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How These Top Event Pros Are Fighting Sexual Misconduct at Festivals


A group of seasoned Los Angeles DJs and event planners have created Soteria, a safe-space initiative for large-scale events such as Coachella

How to Convert Event Traffic into Web Traffic

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// A successful event is one where your audience is engaged and where this engagement translates into the kind of conversions you want to see.

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How to Make Your Event More Inclusive


Over the past few years, as a society, we’ve become more understandable and respectful regarding the differences that make us human. What matters most nowadays is how open and accepting we are with multiple levels of diversity (luckily

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How to Double Event Traffic Using Email Newsletters


Effective email newsletters are the result of reaching a measurable final goal. Efficiency criteria (KPI) can be: delivery rate and viewing, customer performance of targeted actions, number of conversions, click-through rate/open rate, average check rate, and more. What is an email newsletter?

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

How to Plan the Best Event in 10 Stress-Free Steps

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Wondering how to plan an event? Sure, thinking about it can feel a bit like trying to study alchemy. You start with just a vision and a budget, then you turn it into an event full of guests and moving parts. Depending on the type of event, tons of details are going to vary. But no matter what, there are usually ten steps you can count on in the journey from idea to shindig. Here we’ve rounded up those steps, along with plenty of tried and true tips for planning an event. Good luck!

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How to Get Your Attendees to Use Appointment Booking Technology


As the saying goes, “A tool is only as good as the person using it.”. One of the most popular event technology tools used to increase attendee networking is appointment booking.

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Private government

Conferences that Work

As someone who loves to facilitate connection between people, I was struck by this New Yorker profile of the philosopher Elizabeth Anderson.

‘Color Me CORT’ Dazzles in Dallas (Sponsored)


CORT Events was bigger and bolder than ever before at its Dallas V.I.P. event. Hosted at Venue Forty|50 in Addison, Texas, CORT Events displayed a wide array of on-trend products during an evening of daring design and spectacular entertainment.

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How Public Transit Nightmares Fueled the Fire of a Fan-Favorite Event

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Everyone who relies on their city’s public transit has a story to tell. And for the last decade, San Franciscans shared their shocking, heartwarming, and laugh-‘til-you-cry stories at Muni Diaries Live, a live storytelling event.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Tech Tuesday: The Top 18 Social Media Tools to Help Promote Your Event


As the most effective marketing tool, social media holds the power to help planners promote their meetings and events. But curating graphics, posts, and engaging with your audience on all your different social channels can be very time-consuming.

25 Budget-Friendly & Beautiful Event Centerpiece Ideas

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Whether you’re rocking the corporate AmEx or pinching pennies in your own personal account, there are lots of stylish wedding and event centerpiece ideas to choose from. You will find that a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to event decor. Which is why we encourage you to use these ideas as a jumping off point – feel free to customize or reinvent each vision in any way you choose!

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Introducing Bright Line: Interactive & VR Experiences For Events

Endless Events

If you haven’t heard of interactive and VR experiences for events, you haven’t been paying attention. Here at Endless, we’ve been covering a lot of topics related to this. And we did so because of the possibilities these new technologies bring to the world of events!

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How to Market Your Family-Friendly Event to Today’s Parents

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According to Eventbrite research, 64% of all millennials are attending more daytime, family-suitable events on the weekend compared to just five years ago. But don’t let that fool you into thinking attracting them to your events will be easy.

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Practical Advice on How to Make Your B2B Event Memorable

Eventtia recently ranked event planning as the 6th most stressful job in its 2019 survey. The task required to pull off an event successfully are a tough and demanding job, even for the most seasoned event marketer. Event Planning

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The Complete Wedding Planner Cost Guide

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According to a recent newlywed report , of all the couples getting married in 2019, 27% of them will hire a wedding planner. And the wedding planning service most frequently requested in recent years is day-of coordination. Which explains why love birds are paying an average of only $1,850 on a wedding planner for their big day. But that number might not be accurate for your unique wedding needs.

