Smart conference producers incorporate participatory sessions into their events. Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post The top educational meeting format appeared first on Conferences That Work. What’s an Ideal Meeting?

We are biased against truly creative event design

Conferences that Work

A “creative” event design is one with a novel venue and/or decor and lighting and/or food and beverage. Consequently, planners restrict the entire focus of creative event design to novel visual and sensory elements. Truly creative event design We are biased against truly creative event design. “; and finally Takes a hard look at the process changes needed to develop a more effective event.

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Event design ideas inspired by my visit to Art Basel 2022

The MICE Blog

In recent years I’ve developed an interest in art, architecture and design. Through site visits, interviews and conversations, I was able to familiarise myself with prominent names and works in the architecture and design world. Sustainable stand design by Expomobilia.

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Everything You Need to Know About Event Design

The Planner's Lounge

Some planners are logistics-focused, others are planners/designers, and then some are event designers exclusively. You might be wondering what exactly an event designer does for their clients? What is the Main Job of an Event Designer?

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Getting Serious About Sustainable Event Design

Convene by PCMA

Event organizers can decide which of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals Decide which of those 17 goals are most within their reach to accomplish and aligned with the mission of their organizations. You are a business event designer.

Live From The World Education Congress, It’s #EventIcons 170!

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All the way from Toronto, we bring you the World Education Congress! If you’ve been paying attention, you know the World Education Congress just took place. Bringing together opportunities for networking and education, the MPI WEC is a perfect nest for industry professionals. So, in order to shed some light on this extraordinary event, we invited two very special guests. Follow our iconic guests live from the World Education Congress: Bob Vaez of EventMobi.

The Story Behind the Redesigned World Education Congress – #EventIcons Episode 155

Endless Events

Today we are diving into MPI’s World Education Congress. The World Education Congress (WEC) is a gathering where both MPI members and non-members alike come to gain education, network and more. The event has grown to about 2500 attendees and each year MPI is working to raise the bar. In 2018 MPI’s World Education Congress had a complete overhaul. The hard work resulted in an even better World Education Congress. World Education Congress 2019.

The “Why” Is the Most Important Aspect Of Event Design

Maritz Global Events

There is a core truth that we may sometimes forget: people come to your events for their own reasons, not yours. Even if you have the latest and greatest bells and whistles, your event won’t reach its full potential if it fails to focus on the value to the individual and their “why.” ” Understanding “why” they want to come can help you design an experience that will get them there and keep them coming back year after year. Education.

Gamification makes about as much sense as chocolate-dipped broccoli

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Gamification “makes about as much sense as chocolate-dipped broccoli” Education professor Amy Bruckman , coined this analogy in a 1999 paper on game software design: “Most attempts at making software both educational and fun end up being neither.

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Event Design – Open Lecture Series

Event Industry News

Event design and its intersection with event technologies is an often discussed topic amongst event professionals. Those professionals wanting to know more about event design and technology have the opportunity to attend a series of free lectures at the University of Westminster this autumn. The lecture series sees eight experts exploring various design and technical approaches to creating immersive live experiences.

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Bring More Creativity to Your Event Design


An IMEX educational session outlines the steps to leveraging and nurturing all potential sources of good ideas. In an inflatable meeting space on the edge of IMEX America's massive exhibit floor, James Morgan, a senior lecturer at England's University of Westminster, presented recent research that focuses on ways event planners can bring more creativity to sessions with educational objectives, and to those with entertainment objectives.

2018 76

The Meetings Show reveals education programme to assist delegates wherever they are

Event Industry News

The Meetings Show ’s education programme has been unveiled and is set to assist event professionals to navigate the challenging times, no matter where they are. Detail of the full education programme can be accessed here. .

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Event Design is how it works

Conferences that Work

Design is how it works” is the favorite thing Apple software engineer Ken Kocienda heard Steve Jobs say. Here’s Steve: “Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it [a product] looks like. People think it’s this veneer—that the designers are headed this box and told, “Make it look good!” ” That’s not what we think design is. Design is how it works.

