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Ways to Reach More People for Niche Events


A niche market is the subset of a market towards which a specific product is focused. It is also traditionally a small market segment. Thus, a niche events meaning is related to a narrow circle of events targeted at a single event segment at a time (meetings, weddings, corporate, tourism, etc.). Niche events meaning.

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How to Start an Event Management Business With No Money

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Starting an event management business takes vision, gumption, and tenacity. But it doesn’t have to take a lot of money — not with smart planning, anyway. If you’re gearing up to host your first event (hopefully one of many), this is the time to put a financial plan in place.

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7 Ways to Cool Down Outdoor Events

Coterie Spark

The dog days of summer are upon us but that’s no reason to hide inside. To make the most of the outdoors during the hottest months of the year, we put together a list of our favorite ways to keep things cool when you want to take your crowd outside.

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7 Ways Digital Transformation is Changing the Event Experience


The global events industry is growing more and more every year. And with that growth is the need for event technology that will enable planners to meet the needs and expectations of attendees. Here are seven specific ways digitization is benefiting the event planning experience. Paper Brochures.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Becoming Brave

Conferences that Work

The past It’s been a long journey becoming brave. Fifty years ago, I was a teenager who, after a single embarrassing moment, gave up dancing in public. For forty years.

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Episode Three of the Re:Event Podcast

Gallus Events

I had a brilliant chat with Ruud Janssen about designing meetings as part of the Re:Event Podcast. We looked at the Event Canvas, a design tool, that he co-created a few years ago.

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How WiFi 6 Will Change the Event Internet

Endless Events

When it comes to event internet, we always want the absolute best. You can actually scrap the event part of things. We just want the best internet always, period. However, Endless cares about making your events better at every turn, so let’s leave in it for now.

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Guest blog: Is post-event feedback dead?

Event Industry News

By Jose Bort, CEO and co-founder, EventsCase. Feedback surveys have enjoyed something of an easy ride.

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Best Practices for Top Eventbrite Reports

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Your ticket sales hit the ground running. You were getting great sales on the website, on Eventbrite, even over the phone. But then you hit a wall. Sales slump. The line goes dead. Some may panic and start throwing money around, hoping it will stick.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Transform Your Exhibition into a Memorable Brand


Companies from all different types of industries are taking advantage of reaching niche audiences by hosting international summits, exhibitions, and trade shows. Event Planning

42 New York City Venues That Your Attendees Will Love


New York is known as the city that never sleeps, and rightfully so. Hundreds of millions of people come to the city every year to attend events and do business. There are plenty of great venues for event planners to explore in the city, ranging from the small and simple to the large and elegant.

Study reveals top tips for creating a network-friendly space

Event Industry News

A new study by Loughborough University and Imago Venues has revealed the most and least effective ways to network at meetings and conferences.

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How a Passion for Running Gave Birth to the Sasquatch Scramble

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The best events don’t always start with a business plan. Often, they start with a spark. Someone has a passion they want to share, and a great idea about how to share it. They’re moved to bring people together around a vision, so they make it happen — even with no event planning experience.

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Round Rock, Texas, Goes Beyond Sports

Connect Your Meetings

Located less than 30 minutes from the booming tech hub of Austin, the City of Round Rock is expanding it tourism footprint with a rebranding initiative and a variety of new construction projects. “Go Go Round Rock!”

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How to Create Impactful Exhibitions Using Event Technology


Event technology is evolving faster than ever. In the past decade, the events industry has experienced a complete digital transformation. Nowadays, you can’t walk onto a showroom floor without experiencing some of the latest trends in event technology.

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Guest Blog- Speaking fees: no one should be expected to work for free

Event Industry News

By Nick Gold, incoming president of IASB & managing director at Speakers Corner. Fees and the speaking industry are often a hot topic.

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Send Better Emails Today With Emma

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When your business is booking live music, you need to make the most of every dollar you spend and every campaign you launch. We’re here to help you work smarter, not harder, so we’re excited to announce the arrival of a new email app, Emma!

