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As Coronavirus Spreads, Should Your Event be Prepared?


With hundreds of confirmed infections in China and the first US case reported this week, what can you do to prepare? By now you’ve probably heard about the so-called “Novel Coronavirus” that originated in Wuhan, China.

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4 Forces Shaping Event Marketing in 2020


According to a recent survey we conducted with Demand Gen Report, 54% of companies are increasing their budget for in-person events this year. But with bigger investments comes the need for smarter marketing.

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Conferences Don’t Offer Child Support and That’s a Problem


The frequent lack of child support at events has barred many parents from attending due to high child care costs, though there are signs that the industry is waking up to the issue. So, what's the state of child care at events, and what steps still need to be taken?

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Top 2020 Event Conferences


The events industry has been behind some of the most innovative tech conferences in the past decade. Opening the doors for new business prospects, these conferences are places where the top professionals meet and showcase their innovative concepts and bold theories for the future.

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Wonder returns to Bett with Google for Education & Canva for Education

Event Industry News

Independently owned brand experience agency, Wonder, is back at the British Educational Training and Technology (Bett) show having created two stands for Google for Education and Canva for Education.

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Vote for Event Tech Live in the Eventex Awards!

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live is up for Best B2B Event in the Eventex Awards’ People’s Choice category and needs your vote! VOTE FOR EVENT TECH LIVE HERE.

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How To Use WiFi As An Event Sponsorship Asset

Endless Events

Everybody gather ’round because we’re about to teach you how to use WiFi as an event sponsorship asset! And the reason why we decided to bring you this topic comes down to dollar sign. So, anyone who works in the events industry knows that the price of WiFi has risen exponentially.

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NAEC Stoneleigh saves dozens of security jobs

Event Industry News

Leading events and conference centre, NAEC Stoneleigh, has moved to save around 60 jobs which were threatened by the closure of a West Midlands security firm.

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Food for Thought: 6 Exclusive Room Drop Ideas


From experience as an attendee, I can tell you that I love room drops. What’s better than a surprise gift delivered to your room? Quite possibly nothing. event planner event marketing

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Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Arena Birmingham to be renamed Utilita Arena Birmingham in new powerful partnership

Event Industry News

Arena Birmingham is set to be renamed Utilita Arena Birmingham as a part of major new partnership with Britain’s leading Smart Pay As You Go (PAYG) Energy provider, Utilita. The iconic city centre venue will take up its new name on 15 th April 2020.

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Instant Booking for Simple Meetings Goes Mainstream


Meeting to bring participants from various country programmes of Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) & WSSCC. wsscc / Flickr Skift Take: Instant booking has allowed co-working spaces and boutique venues to reach more planners. Now, more hotels are expected to go digital.

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Why Every Aspect of Your Events is About to Change


Keeping up with the changing tide of technology can be difficult. Business owners around the world are gravitating towards a digital-first mentality when it comes to handling day-to-day operations.

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How to Build Trust with Branding for Event Attendees


Whether you’re planning a new event or are marketing a long-standing one, event branding is essential to reach a wide audience and secure event ROI. To brand your event, you must establish your event’s goals and personality and translate this messaging into the look and feel of your event.

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Aventri & VenueBook team up to deliver direct booking in meetings & events space

Event Industry News

The integration adds 1,500 non-traditional venues to the Aventri database. Event professionals will be able to book non-traditional venues directly through their event management software (EMS) platform, thanks to an agreement announced today by Aventriand VenueBook.

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5 Ways to Make New Fans Love Your Music Brand


From a marketing perspective, new fans are tough. They’re not like established fans, who have been to at least one of your shows and may already love your music brand. But how can you get new fans to love your venue or festival’s brand? It’s hard enough just to get them in the door.

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VendX: The Experiential Vending Machine Gallery


The VendX is a social interactive vending machine available for use at experiential events, trade shows or permanent placement. An interactive vending machine provides prizes or samples in exchange for user data with a unique interactive experience.

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The Trouble With Davos: World Economic Forum’s Delegate ‘Rankings’

PCMA Convene

President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday addresses the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. World Economic Forum/Benedikt Von Loebell). The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting , also known as Davos, is taking place this week, Jan. 21–24, in Davos, Switzerland.

