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Looking for a venue finding agency? Here are 4 things they must bring to the party!

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Using a venue sourcing agency may be a relatively new concept for many organisations. However, the benefits of having an experienced professional working alongside you to take your event planning to the next level are undeniable.

Biometric Technology for Event Management & Ticketing


Does the inconvenience of managing a long queue at events for identification purposes bother you? Then welcome to the ultra-modern realm of biometrics, which will redesign the ticketing process at all kinds of events.

Opinion: Your Event Speaker is Not an Entertainer


Jamie Metzl is a technology futurist and geopolitical expert, novelist, entrepreneur, media commentator, and senior fellow of the Atlantic Council

Get Your AV Quotes Faster – Whiteboard Wednesday

Endless Events

Sometimes getting an AV quote feels like a never-ending process. You go back and forth with your AV company, never really on the same page only to get your quote weeks later. By then you have made changes to your event and need to start the process all over again. Sound familiar?

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Your Conference Needs a Hub To Entice Customers and Prospects

Velvet Chainsaw

At a recent conference consultation with a client, a millennial made me think that I wasn’t keeping up with the times. We were discussing their marketing and communication strategies for their event.

What are the new tech trends to look out for in 2019?

Event Industry News

By Callum Gill – Head of Insight and Innovation. There was a theory circulating a decade ago that the tech boom, affecting every aspect of our lives, would sound the death knell for events as we know them.

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Flipping the Script on Training Meetings


We hear a lot about increasing engagement and creating "wow" factor with event technology at large events, trade shows, and conferences, but rarely do we hear about it playing a role in internal meetings. Meetings Management featured

Event Pricing Strategy: The 2019 Guide


Event pricing strategy is a tricky business. Setting the right ticket price can ensure a sell out event. Conversely, if you price tickets too high or too low this can directly impact on final attendance numbers.

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10 Event Ideas to Raise Brand Awareness


If you are a digital marketing enthusiast like me, then you’ve probably already been exposed to various marketing strategies. One that I particularly like and find most effective is event branding.

5 Ways to Integrate Corporate Culture Into Your Next Event


Event Planning

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

10 New Phoenix/Scottsdale Venues for Fall 2018 Meetings and Events


Here's a look at new Phoenix/Scottsdale eateries, drinking spots, hotels, conference areas, private rooms, and other spaces available for events

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Event Apps: How to Save $30K in Printing [Case Study]


This is a case study from Melissa Del Monte, Senior Marketing Associate, and Priscilla Vidal, Product Marketing Manager, Cvent. More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies.

How to Choose Your Event Software: It’s More than Just About Product Features


When working with our clients, we often find that they come to us with a checklist of product features they’re looking for; polling, agenda, speaker profiles, networking – just to name a few.

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How Event Marketing Will Evolve in 2019, Part 3: Focus on ROI

G2 Planet

There is an increasing focus for marketing teams on generating ROI from events—not just return on investment, but also return on impact

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10 New Atlanta Venues for Fall 2018 Meetings and Events


Here's a look at new Atlanta eateries, drinking spots, hotels, conference areas, private rooms, and other spaces available for events

The Importance of a Good Online Ticketing System for Your Event

Meeting Application

If you’re planning to host an event in 2018, it should go without saying that you need an online ticketing system – one that’s available on both mobile and desktop. Everything is digital. We now live in a world where everything is online, from our televisions to our homes to our cars.

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6 Ways to Add a Charitable Engagement Opportunity to Your Event


Providing ways to give back at your event can be a powerful way to engage attendees, as well as help out a good cause, but often planners don't know where to start.

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Everything You Need to Know About Event Furniture – #EventIcons Episode 133

Endless Events

Event furniture design is often an overlooked part of events. Sometimes to cut corners we go with what is cheapest or what’s available at the venue. This is a mistake! Have you ever sat in those locking chairs all day at a convention tightly packed like a sardine?

