Digital Innovation At Events – #EventIcons Episode 106

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Find out how to get important data about your attendees such as what parts of your event they spent the most time in, who they are networking with and beyond. Check out the epic resources mentioned in this episode: The Evolution of Event Tech – #EventIcons Episode 102.

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C2 Montreal – Not Your Average Conference

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Business and event planners around the globe are raving about this year’s C2 Montreal conference. Most people go to the C2 event to experience the future of networking, but it’s completely different from any of the networking events most of us attend.

Everything You Need to Know for Killer Conference Breakout Sessions

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Breakout sessions are a staple at conferences. If you are wondering what conference breakout sessions are and why more and more conferences are incorporating them, then continue reading. All of these topics revolve around a central theme, the conference’s main theme.

Your All-Out Guide to Conference Planning

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A conference is more than just talks and booths inside a ballroom. This means their experience both during and in-between conference events are in your hands. Conference Events Think Outside the Ballroom. Where to Host Your Next Conference: 8 Best Locations.

Tips to Increase Attendee Interaction?—?GamerConnect 2018 Learnings

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In the era of immense unique technologies, gamer enthusiasts were not behind using this tech. To showcase the new gaming tech platform, an event was organised recently by the name of GamerConnect. At such events, attendees get a chance to network with people of their own niche.

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Your Trade Show Attendees: What Do They Really, Really Want?

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The factors that influence loyal attendees to come to a trade show are quite different, in many instances, than organizers’ perceptions—factors used to select sites, sell to their exhibitors, and plan their conference education.

Is it possible to measure wearable event technology impact on the success of the event?


Adding wearable technology to the conference flow can visibly affect the three aspects of event participation: attendance, participants’ convenience and their involvement, general reception of the event. The information about the new event technology (such as wearables) usage in the conference flow may become a game-changer among some groups of recipients. These groups will be most probably technical novelties lovers and tech-savvy trend followers.

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19 Event Trends That Will Shake Up Meetings & Group Business in 2019

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Create ample opportunities for networking and spaces for scheduled face-to-face meetings. As screen time increases, the desire for face-to-face networking will in tandem. Today, networking is the second biggest motivator for event attendees , behind only content.

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