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The stressful job of an event professional

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I was asked my GEVME a great event marketing and management platform to contribute to an article about relieving stress before an event. The advice from the experienced planners is very useful in removing pre event stress from the stressful job of an event professional.

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Why I Loved Being an Event Planner


“ Event planner ” can be such an all-encompassing title that can be applied to so many sectors, leaving a person with countless opportunities to fall in love with the job.

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The Good News About Procrastination

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If you keep beating yourself up about putting off an important project, Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of “Give and Take, Originals,” and with Sheryl Sandberg, “Option B,” suggests you ease up. Here’s what he has to say: Photo Credit Adobe Stock. Tell me if anything was ever done.”

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Common Misconceptions about GDPR in Event Planning


If you’re in the events industry, you’ve likely heard many myths and facts surrounding one of the buzziest data protection regulations, GDPR. When the news about GDPR shook the world in 2016, most businesses were in the dark about how to handle it.

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

The creative event design tool that all #eventprofs should use

Conferences that Work

Here’s a powerful tool you can use to generate creative event designs. You can use this tool for every aspect of event design. Stylists working on the look and feel of an event often use it to stimulate fresh thinking about the venue, the décor, the lighting, the food and beverage, entertainment, and so on. Rarely, however, is this tool used to design events that creatively incorporate, illuminate, and support core desires and outcomes for the meeting.

15 Fresh Ideas for Flower Walls


Floral backdrops have become almost ubiquitous at events. The intricate, eye-catching designs can offer colorful backdrops for step-and-repeats and photo

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Onsite Check-in Capabilities for Corporate Events


Whether it’s a conference or a trade fair, most types of corporate events rely on technologies that help reduce wait times and eliminate hardware errors on the ground. As one of the principal stages of an event lifecycle, onsite check-in has the power to shape the mood of the event’s attendees.

How to Create a User Conference that Increases Attendee Networking


As an event technology consultant for EventMobi, I speak to hundreds of event planners every month who need guidance on how to create a User Conference.

Facial Recognition and Events: A Comprehensive Guide (2018)


Facial recognition is a powerful technology and can be used to improve events in many ways, from speeding up check-in to enhancing security, and personalizing the experience. This complete guide explains everything event professionals need to know about facial recognition technology and events.

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9 Shareable "Surprise-and-Delight" Ideas From Events and Promotions


In the age of tying a Twitter or Instagram hashtag to a certain event or promotion, brands have found that

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Using the Power of Storytelling and Communication to Create Successful Events


The time is ripe to disrupt not an industry but a discipline. That discipline is communication. The disruptor is really good storytelling.

Tips for Using Event Gamification to Boost Attendee Learning & Engagement


The desire to educate or inform attendees is a common event goal for many event planners.

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17 Meeting Ideas to Encourage Learning Retention


Meetings are a necessity in terms of everyday working life and also creating smaller gatherings or workshops as part of a larger business event can be fruitful if done right.

8 Expert Proven Tips for Organizing a Successful Event


A successful event is as much an art as it is a science. Art - it requires your expressive and visionary aspect to attract the present audience. Science - it needs a calculative and keen eye to pull things off on budget, yet keeping the success formula intact.

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Are You Designing for Goosebumps?

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Allie Mahler and Scott Weiss, partners at consulting firm Community by Design, spend a lot of time thinking about the marriage of design thinking with community design, designing for movements, and experience design, Weiss said.

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Hubilo awarded with 2018 Great User Experience and Rising Star for Event Management Software by FinancesOnline

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Hubilo is proud to announce that FinancesOnline — a top software listing and review platform has awarded us with the Great User Experience and Rising Star award. Finances Online has listed Hubilo in the online event management system category.

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16 Illuminating Neon Event Ideas


Thought neon was left in the 80s? Turns out it’s making a comeback, and not just on the clubbing scene. The neon theme is being incorporated into various events, from corporate to kids parties so it’s time to get on board.

Best Online Resources for Caterers


The internet is buzzing these days with all kinds of content. Things are constantly changing in the hospitality industry and it can be hard finding the right resources to help your business.

