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Lyft on What the Rise of Ridesharing Means for Your Events

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In their everyday lives, attendees have a new normal for getting places. They push a few buttons on their smartphone, and — voila! — a car arrives. The rise of ridesharing has made a profound impact on our collective car-driving habits.

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30 Ideas for Conference Bags People Won’t Throw Away


Conference bags must breed in the dark: everyone seems to have at least a dozen stuffed in the back of their closet. A conference event swag bag should be more than a hole with handles. Conference gifts and corporate goodie bags account for more than $20 billion worth of business worldwide.

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The Best Conferences and Trade Shows for Event Organizers

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You spend your days planning events—it only makes sense to check some out for yourself! Event Experiences Event Community

Templates & Examples of Event Planning Timelines


The correct timing of events can play a vital role through the whole event organisation process. Without a properly considered timetable, you risk missing significant due dates that are critical to your event’s success.

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

How to Use Your Event Mobile App to Create a Memorable Experience


A well-designed event mobile app will create an engaging and memorable experience for attendees. In this article we take a look at the ways you can further engage event attendees right in the palm of their hands. Event Planning

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Why Colleges & Universities Need Event Management Software


From creating a rich campus life for students to engaging alumni post-graduation, events are crucial to the world of higher ed.

The Unpopular Opinion Part 8: fake news and misinformation

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The final piece in our first series of Unpopular Opinion articles looks at the subject of fake news, and how industry ‘experts’ who speak at events may need to rethink how they create their content.

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8 Types of Event Sponsorships that Attendees Love

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[link] Event sponsorship continues to be the backbone of many event organizations and is currently the fastest growing form of marketing in the United States.

Lumiere London is proud to announce the opening of its latest venue, The Embassy, on the prestigious Grosvenor Place in Belgravia

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Recommended number of participant types for my next event (Free Calculator).


Number of attendees for your next event: When organizing an event for the first time, it is difficult to come up with the right number of participant types. Event Management Software Event Planning

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Festival Vision: 2025 launches Crowdfunder, inviting event professionals to be part of sustainable events strategy

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The Festival Vision: 2025 crowdfunding campaign, launched by not-for-profit group Powerful Thinking, gives the whole live events industry the opportunity to work together and provide leadership around climate breakdown through the Vision 2025’s pioneering strategy.

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Luxury Experiences & Events – #EventIcons Episode 168

Endless Events

Today we’re tackling luxury experiences and events all the way from…a luxury location! This week’s #EventIcons looks even better than usual, coming directly from The Resort at Pelican Hill. This wonderful place is the epitome of the word lavish.

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Tech startup, VRJAM, offers world’s first XR live-streaming platform for mobile

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VRJAM, the world’s first real-time, performance platform for live virtual and augmented reality on mobile devices, has today revealed its beta version technology.

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Beautiful Summer Wedding (Wedding Spotlight)

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We love wedding spotlight articles!! In today’s wedding spotlight, we are featuring a gorgeous summer wedding shared by Melisa Imberman of The Event Of A Lifetime.

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Warning: Hurricane Season is Here


Editor’s Note : Updated June 2019. Hold onto your planner hat.

Our Checklist to Help You Manage the Most Beneficial Event Meetings


As someone who manages meetings at events, you know executives' and experts' time is almost always limited and chaotic. Moderating meetings can often be tedious and exhausting--especially if you're stuck between countless spreadsheets and calendars. but it doesn't have to be.

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6 VIP Perks Sure to Drive Ticket Sales for Your Fandom Event


As a fandom event organizer, you’re always looking for ways to offer more to your loyal fans.

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Takeaways from a Multi-Event Organizing Event?-?INDICA 2019

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Hubilo has evolved as one of the most compatible event management software providers to several types of events happening all around the world. Clients in the events industry have numerous requirements of all kinds which need to be met by the vendors. .

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Live at #E32019 - Wind Down at a Great Local Spot

Nth Degree

Hi #TradeShowProfs. if you're in LA right now for #E32019 and need a great spot to grab a bite or wind down after a long day, check out our latest post to learn more about Industriel Urban Farm Cuisine near the LACC. Enjoy! Trade Shows Trade Show Travel Trade Show Exhibitor

Church House welcomes new events coordinator

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Award-winning Westminster events venue, Church House, has appointed Olivia Marrie as its new events coordinator. London born-and-bred, Olivia has three years of event planning experience under her belt. Previous job roles include party planner at The Piano Works and events coordinator with Eden Caterers for two years.

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Sponsorship and Your Event


Putting on an event is expensive. But, there are ways to defray costs and add benefits to your organization and partners. Sponsorship allows you to work with key companies to fund the event. Really, sponsorships are mutually beneficial.

Finalists announced for the Future of Meetings Award

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Five of the most promising start-ups in the meetings technology sector have been shortlisted for the 2019 Future of Meetings Award. Exclusively open to businesses which have been in the market for three years or less, the Future of Meetings Award offers a springboard to launching new products and services to the meetings industry.

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Technology is Making a Huge Impact on the Meetings Industry

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Effectively using technology is as important to meeting and event planners as to any Fortune 500 company — maybe even more because when planning an event every dollar counts.

Host Your Next Event with Georgia Tech Conference Services

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[Webinar] How to Find and Plan the Perfect Event Spaces


The event venue is one of the first decisions you have to make when planning an event. From location to price, the event venue has to check a lot of boxes. The venue has the power to attract more attendees, create an impactful experience, and reinforce your event message.