Mon.Apr 22, 2019

Any questions? Rethinking traditional Q&A

Conferences that Work

How often have you heard “Any questions?” ” at the end of a conference session? Hands rise, and the presenter picks an audience member who asks a question. The presenter answers the question and picks another questioner. The process continues for a few minutes. Simple enough.

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3 Strategies for Event Fundraising Success in 2019

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Today, anyone can raise money online for a cause they care about. It’s empowering, but it also creates a lot of noise. Audiences are overwhelmed with opportunities to make donation choices.

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How to Create a Long-Term Event Planning Timeline

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When you start planning an event, one of the first things you should do is figure out your event planning timeline. It’s important to outline the months and weeks leading up to the big day.

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‘A Really Crazy, Big Idea’ — Taking on Plastics in the Events Industry

PCMA Convene

A global initiative to reduce the use of plastics in the events industry launches the week of April 22, which is Earth Day. A year ago, Fiona Pelham, CEO of the U.K.-based

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

The Ultimate Site Inspection Checklist & Guide for Planners

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Site inspections are more than just deciding whether or not you like the space. Successful site inspections — the ones chock full of thoughtful questions and specific requests — require a site inspection checklist to make the meeting as fruitful as possible.

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Going Green: 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Next Event


The events industry is notoriously environmentally unsustainable – but as a greater focus is placed on reducing waste and shrinking carbon footprints, the industry is taking note and embracing green practices. Whether choosing a paper-free program or partnering with green vendors, take a look at a few of the top ways to host an eco-friendly event. What is a green event? Green events take a strategic approach to minimizing waste and reducing impact on the environment.

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Crowd Mics: Turning Phones Into Mics For Events

Endless Events

Another Monday, another Event Tech Podcast, today we are telling the story of Crowd Mics for events! Everyone can relate to the annoyances of sound during a live event. Whether it’s the speaker, the audience, or the AV company, these little glitches affect everyone.

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Take Your Event Strategy from Analog to Digital: 4 Fundamentals of Integrated Events


Events can no longer remain analog as companies are capitalizing on the face-to-face meetings from their events to fuel their ABM strategy and prove event ROI. Here’s how marketers are following the 4 fundamentals of an integrated strategy to harness the power of events to multiply sales.

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Event Badge Technology: 3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Event


In honor of Earth Day, we’re thinking about how planners can go green at their events.

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Steps to Take Your Event Strategy from Analog to Digital


Check out this infographic to see how you harness the power of events to multiply sales. Start to capitalize on face-to-face meetings by taking your event strategy from analog to digital and get the most out of your events. Best Practices Account-Based Marketing

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Top Designer Lynn Easton Shares Her All-Time Favorite Venues for Events


The Virginia-based event designer and hospitality veteran discusses where she entertains out-of-town guests, finds her favorite meal, gets work done on the road, and more

Planning 101: A Guide to A Zero-Waste Event

Connect Your Meetings

I want to take you to an event with me—It’s a dazzling fundraiser set up with 25 food and wine stations from the best chefs in the city. You and 800 other guests are circulating the event floor, moving from one delicious dish to the next. But there’s one revolutionary detail you might not notice until you look closer: Every trash bin at this event is virtually empty. How was this possible? By following these six steps to create a zero-waste event.

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Shake on It: How to Be a Networking Boss


At their heart, event professionals are connectors. We bring people together so they can do business, share ideas and grow. That is our superpower. Why are so many so bad at networking, though?

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Why your Beautiful Email may not be attractive everywhere


You just spent hours creating a beautiful Email with an important message. When you test sent the message to your Email client program, like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, everything looks fantastic. Yet shortly after you send out the Email blast, people contact you complaining that it was hard to read. What happened? The key to understanding this problem is noting that the HTML that is behind your Email is not rendered the same on different Email clients.

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Appeal to Generational Mindsets to Sell More Tickets


Stop looking at potential attendees as belonging to demographic groups and start planning meetings based on a “genergraphic” approach to increase group sales. Demographics show the age, gender and income of potential attendees. It can track the products they buy and how often.

Experience Design and the Importance of Drinking Your ‘Own Champagne’


Talking about how experience design transforms events is one thing. Actually applying those principles to your own event is even more challenging, but also more rewarding. Let’s face it: the term experience design is thrown around a lot.

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7 Event Security Measures and How to Empower Your Event Team

All Seated

In an era of global natural disasters, political unrest and other alarming headlines, many event professionals are left wondering how to best prepare for the unknown. Your event team can play one of the biggest roles in event security – if they’re prepared.

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40 conferences a year with Sara Vieira

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

Sara Vieira is a developer advocate at As anyone who's hosted, attended, or spoken at conferences professionally will tell you, conference overload is a very real thing. Links

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Virtual reality vs. augmented reality: A look into high-tech event technology

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Virtual Reality (VR) has arrived and it’s here to stay. This revolutionary event technology is set to enhance the conference industry with its immersive visualisation experiences. It’s not just VR that’s making waves in the meeting world either.

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