Keeping Event Data Secure


In most cases, the first thing you’ll have to think about (after celebrating, of course) is event data protection. Where do you find the rules for data protection? As the tech partner of DPRK–USA Summit 2018, the GEVME team knows the ropes.

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Event Data, A Love Story


The romance that event organizers have with data is entering the third phase. Phase one involved collecting the data. Phase two addressed organizing the data. It’s now time for acting on the data. Organizers want desperately to recoup their data investments. What event-data lovers are lacking. A universal approach to event data. Topics make attendee data functional. By Michelle Bruno.

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Are You Maximizing Your Event Data?

Event Farm

Without integration of different platforms within your tech stack, you’re more likely to miss key data about the holistic prospect or customer journey. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to build your tech stack using systems that can easily talk to one another.

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Building a Data-Driven Event Marketing Strategy? Start Here.

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Technology is shaping the way we do business, and smart tech relies on good data—the more the better. The best way to do that is to collect data. As a marketer myself, I realize that the push to become data-driven is much easier said than done.

Why Data Ethnography Matters

PCMA Convene

In 2009, tech ethnographer Tricia Wang spent some time in China, living with migrants, working alongside street vendors, and crashing at internet cafés. Without it, Wang argues, companies are basing important business decisions off incomplete data — like Nokia was in 2009.

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5 Ways to Use Data To Measure Event ROI


In today’s digital age, event data and analytics are readily available to event planners. A few high-level benefits of analyzing your event data include: Providing quantifiable ROI metrics. 5 Event ROI Questions Where the Answer is in the Data.

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Using Event Tech to Collect Actionable Data & Engage Prospects

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Keep reading to learn our top four tips for using technology to engage prospects , collect valuable event data, and integrate your event channel with the rest of your marketing strategy. Plan your on-site engagement, and use tech to help you execute.

Enough Clickbait: Here's Why Event Marketers Need Data

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Having an understanding of where event marketing tech is going will not only help organizations do better business now, but it will also set them up to successfully harness the powerful marketing technology of the future. So, what’s the future of tech? The more data, the better.

10 Event Tech Trends for 2018

Hubilo Blog

With the technology industry at its peak, 2018 has also seen a lot of updates in event tech trends that have gained widespread acceptance and are expected to last and grow further in the coming years. Here are some of these trends that are literally ruling event tech world this year.

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Freeman Focuses on New Data Solutions Following Sale of Encore to PSAV

Smart Meetings

The Freeman Company sold its Encore Event Technologies unit to national event production company PSAV while its Freeman brand experience division is focusing on a problem many planners and companies have struggled with—event data analysis.

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Aventri Teams Up with AI Tech Company

Smart Meetings

The post Aventri Teams Up with AI Tech Company appeared first on Smart Meetings. In a move that will provide a major boost to meeting planners, a new event-management tool has been created that combines Sciensio’s artificial intelligence chatbot technology with Aventri’s software technology.

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Event Tech Trends 2019


The new year has begun, which can only mean one thing – time to round up the biggest event tech trends of 2019! Mobile event apps are a gateway to capturing new attendee data to use for future instances of personalization. . The post Event Tech Trends 2019 appeared first on Cvent Blog.

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Building a Data-Driven Event Marketing Strategy? Start Here.

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Technology is shaping the way we do business, and smart tech relies on good data—the more the better. The best way to do that is to collect data. As a marketer myself, I realize that the push to become data-driven is much easier said than done.

Data details Event Tech Live’s international success

Event Industry News

Visitors from 47 countries helped Event Tech Live smash its records at Old Truman Brewery last week as the show presented a panoramic picture of latest systems and solutions for organisers and their public.

Event Tech start-up builds data standard for event sponsorships

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Event analytics is complicated requiring advanced big data analysis of social media, ticketing and event app feeds at minimum. Airfinity, a London based tech startup, is simplifying all parts of the data process with a fully automated, one-stop solution for event organisers and sponsors.

