February, 2019

Guest Blog: How to sell out events using Facebook Advertising

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By Lewis Lindsay, Managing Director – SA Agency. With 1.5 billion people logging in to Facebook on a daily basis , the social media site has now become the go-to place for businesses and individuals to promote and publish events.

How To Use Event Gamification and Boost The Energy Of The Attendees

Endless Events

Event gamification is not what you think! You may have been led to believe that by just downloading an app you’re ready to gamify an event. But, does this really work? Will this improve the quality of the event you’re organizing? If you haven’t already figured it out, the answer is “no”.

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How to Maximize and Build Event Success with Video Marketing


One of the biggest benefits of event marketing comes down to the here and now of an event day; it’s all about the meet and greets, networking, and face-to-face interactions.

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Free-Agent, Lisa Block, Joins Velvet Chainsaw

Velvet Chainsaw

While many have been focused this winter on who is going to land free agents like Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, Lisa Block inked a deal to join the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting team!

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Dinner seating — a study

Conferences that Work

Study this 1839 dinner seating layout. What’s wrong with this picture? Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Dinner seating — a study appeared first on Conferences That Work. No related posts. Event design dinner men only round tables rounds seating seating design

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How to Measure Event Marketing Performance and ROI


Events are often one of the biggest marketing expenses. If this is the case, why do so few of us measure the real impact of these initiatives? According to Event MB , 85% of event planners use event registration software, 61% use event marketing tools, and 54% use survey tools.

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Your Event App is Like March Madness Basketball


Your Event App is Like March Madness Basketball. Here’s a game-plan of how to win big with your audience! With March Madness right around the corner, we couldn’t help but think about how the teams that get to The Big Dance, have just the right mix of game winning strategies.

Best Practices for Event App Design


A well-designed and intuitive event app is what every planner needs. It’s not enough for an app to just look attractive. What good is a nice-looking event app if your attendees don’t know how to use it?

How Much Do Sellers and Buyers Trust Our Tradeshow Environments?

Velvet Chainsaw

The most glaring reality I’ve pointed to previously in this space — that three out of four B2B buyers conduct the majority of their research before talking to a salesperson — greatly affects the sustainability of the tradeshow business model.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Leadership for meetings

Conferences that Work

What might leadership for meetings look like? Let’s turn to Harold Jarche for inspiration: “Those doing the work are often the only ones who really understand the context. Leadership is helping build the structure and then protecting the space to do meaningful work.

7 Easy and Affordable Ways to Relax After Your Event

Picatic by Eventbrite

It’s in your nature to want to ride the momentum of one successful event right into the next one. But hold on – you deserve a break first. How often do you really get to do something relaxing and enjoyable for yourself that has nothing to do with work? Take the time to treat yourself […].

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Best Project Management Tools for Event Planners

Endless Events

Forget the pen and paper. Today’s event planners rely on technology to get the job done. No matter if you’re managing multiple tasks related to an event, keeping your team in order, or communicating with clients, you’ll likely use a digital project management tool.

The Key to Event ROI: Keep Attendees Engaged Post-Event


You’ve spent months planning your event. The day arrives, and everything goes as planned. Better yet, your attendees genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves and you added a bunch of new leads to your funnel. Don’t let the momentum stop there.

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How to Maximize and Build Event Success with Video Marketing (Part 2)


*This is the second part of a video marketing series written by guest blogger, Kristen McCabe, from G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd is the leading website for online business software and service reviews, where EventMobi ranks as a High Performer on the Summer 2018 Mobile Event Apps Report.

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5 Hot Spots To Find New Event Clients

Event Planning BluePrint

At first I didn’t think it would be difficult to get my event planning business up and running , but it turned out to be a challenge. While I did get clients in my very first month as an event planner, I also did many things wrong…. I didn’t charge enough so I lost money.

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Bringing people together across divides

Conferences that Work

How can we bring people together across divides? In April 2017, I posted the following to the NCDD-DISCUSSION list. (

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Write an Event Description That Will Sell Out Your One-of-a-Kind Experience

Picatic by Eventbrite

Your event is unique. So unique, in fact, that it seems impossible to briefly describe everything awesome about it in your event description. Yet this is a skill you need to effectively market your niche event online.

