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Normal is Over(rated) – For Now

Velvet Chainsaw

This is a guest post by Joy S. Davis, CAE, based on an email she sent to me after reading Lisa Block’s recent post, “I Am Sorry, But We Are Not All Fine.” Joy is Managing Director, Member Products, for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

2020 375

Lockdown 2.0: What We’ve Learnt About Online Events so far


By Joel Crouch, GM Europe at Eventbrite The UK has entered a second national lockdown, and in-person events are on pause once again.

2020 112

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Virtual Events Are Not the Enemy — Superspreader Events Are


The event industry is facing an existential crisis that may continue for several years. While many insiders bicker online about the value of face-to-face versus virtual, the task of going back to live events becomes more challenging. The culprit? Superspreader events. Let’s be honest.

2020 191

Event Marketing Supercharged: Eventbrite Joins Forces with ToneDen

Picatic by Eventbrite

We know that reaching new customers and building your community of ticket buyers is crucial to your events business. Our suite of event marketing tools has made it easy for thousands of creators to publish and promote their events all in one place.

2020 285

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

He can only do Segar

Conferences that Work

How does what someone says about me myself influence my life. Who am I really? How can I be myself? What does it even mean to “be myself”? The school play. Educated during our teens to be total nerds , we had little time for anything but science and math at Dulwich College.

2020 192

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Why Destination Partners Are Crucial for the Return to Live Events


Event planners have more to worry about than ever, but destinations can be an essential ally in the safe path to recovery: Their connection to the local community can translate to added layers of convenience, safety, and reliability.

2020 155

Free Tools to Uplevel Your Event Business

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Planning and hosting exciting events has never been more challenging, but bringing things back to basics can help. If you’re looking to uplevel your event business, it’s critical to make sure that you’re performing as best as you possibly can every step of the way.

2020 274

Keeping Your Teams and Attendees Engaged in Future Meetings


Eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all of us are feeling fatigued by Zoom and similar virtual platforms. We are struggling to stay consistently engaged and motivated in the meetings and events hosted there.

2020 99

Presenters & Attendees: Creating A Smooth Virtual Experience

Endless Events

Virtual events might not be something completely new at this point. But people everywhere are still learning how to navigate all the tech aspects that go into it.

2020 98

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

The Future of Event Security is Data Privacy


Overcoming the risk of Covid-19 is the real dealbreaker for event safety in 2020, but what does handling this threat entail and what is the most effective strategy for doing so without neglecting other security concerns?

2020 136

Outdoor Venues, Social Distancing, and COVID-19 Compliance Plans: One Producer’s Tips for Hosting Safe In-Person Food & Drink Events

Picatic by Eventbrite

Late this summer, Kate Levenstien was accomplishing something most food and drinks event planners couldn’t imagine happening in 2020: watching a live event she’d planned happen safely. How did Levenstien manage to successfully host her festival, given the nature of food and beverage events?

How to Write an Effective Virtual Event Sponsorship Proposal


Looking to secure sponsors for your next virtual event? Writing an effective sponsorship proposal is the key to standing out to your potential partners. Finding event sponsorships is one of the top challenges among event marketers.

9 Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas Your Family Will Love!

Endless Events

2020 has been tough on all of us. Lockdowns, quarantines, masks, not being able to see our loved ones…it takes a toll. But human beings are nothing if not resilient!

2020 93

Restrictions into Opportunities: How to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Speaker: Patrick Cottrell and Joe English

Whether your state allows outdoor dining, takeout only, or a little bit of both, we're here to help. Join Patrick Cottrell and Joe English from Sculpture Hospitality, for a webinar on Jan. 26th, and get your restaurant to thrive in face of pandemic restrictions

Ticketmaster Leads Event Tech Companies in Screening for Tests and Vaccines


Ticketmaster is looking at how to use its ticketing app in partnership with health firms and vaccine distribution providers to verify attendees' testing or vaccination status. What are the implications for events?

2020 128

Events Industry Report: Reopening Updates, Restrictions, and Creative Safety Measures

Picatic by Eventbrite

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, in-person events — at least as we once knew them — remain at a standstill throughout much of the US. Some states saw a brief reprieve and relaxed restrictions in the summer, only to be followed by more stringent regulations as cases have continued to surge this fall. Making sense […]. Event News

2020 239

How to Create Exciting Virtual Events That Will Engage Your Audience


Once a niche aspect of the event industry, virtual events have become an integral part of daily life in a COVID-impacted world. And they’re not going anywhere. The best part of this online event renaissance? You don’t need a huge budget or previous event experience to create exciting virtual events.

