October, 2019

How to Make Your Event Lead Capture Work for You and Not Get in the Way


We get it. Your team goes to events to connect with leads, not deal with clunky interfaces, spotty WiFi, and a long list of qualifying questions. All these things get in the way of engaging potential customers and doing what they do best. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Live Streaming Events: the 2020 Guide


We surveyed 1,500 event professionals and the majority agree that engaging Attendees is the most crucial element of planning experiences. Event professionals do often a good job at engaging attendees live but what about the army of online attendees?

2020 170

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Building Excitement for an Event with Email Marketing

Picatic by Eventbrite

This is a guest post from River Cartie from Constant Contact. In the time that passes between your event’s invitation and the event itself, momentum gets lost, initial excitement can fade, and people forget. That’s why building and maintaining excitement is key to a successful event.

Why Is Wi-Fi at Events Still So Bad?


Attendees use their laptops in the dining area of an event. O'Reilly Conferences / Flickr Skift Take: A lot of the same issues that plagued conference Wi-Fi 10 years ago are still around today, even as good internet becomes more and more of a necessity.

2019 110

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Successful Event Registration Confirmation Email: Examples


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Sustainability In Events: Recognising The Social & Human Impact Of The Industry

Endless Events

We’re feeling a bit green today, and it’s all thanks to the topic of sustainability in events! That’s right, the third edition of our bite-sized pieces of wisdom is here. Our partnership with MPI at IMEX America is the gift that keeps on giving.

What Sponsorship Was Like Before — and Where It’s Going Next

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Event sponsorship is on the cusp of a new era. The tired old model of logos on banners has no place in the dynamic, digital new world we’ve embarked upon. After all, events themselves have gotten more eclectic.

A Perfect Event: Three Elements That Lead To An Ideal Outcome

Endless Events

What planner doesn’t want a perfect event? And who amongst us in the industry don’t bend over backward trying to achieve it? Probably very few, since it seems nearly impossible to accomplish.

2019 76

Write Catchy Event Copy

Gallus Events

In a world of keyword searches and sponsored content, William asks, have we lost the ability to write catchy event copy? There will always be a place for well written copy. The text you write has to jump from the page. It has to excite and engage.

2019 170

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

How Frequent Event Creators Can Maintain Interest and Avoid Spamming Valuable Attendees

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Promotion fatigue can strike at anytime when you’re a multi-event creator. And no wonder, when you’ve got so many holiday events to plan, promote, and run throughout the year. Even so, letting your social posts and emails stay on autopilot can have a serious impact on your bottom line.

2019 217

5 Improvements for Event Registration Data Collection

Velvet Chainsaw

It’s difficult to determine what to include — and not include — when collecting attendee data at the time of conference registration. We need to make it easy to click “yes” during the registration process, while also collecting intelligence to drive personalization.

2019 283

How to Effectively Use Social Media at Every Stage of Your Event


Knowing how to best use and keep up with social media to amplify the reach of your event can be daunting for even the most experienced social media managers or event marketers.

Event Crowdsourcing free chapters!

Conferences that Work

Want to get a taste of my new book Event Crowdsourcing: Creating Meetings People Actually Want and Need ? (It It will be out in November — next month!) Here are some Event Crowdsourcing free chapters for your enjoyment. Read Event Crowdsourcing free chapters.

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What You Might Have Missed from the 2019 Summer Benefit Season


Here's a look back at the stand-out ideas for decor, catering, and more from summertime fund-raising events around North America

2019 145

3 Great Ways To Personalize Your Event Reminders

Gallus Events

Every event planner or organizer knows that event reminders can cut down on no -shows and increase attendance. Whether the event requires an RSVP or not, event reminders can be a great way to keep attendees engaged and informed beforehand.

2019 158

The Countdown: How to Market Your New Year’s Eve Party

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The countdown has begun for New Year's Eve event organizers. Use these 10 steps to market your New Year's Eve event and maximize sales. Event Planning & Promotion Event Promotion New Year's Eve

2019 308

Deliver Superior Conference Education Value

Velvet Chainsaw

Here’s what hasn’t changed: Education continues to be essential to a participant’s experience.

LinkedIn Events: What You Need to Know


As you may have heard, LinkedIn just announced the relaunch of their Events platform. Here is a breakdown of the platform for you, including opportunities and concerns. Event planners rejoice. LinkedIn is launching Events, again.

Innovative Ideas for an Event Management Company


Corporate events are among the best ways to efficiently present not only the focused product but your business as a whole. They provide a great occasion to show what your company is and what it has to offer. .

Seasonal Spaces: Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Inspired by Venues


Design this year's corporate holiday party around the setting—from the ballroom to the rooftop to the unconventional

2019 137

How The Weather Can Ruin Your Event

Gallus Events

While it can obviously be difficult to predict the weather months in advance, there are several steps you can take to avoid it being as big a problem. How the weather can ruin your event……… Let’s set the scene. You’ve spent months on end planning for your event.

2019 153

Pulse Survey: Identifying 2020 Event Industry Trends

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Join your event industry peers by taking 10 minutes to complete this quick survey now. We'll use the insights to craft a free report that will help you make more informed decisions about your events. Event Planning & Promotion Event Survey

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Going Paperless: Why sustainability at events is no longer a ‘Nice-To-Have’

Event Industry News

The Role of Event Apps in an Age of Change


This is a sponsored post written by Jana Westermann, Marketing Manager @ Conference Compass. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. In the last decade, event apps have evolved into a versatile tool for planners and attendees that is now indispensable.

Best Examples of a Successful Event Invitation Email for Corporate Events


The event begins with an invitation. It is the invitation that will come into the hands of a potential visitor to the event, and this will be the first personal point of contact.

Winter Whimsy: 9 Ideas for Hosting a Holiday Party in Unconventional Spaces


From boozy slushies to backgammon, these playful elements, activities, and venues help create a jolly good time

2019 109

Losing consent loses the PR battle: why demonstrators need consent

Gallus Events

When demonstrators lose the consent of the majority of their supporters their movements suffer. No matter the cause, demonstrations have to remain peaceful and, almost as importantl y, the demonstrators actions have to make sense. .

2019 141

How Event Sponsors Can Supercharge Your Onsite Event Experience

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This is a guest post from Elise Hanslip. Elise is the Marketing & Communications Manager for event-tech company Entegy. Innovative technology has transformed the onsite experience at conferences and similar events. The costs, however, can be prohibitive for some.

2019 301

Sound City Ipswich organisers highlight demand for more music events

Event Industry News

The organisers of a brand-new multi-venue music festival in Ipswich have said there is a need for more small- to medium-sized venues in the town. Liverpool Sound City partnered with the Smokehouse in Ipswich to demonstrate the town’s live music capabilities.

2019 104

The Top Event Technology Tools and Trends for 2020 [Free Report]


We are pleased to share the most comprehensive look at event technology to date. We have asked 1445 event professionals to share their top tools for 2020 and the results will surprise you. For the first time, we also offer insight into which tools are gaining or losing popularity from 2018.

2020 156

The Top 20 Advantages of Event Gamification


Studies show that gamification helps to develop new skills, forms independence, and motivates event attendees. With the help of game mechanics, you can affect the communication within the event, the culture of the organisation, work efficiency, etc. What is gamification for events?

2019 156

Last-Minute Inspiration for Halloween Parties of All Types


Planning an eleventh-hour bash, or just in the mood for some spooky event inspiration? We've got you covered

2019 105