Event Layouts 101 – Complete Guide for Amazing Event Design

Planning Pod

Every successful event professional knows that behind almost every successful event is a well-considered event layout plan that takes into account the purpose of the event itself and the characteristics of your event space while enhancing the overall attendee experience. For instance, have you ever attended an event that just felt claustrophobic or not laid out right? Establishing your event purpose and priorities upfront.

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Event Designer, Preston Bailey, hosting first ever PB Live!

Event Industry News

World-renowned event design icon, Preston Bailey, is heading to the storybook setting that is The Legacy Castle in Pompton Plains, New Jersey for the first ever PB Live. The conference, scheduled for August 13-15 th , 2019, is designed to educate industry professionals in everything needed to plan and design a successful event from start to finish. Not to mention, attendees will have hands-on work including executing and installing lavish floral designs.

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Insight and Inspiration at PCMA’s Education Conference

PCMA Convene

They’re all topics that will be explored by a handful of speakers during PCMA’s Education Conference , June 10–13, in Cleveland. The four experts addressing those subjects have been interviewed by Convene and are representative of the diverse line-up of presenters covering a wide range of topics over the three-day program — all with an eye toward inspiring event professionals, no matter the industry or profession they serve. Event Design PCMA Education Conference

Caesars’ New Event Design Partner Emphasizes Personal Engagement

Smart Meetings

Sure, Caesars Entertainment was drawn to Event Design Collective ’s expertise and worldwide success in establishing a partnership that will offer a free certificate program to 1,000 meeting professionals and Caesar’s team members. But what piqued Caesars’ interest—and what differentiates it from some other event design programs—is the strong emphasis on personal interaction and engagement. Now, their task is to design a real-life event.

Six fundamental ways to make a better conference

Conferences that Work

Related posts: Participation techniques you can use in conference sessions Here’s the summary handout for my workshop on participation techniques you can use in conference sessions that I’ll be leading at MPI’s World Education Congress 2011.

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Education and advocacy for GMID 2018

Plan Your Meetings

Thursday, April 12, 2018, is Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID), a dedicated date to focus on and promote the meeting and event industry and enhance your planning skills through free or low-cost professional education (it’s time to get more strategic in your planning). This will include educational discussions with experts as well as partners from IAEE, IACC, PSAV and more. event in Atlanta (3:30 p.m.) There are so many events you can join this GMID.

2018 28

What the Revolution in Online Education Can Teach Us About Digital Experiences

PCMA Convene

Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun (left) and Wired magazine’s executive editor, Nick Thompson, discuss online education during a recent Facebook live conversation. But in many instances, online education offered “a mediocre experience,” he said.

2020 57

Competent logistics are the new meeting minimum

Conferences that Work

My work at a pre-con is different from that of a typical meeting planner since I focus on the meeting’s design and facilitation. The deficiencies of meeting planning textbooks and education. In my opinion, meeting planner education is deficient.

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A class is a meeting

Conferences that Work

Though I don’t teach college anymore, I’m interested in educational class design because a class is a meeting. And much of what we can do to design great meetings is applicable to college classes too. Event design Learning participation

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Look Who’s Talking at PCMA Education Conference 2017

PCMA Convene

When PCMA Education Conference 2017 opens at the New York Marriott Marquis in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on Sunday afternoon, attendees can expect to encounter something new — maybe just a tad uncomfortably so. From the physical space to the schedule to the interactive session designs, EduCon has been designed to push boundaries, even as it lets in a little fresh air and breathing room, according to Carrie Johnson, PCMA’s director of education content.

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4 Reasons Why Now is Ideal to Invest in Your Event Team’s Professional Education

Event Leadership Institute

But between that sense of nostalgia and everything that has changed post-COVID, it’s not only an excellent time to think about helping your event team learn – it’s imperative. Let’s face it – those in the events and meetings industry thrive when we’re together face-to-face.

2020 77

A Higher Meetings Education: Future-Proof Your Career


Today’s intense focus on key performance indicators, event-tech stacks and designing brilliant experiences has made the need for advanced education—from a university, association or DIY commitment—almost a requisite for getting hired…and for thriving. Smart Meetings talked to industry experts about why certification has become so essential, the commitment required and specific areas where event professionals are focusing to achieve their A-game.