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From Passion to Project: Dining Out on Sustainability at the Waste Not Supper Club


Jo Verney loved bringing the community together through her not-for-profit cafe, but she didn’t like the leftover food. She tried to solve the problem alongside her two business partners at The Umbrella Cafe in Whitstable, Kent, Caroline Mumford and Jenny Freer. “We

How Effective Editorial Content Creates Buzz for Your Live Shows

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Sharing compelling editorial content on your social media channels will keep fans engaged — even during lulls in ticket sales. The post How Effective Editorial Content Creates Buzz for Your Live Shows appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Music Music Marketing Social Media Marketing

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This is How You Can Use Audio Branding for Your B2B Event


Audio branding can be essential in differentiating your event brand from the rest. So don’t miss this opportunity and start applying it today. This article will show you how. Event Marketing

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The Most Efficient Wedding Planning Checklist

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Whether you have a year and a half or only six months to plan your wedding, this wedding planning checklist will help you organize and make decisions without all the unnecessary stress. Here’s how to start planning a wedding, with a checklist beginning 6 to 9 months out.

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4 Common Event Planning Challenges (and How Event Management Software Can Help)


When a planner looks ahead to the future, there's often several big, exciting ideas they have in mind for their meetings or events. But these ideas are often overshadowed by all too common event planning challenges. Event Technology featured

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14 Surprising Stats About the Canadian Events Industry

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The Canadian events industry is a melting pot of culture, passion, and creativity. Your event is just one of many experiences attendees schedule into their weeks. With so many event planning tasks, it can be hard to take a step back from the action and get a bird’s eye view of the industry.

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4 Steps to Developing Your Event Promotion Plan


Concert, fundraiser, conference, or 5k - no matter what type of event, your main goal is to get people to show up. That’s a LOT of pressure! Even if it’s an event you’ve been hosting for years, there’s a lot about event planning that makes attendance unpredictable.

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Eventtia Tips. Upgrade the User Experience of Your Attendees


Although essential for their overall satisfaction, the user experience of your attendees doesn’t depend completely on you. However, you can influence it by taking certain actions. Find out more by reading this article. Event Planning

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The 9 Types of Events That Drive Sales


Events have never been more important to the world of marketing and business. In fact, 80% of marketers believe events are critical to their company’s success, and 65% of attendees say live events have helped them gain a better understanding of a product or service. Event Management featured

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We’re Loving These 3 Experience Trends on Eventbrite this Month

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Eventbrite, which powered 3.9 million events in 170 countries last year, sees all types of unique experiences across the globe. Among the wealth of experiences, which event trends have been standing out?

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Implementing Experience Design in Small, Yet Powerful Ways


Post authored by Jennifer George Lion, CMP, PMP. The term “experience design” is thrown around a lot in the meetings and events industry. But does everyone who uses it truly understand how to apply the concept to their events? I want to demystify this term for many of you.

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The biggest challenges in event management, per eleven awesome women in event tech

Event Industry News

In what’s now become a widely shared statistic in the industry, “event coordinator” ranks as the fifth-most stressful job in America, right up there with police and firefighters.

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Create Experiential Moments That Bring Your Meetings to Life


According to software company Atlassian , employees attend about 62 meetings per month—50 percent of which are considered a waste of time.

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How Video Switchers Work – Whiteboard Wednesday

Endless Events

It’s time for another Whiteboard Wednesday, so take a sit and let’s talk switch…ers. Video switchers, to be more precise. Yes, this week’s episode is all about this small piece of equipment that you may or may not know you have!

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Know Your Event Numbers, Grow Your Event Numbers: How to Use Data to Scale Your Events


There’s an old business adage: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Here’s one that takes this a bit further, something that event managers should think about: You can’t grow your event numbers if you don’t know event numbers. Event Technology

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Off To Work Event Photography Awards 2019 – Winners Unveiled

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Picture: Andrew Billington’s charming private events category winner ‘Multi-tasking’ triumphs at highly enjoyable Off To Work Event Photography Awards. The winners of the Off To Work Event Photography Awards 2019 (EPAs) were unveiled on Tuesday 14th May at a highly enjoyable awards evening at No.4

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35 Awesome Summer Event Decor Ideas

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Regardless of whether your summer events are for friends or colleagues, there are plenty of seasonal decor options available for both your summer event theme and budget. Use these 35 inventive and practical summer event decor ideas to kick start your season. Explore summer event decor ideas 1. Whale print table runners Or whale print anything really! Whale watching is a fun part of summertime festivities if you live near the ocean.

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