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How Personal Well-Being Leads to Event Success

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Andrew Sykes presents at a 2018 business event in San Diego. Sykes believes the 11th habit of high performance companies and individuals need to adopt is self-care. Courtesy Habits at Work).

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The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding Your Next Event

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There’s no getting around it — events can be expensive affairs to put on. Especially if your main revenue is ticket sales, it can be difficult to get money in time to pay vendor and venue contracts.

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3 Event Registration Email Best Practices


When done right, email marketing is an effective yet affordable way to get the word out regarding your event, attract the right type of people, and then get them to attend. Event Experience

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EventMobi’s 150 Days of Action: Dustin’s Volunteer Story With Yonge Street Mission


On July 1st, 2017, EventMobi kicked off a new company-wide volunteer program called 150 Days of Action.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Bringing people together across divides

Conferences that Work

How can we bring people together across divides? In April 2017, I posted the following to the NCDD-DISCUSSION list. (

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How to Measure Event Marketing Performance and ROI


Events are often one of the biggest marketing expenses. If this is the case, why do so few of us measure the real impact of these initiatives? According to Event MB , 85% of event planners use event registration software, 61% use event marketing tools, and 54% use survey tools.

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What happens after a hackathon

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I’ve had a few event organisers get in touch with me following the post last year about how an organisation can make the most of a hackathon. One of the questions I was asked was “what happens after a hackathon as it seems very different from other types of events?”

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Is It Time to Update Your Agenda Design?

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(3 Minute Read). Is It Time to Update Your Agenda Design? If you’re beginning to question if it’s time to update your agenda design, the chances are that time is already here.

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7 Ways to Increase Turnout at Your Free Event

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Who wouldn’t want to come to a free event? Lots of people, it turns out. You build, they RSVP — but they don’t come. Even the most successful events have no-shows. Things come up; people can’t make it. But for free events, there’s no financial consequence to skipping the event.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Best Project Management Tools for Event Planners

Endless Events

Forget the pen and paper. Today’s event planners rely on technology to get the job done. No matter if you’re managing multiple tasks related to an event, keeping your team in order, or communicating with clients, you’ll likely use a digital project management tool.

18 Time-saving Event Planning Tips


Save time, work more efficiently, own your events. While event hacks might be a stretch, these time-saving event tips will help cut out the noise and focus on your main objectives. Let's be honest, event planning is a stressful job.

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Make Your Event Website Stand Out

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You’ve set up the Facebook event page, you’re regularly tweeting and you’re posting about your event on Instagram. You might think you’ve covered all your bases. But you’re missing an important piece: an event website.

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7 Tips for Hassle-Free Community Event Planning

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Community event planning is a complex challenge. You’re juggling multiple events, all with a limited budget and a small team. But it’s hard not to love a job with so many returns — not only for you, but for your community as a whole.

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*?#! AV People Say – Whiteboard Wednesday

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This Whiteboard Wednesday is all about the *?#! AV people say. If you’ve happened to catch our #EventIcons S**t Event Planners Say, then you know you are in for a treat!

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20 Thought Leadership Event Ideas


Build your brand, showcase potential, and engage your community with these thought leadership event ideas. Featuring examples from industry leaders like Wibbitz, HubSpot and many more.

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Oscar Nominees Spark Ideas for Where to Hold Your Next Meeting

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Are you inspired by this year’s Oscar nominees and planning to watch and celebrate? Then you’ll want to read over this description of the stunning environments throughout the world where the nominees for Best Picture were filmed.

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3 Reasons Independent Promoters Will Help Your Venue Reach New Fans

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Here are three reasons working with an independent promoter is essential to keep your venue’s programming fresh and exciting — and to earn new fans. The post 3 Reasons Independent Promoters Will Help Your Venue Reach New Fans appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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Transforming Public Attractions for Events


Looking for a quirky venue for your event? Then look no further than the UK’s fantastic array of museums, galleries and other public attractions. These venues offer unique backdrops, with pre-installed exhibits and artworks, and heaps of history and heritage to fascinate your attendees.

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How Face-to-Face Events Boost Trust

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Research and articles abound on the benefits of face-to-face events, including how they provide truly authentic experiences. But have they become even more valuable in the “fake news” era?

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3 Simple Tips to Keep Event Data Secure


Last Monday, January 28, was widely recognized as National Data Privacy Day. Data security is growing in importance daily, with controversies and leaks plaguing the news.

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2 Advanced Pricing Strategies Event Planners Need in 2019

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Ticket sales are the biggest source of revenue for 70 percent of event professionals. But if you’re not pricing those tickets well, you could jeopardize your event’s success Price your event too high, and it could prevent you from selling enough tickets to fill your venue. Price it too low, and potential attendees might not […]. The post 2 Advanced Pricing Strategies Event Planners Need in 2019 appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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ID&C launches eco-friendly wristbands made out of recycled plastic water bottles!

Event Industry News

ID&C, the UK’s leading provider of wristbands and lanyards, is now selling eco-friendly wristbands in response to an increase in demand from customers. The bands are made out of recycled plastic bottles, which offer a greener alternative to standard wristbands.

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3 Steps to Strategic Planning

Smart Meetings

In a recent strategic planning worksheet, “ A Planner for Cultivating Better Events ,” brand experience company Freeman lays out the strategy behind creating a brand experience that makes attendees feel valued, while also providing value. Seize the Opportunity.

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18 Attendease Features That Make National and Regional Event Management Easy


Watching an event unfold successfully is a bit like taking in the performance of a world-class ballet or an elite-level gymnast. They make it look so easy that all you see is the polished final product – not the hours upon hours of practice that went into pulling off the illusion of effortlessness.

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6 Team Building Activities That Event Planners Love

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When it comes to team building activities, it takes an open mind to really get the most out of the exercises. But event planners like you often go all in. Love ’em or hate ’em, team building activities are a required part of corporate life. Luckily, as an events guru, you likely love them with […]. The post 6 Team Building Activities That Event Planners Love appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event planner Event Planning Team Building

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7 Tips to Create an Event Marketing Strategy with Shoestring Budget

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Event marketing demands a fair share of planning and preparation if you want to make everything function flawlessly. But it’s definitely worth your time as more than 40% of marketers claim events are the single-most effective marketing channel. However, corporate events can be a costly experience.

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The Power of Sponsorships in 2019 – #EventIcons Episode 150

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Are you thinking beyond the surface of event sponsorship? Sure almost every event requires sponsorship but long gone are the days that it is enough to just plaster up a few banners from your sponsors and call it good.

New Facility Operators Merger Will Impact Planners

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Ticketbud launches a mobile optimized ‘Events Showcase Page.’


The new Events Showcase Page provides a branded ticketing experience, with greater cross promotion across multiple events. The ‘Events Showcase Page’ is the latest feature to be announced, as part of Ticketbud’s revitalized event management and ticketing platform.

Event Roadshow Planning: The 2019 Guide


Looking to take your event on the road? This guide is full of examples, case studies and best practices for planning an event roadshow in 2019—and beyond. One of the biggest event trends of event of 2019 is the event roadshow.

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Why pop-ups are so popular with event marketers


The post Why pop-ups are so popular with event marketers appeared first on Czarnowski. Insights

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PRA Orlando, Destinos India Among Winners of 2018 SITE Crystal Awards

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Winners of the prestigious 2018 Crystal Awards were honored at the SITE 2019 Global Conference in Bangkok in January. SITE Crystal Awards are awarded to impactful and memorable incentive programs around the world.

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