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Event Tech: What’s Good & What’s New

Endless Events

Let’s all take and seat and explore the world of event tech. We just did an awesome podcast on event tech and whether or not the industry is falling behind. But because we simply can’t get enough of the topic, there’s even more we want to share!

Interactio Translation App [Review]


Interactio is a mobile app that serves multilingual events by facilitating simultaneous translation without the need for specialized headsets or on-site interpreter booths. Here is our review: Interactio: What is it?

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Record-breaking event delivers £65 million to the economy

Event Industry News

A record-breaking 195,400 visitors made their way through the gates of the Royal Highland Centre (RHC) recently, as the event venue played host to the largest agricultural show in the country, the Royal Highland Show. .

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RFP Doesn’t Have to Mean Really Frustrating Process

Connect Your Meetings

Register for RFP Doesn’t Have to Mean Really Frustrating Process. We made the RFP process what it is, so why can’t we help fix it, too? It doesn’t have to be a Really Frustrating Process—does it?

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Exploring Hackathons For Events – #EventIcons Episode 173

Endless Events

Hackathons for events might sound a bit strange at first. Even the most creative and out of the box event planners out there can frown at the thought of it. But the truth is, as professionals of the industry, it’s our job to consistently push forward in the idea department.

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Everything You Heard About Brainstorming Is Wrong: How Data Disproved the Two Universal Rules of Brainstorming

Event Leadership Institute

Everything You Heard About Brainstorming Is Wrong: How Data Disproved the Two Universal Rules of Brainstorming. The Monster TED Talk That Fell From Grace. Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on power poses is the second most popular TED video ever, having been viewed over 50 million times.

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Guest blog: How #eventprofs can coach for success

Event Industry News

By Sam North, founder, Inflection Point. Picture this: you’re onsite in two weeks and the request for your three-year plan (numbers and narrative) comes in – due by Friday….

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Event Intelligence Series Part 2: Designing Your Event Intelligence Structure


Welcome back to the Aventri W.I.N. What I Need”) Series on Event Intelligence. In Part 1, we discussed the basics of Event Intelligence (what it is and the prerequisites to any event intelligence initiative) and why event managers should care. If you missed Part 1, here’s the link for quick access.

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10 Customer Training Event Ideas


Take a look at these 10 real life event ideas that will help you strategize your next customer training events. It's 2019 and customer education is a big deal. The more your target audience knows about the products your company sells and how to use them, the better.

The Shift Change Shuffle: Volunteer Placement Done Right


You've planned your festival to the last detail: every seat's arranged, every ticket booked, each artist knows their start time and every goody bag is filled, tissue paper-fluffed and labeled. And your volunteers are signed in, assigned and accounted for.

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Guest blog: A Q&A on Brexit, GDPR and the event industry

Event Industry News

By Arvi Virdee, managing director, Smartec Business Solutions Ltd. It sometimes feels like Brexit and GDPR are minefields through which many sectors are struggling to navigate, including the event industry.

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Aventri Influencer Series: Will Curran & Brandt Krueger On Augmented & Virtual Reality


Augmented and virtual reality has been trending in the meeting and event industry for some time now. But what is it? Is it here to stay? What's the difference between the two technologies? How can planners implement them successfully into their events?

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How to Plan a Flawless Exhibition with Less Resources


In this article, we’ll explore things to consider when you are asked to plan a trade show or exhibition with fewer resources. Event Planning

The Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Value that Volunteers Bring to Events


Most volunteers aren't in it for the recognition; they just want to help. Volunteering can be a thankless role (which is exactly why you should make your volunteers feel appreciated ). The tasks that volunteers commonly handle may seem minor, but the assistance of volunteers is vital to any event.

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Experimental rock festival, ArcTanGent, doubles sales in just one year

Event Industry News

ArcTanGent is the rock festival we didn’t know we needed. Playing math-rock, alt-rock and noise-rock, this niche festival is “delivering line-ups you won’t find anywhere else on Earth.”.

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