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Blockchain for Ticketing: A Complete Guide


Blockchain ticketing is set to change the way event professionals sell tickets works for good. Yet the meaning of blockchain for the event industry is still obscure. The buzzword around it and poor coverage from industry media is making event professionals even more confused. So what is blockchain?

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Is It Time to Update Your Agenda Design?

Expo Pass

(3 Minute Read). Is It Time to Update Your Agenda Design? If you’re beginning to question if it’s time to update your agenda design, the chances are that time is already here.

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How to Determine if You Need a Multi-Event App


Our Customer Experience team works with clients of all sizes across a wide variety of event portfolios. While some organizations may only plan a single, stand-alone event once a year, many have an event portfolio that includes a variety of events throughout the year.

18 Time-saving Event Planning Tips


Save time, work more efficiently, own your events. While event hacks might be a stretch, these time-saving event tips will help cut out the noise and focus on your main objectives. Let's be honest, event planning is a stressful job.

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The hive mind will see you now

Conferences that Work

[link] Check out the above video. The hive mind will see you now. In his post “ The fourth cycle of the hive mind (and what to do about it) ” Seth Godin explores how advances in computers are changing our world. The first three of his revolutionary cycles are well established, the fourth is now arriving. Cycles one through three introduced calculation and data storage , connection , and shifting place and time. Above all, Seth’s fourth cycle adds prediction.

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9 Wrong Ways to Ask Event Survey Questions

Picatic by Eventbrite

The motto “there are no bad questions” does not apply to surveys. There is definitely a right and wrong way to ask attendees for feedback. The wrong way can confuse and annoy attendees — and ultimately lead to them giving up on your survey. It can also affect the accuracy of the answers you get.

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How to Improve User Experience and Networking with the Right Event App


This is a case study from MeetingPlay. More information about Event Manager Blog’s case studies. There are hundreds of event apps on the market but the decision behind what works best for an event is a personal one based on goals and needs of the audience.

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25 Creative Spring Themes for Parties & Events

Social Tables

Learn how to delight friends, colleagues, and customers with impressive spring themes for parties and events. Featuring real examples from innovative brands, foundations, and celebrities, these event ideas for spring theme ideas and event names will help you kick off your own event planning in style. Here’s how to pick the perfect spring event name What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

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EventMobi’s Appointment Booking: The Answer to a Modern Approach to Networking at Events


Introducing EventMobi’s Appointment Booking. We’re excited to announce a new major enhancement to the EventMobi event app platform with the introduction of Appointment Booking. This new tool will help attendees connect and book one-on-one meetings with each other before and during your event.

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The Top 20 Event Planning Books to Read Right Now


Corporate business clients often need some food for thought to gain deeper insight into the event planning industry, the services they often use, and so on.

What happens after a hackathon

Gallus Events

I’ve had a few event organisers get in touch with me following the post last year about how an organisation can make the most of a hackathon. One of the questions I was asked was “what happens after a hackathon as it seems very different from other types of events?”

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7 Ways to Increase Turnout at Your Free Event

Picatic by Eventbrite

Who wouldn’t want to come to a free event? Lots of people, it turns out. You build, they RSVP — but they don’t come. Even the most successful events have no-shows. Things come up; people can’t make it. But for free events, there’s no financial consequence to skipping the event.

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9 Tech Tools Professional Speakers Should Master


This is a sponsored post by Evenium. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Standing out as a professional speaker is about more than just presenting good info. These technology tools can help you become a more effective, engaging and dynamic presenter.

Attract Exhibitors to Your Trade Show With the Latest Event Tech

Event Age by Swapcard

Here’s how using the latest event technology will get great exhibitors coming to your shows, retain their loyalty and ensure they get the most out of their visit. Event Tech Event Community

EventMobi’s 150 Days of Action: Dustin’s Volunteer Story With Yonge Street Mission


On July 1st, 2017, EventMobi kicked off a new company-wide volunteer program called 150 Days of Action.

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