Our Favorite Things From CES 2019 – Event Tech Podcast Episode 1

Endless Events

Welcome to another episode of Event Tech Podcast. Our hosts Brandt Krueger of Event Technology Consulting & Will Curran of Endless Events will be talking about their favorite tech from CES 2019. Now, let’s talk tech. Will Curran : Yeah, so display tech.

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11 Event Tech Trends That Shaped 2018

Smart Meetings

Yes, the event business has officially entered the realm of high-tech. Smart Meetings covered all the must-have tech advances this year to help you stay at the top of your game. Here are the 11 event tech trends you don’t want to miss.

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5 Ways Tech Will Save Your Event

All Seated

Planners also tap technology to enhance the event experience, including digital selfie souvenirs, games and scavenger hunts, social display walls, and networking and braindating, Experience Data. What are your MUST-HAVE tech tools?

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Event Farm Partners with Snapchat: Geofilters Add a New Layer of Attendee Data

Event Farm

The use of geofilters at events adds a new layer of customized engagement for attendees and a new layer of behavioral guest data for organizers. Geofilter Data Event Marketers Should Leverage. Event Tech Event Marketing Event Farm

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New Study: Focus on Data Integration Saves Event Planners Time and Money

Event Industry News

Organisations are increasingly integrating their event management and back end business systems in an effort to save time, improve data accuracy and productivity around their events – according to a new study by Event Industry News and Eventsforce.

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Getting More Out of Registration Data

PCMA Convene

Zillow bills itself as the leading real-estate and rental marketplace “dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration, and knowledge.” 25–27, that high-tech strategy began with registration. The post Getting More Out of Registration Data appeared first on PCMA Convene.

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2019 Tech Conferences: The #1 Tech Events Guide


The most authoritative 2019 tech conferences directory on the web. This carefully curated conference directory features over 200 (and growing) 2019 tech conferences across multiple industries. Tech Events featured in in this list take place all throughout the year, all around the globe.

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Top 10 Event-Tech Trends for 2019

Hubilo Blog

Events are now quite a tech-driven affair. Certain event-tech trends are bound to stay while some technologies will see major updates. Here are our predictions for event-tech trends in 2019 : 1. Facial recognition is definitely an aspect of event-tech that is on its way up.

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Event Tech Live Replay: Do More with Your Event Data

Event Industry News

With data integration among the most important technology trends for events over the next five years, Event Tech Live opened with a topical session. The post Event Tech Live Replay: Do More with Your Event Data appeared first on Event Industry News.

Wearable Tech at Festivals

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While enhancing the fan experience, the use of wearable tech also helped generate millions of social media impressions for the festival and its headline sponsor. Popular uses of wearable tech at festivals. The post Wearable Tech at Festivals appeared first on Event Industry News.

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Event Tech for Marketing Lesson 3: Measure Performance and Manage Data


In our final lesson in the Mobile Event Apps for Marketing series, we'll explore how you can glean insight from your event performance data. Event apps are powerful marketing channels embedded with discussion threads, personalized content, and networking features. Event Strategy

Make Your Data Accessible with These Data Visualization Tools


As an event professional, you know that data can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for its ability to provide you with meaningful insights into your clients and attendees. But data is only useful if you can understand it, and that isn’t always easy. And that’s where data visualization tools come in. Data visualization […]. Business Tech Analytics business data visualization marketing tools Meeting Tools Technology

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What Data Should You Be Sharing With Exhibitors?

PCMA Convene

Kulin and David Saef, executive vice president of strategy and MarktWorks for GES, are frequent speakers on this topic, often together — including at the inaugural Transform USA event-data conference last July. CREATE ACTIONABLE DATA METRICS. Data Departments MagazineHaluk Kulin.

2019 Women In Tech Conferences: Empowering Events


Ready for the most authoritative list of 2019 women in tech events on the internet? The number of women in tech events have been increasing year over year, further highlighting the importance of a more inclusive culture in tech. January Women in Tech 2019 Conferences.

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Guest Blog: What is Event Tech?

Event Industry News

Conclusion: Your Next Steps with Event Tech. Before the era of technology, the knowledge and data businesses had on their buyer was extremely limited, as was the scope of their reach. The best way to do this is by using the hard data and statistics that event technology provides.