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Custom Vending Machines for your Event


Vending machines are great options as they provide the accessibility to the customers to quickly purchase the food and other products without thinking about any other option due to the wide range of products from which they can choose the needed products in exchange of coins or dollars which them releases the item purchased. If the consumers have paid extra and the due amount is discharged through a change cup that makes it convenient for the customers to use the machine efficiently. Furthermore, the vending machines provide convenience to anyone on the go as they are trendy that provide selections that are most commonly sought after by the consumers. The machines also drop prepackaged selections or the variety of drinks and you can purchase the products through the custom vending machine without leaving your work behind. Mostly, people prefer to purchase their lunch from the vending machines instead of just snacks as you can purchase the items from a vending machine that is beyond the standard hours provided by most retail outlets. Vending Machines for Events. Vending machines are useful due to the – Vendor functions – The offered products can also be customized to meet the needs of the company as the employees who want snacks to boost their energy during the rough and tough day, the vendors are responsible for restocking the machines on a regular basis. Having the vending machine at your workplace keeps the employees satisfied and involved as it provides an opportunity to the company to effectively handle the functions and day-to-day operations even more accurately. Variety –The vending machine not only provides a variety of hot and cold drinks but they also have the capability to offer non-perishable items including newspapers and stamps. Various vending machines also provide healthy food choices to those who follow the trend of health-conscious society and you can incorporate the one that is suitable for your venue. Most of the vending machines offer a variety of sweets such as ice cream and cookies and they are available in different shapes and sizes from which you can choose the most suitable for your venue. Investment – If you are searching for the most effective investment opportunity for your business then you can consider the vending machine for the positive results. You can gather all the products in bulk to provide reliable customer service as they can visit your venue again if they are satisfied with your services. Time frame – Vending machines are great options to save time as when you are out or you don’t have enough time to go to the restaurants to order the food then you can use these machines to take advantage. Furthermore, when you are on the work break but you don’t have enough time to have your meal then you can get snacks from the vending machines. Why you need vending machines at your venue? The incorporation of the vending machines offers an opportunity for the attendees to stay on your site and makes them engaged throughout the event. Furthermore, if you are looking for simple ways to get effective feedback from your event while making your audiences stay engaged and satisfied then social media vending machines are the most reliable option that you can choose. Vending machines provide endless benefits to your audiences as well as venue – Custom Vending Machines. They need low-maintenance. When you hire the vending machine for your event then you don’t need to worry about its maintenance as they determine the best placement and suitability of products for your venue as it ensures your machine is running efficiently. The vending machines also work diligently to ensure that your attendees can always stay connected to social media while charging their cell phones. It allows you to involve the attendees at your event efficiently and make them stay longer as they only need their cell phones no matter where they are. Different types of vending machines. It does not matter which event you are arranging, there is always a vending solution from which you can choose the most suitable for you. With full service vending, your venue can have multiple machines that efficiently vend different products and these are the most preferable options for your venue. If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution then the Twitter vending machines is the most suitable option for you as it makes your attendees stay involved and satisfied throughout the event. Social Media Vending Machine. Keeps attendees happy and engaged. As an event organizer, you want to make your attendees engaged and happy and the vending machines are great options to do so. When they need to charge their cell phones to stay connected with their social accounts, they can simply walk towards the social media vending machines for help. Saves time and other costs. The most effective advantage of implementing the Twitter vending machine in your event is the convenience that makes the attendees to stay engaged throughout the event. Vending Machine that InCharged Provides. The social media vending machine provides prizes to the audiences in exchange for whatever interaction you need as you can use these vending machines for more social engagement. You can step up your social media game by encouraging users to post on Instagram or Twitter with your hashtags. With the Vendx by InCharged you can choose the social media vending machines to enhance the engagement of the visitors. You can also gamify the marketing with VendX as gaming is the only option that you can choose to make the visitor engaged and satisfied throughout the event. It is something fresh and fun that will make them lined up to play the game while at your event that also enhances their dwelling time in the game. Data is essential as you need to collect it suitably so that you can get emails, preferences, and other information from the employees. You can also use the VendX by InCharged to put the small gift insides that encourage the attendees to participate in more activities. Twitter Vending Machine. Specification of InCharged Vending machines – These have 46″ HD touchscreen that perfectly shows your brand style and are equipped with the full refrigeration that provides attendees with the refreshing drinks, and are a great way to show your brand to the attendees. The design of these vending machines allow you to deliver your prizes safely and correctly that allows you to stay away from anything and you don’t have to worry about anything. Vending Machines – Buying Guide. The incorporation of the vending machines at your event provides a reason for the attendees to stay on your site and enhances their engagement throughout the event. With the vending machines, you can determine the type of food and beverages that need to make it available in your event as you must have noticed that snacks make the employees stay engaged for a longer period. The vending services offer a higher level of customer services that tailor a product and service to meet the needs of your event as the vending service providers offer the services that can help you with the arrangements of your event. Vending Machines for Venues. Beverage machines – These machines are available in different models that serve standard size drinks and if these are glass front models it allows the buyers to view the beverages. You can use the closed-front machines for the advertisement purpose as you can display your brand on them so that it can leave an impression on the mind of the onlookers. Cold beverage vending machines – Cold beverage vending or soda machines are the most commonly used vending machines as they use the compressors to keep beverages cool while being stored. Hot beverage vending machines – Hot beverage machines provide different sizes of cups and are prepared for purchasing and according to the machine, you can also choose the coffee blend. Most of the vending machines grind beans and brew a fresh cup of coffee every time when the guests use them for coffee. Snack machines – Having snack vending machines are at your event is a great option to sell a higher volume of stuff to the customers due to the higher demand among the customers. While enjoying the events, most of the customers prefer to have snacks with them and the vending machines for snacks are a great way to keep them engaged and satisfied. Fresh foods – If