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Dealing with protesters at an event

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How would you cope with protesters or demonstrators at your event? The world is watching our events. Our conferences, exhibitions and dinners can be magnets for protesters and demonstrators. How to respond to a situation like this is something most event organisers have never even considered.

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How to Create Personalized Experiences Before, During and After an Event


Amazon was an early pioneer. Now brands like Netflix, Stitch Fix, Spotify, Pandora, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and many others have embraced the idea to great success.

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11 Promotional Tools for Event Marketing


Are you looking to drive event registration? What about maximizing your event marketing campaigns?

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5 Non-Work Events That Event Managers Get Stuck Planning

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Event planning never seems to go away — even on your days off. You might shut off your work email, but somehow you always get roped into planning in your free time. The school bake sale, your friend’s baby shower, or the community walk-a-thon — you name it, you’ve (begrudgingly) planned it.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Event design changes society

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Event design may be more important than you think. I’m going to argue that event design changes society. And I’ve got legendary communications theorist Marshall McLuhan and computer scientist Alan Kay on my side!

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How to Market Your Venue to Aim at Corporate Event Planners


Every event planner should know how to market an event venue to make it a success. Corporate event planners are a separate industry segment that seeks out top-notch enterprise venue solutions. . Key reasons to market your event venue.

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PCMA EduCon Los Angeles 2019

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PCMA EduCon took place in Los Angeles in June 2019 and I was lucky enough to be asked to mentor the attendees of PCMA’s Homeless Hackathon and to present a session on online events. . What a packed few days.

New on Attendease: Image Gallery & Carousel Content Blocks


Using compelling images on your event website is a simple, effective way to make a statement. When people consider whether or not to attend an event they are thinking about the experience. What will I learn? Who will I meet? How will I benefit?

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How to Identify Event App Security Breaches and Other Threats


Introduction. Data is an integral component of your event. As a planner, you collect information about everything, from venue specifics and budgets to registrant details and vendor contracts. You preside over all kinds of private, personal and sensitive data from attendees, including email addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

10 Creative Charity Fundraising Event Ideas


The fastest way to earn money for charity is to organise a charity event. However, the professional organisation of a charity fundraising campaign is a long process that requires a lot of detailed preparation. Let’s find out more about charity fundraising events. A bout charity fundraising events.

Technology And Events: Are We Falling Behind?

Endless Events

Over the course of this podcast, we’ve obviously focused immensely on technology and events. Everything from automation to facial recognition , and machine learning. You name it, we have done an episode on it.

Event Heroes: How ShowPad is Driving Sales Enablement with Events


Each month we interview an events professional who is breaking the mold. This month we spoke with Elina Jutelyté —the senior events manager at Showpad—about accelerating event growth, scaling a global events strategy, and identifying and building events that bring the best ROI.

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From a YP: Tips to Promote Your Event to Young Professionals


Planning an event is exciting and thinking about all your attendees is just as thrilling! But first you have to get them there. You generally want people from all ages to attend and one of the most elusive audiences can be young professionals (ages 23-29).

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3 Big Steps to Build a Data-Fueled ABM Strategy


Why is everyone talking about ABM? It’s because 87% of B2B marketers have agreed that ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing activities.

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8 Floral-Pattern Furniture Items for Rent


These linens, cushions, rugs, and more boast eye-popping floral patterns and shapes

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How to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel with Events


Looking for ways to optimize your marketing funnel? Check out how events can play a leading role in your conversion strategy. Here’s the scoop.

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How to Use Conversion Pixel and Analyze the Attendee Acquisition Costs


What’s it like to plan an event while blindfolded? Unthinkable, you’d say. But what if I told you that this is how you’ve been planning events all this time? Event Planning

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31 Best Ways to Sell Tickets for Your Event


Want to sell more event tickets? Of course you do. Many of us can’t count on selling out at every event. We get that. We also understand how difficult it can be to stay abreast of best practices and new strategies. There are a lot of things involved. Here are just a few of the […]. The post 31 Best Ways to Sell Tickets for Your Event by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link]. Tips selling tickets EventProfs marketing tips eventmanagement ticket selling

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5 Ways Volunteers Have a Direct Impact on Your Event's Reputation


You plan for months for the big day. But the real payoff comes afterwards, when your event receives rave reviews, word of your successful event spreads, and everyone looks forward to next year. But whether or not your event gets a positive reputation depends on your volunteers.

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12 Imaginative Events from Salesforce


Salesforce and its subsidiaries are known for producing incredible events. Take a look at these 12 examples and learn how you can supercharge your own event strategy. Salesforce is the trailblazing company behind some of the world's most innovative cloud software solutions.

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Trade Show Promotion Ideas that Will Boost Ticket Sales


Your trade show is just a few months away and you're knee-deep in the stages of planning your biggest or smallest event of the year. To make sure your event is a success, you will need a great marketing and promotional strategy to increase attendance and boost ticket sales.

Tech Tuesday: 4 Social Selling Tech Tools


Did you know that ROI is two times higher from social selling campaigns than email marketing or cold-calling? Or that according to 75 percent of customers, social media is part of their buying process? Event Marketing Event Technology featured

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Swapcard Event Platform to Launch Podcast on July 15

Event Age by Swapcard

The Paris-based event app and matchmaking platform, Swapcard, announces that it will be releasing a new podcast for event professionals. Press Release

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Everything you need to build an incredible field marketing event with Bizzabo


Elevate your next field marketing event with targeted emails, beautifully designed landing pages, and an on-site experience that will wow attendees. Here’s the full story.

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Planning Knowledge Sessions at Trade Shows the Right Way


If there was an event planning complexity scale, trade shows would be on the top. With multilayered logistics and countless aspects to consider, this type of event can easily classify as one of most difficult to plan and run. Event Planning

4 Risks of Using Spreadsheets to Store Your Volunteer Data


Using a spreadsheet software program can serve its purpose in some capacities, but managing and storing your volunteer data is not one of them! Below we'll discuss the inherent risks of using spreadsheets to store your volunteer data. Duplicate copies.

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Want to Transform Your Events Into a Powerful Lead Generator? Read on…

Hubilo Blog

Lead generation can be considered as the most efficient way to create enormous traffic, increase sales, and higher conversion rates. When you zero in your attention towards lead generation, it can prove to be a milestone for your brand.

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The View from The Shard launches breakfast meetings 300m above London.

Event Industry News

Event bookers can now take over levels 68, 69 & 72 of The View from The Shard exclusively for breakfast meetings, morning networking events and briefings. .

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The Event Planner’s Guide to Vienna Venues


Home of Mozart and Sigmund Freud, Vienna is regarded as one of the world’s top music and cultural destinations. In fact, it’s this music and culture that has helped Vienna consistently rank the number one city for quality of living in the world. Meetings Management Travel & Hospitality featured

Have You Traced Every Footstep in the Attendee Journey?

PCMA Convene

Greg Bogue speaks in early June at a PCMA Midwest Chapter event in Oakbrook, Illinois. At Educon, Bogue discussed how “journey mapping” helps event pros see their attendees’ complete experiences. Greg Bogue doesn’t believe anyone just “plans” meetings.

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Insights from The Lord of Events?-?QnA with Jason Allan Scott

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It’s not an everyday occurrence for a person to be voted not just as a successful entrepreneur but also as a people person and an expert in the events industry.

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The Buck Stops Here: The Life of a Strategic Events Manager


If you’ve ever wondered who plans the events for an event management company, look no further. Let us introduce you to Dan Potter, Senior Strategic Events Manager at Maritz Global Events.

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