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Why Event Planners Fail at Networking

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Darrah Brustein is a Forbes writer and founder of Network Under 40, a series of networking events for professionals in Atlanta, Nashville, and Baltimore.

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The Role of Future Event Planners


This is a sponsored post by Omnience. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. As long as there are events, planners will be around to ensure they run smoothly.

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Six Rules to Ensure a Lasting Event Legacy


Organizations can leverage the total benefit their events bring to destinations, building stronger brand recognition and reputation for themselves. Corporate and association meetings often leave a positive impact across a destination that goes beyond simple financial benefit.

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What I remember from high school — and why

Conferences that Work

High school feels like a dream. Fifty years later, few distinct memories remain. I’ve only stayed in touch with one friend from those days, so there’s almost no reinforcement from reviewing and remembering the past. And yet there are some experiences that still retain power.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Best practices for creating a useful post-event survey


You spent hours upon hours planning and managing your event. That’s why understanding what worked and what didn’t is crucial to making sure your attendees come back next year.

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26 Floral Designers You Should Be Following on Instagram


These colorful photo feeds from florists around the country are chock-full of creative inspiration and ideas for your next event

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The 30 Best Event Survey Questions to Steal Now


54% of event planners cited surveys as a tool they use to gauge attendee satisfaction and overall event success, but how do you know what questions to ask and when? Achieving a good response rate and obtaining useful survey data is a matter of asking the right questions at the right times.

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Best Event Management Software of 2019

Planning Pod

Summary: Learn about what event management software tools to look for. Evaluate features and read reviews of the top event planning apps.

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4 Places Event Creators Have Been Caught Sleeping On the Job

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The stress of being an event creator can occasionally inspire some odd thoughts. Sometimes you catch yourself staring with jealousy at your pets, wishing you had the luxury to snooze for hours on end, interrupted by nothing more than a call for dinner you didn’t have to lift a finger to make.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

16 Steal-Worthy Tips & Ideas for Summer Entertaining


Top event pros from around the country share their best ideas, tricks, and advice for summer parties

Tips To Successfully Plan Your Next Conference Event


Conferences are some of the best places to meet like-minded colleagues within the same industry or creative individuals who share similar interests. In an increasingly interconnected world where relationship is key for business, conferences are a must-have for proper networking.

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How to Follow Up After an Event: A Guide for Event Planners


Creating a post-event follow-up is an essential part of any event you organise. This is because following up after an event gives you and your clients valuable insight regarding how effective the event actually was and what you can do to make it better in the future. What is a follow-up email?

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How to Start a Party Planning Business with Little to No Money

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You envision a Gatsby-worthy celebration, a bash guests will be talking (and Instagramming) about for weeks. There will be plenty of cocktails, mocktails, sequins, and glitter. But there’s one little problem. You don’t have the money to pull off the party you picture.

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10 Best Tips to Make the Most of Your Event WiFi

Endless Events

Bad event WiFi can ruin your event. If you have bad WiFi your attendees might forget about all the great parts of your event and only remember the WiFi sucked. Attendees expect great (and free!) WiFi when they come to your event.

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Where to start with online events

Gallus Events

There is no getting away from it. If you have an events business you simply must start looking at online / digital elements of your event. But where to start with online events? One of the busiest areas for our consultancy this year has been around online events.

Trade Show & Exhibition Planning Guide


Do you know how to plan a trade show? Want to find out? GEVME will give you some actionable pieces of advice. Use our guide to trade show planning and achieve memorable exhibitions that are organised in a highly successful way. About trade shows & exhibitions.

Why You Should Make Live Experiences Your Go-to Form of Self-Care

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Mobile devices are making us feel lonelier–at least according to one-third (33%) of Americans who reported feeling that way in a recent survey of 2,020 U.S. adults (conducted by the Harris Poll* on behalf of Eventbrite). Even major tech companies are aware of the negative side effects of constant screen time and are building features […]. The post Why You Should Make Live Experiences Your Go-to Form of Self-Care appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Eventbrite

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How A Technical Producer Will Take Your Event To The Next Level

Endless Events

If you work in the event industry, then you’ve heard of a technical producer. But how much thought have you paid to this role? And how much credit do you give to a technical producer? Well, you know that here at Endless we’ve covered the topic of labor several times.

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How VidCon Attracts "the Most Media-Savvy Audience in the World"


The 10th edition of the online video conference targeted Gen Z with colorful, interactive booths and lounges that encouraged creativity

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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

Tito has grown from four to ten people in the last couple of years which is something I’m very proud of and humbled by. But when you look at our About page something that is immediately obvious is that we lack any sort of racial diversity in the team. This has been increasingly uncomfortable for me as the months and years have gone on. And this is the story of how we are addressing what I see as a serious issue for us going forward.

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Forecasting the future of event technology by Cvent’s Tim Sutter

Event Industry News

Tim Sutter, Cvent’s regional business development manager, made his predictions on the future of event technology while reflecting on past equipment and services during Confex North.

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How to Host a Safe Event: Advice from Emergency Management Experts


Hope for the best but plan for the worst. We hope that everything goes to plan at all your events but sometimes it doesn’t. A glitchy AV system or a sick keynote speaker may seem like disasters on event day, but are you ready if a real emergency hits?

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2019 ACM Awards Weekend: How to Make a Polished Volunteer Management Program


We've all heard of the Academy of Country Music Awards Weekend -- but not everyone knows that it's run primarily by volunteers.

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Nobu Is On A Roll

Connect Your Meetings

The very first Nobu Hotel—a 182-room tower within Caesars Palace Las Vegas—recently commemorated its fifth anniversary with a sushi, Champagne and caviar celebration on the private terrace of the 10,300-sq.-ft., 35,000-per-night Nobu Villa, the crown jewel of Caesars’ hotel-within-a-hotel.

ETL replay: Where will the next decade take event technology?

Event Industry News

This footage has been kindly captured by our friends at First Sight Media –

How to Organise an Event: 10 Essential Steps for Every Event Planner


You’ve got a great idea but how do you translate that passion into a full-blown event? Look no further, our handy event planning guide includes a step-by-step approach to help you become an event organising pro! When it comes to arranging a successful event, preparation is key.

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Focus on Inclusivity and Design an Event that Welcomes Everyone


We’re all talking about logistics, planning, and attendee experience, yet we tend to forget about one of the most important challenges when running an event. Inclusivity is neither a trend nor a fad.

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How to Use All-Inclusive Properties as Incentives


All-inclusive properties may seem like the holy grail of venues to meeting planners, and while they can make the planners job a lot easier, they don’t automatically guarantee a high-quality event. That is up to the planner.

Who is eating your logo?

Event Industry News

Promotional merchandise is an important tool for getting your brand and message out there to your customers, prospects and even your own employees. Eat My Logo provides a really fun and tasty alternative way of doing this.

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13 Ideas for Your Next Internal Event


Are you looking for fresh, creative event inspiration for your next internal corporate event? Then you’ve come to the right place. Attendee Engagement featured

How to Connect the Offer and Demand at Your Trade Shows


What makes trade shows truly valuable for your attendees? Is it the possibility of visiting multiple stands and enjoying the brand experience different companies offer? Or maybe it’s the knowledge speakers share during panel sessions? Yes and yes, but it’s also about their networking experience.

Finance Conferences & Events: 7 Options for 2019

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

The world of finance is a dizzying world of change, and never more so than in 2019. One great opportunity for staying up to date with the ever-shifting regulations, innovations, and opportunities is by attending finance conferences and events.

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