[NEW EBOOK] Event Management Technology for Dummies


With this eBook, you’ll find out exactly how to use event management technology to make your events better than ever. The post [NEW EBOOK] Event Management Technology for Dummies appeared first on Blog.

The Ultimate Event Registration Guide: Getting People Registering for Your Events [FREE eBOOK]


Get the free eBook here: Get Your FREE Guide to Event Registration eBook. The customer service and tech support you need for yourself and your attendees. Download the eBook NOW! Get Your FREE Guide to Event Registration eBook.

Using Event Tech to Create Impactful and Engaging Attendee Experiences

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While convenience is important, there’s more room now to get creative with tech offerings that will leave lasting impressions and engage audiences. As long as your meeting and event tech is approachable and intuitive, you’ll be able to excite any audience, no matter their technical know-how.

Using Event Tech to Collect Actionable Data & Engage Prospects

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Admittedly, this isn’t the most exciting piece of event tech, but an efficient check-in app will go a long way in helping you streamline your event logistics and collect important data. Plan your on-site engagement, and use tech to help you execute.

Future-Proof Tech for Large Scale Events


Your event is one of many that takes place in the UK each year in order to stay ahead of the game and continue to grow, you need the best tech available. The post Future-Proof Tech for Large Scale Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. Conference eBook Event Management Event Planning Event Promotion Event Technology Event Trends Featured July Owner Productivity API Event technology Large events scale

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Your Guide to Eventbrite’s Onsite Tech Solutions


The post Your Guide to Eventbrite’s Onsite Tech Solutions appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. At the Event Consumer eBook Event Technology Featured Festival Food & Drink July Music Operations / Logistics Owner Promoter Sports Access control entrance management festivals onsite logisticsGetting it right onsite at your festival doesn't happen without the best products and expertise available. Read on to avoid unnecessary hassles onsite.

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The Complete Toolkit for Growing Your Fair, Show or Pop-Up Event


Make sure you're up on the latest tech and promotional tools in order to make your unique pop-up event or fair a roaring success. Consumer eBook Event Marketing Event Promotion Event Trends Festival Food & Drink Growth October Other Owner Ticket Sales beer festivals festival Festival director food festival pop up events Pop-up eventThe post The Complete Toolkit for Growing Your Fair, Show or Pop-Up Event appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

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Event Farm Partners with Snapchat: Geofilters Add a New Layer of Attendee Data

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To learn more about integrating social media into your event marketing campaigns, check out our eBook, The Event Marketer's Guide to Social Media Domination. " Event Tech Event Marketing Event Farm

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Are You Maximizing Your Event Data?

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Without integration of different platforms within your tech stack, you’re more likely to miss key data about the holistic prospect or customer journey. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to build your tech stack using systems that can easily talk to one another.

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Satisfy Your Craving for Higher Attendee Engagement


Salad – Level Up Attendee Engagement eBook. If that’s the case, check out our ebook, Level Up Your Attendee Engagement. The ebook is extremely useful and really hits home many of the ideas touched upon in the gifographic. Every day, technology is changing and evolving.

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How Event Technology Increases Attendee Engagement: Insights from GMID Mexico


Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy, you’ll still be able to create spectacular experiences for your participants using an event app. Learn how the successful brands are doing it in this comprehensive eBook. On April 12th, the world celebrated GMID (Global Meetings Industry Day).

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How to Use Salesforce Campaigns for Events

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Download our free eBook, Using Tech to Track Event ROI. Event Tech Event ProfessionalsThis post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm 's blog and was written by Phoebe Farber. Campaigns are a great tool to track events in Salesforce.

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Event Farm Launches Email Masking

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Event Farm is widely regarded as the event tech industry’s most customizable and data security-centric platform on the market. Check out our free eBook, Which Event Marketing Software Platform is Right for Me? Event TechHere at.

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What's the Difference Between NFC and RFID?

