June, 2017

Configurable and Personalized Conference Experiences

Velvet Chainsaw

The mass-personalization wave that is dramatically changing what and how we buy as consumers has application to conferences.

10 Best Ideas of the Week: a Doughnut Wall Twist, Hanging Lobster Traps, a Produce Photo Backdrop


This week's roundup includes a twist on the standard doughnut wall at a corporate event in Atlanta, hanging lobster traps

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11 Reasons Event Planners Love Their Job


Event planning is not for everyone, but for many it is the job of a lifetime. Here are just some of the reasons event planners love their job and are proud to do what they do. Eventprofs are a passionate and resilient group of people that often thrive under the pressures of the job. Of […].

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4 Reasons to Use Experiential and Interactive Marketing

Event Farm

From the rise of inbound marketing to the advent of account-based tactics , organizations are trying to find a balance between the wide reach of online marketing and the personalized strategies that more successfully convert prospects to customers.

9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media for Events

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

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How a Museum Turned Gore Into Glamour for Its Annual Gala


Every year in Los Angeles, the California Science Center hosts its annual Discovery Ball with an all-encompassing theme that draws

15 Brilliant Examples of Participatory Activities At Events


Looking for ideas to add more attendee participation into your events? Here are some ideas for activities you can adapt to suit your objectives.

conference moderation when to use a professional

Gallus Events

One of the earliest conversations I had with the Director General, at one of the associations where I worked, was to “advise” him that he should never again, chair one of our conferences. You can imagine how this went down! Especially as I’d only been working there a few weeks.

What NOT to Do When Hosting a Field Marketing Event

Event Farm

This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm's blog and was written by Melissa Talbot. If you’re not hosting field events as part of your marketing strategy, you should. When done right, events are the perfect way to engage your prospects and customers.

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Le Méridien Denver opening September 14, 2017


Centrally located near the Denver Arts District, upscale shopping, Denver Convention Center, Pepsi Center, Coors Field and Sports Authority Field, Le Méridien Denver Downtown is defined by the hotel's modern feel, European influence, and creative, inspiring elements throughout.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities to Host a Meeting

Smart Meetings

Get your passport ready! Conde Nast Traveler has released a list of the 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World, many of which would make great meeting destinations. The list highlights cities rich in history, architecture and natural beauty.

Which Event Element Are You Spending More on This Year?


“We are spending more on technology integration this year. We are focusing on digital branding for our clients and their

How to Motivate Yourself (and Others) to Work Late in Events


It can sometimes be a challenge to motivate yourself and other team members to work (another) evening or weekend but here are some motivational tips and incentives to help get everybody on board.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The need for early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches is driving the expansion of new and existing SIEM deployments.

Event sponsorship strategy

Gallus Events

The environment in which we operate, when we sell the main elements of our events, is exceptionally dynamic, and our tried and tested processes and now being tested. And they are straining to cope.

What Does Apple's WWDC Announcement Mean for Events?

Event Farm

Hiding behind Apple’s HomePod introduction at WWDC 2017 was an announcement that will transform the way technology is used during events: iOS 11 will include NFC support.

Top tips for planning your event security


Meeting and event professionals are very much aware of the security challenges generated by bringing people together. They plan for accidents, venue problems, protesters, weather related issues, and much more.

How To Choose The Best Event Software For You


Today we’re going to talk about how to choose the best event software for you and your needs. We’ll start with the state of the event technology industry and then we’ll move into a decision making framework designed to help event organizers find the right event software.

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

How to Use Technology and Content to Build Experiences That Matter


Consumers are used to technology being woven seamlessly into their everyday lives, and it’s time for event designers to adopt

The Latest Trend For Big Events: 5k Runs


Organising a 5km run to compliment your meeting or exhibition is a popular trend we are seeing more and more. Here are some reasons you should consider it.

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5 Tips to Write a Winning Event Proposal

Event Planning BluePrint

Creating winning event proposals is a great way to build your event business and your success in the industry.

My Presentation Is Fine—It’s The Audience That Doesn’t Get It!

Velvet Chainsaw

“My presentation is fine. It’s the audience’s fault if they don’t get it?”. Why do I need to change the way I present? My lecture has worked for years. I get great scores and reviews.”. I’m sure you’ve heard statements like this. Maybe you’ve even said something similar yourself.

5 Innovative Meeting Formats

PCMA Convene

Attendees who want more from their meetings don’t want to sit and listen passively to a formal presentation. They have expectations of involvement. They don’t want to hear canned answers to prepared questions, and they have a radar for inauthentic content and rigid control.

Create Powerful Meetings Instead of Power-over Meetings

Conferences that Work

All meetings incorporate power relationships that fundamentally affect their dynamics and potential. Traditional conferences unconsciously promote and sustain power imbalances between the “speakers” at the front of the room and the audience.

What’s Your Number-One Rule for Events?


“All of my client reps, project managers, and crew chiefs start in the trenches. It’s important that everyone understands what

Apple Cements VR Future For Events


Mass adoption of VR just moved one step closer. Apple is serious about VR and for that reason, events need to be ready. When Apple speaks, the world sits up and listens. At this year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in San Jose, Apple is talking VR (Virtual Reality).

VR for events: Proceed, But with Caution

Event Industry News

Competition to deliver the most compelling, unforgettable immersive events has never been more intense and many are looking to technology to bring the much desired ‘wow’ factor. A growing trend in the events industry is to look to VR to deliver something unique.

3 Ways to Delight the Growing Bleisure Class

Smart Meetings

Attendees flying in from far and wide to participate in the experiences your events provide may have a hidden—or not so hidden—agenda.

How To Create The Best Trade Show Booth – #EventIcons Episode 67


No one wants to be lost in the crowd at a trade show! Our ICONIC panelists are going to tell you how to make sure your booth gets the attention you want.

How Lufthansa’s FlyingLab Maximizes Your Travel Time by Bringing Conferences to the Sky

PCMA Convene

Gaining new knowledge from face-to-face conference relies on one fairly basic principle: You have to actually get to the destination first. But by the time the lights go up on the opening session, many attendees have already used quite a bit of their most valuable resource without any real benefits.

26 Big Ideas and Buzzed-About Moments From the 2017 Upfront and NewFront Season


Broadcast television networks and digital media companies played it safe during this year’s Upfront and NewFront season, with traditional presentations

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15 Ways Event Planners Can Brainstorm New Ideas


Constantly coming up with new ideas is key to being innovative and standing out in the event industry. Here are 15 ways to get the creative juices gushing!

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