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Event Personalization: The 2020 Guide


Welcome to your guide on event personalization in 2020 and beyond. Discover best practices for collecting event data, how to personalize the event experience, best practices for measuring event personalization, and more.

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How to Lose an Event Sponsorship Agreement

Picatic by Eventbrite

Today’s event creators struggle to land their ideal sponsors. And the challenge doesn’t end once you strike an agreement. Event sponsorship is all about relationships, and if you don’t navigate yours well, sponsors won’t come back.

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Creative Methods to Generate More Revenue for Your Event


Post authored by De-de Mulligan, President and Chief Content Strategist for Mulligan Management Group. Do you need to find new sources of income for your events?

Different Types of Meeting Room Layouts for Your Event: Tips and Examples


Working in a corporate world is not only about communicating with clients and business partners over the telephone or the internet. A significant chunk of regular corporate life is taken by meetings and business events.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Why Event Planners Need to Know about Active and Passive Data


This is a sponsored post from Explori. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. It has never been more possible to track the entire attendee’s journey, but taking full advantage entails familiarizing yourself with all the different data sources and collection methods available.

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Do You Really Have Them at Hello? Rethinking Your First-Timer Strategy

Velvet Chainsaw

One of my biggest pet peeves is the way some conferences approach first-time attendees. Being intentional and having a plan for how you welcome someone who is experiencing your conference for the first time is not only the right thing to do, it’s also a smart attendee acquisition strategy.

2019 283

How to Handle the Unexpected at Your Events

Hubilo Blog

There is a saying in the military that goes “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” The phrase has entered the civilian world’s lexicon to mean something a little more basic, but it’s still a helpful tool to keep yourself mentally prepared when planning projects or events.

2019 52

Can Events Help Solve the Global Food Crisis?

PCMA Convene

In August, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a special report that spelled out the disastrous environmental impacts of unsustainable agriculture and its potential to intensify the effects of climate change.

Infographic: What Events Need to Know About Instagram Stories

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Think Instagram is just a place to post beautiful pics of your event? Think again. This unique social media platform is an effective tool for turning viewers’ interest into tickets sold. And the more you know about using the platform’s features, the better your results will be.

2019 195

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

David Adler BizBash Live interview: the best formats for live experiences

Conferences that Work

At BizBash Live DC , BizBash CEO and Founder David Adler and I took the stage at the Ronald Reagan Building for a wide-reaching interview on the best formats for live experiences in front of an invited crowd of several hundred meeting professionals.

2019 156

Engaging attendees with engaging event technology

Gallus Events

Engaging attendees is a trick that the most successful events are able to pull off. Event technology plays a major part!

Event Tech Live hailed a success after record attendance

Event Industry News

Exhibitors and guests have hailed the sixth edition of Event Tech Live a huge success after the final day drew to a close today. Over the last two days, the show greeted a record number of visitors from all over the world.

Grow Your Online Publication Through Live Events

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Online publications and live events might seem like strange bedfellows. But they’re actually a uniquely suited match. Adding a live component to an online publication is a great way to engage your current readership. It’s also a smart tactic for widening your audience.

2019 195

Attendease Wins Best Attendee Management Tech at #ETL19


We are pleased to announce that Attendease has been nominated for two categories under the Event Tech Awards 2019: Best Event Management Platform , and Best Attendee Management Technology, and we are taking a trophy home!

Marketer to Marketer: Narrowing Down Qualifying Questions


As a growth marketing specialist here at atEvent, sending marketing qualified leads to my sales team is very important to me.

Better Safe Than Sorry: How To Implement An Event Crisis Communication Plan

Endless Events

If you’re stuck in a jam, today’s talk on event crisis communication is for you! And even if you aren’t, the title says it all – better safe than sorry.

2019 76

5 Nonfiction Books That Every Event Professional Should Read

Picatic by Eventbrite

Maybe you read to relax. Or to learn. To pass time. Or to look smart. All good reasons. Or maybe you don’t read at all, but have been meaning to start. Regardless of your motive, reading is no doubt good for you. It has been proven to boost intelligence in kids and make you more […].

2019 195

Event Tech Live draws major crowds on first day

Event Industry News

The highly anticipated first day of Event Tech Live has drawn to a close and organisers have hailed it a “huge success”.

The Top 10 Venues in Beijing, China


Known as the world’s most populous city with a population of over 21 million, featuring 56 different ethnic groups, 126 major national heritage sites (like the Great Wall of China) and 176 registered museums, Beijing is an economic, historic, and cultural center.

Are You Settling on Your Audio Visual Company?

Endless Events

Are you settling on your audio visual company for your event? It’s easy to fall into doing the same thing over and over again when planning events. You’re so busy if it’s not broke why fix it?

2019 72

Not Your Grandfather’s CVB


Brad Weaber. Event planning veteran Brad Weaber, founder of the eponymous Brad Weaber Consulting Group , has some news for meeting professionals who may have written off destination organizations as not relevant. “It

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Event Tech Buyer’s Guide 2020 is brimming with the latest #EventTech solutions!

Event Industry News

Event Tech Buyer’s Guide 2020 is brimming with the latest #EventTech solutions! Everything you need to know in the world of #EventTech can be found in one place thanks to our latest edition of The Event Tech Buyer’s Guide.

2020 72

7 Ways to Convert Attendees with Your Event Registration Website


All event planners want to convert prospective attendees to register for their event. But how do you increase event attendance? If you’re using a fully integrated event management software platform, the answer is you can increase attendee conversion with your event registration website.

2019 65

Increasing Productivity in the Workplace: The Four Day Work Week

Endless Events

Increasing productivity in the workplace has been a hot topic in the past few years. And issues such as work-life balance, the motto “work to live, don’t live to work”; have sparked quite a few conversations.

2019 68

How to Choose Your Marriage Certificate Witness


Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your partner’s relationship, but it is also a chance to celebrate everyone who helped you along the way.

2019 62

AIF publishes updated UK festival ownership map for 2019

Event Industry News

The Association of Independent Festivals has launched an updated festival ownership map at its annual Festival Congress event in Sheffield.

2019 71

7 Safety and Security Considerations While Scaling Up Your Festival


When planning for a festival, one of the foremost things to consider is how to make your event safe and secure. It is imperative that the attendees do not face any trouble while enjoying a festival.

2019 62

12 Imaginative Events from Baidu


Learn how the Chinese tech giant, Baidu, uses different event types and experiential marketing campaigns to promote its web-based products and services. Baidu is a multinational technology company that specializes in the creation of internet-related products and services.

2019 62

Xintong and Bowen’s Wedding at Cadogan Farm Estate


Xintong and Bowen were married at Cadogan Farm Estate in a rustic wedding that was equal parts romantic and adorably quirky.

2019 62

Event Management Software: Key Purchasing Points to Consider


When it comes to selecting an event management software, it can be overwhelming with the amount of options you have to select from: ePly, Cvent, EventBrite, RegPack, Hubb, Eventable, etc. So, where do you start?

2019 62

Free event management courses with Eventtia Academy


Our experience managing events and our impact on MICE industry with innovation and making the process of planning events easier for many event planners in almost 37 countries, we are launching our Academy Courses with our event management experts

How To Celebrate In Style: The Hottest Holiday Party Trends of 2019!

Endless Events

It’s time to learn the ho-ho-ho-hottest holiday party trends of the year! So, Halloween has come and gone. Which means that the holiday season is fast approaching. And as event professionals, we’re already thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

2019 62