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event marketing budget does not allow for various experiential and forward-thinking technologies, tech still likely plays a big role in your event planning, management, check-in and analytics processes. Download our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Successful Events. " Event Tech

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Maximize Downloads With The Perfect Multi-Channel Event App Marketing Strategy

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A young tech-savvy volunteer who will serve as the go-to person to tech the app basics at the event. It comes in a variety of formats including video, infographics, sell sheets or eBooks, webinars, testimonials, case studies, white papers and much more.

How will your event app increase attendee engagement?


From ticketing, badges, or payments, to the way we gather information from our attendees, everything has changed due to tech. Event management Event professionals Event tech Events attendees engagement event apps gamificationTechnology really changed the event management game.

Satisfy Your Craving For a Successful Mobile Event App


Lucky for you we’ve tossed up a delicious salad in the form of an ebook, The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Mobile Event App. The ebook is easily digestible and broken down into six questions you’re probably asking. Events Mobile Apps & Event Tech

6 Tips To Enhance You Pre-Event Content Marketing Strategy


For instance, it could be a new research or eBook you designed specifically for this purpose. Contribute to the Boomset Blog: event industry news event tech event apps eventprofs event planning event management event marketing marketing tips marketingprofs martech pcma

The ABC’s of Event Planning


A mobile event app isn’t just a fun tech experience to give your attendees. Check out our sponsorship package generator or read our sponsorship ebook ! Your coworkers, event tech, previous event plans, etc.

Farmer's Roundup: 10 Best Ideas from Event Farm Content

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eBook: The Complete Guide to Revenue Event Marketing. eBook: Using Tech to Track Event ROI. eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Events. eBook: The Event Marketer's Guide to Social Media Domination. eBook: 50 Tips for Hosting Badass Events.

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How to Design an Event Experience Using Technology


At business events, tech can be used for partner work to record pledges or introduce a completely different approach, such as a hackathon event format, where small groups collaborate to solve a problem and create a solution within a set timeframe. Download eBook.

5 Ways to Use Data To Measure Event ROI


Recommended Read: Make sure to read our ebook How to Create a Sponsorship Strategy that Will Maximize Your Event Revenue. Recommended Read: Learn how to foster meaningful connections between your attendees in our ebook Create an Event Community to Increase Attendee Loyalty and Engagement.

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How to Build an Event Marketing Channel—And Why Marketers Need Events

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Your marketing team should be tasked with finding the venue, sourcing catering, hiring speakers and any entertainment, and should also ensure that event tech solutions are in place that will allow you to track each touchpoint throughout the campaign.

3 Quick Wins for Designing a Sales Kick Off


Recommended Read: Check out the Ultimate Guide to Gamification ebook to learn more strategies. And as always, we’re here to help with our team of event tech experts.

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4 Questions Marketing Ops Need to Answer After Any Event

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If you’re promoting an eBook, for example, you know how many people viewed the landing page and how many of those submitted the form. It’s easy to answer the question “How many people downloaded this eBook?” Field marketing events are more high touch than high tech.

3 Possible Problems with Your Event Marketing Metrics

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Check out our eBook, Using Tech to Track Event ROI. This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm 's blog and was written by Garrett Huddy.

Creating an Event App Business Case to Improve Your Event Experience


Our demographic isn’t tech-savvy enough. This option also keeps you from having to learn, negotiate with, and manage tech support from several companies at once. You can read more about this in ou r ebook The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Event App Adoption & Usage. As an event planner, you already know the benefits when it comes to incorporating event technology into your events*.

Ask These Questions to Determine if You Need an Event App


If your target audience is made up of younger, tech-savvy individuals, you can safely assume that the majority (if not all) of them are using smartphones. For example, presentation slides, speaker notes, guides, eBooks and other supporting documents speakers use in their presentations.

How to Track Event Influence with Salesforce Reports

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Check out our free eBook, Using Tech to Track Event ROI. Using Tech to Track Event ROI. This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm 's blog and was written by Phoebe Farber.

