October, 2017

The 15 Most Innovative Meetings 2017


For planners who produce conferences, trade shows, meetings, or other face-to-face events, the challenges today may be greater than ever

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Every Marketing Team Should Host an Event Series—Here's How We're Planning Ours

Event Farm

The Event Farm marketing team is getting ready to host an event series. As our CRO, Chad, likes to say, it's an exercise in eating our own dog food. The marketing team prefers to think we're sipping our own champagne.

Budget-friendly Gamification Ideas for Events


Are you interested in the possibilities of gamification but you’re not sure how to easily incorporate it into your events? Maybe you think your budget couldn’t support it. Gamification isn’t all about cool apps. You can add elements of gamification to your event no matter what your budget.

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No one pays for online events right?

Gallus Events

We have been running a successful – in fact sell out – annual conference for a client for three years. During the whole time they have been keen for us to run online events. But we have been cautioning them. It’s SO hard to make money from online events, everyone knows that.

9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media for Events

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

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Marketing Is Broken. We Want to Fix It.

Event Farm

Digital marketing has drawn marketers into a cycle where we increasingly focus on quantity over quality. Here's what that cycle looks like: When a new digital channel emerges, a handful of marketers experiment with it and their audience often rewards them with attention.

How Very Successful Event Planners Think Differently


Step into the mind of a successful event planner and see how they do things differently, and what you need to change about yourself to do the same. Success doesn’t just happen overnight.

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Event sponsorship the need to get creative

Gallus Events

Reviewing the current processes and procedures. who is your competition. what is your organisation’s Unique Selling Point. reviewing your data. identifying your target market. Fundamentals of event marketing, sales and sponsorship. power of social proofing and how to add that to our events. making your event memorable and your messages ‘sticky’. leveraging your organisation’s USP. Event sponsorship the need to get creative.

Eventinterface selected an ibtm 2017 Tech Watch Awards Finalist


Eventinterface has been selected as one of the finalist for the renowned Tech Watch Awards by ibtm, the leading exhibition for the meetings industry. The winner will be announced at ibtm world 2017, hosted in Barcelona, Spain, November 28 to 30.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Tips For Planning an Event: Avoiding Last-Minute Registrations, Preparing for Event Problems, and More


When planning an event, problems are unavoidable. You might have everything happen according to plan and still hit a few (hopefully minor) snags here and there. The key to solving these problems, and even avoiding most of them, is preparation.

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5 Essential Holiday Party Hacks


Nothing can turn a holiday party from brilliant to bland quicker than a good, old-fashioned dose of office party blah

What Can The Museum of Ice Cream Teach Marketers About Experiential?

Event Farm

The Museum of Ice Cream is not a museum. And despite its gift shop—which sells everything from pink journals to $149 "self-love pinky rings"—it's not a store. It's also not a confectionery, even though ice cream, cotton candy, and other treats are available to visitors as they wander through the exhibits. So what, exactly, is the Museum of Ice Cream? According to Maryellis Bunn, MoIC's co-founder and creative director, it's an experience.

15 Successful Ways to Get Event Feedback


Most event surveys haven’t changed since copiers came out. They’re boring and feel more like an obligation than something an attendee wants to do. Plus, everyone is on the survey bandwagon now. You can’t walk into a business without someone asking how they did.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The need for early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches is driving the expansion of new and existing SIEM deployments.

Event Tech Live reveals Expo and Engage content

Event Industry News

Dr James Morgan, founder of Event Tech Lab and senior lecturer in events at the University of Westminster, will moderate the exhibition-oriented Expo and Engage stage at Event Tech Live (ETL).

Top Tips on Hiring Interpreters for Your Meetings and Events


Many organizations and corporations today link with each other faster because of advancements made in communication technology.

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How IMEX Made a Point of Promoting Women in Events—And You Can, Too

Smart Meetings

Amid the rush of appointments at Sands Expo in Las Vegas during IMEX America , a group of more than 100 women—along with a contingent of supportive men—gathered to celebrate Women in Events. The oasis of community was the Event Tech Tribe booth.

Most Innovative Meetings 2017: #1 C2 Montréal


C2 Montréal is one of those rare events that has established a distinct identity through constant innovation—and a faithful following from

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

How We Set Event Goals To Generate Quality Leads, Build Brand Awareness, and Drive Revenue

Event Farm

We announced in a previous blog post that the marketing team at Event Farm is kicking off an event series! We’re using our own event tech every step of the way and documenting the entire experience. This is your front-row seat to our planning process and inside look into how we’re thinking about the strategy and details. Last week, Lauren stepped through how our little event idea (born at 5:30pm on a Friday over some beers) quickly turned into a bonafide series.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Email Responses


Emails are the main type of communication for many of us but if you’re having trouble getting people to respond to your emails, it might not be the recipient’s schedule. Sometimes we sabotage our own efforts. Here are nine things event planners can change today for better response rates.

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How Inclusive Are Your Meetings?

PCMA Convene

Illustration by Ping Zhu. As Stacy Bare paced the stage at the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education’s (AORE) 2014 Annual Conference, he observed the crowd. Take a look around the room,” Bare, the director of Sierra Club Outdoors, told the audience.

4 Event Marketing Tips to Optimize Turnout


If planning an event weren’t enough, you also have to worry about marketing the event. Without the proper and appropriate marketing, your event could suffer the worst fate: poor turnout. Don’t let your great event go to waste.

The Event Apps of 2018

Event Industry News

Apps are a fundamental part of our day to day lives. From checking the weather to booking hotels, doing your food shopping to updating social media, the little icons are ubiquitous with 21st century living.

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’Tis the Season for SWAG @ Axis Promotions


Picking the perfect corporate holiday gift is no easy task! For many, the sheer thought may be daunting—what do I

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Everything You Need to Know to Create Your Event Timeline


Having an event timeline is an integral part of the event planning process. The event timeline is your guiding company through the planning process. Without a timeline, in place, you will find yourself lacking focus and potentially missing important deadlines.

Eventprofs Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions About Events


I asked event professionals for their most unpopular opinions on event planning, events and the industry altogether and they definitely delivered!

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What’s Next for Event Technology?

PCMA Convene

Marco Giberti. We talked to Marco Giberti, Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures, about how the event-technology sector performed in 2017, what he expects for 2018, and the one trend business event organizers should keep an eye on: .

Interviews with Planners - Tracy Bardugon


Tracy Bardugon, a graduate from Georgia Southern University, started her catering sales and hotel management career in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina at Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island. After spending time in high-volume food and beverage outlets, it was time to make a move!

The Freelancer’s ‘Little Black App’

Event Industry News

The ‘gig’ economy is no longer a buzzword. The event environment has changed as has the way freelancers work with event organisers. Temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term work on a regular basis.

Blueprint Studios Pulls Off 9 Events for One Gala


For over 7 years, Blueprint Studios has been the exclusive designer of the San Francisco Symphony Opening Night Gala.

New Event Technology Trends: Oculus for Events, Mobile AR, Snap’s Visual Search, and More


It’s a new week and with it comes new event technology trends. Now that big names have realized that events are the next big thing, they’ve created innovations specifically for our industry. First is the play by Facebook, which is very bullish when it comes to virtual reality.

Are You an Emotionally Intelligent Event Professional?


Emotional Intelligence is getting a lot of exposure these days. Many believe it’s even more important than raw intelligence. But how emotionally intelligent are you? Ask yourself these questions to get a better idea.

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