August, 2019

The Importance of Risk Management in Events Planning


Planning an event requires months of prep-work, with pressure increasing each day. Event planners have a lot on their plate, from liaising with suppliers to organizing the guest list. All of this work means that a failed event inevitably leads to disappointment. Unfortunately, with so many moving parts, an unsuccessful event is always a potential outcome.

How to Rock Your Pre-Event Email Strategy


In 1969, the first message was sent from computer to computer, and since then email has stood the test of time, and is still considered one of the best customer communication channels.

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12 Event Planning Tips to Minimize Stress & Increase Productivity

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Event planning is incredibly stressful and time-consuming — we get it. Use these 12 event planning tips to get your head on straight, and make sure your next event goes off without a hitch.

Transform Your Expo into a Networking and Learning Destination

Velvet Chainsaw

Expos are the most disrupted element of association conferences today.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Ask BizBash: Should I Stop Using Balloons as Event Decor?


An increasing number of venues and planners are doing away with balloons for environmental reasons. Here’s how to use the event favorite responsibly

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The Top Event Management Tools Used by Event Planners in 2019


EventMobi conducted a survey this year to understand the current state of event management software technology for small and mid-size organizations. The results provide you with benchmarking insights to help compare your adoption and usage of event management software tools against industry peers. .

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Thinking about ditching your early bird rate for your event? Think again

Gallus Events

The “early bird” rate has been with us as long as we’ve had paid for events. And the reason they are still with us? Well, it is because they are so useful. In this post I want to make sure you are making the most of your early rates.

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Party Planning Checklist: Delight Attendees and Cover Your Bases

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Mason jar lanterns. Mocktail bar. Music. Maybe a magician. If you’re planning a party, you have a lot running through your mind at all times. So much, in fact, that stuff tends to slip through the cracks. How can you be sure to capture every little detail? And when to do what?

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Expo Decisions: Attendee Preferences over Exhibitors—Always

Velvet Chainsaw

For those of you who organize large annual conferences and trade shows, there undoubtedly is a chicken-vs.-egg egg debate.

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Podcast: The New Rules for Creating "Buzzworthy" Events (Episode 158)


Alison Slight, co-owner of event firm Candice & Alison, discusses her event work in Toronto and Dubai

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Fixing a Tesla Powerwall that isn’t charging

Conferences that Work

In February 2018, I took advantage of an excellent Green Mountain Power (GMP) program to install a Tesla Powerwall 2.0 on my Vermont home. For just $1,500, GMP installed a 13.5

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How Your Attendee Experience Can be Enhanced With the EventMobi Attendee Dashboard


Events may happen for a variety of reasons, but the planning process is often heavily rooted in establishing an amazing attendee experience.

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19 Event Planning Checklists that Actually Help


Whether you've planned 200 events or you're just starting, we can both agree on one thing: event planning is hard work. And the pressure to get better at it every year is real. Your willingness and ability to adapt to the demand for a more strategic planner with more responsibilities is real.

17 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas

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Need to attract more or bigger sponsors to your next event? Use these sponsorship ideas to make your proposal stand out. The post 17 Creative Event Sponsorship Ideas appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Planning Event Sponsorship

Event Trends for 2019–2020


Even if your 2018 events made an incredible impression, in 2019–2020, you should learn how to make these experiences even more memorable and impressive. The most important goal remains to consider everything—absolutely all modern tips and tactics to improve your event with our current event trends.

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Prehistoric Party: How the Smithsonian Celebrated Its Renovated Fossil Hall


Catering, projections, and decor brought guests at two major events into the age of the dinosaurs

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Can a rehearsal be better than a concert?

Conferences that Work

Can a rehearsal be better than a concert? You be the judge! Every summer since 1951, the world-famous Marlboro Music Festival takes place my small Vermont hometown. Last week my wife and I attended the free morning rehearsals for two pieces of chamber music — Mozart’s Horn Quintet and Dvo?ák’s

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2019 Event Management Software Trends for Small & Mid Size Organizations


EventMobi’s Event Management Software Survey 2018/2019 Edition explores the current state of event management software technology for small and mid-size organizations.

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3 Ways Storytelling Can Make Your Event Experience Come to Life


This is a sponsored post by Maritz Global Events. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. It’s no secret that event planners are experiencing more pressure than ever to apply the hottest marketing trends to their own industry.

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From Recruiting to Machine Learning: Courtney Burton’s Remarkable Journey to Success

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The best events don’t always start with a business plan. Often, they start with a spark. Someone has a passion they want to share, and a great idea about how to share it. They’re moved to bring people together around a vision, so they make it happen — even with no event planning experience.

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Gift Ideas and Gadgets for Event Planners


Americans call it event swag. This is slang for “freebie” and includes creative gifts for event planners , which may actually become a principle of successful event gift technology. It is all about handouts, souvenirs, and gifts for event planners. Occasions for gifts.

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See How Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton Do Pop-Ups


The luxury fashion brands spoke to shoppers' decreased attention spans with limited-time retail experiences

Goodbye Quicken 2007 – Hello SEE Finance!

Conferences that Work

I have switched my personal finance software from Quicken 2007 to SEE Finance. For twelve years, I used the venerable Quicken 2007 to manage my personal finances; a lifetime for software these days.

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6 Event Highlights from ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition 2019


EventMobi attended this year’s 2019 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Columbus, Ohio. The event is where thousands of association professionals and industry partners gather to exchange time, resources, strategies, and solutions every year. Over the course of three days, attendees are equipped with a year’s worth of support in their daily responsibilities as leaders in the association industry.

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45 Critical Questions for a Successful Event Debrief


An event planner’s work is never done — not even when the event itself is over. There is so much planning involved in staging an event that it’s tempting to congratulate ourselves just for reaching the finish line.

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How to Launch a Successful Art Installation With the Right Technology

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What happens when art, nature, and technology collide? The potential to awe a lot of people — and sell a lot of tickets. But just because you build it does not mean they’ll come. Sensorio is a brand new arts and events space in the California wine country destination of Paso Robles.

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Things to Consider Before Starting an Event Partnership


For many event managers, sponsors and partners bring a great deal of income. They either make your event profitable or make is so you can invest more in it. No matter your experience in the event industry, searching for event marketing partnerships is still a necessary task. .

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Cactus Chic: 12 Event Design Ideas That Use Real and Faux Cacti


Steal these event ideas that incorporate actual cacti and on-theme imagery inspired by the prickly plant

Best Practices When Sending Post-Event Surveys


Some may think that an event is over when the guests leave and the doors are shut, but for event managers, there is still a lot more work to do. Part of the work is to gauge attendees’ satisfaction and to measure the success of the event.

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How to Use Live Video for Your Event Marketing Strategy 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least a million. There’s no denying the immense benefit of utilizing video at an event. Greater audience engagement, strong entertainment value, premier idea sharing, and the list goes on and on. . Make that video at your event live , and you’ve just increased those benefits tenfold. .

Blip Digital Billboards [Review]


Blip Billboards are digital billboards across the US for event and product advertisement. They let planners advertise their event in advance at chosen times and in chosen places without signing a contract or paying a minimum fee.

How to Write the Perfect Sponsorship Email

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Working your way to the decision maker at your target sponsor starts with a simple, well-worded email. The post How to Write the Perfect Sponsorship Email appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Business & Professional Email Marketing Event Sponsors Event Sponsorship