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Event Reports: How to Track Success Before and After Your Event

Picatic by Eventbrite

When your ticket sales aren’t doing well, you have two choices: Wait to see if they pick back up or analyze your event data for insights that will turn things […]. Event Planning & Promotion Event Tech Event data Eventbrite Eventbrite Features

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Why is data integration one of the most important event tech trends today?

Event Industry News

More time, less work and better data sharing across your organisation. Why is DATA INTEGRATION one of the most important event tech trends today? The post Why is data integration one of the most important event tech trends today?

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CL19 Tech Spots – Nexus

PCMA Convene

PCMA is pleased to offer Tech Spot solution demos presented by various organizations during 2019 Convening Leaders in Pittsburgh. Each Tech Spot takes a deep dive into leading technology tools that help you stay cutting edge. The Nexus is a new data integration system that unlocks the value of data for large event organizers. Better Data will produce Better Results.

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2019 Event Trends That Will Change the Path of Events

Endless Events

Using Wearable Tech Wisely. While international bleisure events are exciting, domestic trips still rule the roost, at least for US-centric data. This allows event organizers to get the right data at the right time. Ensure you comply with: Data Protection Act.

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The Ultimate Event-tech Trivia for Event Profs

Hubilo Blog

From basic event tech tools such as event website , event registrations and ticketing to Virtual Reality, Wearable Technology and Artificial Intelligence, planners have started to embrace event technology to optimize the planning process and the overall event experience in general.

Using Event Tech to Create Impactful and Engaging Attendee Experiences

Event Farm

While convenience is important, there’s more room now to get creative with tech offerings that will leave lasting impressions and engage audiences. As long as your meeting and event tech is approachable and intuitive, you’ll be able to excite any audience, no matter their technical know-how.

The Future of Event Tech, According to Jim Spellos

Connect Your Meetings

We create so much data. The post The Future of Event Tech, According to Jim Spellos appeared first on Connect Association. Feature TechJim Spellos, president of Meeting U. , is a technology guru when it comes to what’s new, trending and obsolete. He is also a great resource for conference attendees, as he delivers more than 150 seminars annually to share his expertise. He will be speaking at Connect in Salt Lake City, Aug, 23-25.

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Does Your Event Have a Data and Digital Strategy?

PCMA Convene

Coming to America Transform USA is building on the success of the Data and Digital Events Strategy Symposium, which debuted in London in December. It gives us a sense of where we’re at, which is very few organizations actually have a coherent data and digital strategy. Data Magazine

Event Heroes: How One Tech Company Is Mastering Event Marketing


Since then, PLAY has become a powerful event brand that exemplifies how tech companies can leverage in-person experiences to achieve business goals and establish themselves as industry thought leaders. Each month we interview an events professional who is breaking the mold.

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Guest Blog: How to measure app data, pre and post event

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live. Event Tech Live is an educational forum that provides a platform for industry professionals to come together and immerse themselves into the world of event technology. I had the pleasure to speak on a panel discussing ‘ how to measure app data, pre and post event’.

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GDPR Checklist for an Event Planner


The way people collect, process, and store the personal data of EU citizens is going to change very soon. From the Yahoo data breach scandal back in 2013 to the recent data misuse by Facebook, businesses across the world have long demonstrated the need for a strict data protection policy.

2018 221

Featured: Data-driven Tips to Use Email for Event Marketing

Hubilo Blog

Some of the automation statistics show great effects of the tech in email marketing. The post Featured: Data-driven Tips to Use Email for Event Marketing appeared first on Hubilo Blog. Event Industry Event TechBy Andrea Robbins Blog originally posted on Endless Events.

Event Tech Live (ETL) introduces virtual tour

Event Industry News

Event Tech Live is one of the first trade exhibitions to extend its reach with a seamless 3D experience. I’m not sure if it’s an industry first but I certainly haven’t seen anything of the scale we did for Event Tech Live,” Keith McMahon, Managing Director of 360 Expo, says. “We We use infrared measurements at every point you see on the floor, the system layers photographic data from the show on top of a wireframe, incorporating assets to attach elements to,” McMahon explains. “It’s

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