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Philanthropy and CSR: Missing Ingredients to Profound Meetings

Smart Meetings

Providing meetings that change an entire team’s energy and mindset is never easy, but it helps to include discussions about philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR), when appropriate. The recent Smart Meetings webinar, “The Right Way to Give Back While Building Teams,” hosted by Lain Hensley, looked at not only CSR possibilities, but also how to implement them for the best results.

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100 Simple Tips for Increasing Event Ticket Sales and Registrations


Looking to drive more attendance at your next event? Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to increasing event ticket sales on the web. Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting." No where is that more evident than when it comes to trying to sell out an event.

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The Events Expert Interview Series #22: Tara Thomas

G2 Planet

We've been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, and sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences.

Event Tech for Marketing Lesson 2: Drive Adoption and Engagement


Event Strategy

Survival Guide for a Productive IMEX Experience

Smart Meetings

For those busy packing their suitcases and schedules for a week in Las Vegas at IMEX America , deciding what to include and what to leave out of both can be a challenge. Smart Meetings turned to the experts to compile a list of smart tips for this action-packed destination.

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The 15 Best San Francisco Venues for Your Next Conference or Meetup


So, you want to plan an event? First thing's first, you need a killer venue. San Francisco is an amazing city with a ton of exciting and unique venues to choose from.

Protec European Events deliver full AV and scenic solutions for Canon in Berlin

Event Industry News

Two hundred and twenty distinguished guests from across EMEA gathered at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin from September 11 th – 13 th for a large scale, multipart, event for Canon Europe.

October, 8, 2018: A Las Vegas Super Bowl Could Clash with Trade Shows, Why Columbus, Ohio, Is Skipping Columbus Day, Wedding Planner's Online Fight With Bride Goes Viral


A LAS VEGAS SUPER BOWL COULD CLASH WITH TRADE SHOWS: Las Vegas expects to be able to host the

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Sunshine After Flames: Napa and Sonoma Stand Strong One Year After Massive Fires

Smart Meetings

October marks the one-year anniversary of destructive fires that burned through Napa-Sonoma wine country. What began as an ordinary day in the counties on Oct. 8, 2017, turned into an inferno when winds picked up that night.

Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Food Truck


Food trucks are a rather new concept. They can be a fun business that many business professionals are looking to start. It's a very lucrative sector that has had revenue grow at an annual rate of 7.9% since 2011. The food truck itself is one of the main physical investments a food truck business has.

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Top 31 Websites for Event Planners


Find amazing event venues, create dazzling event swag, better manage and market your event strategy, and more with theses these 31 websites for event planners. Looking for the best event tools but tired of sifting through seemingly endless options?

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How to Make Use of Experiential Content Marketing at Your Trade Shows


Trade Shows

6 Ways to Drive Success with ROI Technology

Smart Meetings

A recent Harvard Business Review study found the vast majority of companies (90 percent) prioritize events. For more than half of them, in fact, events are the most valuable marketing channel.

David Adler set for Expo & Engage keynote at Event Tech Live

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Organisers of Event Tech Live have confirmed David Adler, CEO and Founder of BizBash, as the opening day’s keynote speaker on the Expo & Engage Stage. A primary source of ideas, news, and resources for event and meeting professionals Stateside, BizBash attracts some 225,000 unique users every month, looking for venues, ideas, technology and tools for their next event.

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Navigating the Logistics of an Event Out of the Country 

All Seated

In the world of events, technology has helped everyone to become more organized while keeping vendors and clients on the same page.

NEW VIDEO: Data Over Emotion. Platforms Over Products.

G2 Planet

CEO Mark Granovsky continues his commentary on the latest trends in events. In this 60-second video, Mark discusses decision making based on data instead of emotion, and the primacy of platforms over products. Industry Observations Behind the Experience Platform Educational

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Activity Vendors Pair with Planners for Unique Attendee Experiences

Smart Meetings

Planners meticulously manage the attendee experience , but often activity vendors also play a major role in influencing how someone remembers a trip.

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