you want to ensure the safety of food then there must be a computer-monitored temperature regulation system to provide healthy choices to the attendees. It leaves a positive impression on the attendees and encourage them to attend the venue more often that is a great way to build a positive relationship with the attendees. Vending Machines for having fun. Vending Machine services involve – Vending machines are great options for the venue to establish a long-lasting relationship with the business as most of the vending services are full-service providers. You can choose the vending machines according to the location and design of your venue as these effectively represent the culture of the company. You can choose the vending machine according to the – Size of the machines – You need to consider the space of the door opening as well as the event venue where you are going to place your vending machine. Check out the plug and air movement spaces or take help from the vending machine provider regarding the right type of the machines. Size of the venue – The size of the venue also determines the type of vending machine so you need to consider the event theme and make an estimation of the guests. The estimation makes it easier for you to incorporate the most effective vending machine that fulfills the needs of the attendees as well. Social Media Vending Machines. Social media is the most reliable option for enhancing the brand as these are the most efficient way with which you can develop a stronger relationship with the followers by engaging the social and physical activities. It is a great way to enhance the engagement of the followers and your brand gets noticed by the people on the venue using your vending machines. Twitter Vending machine – Most of the social media vending machines can be turned into the twitter vending machine as these include the monitor on the sides that gets connected to the computer, needs internet connections, and the API of Twitter. The users use these machines to tweet their moments at the events which are also a great way to enhance the awareness of your event and engaging those who are not physically present at your venue. Hashtag photo printer – It is the upgraded photo booth that is similar to the Twitter vending machine and the photo is given as the reward so there will be no squeezing as all of your friends can take a photo together. These photo printers monitor various social media platforms that are mainly connected to the Instagram and Twitter as you can use them to take photos, give it a hashtag, then post it to get your photo printed. Furthermore, if there will be a brand at your hashtag photo printer then it is a great way to enhance the engagement of the guests as they will take and share photos on the social media channels. Benefits of Vending Machines. Vending machines have various advantages as these are convenient for the customers especially vending machines that provide variety and accessibility. Credit-card acceptance and healthier food options help to keep the attendees engaged in your event – Cash Flow – The cash flow begins when the customer drops his coins or swipes his card, so with the right product and location, vending machines can be a way to generate income. With vending machines, there will be no bad checks and not any suitable accounts receivables as various vending products provide a good rate of return on your investment so, with the correct strategy, you can enhance your cash flow rapidly. Overhead – Vending machine business involves very little cost which means you can manage the route to eliminate the needs of the employees. It does not involve any dealing with the payroll or benefits, and the best thing is you do not have to spend money on the advertisement cost, your vending machine itself handles everything. Events – The vending machine business is mainly suitable for the events as it is a great way to enhance the engagement of the customers and make them stay for a longer period. Depending on the type of the event, you can incorporate the one that is most suitable for your venue as you can make estimation about your guests and their needs and accordingly choose the most suitable vending machine for your event. Supports the lifestyle goals – The vending machines are stocked with the food according to the needs of your attendees and it also includes a range of healthy options for those who are focused on maintaining a balanced diet. If there is more convenience to the attendees it means they will prefer to stay for longer and enhance their engagement while having their meals. It is essential to promote a healthy workplace as it is a positive thing that makes the attendees satisfies and stay engaged throughout the event. Vending Machine for Customers. Vending Machines. These are the most sophisticated vending machines that are designed to make it the most intelligent and efficient piece of machinery in which the new technology is combined to make it a reliable vending machine. Vision technology – It is among the most widely used and appreciated technologies that are utilized in the vending machine design and it can recognize commodities that used AI cameras. Enhance your shopping experience – With the support of the advanced vending machine apps, the customers’ accounts are linked through the biological recognition technology that makes the shopping experience extremely fast and sophisticated without making the customers wait for hours when they are in your venues. The best part is you don’t need to find the charge for the vending machines as they are providing the due amount instantly and also you only need to register once. Deep learning algorithm – These are not only sophisticated and fast but are highly personalized as it has the latest deep learning technology that works according to the needs of the customers. These are also beneficial as you don’t need to hire the staff or employees for the selling process and also there is not any need for the cashier. It also reduces the operational costs greatly and is much more profitable as compared to renting a small space and selling goods. Financial management and settlement – It is among the most essential things in the business due to which it needs highly trained professionals to run them conveniently. These vending machines do not need any humans and can be operated independently that also saves the cost of hiring the professionals and makes things easier and simpler even without any security issues. Social Media Vending machine for events. Event technology becomes advanced with leaps and bounds over the years and incorporation of the latest tools is the great event solution for the event managers that enhance the engagement of the attendees. With the wider use of social media platforms, the brand marketer get access to the new platforms where they enhance their reach and audiences mainly prefer these convenience to have fun. You can manage your event in an efficient way by using the technology and social media platforms altogether that produces various innovative solutions to enhance the engagement of the attendees at the events and the social media vending machine is the most reliable option that you can choose for this purpose. Whether you are arranging the trade shows or conferences, festivals or marketing campaigns, social media vending machines are a great way to enhance the presence of your brand while creating greater engagement with your target audiences. The process is much simpler as the custom vending machines are instructed to provide gifts when the users’ tweets or posts photographs on Instagram through their accounts with the use of hashtag or anything for which you have programmed the vending machines. Vending Machines for Event Organizers. Suppose, on a Twitter vending machine , a user receives the instructions for the tweet to get the reward from the machine and the person who is going to tweet needs to use the hashtags while standing in front of the machines and when the person completes every task he receives the gift from the machine. It is the most reliable option for the brands as it provides a chance for the creation of innovation promotions and experiential marketing campaigns that can gain complete involvement and engagement of the attendees not only during the events but also on the social media platforms. The post Custom Vending Machines for your Event appeared first on InCharged.