New to Live Online Events? Here’s Your Plan

Picatic by Eventbrite

If you’re finding yourself pivoting to online events in the wake of the COVID-19 quarantine, you may be feeling nervous about how to get it right. Resources and Tools Event Design Facebook Instagram Livestreaming Youtube

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Beach Days at MPI’s World Education Congress

PCMA Convene

More than 2,000 attendees descended on Atlantic City this past June 11–14 for three days of education and networking. The original venue for its 2016 World Education Congress (WEC), the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, was now unavailable because the Democratic National Convention would be held there in summer 2016. It was serendipitous,” said Michael Massari, senior vice president of meetings and events for Caesars Entertainment.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Online Education Programs

PCMA Convene

From certification courses to employee training modules to livestreamed conference content, professionals from every industry and every age bracket are embracing online education opportunities. We are very dependent on our members as subject-matter experts, and they’re really engaged in the review and assessment process of each [online] course,” said Kelly Ricker, CMP, senior vice president of events and education for CompTIA. “It Development Event Design Online

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Participant experience design — moving from the old to new event world

The MICE Blog

One of the presentations that highly inspired me to think differently about event design took place in 2019 at the MICE Forum at ITB Berlin (Organised by VDVO ). The conference programme was designed to highlight the importance of the individual who is the centre of every live event.

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A class is a meeting

Conferences that Work

Though I don’t teach college anymore, I’m interested in educational class design because a class is a meeting. And much of what we can do to design great meetings is applicable to college classes too. Event design Learning participation

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Did anyone learn anything?

Conferences that Work

I greatly enjoy participating in EventTech Chat , “a weekly conversation about meeting and event technology, including software, hardware, and audiovisual for in-person and online events” hosted by pals Brandt Krueger and Glenn Thayer. The meeting is over.

2021 314

Stop treating adults like children at your conferences

Conferences that Work

The key cultural reason why broadcast methods remain firmly embedded in our children’s education is the sheer quantity of knowledge that society — for whatever reasons — is determined to cram into young heads during formal education. Event design adults children play Post It!

2020 305

Five ways explicit communication improves meetings

Conferences that Work

I’ve been at too many event parties where loud music was inescapable. These days I often pass on event parties because I can’t hear anyone over the music. Many events do this— but few tell attendees they have the option!

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Working with suppliers and practitioners at meetings

Conferences that Work

Over the years I’ve designed and facilitated hundreds of meetings. By “practitioners” I mean the folks who do what the meeting is about; e.g., doctors at a medical event or scientists at a conservation conference. What happens when suppliers attend event sessions.

2022 249

Hub and spoke meetings

Conferences that Work

Ever since my first encounter with the hybrid hub and spoke meeting topology at Event Camp Twin Cities in 2011, I’ve been a big fan of the format. Hub and spoke is an event network topology. The hub event and each pod may be either in-person or online.

2021 297

The Event Leadership Institute in Partnership with Meeting Professionals International Launches New Pandemic Meeting & Event Design Online Certificate Course

Event Leadership Institute

August 6, 2020 – As meeting and event professionals continue to grapple with the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Event Leadership Institute (ELI) – the long-time leader in professional development programs for event & meeting professionals – has developed a new online certificate course in partnership with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide.

2020 40

Any questions? Rethinking traditional Q&A

Conferences that Work

Related posts: Participation techniques you can use in conference sessions Here’s the summary handout for my workshop on participation techniques you can use in conference sessions that I’ll be leading at MPI’s World Education Congress 2011. Designing Participation Into Your Meetings No, that’s not me up on the stage, and that’s not the kind of session I’ll be leading next Tuesday, May 22, at the MPI New England 2012 Northeast Education.

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A standing invitation for event and hospitality teachers

Conferences that Work

? ? Here’s a standing invitation for event and hospitality teachers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, much education has moved online. A freewheeling Ask Me Anything about meeting design that delivers optimal learning, connection, engagement, and action outcomes?