Design Thinking: An Event Strategists’ Toolkit

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Allie Mahler, founder of Community by Design, leading a workshop in New York City.

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The Best Ways to Promote Your Events


Promotion is a critical part of any event and requires creativity and some advanced planning. To create the perfect promotion plan, there are a few things to keep in mind. When deciding on how to promote your event, the main factors are time and money.

eventcore Brings Advanced Registration to Your Event [Review]


eventcore is a solid event registration tool for corporate events. Here is our review. Let’s start this review by saying that eventcore has been around for 34 years. It is a company that you may know of if you’ve worked on very demanding events that require sophisticated registration tools.

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How To Make Your Event Proposal Stand Out

Event Planning BluePrint

Every event planner knows the importance of writing a good proposal. Putting your ideas down on paper and presenting your vision and budget to the client are a necessary part of earning new business.

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How Singaporean Students Are Leading the Business-Events Industry

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Students took to the stage at Convening Leaders. Most associations have a student delegation at their conferences.

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The Business of Events: Marketing Your Mobile Event App


If you want to successfully market your mobile event app, you have to be organized. Follow these three steps to stay on track. Prepare. Creating a plan ahead of time will help lead to better mobile event app adoption. . Design website banners that read “Download This App Now.”.

Meeting Destination Selection: 10 Questions To Ask Your CVB


This is a sponsored post by Meetings + Conventions Calgary. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) can be incredibly helpful in site selection and support in making your event happen in their destination.

Tech and AV Design Tips For The Best Audience Experience

Endless Events

Every eye-popping event is backed by a superb AV team, without exception. That’s why this time around, we’re sharing a few tech and AV design tips as well as a few other event industry tricks. We also dive into different event types events and how to manage them.

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Why A Popular Tech Gathering Might be Heading to Canada Soon

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Paddy Cosgrave, Founder & CEO of Collision and Web Summit, on Centre Stage at Collision 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Stephen McCarthy / Collision / Sportsfile.

Unlock Why Attendees No-Show: 6 Questions for Post-Event Surveys


When working in the event space, you come to realize that not every event is going to be a smash with attendance. You’ll hear a lot of reasons to explain no-show absences but usually it just comes down to a lack of time, money, or even interest. event planning event registration conference

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Online Registration: 8 Quick Tips to Register Your Attendees with Ease


Here’s the deal: People want their internet experiences to be quick and effortless (everything from reading an article to watching a video or shopping). If you can’t give your attendees a positive online registration experience, your event has failed before it’s even started.

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Five Appetizer Ideas to Elevate Your Event


At Floktu, we could talk about food all day long, so we were thrilled to get the chance to research some beautiful, convenient, and tasty appetizer ideas to inspire your next event. Don’t let you guests go home hungry! Edible Centerpieces.

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Does Your Meeting Really Need an App?

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Several years ago, Cambridge Innovation Institute thought it was moving to the cutting-edge of event planning by adopting a conference app for its events.

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Event Registration: The 2018 Guide


Event registrations are the foundation of all event KPIs. Learn everything you need to know about event registrations in this comprehensive guide. The objective of all events, no matter the topic nor the industry, is to bring people together.

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Satisfy Your Craving For a Successful Mobile Event App


You want to go mobile, great! But choosing a mobile event app provider can be tricky. There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. Are you new to the field and not sure what to look for in a mobile event app?

Tips for Hosting A Royal Wedding Viewing Party

All Seated

The Royal Wedding excitement continues! Recently we spoke with Meghan Ely (a true Royal Wedding enthusiast) of OFD Consulting to share her Royal Wedding Predictions in terms of the details and decor. She is back today to offer us tips for hosting a Royal Wedding Viewing Party!

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Convene Survey: What You Like — and Don’t Like — About Business Travel

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As part of their jobs, business-event organizers hit the road, a lot. Three quarters of respondents to a recent Convene survey travel for work a minimum of every other month; of them, 21 percent said business travel takes them away from home twice a month.