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6 Event Management Tips for Every Event Planner

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Check out our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Successful Events. Make best friends with the AV tech Event production and AV can often be one of the most stressful parts of an event.

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40 Outstanding Event Industry Blogs to Follow

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You can find bigger and better ways to deploy events, the latest in event tech, and follow where other event profs’ careers are taking them. All about event tech. Looking for more event industry blogs with a focus on tech? Event Tech Brief.

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4 Event Metrics You Should be Tracking

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Download our free eBook, Using Tech to Track Event ROI. This post was originally published on Attend by Event Farm 's blog and was written by Courtenay Allen. Measuring an event’s success is not as simple as measuring the performance of your latest Facebook ad.

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10 Tips for Attendee Engagement, Part Three: After Your Event

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Depending on the context, your sales team may want to send along a blog post or eBook that would be relevant to their prospect’s needs, or they might suggest a time to set up a phone call. The Experience and data points event tech enables you to capture.

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10 Tips for Attendee Engagement, Part One: Before Your Event

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Just as you create “teaser” blog posts for webinars and eBooks, you’ll want to create “teaser” content for your event. The Experience and data points event tech enables you to capture. New (and old) technology is making it easier to engage with attendees before, during and after events.

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Designing Great Events: Tips from CSE Live


The assistance, tips, and strategies provided by our support team is just as crucial as our event tech in lessening the load for planners, allowing them to think less about the technical details and focus more on designing great events with a better attendee experience.

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6 Easy Steps to Create a Memorable Event Experience


Event tech can be leveraged at any point within the event lifecycle to create a more impactful experience for the stakeholder. To learn more about how to elevate your event into an unforgettable experience, read the ebook Experience Design: A Complete Guide to Creating Memorable Events , with an introduction by Julius Solaris, editor of Event Manager Blog and ranked as one of the 25 most influential people in the Meetings industry.

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55+ Event Planning Resources From Event Experts


From blogs on ways to increase ticket sales to 40-page eBooks on ways to maximize event sponsorship to webinars featuring event organizers in the field— you’ll find something useful within this directory of event planning resources. Guides and eBooks. Event tech platforms.

How to give your attendees personalized experiences at events


Personalized recommendations, event chatbots and personalized AR are a few of the tech offerings that any event marketer looking to make events more differentiated for each attendee should consider. Download the ebook

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The Future of Volunteerism: Meeting the Expectations of Today's & Tomorrow's Volunteers


Allow your volunteers to perform administrative tasks online Millennials may be tech savvy, but members of Generation Z are. For extra guidance in managing your volunteers from pre-event to post-event, download this free ebook now! More than ever, members of today's younger generations want to engage in volunteer activities that allow them to make a difference. But what are they looking for and what do they expect?

Event Heroes: How One Software Conference Is Taking Over the World


In addition to longer form eBooks, we’re thinking: "What are some of those different mediums of content?" One is that most of the tech conferences that people attend are vendor-hosted tech conferences.

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How to Keep Volunteers Engaged and Motivated Throughout Event Day


Today's volunteers under 40 are tech-savvy, educated, and looking for experiences that will help them in their career paths. If you have a tech-savvy assistant or volunteer, you can even have them post short videos to these sites featuring your highest-performing event staff. For some extra guidance in managing your volunteers from pre-event to post-event, download this free ebook now!

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Going, Going, Gone: The 10 Most Expensive Event Budget Items

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In the grand scheme of things, event tech was almost never reported as a most costly budget item. of planners are struggling to make a case for how valuable the right tech tools can be? When it comes to organizing a great event, it’s only natural for budget to be top of mind.

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The Modern Marketer’s Pre-Trade Show Checklist


Consider tech-based gifts such as PopSockets, webcam covers, keychain flashlights, USB flash drives, and microfiber cloths. Create several types of content – from blog posts, eBooks, videos and more– that address this topic. Planning on attending an upcoming trade show?