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NAEC secures world-renowned equestrian trade event

Event Industry News

Leading multi-industry exhibition and conference centre NAEC Stoneleigh is celebrating a significant business win after securing one of the most prestigious equestrian trade shows in the world.

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5 Ways to Make Internal Meetings More Fun and Effective

Eagle's Flight Corporate Events

Meetings may be a necessary part of work, but that doesn’t mean they have to be tedious or dull. On the contrary, it is possible, and even beneficial, to make internal meetings more effective by making them fun.

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Ashfield Meetings & Events announces leadership changes in line with focus on continued growth as full-service agency

Event Industry News

Global healthcare event management business, Ashfield Meetings & Events, part of UDG Healthcare plc, has started 2020 with three appointments to its Global Leadership Team.

2020 52

Six Big Trends in the Business of Weddings for 2020

Special Events

This wedding educator shares six top trends driving the wedding business in 2020

2020 56

PCMA to raise $250K for Australia and Puerto Rico disaster victims

Event Industry News

Citing the business events industry’s vast potential for taking care of people and communities, PCMA president and CEO, Sherrif Karamat, today announced a pan-industry initiative to raise $250,000 to help those affected by the bushfires in Australia and the earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

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Behind the Magic: What Event Marketers Can Learn from Disney Parks


The Disney Company’s ability to create unforgettable experiences is legendary, a testament to the brand’s creator, namesake and original storyteller, Walt Disney.

2020 36