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Event Cancellation- The Complete Guide


Sometimes, even after the most extensive planning and preparation, events get canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

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How to Personalize: 4 Tips For After the Event


This is part one of a three-part series breaking down useful tips on how to personalize your event experience to keep attendees engaged before , during and after.

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The Biggest Change Event Planners Will Need to Deal With in 2020: Will Curran Interview, Part 3


What's the biggest change that will affect event planners in 2020? That's the question we put to Will Curran in this third and final installment of our recent interview. Marketing Research Event Planning Events Event Team Event Tech Event Technology

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10 Emails Every Event Planner Has Sent — For Better or Worse

Picatic by Eventbrite

Most event planners send about four or five emails per event. But those are only the official event campaign emails. In between, you probably send hundreds (if not thousands) more as you hustle to get your events planned and executed.

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Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Cvent CEO Reggie Aggarwal on the Future of Event Technology


We recently sat down with Cvent CEO and Founder Reggie Aggarwal to talk about his journey to success, the lessons he learned along the way, and the future of the industry.

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Event Layouts and Room Setups – A Comprehensive Guide

Planning Pod

Say you are preparing for a meeting, or a conference, or a class, or a banquet, or a wedding, and you want to optimize the venue or space you are using so that the seating and tables are set up for the best attendee experience. What type of layout or setup would you choose?

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Make More Sales with Pop-up Events


Pop-up retail events - commonly known as flash retailing - are an emerging marketing tool used by brands to boost their sales.

2019 96

Lauren and Brad’s Cozy Fall Wedding at the Manor


Simple, elegant, and bursting with beautiful fall colours is how we would describe Lauren and Brad’s warm big day.

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How AR And VR For Events Can Revolutionize The Industry

Endless Events

It’s time for the coolest conversation ever about AR and VR for events! This topic isn’t new for us here at Endless. And the reason we enjoy it so much is because it’s slowly but steadily revolutionizing the industry.

2019 81

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Make More Sales with Pop-up Events


Pop-up retail events - commonly known as flash retailing - are an emerging marketing tool used by brands to boost their sales.

2019 78

Passion to Project: Cooking Up a Cultural Exchange With Migrateful


Attend a Migrateful cookery class and you’ll learn more than a few new recipes. We talk to founder Jess Thompson about how her events use food to help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, while giving attendees an opportunity to learn more about a range of international cultures.

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E-book: TOP 5 CMO’s Operational Problems (followed by solutions)


Operational management at the CMO level is inextricably associated with numerous challenges. Their impact on business management is still being tested. So what are the most common challenges CMOs have to deal with nowadays? What are the possible solutions to ensure the good efficiency of the whole company? Dive into the latest e-book and find out TOP 5 CMO’s problems! Who are the modern CMOs? . First of all, it is worth considering who nowadays CMO is?

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How Sports Clubs Can Make The Most of Their Facilities


From creating goodwill in the community to generating revenue to keep your club in the black, we talk you through how you can make the most of your club facilities. An oft-quoted statistic that you will find elsewhere on our blog is that event planners have one of the most stressful jobs going.

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Immersive gastronomic experiences with Marcin Ziemins and Gundega Skudrina

Event Industry News

The seventh lecture in the University of Westminster’s autumn Event Design Lecture Series takes place on Monday 25th November. The lecture by Marcin Ziemins and Gundega Skudrina of Untamed Dinner from Riga, Latvia is going to be a mouth-watering occasion.

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Fight Human Trafficking: Join ECPAT-USA’s Giving Tuesday


The Tuesday after Thanksgiving (aka Giving Tuesday) is the perfect time to think about charitable giving in this holiday season.

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Wonder Agency rebrands to position creativity & transformation at heart of business

Event Industry News

Independently owned experience agency, Wonder, today launched its new identity and digital rebrand, complete with new website and refreshed visual language, alongside the announcement of its European office expansion.

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3 ways event networking technology can work for you


Many of us will find this scenario familiar: you’re at a great event, discovering the latest trends, and gathering learnings to take back to your team. And then the networking hour arrives. A room full of strangers where each and every one could become your next best connection.

[Free Guide]: How to Run Virtual Events with Confidence

Virtual events open up a whole new world of possibilities for engaging your attendees. This best practices guide will help you make the most of your online conferences, summits, keynote presentations, and more.

The Top 500 companies have disappeared in half in 20 years. How does Haier solve the paradox of big companies?

Event Industry News

“Who says elephants can’t dance? If it can, the ants must leave the dance floor.”. Former CEO of IBM, Louis Gerstner used this statement to describe the plight of large companies, which means that large companies could maintain a long-term competitive advantage if they master the flexibility to manage. Thinkers50 is the first-ever global ranking of management thinkers, and attracts the prominent management thinkers around the world.

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QUIZ: Are YOU a Tech-Savvy Event Planner?


Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy event planner? A new research study from Eventsforce has found that 91% of event planners say event tech is an important aspect of their job (46% say VERY important), yet only 48% see themselves as tech-savvy!

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