2020 124

Q&A with Diogo Lourenço, Ticketing Operations, Brighton & Hove Albion FC


In the fifth episode of GEVME’s Digital Event Series , we went hybrid. This episode was organised in a truly hybrid sense, which means the event was hosted in a hybrid venue, with a hybrid panel of speakers curated for our hybrid audience. . One industry which has been delivering hybrid experiences successfully to its fans has been the football industry. Particularly when we look at the English Premier League, they have been delivering such experiences to their fans for decades.

2020 120

CMOs Pivot to Virtual Engagements to Drive Business in the COVID Economy

Speaker: Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads

Business as we know it is never going to be the same. Working from home has become the norm, conferences and meetings are going online, marketing budgets are being shifted, reduced or put on hold – it's time to adapt. Join this insightful and informative webinar with Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads, who will discuss how businesses can be resilient during these challenging times.

Why Virtual Events Require More Planning Time

PCMA Convene

The ASTRO Annual Meeting’s virtual platform, 6Connex, mimicked the look of the event’s original host — the Miami Beach Convention Center — and allowed ASTRO President Thomas J. Eichler to greet guests upon their arrival.

2020 82

Coding Events Take Flight on Eventbrite as U.S. Unemployment Soars

Picatic by Eventbrite

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted people, businesses, and economies around the world. Over the past seven months as people have hunkered down in their homes and socially distanced, we’ve seen new trends emerge on Eventbrite, helping people through this unprecedented time.

2020 209

What Meetingprofs Can Do in the Next 18 Months to Prepare for Post-COVID Future


Much has been written about the devastation COVID-19 has had on our industry. I would like to share an event and hospitality leader’s perspective on how those at all career levels and roles can emerge stronger than ever. The actions taken now will prepare you for success in the new events world.

2020 80

5 Ways Organizers Can Help Their Virtual Exhibitors Get Leads

Event Age by Swapcard

Right now, there's only one option if you don't want to get left behind in the events industry: going virtual. The mistake many exhibitors and organizers have been making as of late is believing that going virtual is a temporary cure, rather than a permanent change to their business models.

2020 78

Game-Changers 911™: How to Change the Event Game in 2020

Speaker: John Storm, President, BrainStorm Network

In this webinar, we’ll use a sampling of case studies, tools, techniques, and strategic stories to help you identify game-changing opportunities within your company and the world of events, and then brainstorm ways to capitalize on these ideas. Get ready to change your game in 2020!

Wedding venue management software: How we saved Hidden Barn Venue from spreadsheet paralysis and saved them 62 hours a month

Planning Pod

It’s fairly common for new wedding venues to use free software like Google Docs, Excel spreadsheets, e-calendars and email plus cost-saving tools like whiteboards, paper printouts and folders while landing their first bookings and gaining a foothold in the event industry.

Eventbrite Acquires ToneDen to Help Creators Attract and Grow Audiences — Through the Pandemic and Beyond

Picatic by Eventbrite

Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences. While the COVID-19 global pandemic has challenged the events industry in ways none of us could have ever imagined, one thing has remained clear: our innate desire for human connection endures even in the most unprecedented circumstances. Building an audience and engaging ticket buyers […]. Eventbrite

2020 204

A few internet things you can do to boost attendance before your virtual event. Also known as marketing (we think).

Expo Pass

(3 Minute Read). Just about everything has gone virtual these days. Work, school, social life, even movies and concerts. Sometimes it can feel like it all gets lost in one endless zoom.

2020 78

COVID-19 Lessons: What We Learned

Endless Events

Back in March of this year, the world came crashing down on all of us. Faced with a global pandemic that is still sweeping the world and reaching across continents, the events industry was suddenly facing total collapse. And even the most resilient amongst us had to take a minute to let it sink in.

2020 77

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

How We Engaged 70,000 Tech Professionals at a Virtual User Conference - Case Study


How do you make 70,000+ data professionals at a virtual user conference feel like they are face to face ? To make it happen, a data and AI technology company partnered with MeetingPlay to host their 2020 user conference on our virtual event platform.

2020 75

Archives: The Events Industry Report

Picatic by Eventbrite

Regulations around in-person events are changing rapidly. Below is an archive of past editions of the Events Industry Report, which illustrates how restrictions have changed from week-to-week. Click here to read the most up to date version of the report, which is released every two weeks and aims to help keep event creators informed about […]. Event News

2020 150

Online Tastings: British Foodies’ Answer to Lockdown Monotony


Tastings. Heaven for culinary explorer types, and a unique way to educate your palate, expand your taste horizon, and entertain your tastebuds.

2020 106