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Google Hits Quantum Supremacy: What This Means For The Events Industry

Endless Events

Buckle up, because we’re about to get down with Google quantum supremacy! It was recently announced – or better yet, leaked – that Google managed to achieve this so-called quantum supremacy. And you’re probably wondering what that means.

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6 Ways to Plan a Corporate Event that Doesn’t Suck


Many people dread having to go to company events – bad food, awkward small talk and giving up a Friday night to hang out with people you’ve been with all week, sigh. That being said, corporate events are extremely important to show your appreciation for your employees and boost morale.

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The Impact of Instagram Like Removal for Caterers


If you haven’t been on social media, specifically Instagram recently, you would be unaware that Instagram has decided to test. The post The Impact of Instagram Like Removal for Caterers appeared first on Caterease.

Eventbrite Music’s Ask The Industry Episode 2: “Best and Worst Show”

Picatic by Eventbrite

In this episode, we learn which shows went well, which didn't go so well, and what advice industry folks might've had for their younger selves. Music Industry Insights Music Trends Music Venues

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

What Growing Bidder Interest in WeWork’s Meetup Means for the Event Industry


Sources tell EventMB that bidding is happening for What does that mean for the event industry? The recent departure of WeWork’s CEO and subsequent management reshuffle has made public the company’s intention to sell Meetup. News is that bidding is underway.

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Tips for Hosting an Event for Your Ecommerce Store


An event can be a superb way to boost your ecommerce business. Many store owners do not think about hosting an event for their store because the operation is carried out online but it can be an excellent way to promote your store, engage with your target audience and raise awareness. If you are thinking about hosting an event for your ecommerce store then you need to carefully plan the event so that it is worthwhile and will help your brand to succeed.

Crowd Connected and Mapwize unveil partnership with public demonstration at Event Tech Live

Event Industry News

Integration provides best-in-class solution for app-based indoor navigation.

3 Opportunities for Sponsorships at Your Events


How do you attract sponsors to your events? Is it through unique sponsorship opportunities ? Having similar audiences? Connections?

Harlequin Floors provides flooring to the world’s largest technology conference

Event Industry News

Harlequin Floors , the global leader in advanced technology flooring and studio equipment for dance, performing arts, entertainment and events is thrilled to have supplied the stage flooring for the Global Web Summit in Lisbon.

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Defaulting Menu Item Quantities and Linking to Guest Counts


The post Defaulting Menu Item Quantities and Linking to Guest Counts appeared first on Caterease. Setup Tip of The Week

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Important Communication With Entertainers Prior to an Event

Event Leadership Institute

Smarticle. READ TIME: 4 minutes. Although communicating clearly with entertainers prior to an event seems obvious, it is often overlooked. This results in unnecessary frustration and anxiety on event day.

Make Your Event a Grand Success with SWOT Analysis


Have you ever dared to produce an event only to find out that no one cared? Pity, all the effort you put into planning wasn’t appreciated, or worse, noticed. The problem may be a lack of data. More : Event Data is Driving Increased Revenue.

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Unleashing Event Innovation Through Hackathons


Post authored by Jamie Murdock, Vice President, Sales. It’s no longer a secret: hackathons are quickly becoming utilized to generate new ideas and spark event innovation across the industry.

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Farnborough International announces major change to senior leadership team

Event Industry News

Major changes were announced to the senior leadership team of Farnborough International with the appointment of Joe Muir to the role of sales director and Ben Gleeson (pictured right) to the role of director of operations.

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Making the Most of Media for Your Special Event

Special Events

The impact of your special event can live far beyond the event itself if you know how to handle media effectively

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Strata’s Twelve Agency boosted by a dozen new recruits, including Laura Awcock in the role of client services director

Event Industry News

Strata Creative Communications has announced twelve new additions to the agency across all departments from client services to logistics, and finance to operations. Laura Awcock joins in the role of client services director dedicated to supporting the agency’s pharmaceutical business.

Home Life Worries U.S. Business Travelers Most


New research shows American business travelers are most concerned about home-life deterioration when away, while international business travelers worry most about office issues. Can meeting planners help?

Pause and refresh for productivity

Plan Your Meetings

The amount of stress that you experience everyday might well be increasing. Instead of letting everything you come into contact with master you, seek to master your environment, only allowing those things you choose to come into your consciousness.

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My two-word ikigai

Conferences that Work

The Japanese have a word ikigai , which roughly translates to “the reason you get out of bed in the morning.” Here’s my two-word ikigai : Facilitating connection. Do you know your ikigai ? Graphic attribution: The Toronto Star — and a hat tip to Cool Tools for sharing this great graphic.